Start the Week 17th June 2024

Monday marks the publication of the Reform Party Contract – they refuse to call it a manifesto because manifestos mean nothing . We can be sure the BBC will classify it as ‘unapproved ‘ so it will get the full ‘anti’ treatment from the anti British BBC . You can already hear the sneers – particularly as the Far Left BBC is getting worried about the sheer popularity of Reform . Let’s see.

Bot or not: Are fake accounts swaying voters towards Labour?

There are many articles about bots influencing elections on the BBC News website. This has been a constant theme for several years now, and a genuine concern which the BBC rightly highlights.

Bot or not: Are fake accounts swaying voters towards Reform UK? The bias and cherrypicking in this most recent article is obvious and barely worth mentioning, given that such nonsense is what we all expect of the BBC.

No the real question today is, why do almost all the top comments on BBC articles about UK politics have a pro-Labour slant? Of course the party is ahead in the polls, but the top comments usually receive a ratio of at least 2/3 thumbs up and only 1/3 thumbs down. How can this be the case when Labour are only polling at approx 40%?

The first explanation would be if there are pro-Labour bots manipulating the voting. The second would be if left wing people are more likely to visit and comment on the BBC news website. Both of these are enormous problems.


Are bots being used to manipulate which comments appear first in BBC articles? What have the BBC done to combat the use of bots on their own platform? If tech giants such as Facebook, Reddit and so on are struggling to deal with bots then why would the BBC website be any less vulnerable? The BBC boasts of being one of the most visited news sites in the world so why would it not be targeted?

The British Broadcasting Corporation is a thorn in the flesh of our democracy. We will cut it out.

BBC’s Lucy Ashton silent on Labour candidate Abtisam Mohamed’s links to severe human rights abuse

Why does it matter that she has such close links with this group? Because Abtisam Mohamed is a human rights lawyer, and the STC is accused of many human rights violations, including sexual violence, the use of landmines, recruitment of child soldiers, arbitrary detention, enforced disappearance, and torture. There are very serious questions here.
What does this have to do with the BBC? Well you won’t find these facts anywhere on their website.

Lucy Ashton is senior political reporter for BBC Sheffield. Even though Mohamed is the likely winner of the seat, Ashton has nothing to say about her very close links with apologists for human rights abuse.

Is that because Lucy Ashton is a Labour supporter who just happens to be a former Labour party official and prospective election candidate and just happens to be the daughter of Joe Ashton, disgraced former Labour MP?

Start the Week 10th June 2024

Looks like the BBC will be in full mourning on Monday as across Europe the Far Left is being beaten by partys more interested in caring for their people than those imported from the Third World . And a comment too – about corrupt Green policies imposing unnecessary burdens on us all . Enjoy .