Twelfth Night 2022

GBNews has started its digital radio output . For the first time in a long time the BBC has competition against its poisonous talk radio . Let’s hope it gets the support it deserves .

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  1. StewGreen says:

    Now a convicted child sex offender. former Labour peer Lord Ahmed resigned from the Lords over a case of sexual misconduct in 2017
    and having caused a fatal motorway crash had served a prison sentence he blamed on a ‘Jewish conspiracy’.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Diversity is our …

      Ahmadis suffer vicious persecution around the world. The main source of fuel for that persecution is in Pakistan, but what happens in Pakistan does not stay in Pakistan.

      I know that from my experience in the Yorkshire market town of Batley. In August 1985, when I was 11 years old, my parents organised an inter-faith meeting in the town hall. It was interrupted and disturbed when, according to West Yorkshire police, more than 1,000 extremists, led by Pakistani hate preachers funded by the Pakistani state, were bused in from around the country. The mob brutally attacked my English mother and my father, a dermatologist; my eldest brother and I; and a Welsh Ahmadi schoolteacher who was with us. My first cousin, a GP, was by chance driving through the market town that day. He saw the mob and saw his family and friends being attacked, so he stopped. He was recognised, pulled from his vehicle and savagely beaten up.


  2. MarkyMark says:

    7 high-profile people who have been stripped of their royal honours

    Harvey Weinstein
    Rolf Harris
    Robert Mugabe
    Fred Goodwin
    Jimmy Savile
    “Prince” Naseem Hamed
    Stuart Hall

    Jimmy Savile cannot be stripped of knighthood, say officials
    This article is more than 9 years old
    David Cameron raises prospect of presenter losing honour, but Cabinet Office says people cease to hold title after they die



  3. MarkyMark says:

    Probity and propriety checks
    We protect the integrity of the honours system by carrying out probity checks with a number of government departments, before names are submitted to the Prime Minister and HM Queen for approval.

    7 high-profile people who have been stripped of their royal honours

    Harvey Weinstein
    Rolf Harris
    Robert Mugabe
    Fred Goodwin
    Jimmy Savile
    “Prince” Naseem Hamed
    Stuart Hall


  4. StewGreen says:

    Covid trends
    Death is slowly rising
    but given all the factors like Christmas/New Year and low temperatures, that is a better scenario than might have occurred


    Positives peaked a week ago last Wednesday , so far by official figures
    Data is a bit fuzzy now
    Maybe hospital admissions is a better metric ..



    • Fedup2 says:

      I wonder if the bio experiment between England and the other bits of the UK has shown up,substantial differences yet ?

      They’ll all be lower than England right ?


  5. taffman says:

    “Covid: Drakeford accuses Johnson of failing to protect England”
    “Comments” are closed already .
    I wonder why ?
    Drakeford has a huge bill to pay for just being different.
    The absurd border between Wales and England is not recognised by Covid .


    • digg says:

      Drakeford has come from nowhere to top of my list of the most stupid, vain, pompous, self obsessed unelected local authority level jumped up numptie twats of 2021/22.

      So sorry for all you Welsh folk!

      Sturgeon is breathing on his heels though,


  6. Wild Bill says:

    Anyone got an idea of the ethnicity of the 13 year old boy who murdered a Polish man in a London street, he had a gang of mates with him as well apparently?
    I could guess.


  7. Up2snuff says:

    BBC WEB-SITE Watch #2 – interesting what the BBC report and do not report

    No mention of the recent 50% drop in the price of gas and the rebound


  8. Sluff says:

    BBC headline news, almost equivalent to the death of our dear Queen.

    American actor Sidney Poitier has died.
    He was black.
    Need I say more?

    Cue endless coverage on the Black Broadcasting Corporation.


  9. Fedup2 says:

    Lead BBC news – a 94 year old foreign retired actor has died. I turned off at that point – France 24 leads with the Shoot to kill order issued in Kazakhstan with Al jaz publishing satellite pictures of the Russian military build up at the border with Ukraine…. I suppose the BBC will consign this to ‘local news ‘..


