Aw, Bless!

On the UKIP and Conservative campaigns BBC journalists are trying desperately to get that GOTHCA! moment. Meanwhile, on the Labour campaign trail…

Newsnight has found its spiritual home.

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  1. Phobic-ist says:

    I feel quite sick…..


    • vesnadog says:

      Me too! I just wonder at how many on board that bus actually “fight” against their own consciences by agreeing with their work mates/bosses who are pro-gay marriage, pro-abortion etc, when the truth be told they are actually scared to death of disclosing their real hostility towards said subjects, for fear of losing their jobs/lifestyle while sunning-it around the world on TV assignments (freebies) while their source of money (us) have to work hard long hours.

      I don’t know how those BBC employee who go against their own consciences sleep nights!


      • SCRAP THE BBC says:

        They all probably sleep very well at night. I come to this conclusion as past history has shown us that BBC employees don’t have any form of consciences, after all Jimmy Savile didn’t did he?


      • Pussytiddy says:

        vesnadog: Your comment made me immediately think of the 1986 movie “The Last Days of Patton”, where Gen Patton’s use of former Nazi party members in rebuilding the area under his control, infuriates Gen Eisenhower. Someone points out that these people HAD TO join the Nazi party to keep their jobs, whether they believed or not. Harman is evil, and I for one, wouldn’t suck up to the misandric maniac.


  2. wronged says:

    I was sick, and the colour of my vomit was pink not fuschia or magenta-just pink.

    Harriet makes me sick every time I see her
    I have just imagined her and Jack Dromey having sex, I feel sick again


  3. Inquire Within says:

    Dumbed down and controlled. Inhumanely may I add!


  4. GastroGolfer says:

    HH has been strangely quiet of late. I wonder what she is up to?


  5. Cry Havoc says:

    If I retweet this even with an acerbic comment, will I be in trouble for spreading pornographic pictures on the internet?


  6. Benjy in England says:

    Surely, it must be ‘Ah, bless’ – I detest that Americanised “awwwww” that everyone loves to use. Since when do Brits say awe when they see something cute? It’s ‘ah’. However, in this context, a revolting ‘aw bless’ is rather appropriate. Aren’t they just cuddly and adorable?! Don’t they just make you want to run over and hug them all?! Such dear little sweeties, and they are so self-sacrificing and work so hard for us poor hard-done-by workers – they won’t tax us or take advantage of us at all, not like those wicked, evil, far-right Nazi bigots who are plotting to destroy the NHS and the EU and the BBC and my mother, probably, too.


  7. Adam Hiley says:

    shame that Bus didn’t crash with ghastly Harperson on board another reason to keep rotten Labour out of Government forever even though the Tories are appalling


  8. Rockachild says:

    I heard Harman was a paedophile enabler.


  9. AngryEnglishJohn says:

    How sweet…a snowflakes day out. No smoking. No booze. No swearing. Looks such fun.


  10. Alex says:

    Right, so according to the Islamic BBC and Antifa-sympathising Sky Views, terrorism is now ‘a fact of life’. I have noticed also that yesterday’s terrorist attack has now dropped down the news priority list, presumably to be forgotten about so the upper chattering classes aren’t forced to discuss this at their snooty dinner soirées. Elsewhere that horribly smug Victoria Derbyshire is militantly defending, no, advertising, for Jeremy Corbyn to a woman who is leaving Britain due to antisemitism. This is a vile deflection by the bbc who are all too willing to defend Labour from accusations of antisemitism – even though one just has to look at twitter and Facebook to see leftist antisemitism in full swing – when they would never do so with accusations of Islamaphobia. You imagine, would the bbc be defending Jeremy Corbyn if he was being accused of Islamaphobia? As I type that repugnant woman Victoria Derbyshire has just accused the woman of being a former member of a Zionist party… the poor woman was left speechless. Could you imagine her asking a Muslim who is leaving this country because of racism whether she is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood? This is awful leftist propaganda. Victoria Derbyshire pathetically said ‘Oh, well that’s the information I was given’ when the woman objected. The BBC is a full blown supporter of Corbyn and despises Israel. They are despicable. Victoria’s politics were plain for all to see this morning. That was hostile and harassment.


  11. Non Snowflake says:

    The 2 men in the photo look as if they really wished they were somewhere else.


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