Weekend Thread 1 May 2021

Comrades – May Day – rise up – burn your TV Licence – cancel that DD – some might say . Its the last weekend before some elections for something . Time for the BBC to have more ‘revelations ‘ about something on behalf of its’ Socialist friends . Meanwhile- in the real world ….

Midweek Thread 28th April 2021

We are witnessing the BBC conducting an election campaign on behalf of the Labour Party. Some might say that such activity subverts the democratic process . But as we have seen in a recent election elsewhere – the BBC isn’t too worried about fairness – yet alone impartiality . Surely there is a score to be settled with the Far Left anti British Biased BBC …

Start the week 26th April 2021

The bias of the Far Left Anti British BBC takes many forms. For instance it can be non reporting of big protests or failure to give details of a suspect in a serious crime . Its like learning a language . You have to look for omissions to get anywhere closer to the truth – as opposed to the biased agenda driven propaganda of the BBC .