    • Scroblene says:

      I bet 90% of today’s kids have never heard of him, Sluffy and Fed! He was marvellous in ‘The Heat of the night’, but only now will those silly kids watch and wonder, and start some sort of protest for whatever their fuddled minds want to do!

      As an aside, I always loved Paul Robeson as his voice was so fantastic, and I never knew about his politics, because such issues were so insignificant when listening to his fabulous voice on a scratchy 78 rpm!

      ‘Sanders of the river’ still makes me glaze over…


      • Fedup2 says:

        I thought the news presenter who does ‘mastermind?’ Was gonna blub … I bet they rolled out Obama and the glove puppet White House squatter to read the autocue ….


      • Up2snuff says:

        Scrobie, the BBC were mentioning Peter Bogdanovic’s death in the News today. He died yesterday. Nothing like being up to date, finger to the pulse and all that. They only mention his multi-awarded film: ‘The Last Picture Show’ but I thought ‘What’s Up, Doc?’ was even better imv.


  10. Guest Who says:

    Femi know Vile has a new BFF?


  11. taffman says:

    “No 10 drinks may have broken lockdown rules, says PM’s ex-aide Dominic Cummings”
    Things could be getting bitter?


    • digg says:

      Cummins is acting more and more like a spurned wife!

      He will be spraying messages on Boris’s car next.


      • Up2snuff says:

        digg, I wonder if Cummings is anxious to get back at Carrie Antoinette and would see Bojo sacked by his Party in order to do it.


  12. Guest Who says:

    The bbc works? At all? I did not know this.


  13. Guest Who says:

    Market rates apply.


  14. taffman says:

    Reignite ………………
    “Farage: 60,000 Boat Migrants Will Reach Britain This Year”

    He’s usually right . Lets hope our NHS will cope with the extra numbers.


    • digg says:

      60,000 the French don’t have to worry about any more and I think that’s the whole point. The French are using GB as a dumping ground. They could stop every one if they wanted to.


  15. Guest Who says:

    Toenails has high hopes for Wes.


  16. Up2snuff says:

    ANY QUESTIONS – QC Joanna Cherry repeats the BBC ‘Mantra of the Week’ recently that Jury decisions do not create legal precedent. That is wrong. They do create legal precedent but there is a ranking system under our law.

    Common Law and Statute fight for the No.1 spot. Either can trump the other but . . . …..
    …. . . . . . it takes an Act of Parliament to give Statute the No.1 spot if there is existing Common Law on the subject but . . . ….
    … . . . . Statute requires a Parliamentary majority and Parliamentary time.

    As I was taught many, many years ago Case Law (a Jury decision) always ranks after the other two but . . . …
    ….. . . . . . a Judge will always bear it in mind. That is why Judges sometimes rise during a case to check with their Clerk and the law books during a case or before instructing the Jury.

    There are rare occasions where Common Law is silent, Statute Law is silent and Case Law (a Jury decision) takes precedent. Rare, but it happens. Joanna Cherry as a QC should know that. The BBC could be excused except they do have a lawyer on staff and they could easily find the answer for the BBC and prevent a serious error.

    I could be wrong on this and things have changed since I did some law classes as it was a very long time ago.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Jury decision – not creating a precedent . The AG is apparently considering appealing the not guilty but I can’t see how that works .
      I think the days of jury trial are numbered but research on the way they reach a verdict should be allowed ….

      Time for a new thread – no appeals allowed …


      • Up2snuff says:

        Fed, you say Case Law can never be a precedent? Unless there has been Statute since I had to study Law to bar Case Law from ever setting precedent then I beg to differ with my honorable colleague.

        Cases can always be refered to the Attorney General, if I recall correctly, for instance in the event of mistrial or even . . . . …
        ….. . . . . (tada!) a Judge misinterpreting Case Law where it sets a precedent. Normally in that situation, that would be appealed all the way up to the House of Lords/Supreme Court. Judges hate to be overturned and so they consider Case Law and sentencing guidelines extremely carefully. In addition, they do that so that they can keep Prosecuting and Defence Counsel up to the mark and pull them back when going beyond it.

        PS: Where’s maxi?

        In addition, I think since the Blair era, cases can be refered to the AG where sentencing is thought to have been too harsh or too lenient. Example: recent trial of killers of a PC in Berkshire with a public outcry against the lenient sentences handed down.


        • Fedup2 says:

          A jury decision is not ‘case law ‘ .

          I’m not sure how the AG can get the court of appeal to look at the jury decision in this case – I suppose the judges direction can be examined and any rulings made during the trial can be examined but the ( unwritten ) decision by the jury ? – unless – of course they might be evidence of ‘jury tampering ‘….

          As for referral of sentences – I think this is now on a statutory basis …


  17. Eddy Booth says:

    Labour MP Jack Dromey dies aged 73

    No cause given etc
    He was ranting about the unvaxed in April.
    Might the BBC find out for me if he was boosted recently 🤔

    “Covid-19: ‘Name and shame vaccine myth peddlers’ ”

    Mr Dromey said by opting not to be vaccinated, staff could be putting “at risk the people that they care for” – some of the most vulnerable in society.
    He said those responsible for spreading rumours were “off their head” and should be named and shamed and and even criminalised in some cases.
    “It is completely wrong and irresponsible,” he added.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Will be an interesting bi election – erdington constituency last time 17.7 k ( dromey) v 14 k( red Tory ) …..


      • Fedup2 says:

        Eddy – one of the consequences of social media is that when a swamp dweller such as dromey dies – unflattering incidents from the past get dug up and tends to prevent his type from being elevated to sainthood ….


  18. digg says:

    According to the new CO-OP tv commercial there is nothing Bangladeshi immigrants enjoy more than….

    Line Dancing.

    Yep boots, tassels, thumbs in waistband stuff.

    It just gets more bizarre every day!

    Who the hell do they think they are fooling?

    p.s. I have broken all links with the new woke Co-op this year including bank and car insurance etc. They are a lost cause as far as I am concerned. Sad because my mum and grandma thought they were the bees knees.

    Perhaps it’s because they are now dictated to by their masters in the Far East?

    We need a list of ex British Companies who have sold out to the globalists really so we can support truly British Businesses.


  19. Eddy Booth says:

    Alex Belfield – THE VOICE OF REASON

    Northern Territories Australia punishes the vaccine hesitant…


  20. digg says:

    In my small town I have realised that every Premier Store and other street corner Shop is now run by Asians, Every Post Office Branch is run by Asians, every Petrol Filling Station is run by Asians. Most takeaways are run by Asians, Most barbers are run by Asians.

    I am sure if you look around your town you will see the same.

    It will inevitably expand to include big stores and supermarkets etc.

    This is nothing less than highly planned infiltration funded by their Mother Countries. It will all end in tears.

    Britain is sleepwalking into oblivion.


    • maxincony says:


      I am sure if you look around your town you will see the same.

      Blimey, you mean the people who opened their own small businesses in your town are the same people who run their own small businesses in your town?

      That’s quite a revelation you’ve had there.


      • taffman says:

        Good evening resident Troll
        A Happy New Year to you !
        You are a day late , have you been self isolating?
        Viewing figures dropping ?
        Do you have any evidence of BBC Bias to contribute ?
        Do you pay the telly tax ?
        Lots of questions unanswered by you and your chums .


  21. digg says:

    TV Ads, Rowse honey infer a black chap taught them how to make honey properly.

    And I always thought it was the Romans…



  22. taffman says:

    “Tony Blair: Petition to block knighthood passes one million signatures”
    Its time the whole swamp was drained .
    Note , the link to the petition is not shown .