Hi all. Just a quick word re the site.

I know we still seem to have some problems re access and I am passing these on to our technical people for their attention however there are a few things I wanted to say to you directly concerning the site.

Firstly, the purpose of the site is to expose and discuss BBC bias. This site does not have any political agenda and it is not right/left. Yes, I AM clearly someone with right of liberal values, you all know that, but my beef is with the bias. If the BBC was balanced, I would be less irritated by it. That said, it’s very existence bothers me!

Secondly, the genius of the site does not lie in the posts – some are very good and indeed inspired at time of course – but in the quality of the comments of you lot reading this. To that end it is really important that any comment you leave is civil and on topic if at all possible. I am aware that passions can run high and I understand your frustration at the BBC BUT there cannot be any excuse for vicious and ad hominem comments here. I want this site to be full of informed commentary and you provide it 99% of the time but I just want to stop any tendency to political ranting with no real BBC bias focus. Please remember that there are MANY people who would like to see this site characterised as “right wing hate site” ….do not offer them hostages to fortunes please.

Finally, I am aware that in recent times some of our regular writers have stopped posting. That is a shame. In some instances I know the reason, in others I do not. I have always welcomed writers here and have never interfered with them from an editorial point of view. But people do move on and that is fine, c’est la vie. My own work and media pressures have stopped me from posting with the regularity I once did but I am still keen to take the battle to the Beeb. If anyone out there thinks they would like to contribute posts, and keep the focus on the bias, please contact me.

Biased BBC site has been here for some years now and it is going to be around for many years  to come, God willing.  I look upon us as one big team of people, united by a deep concern as to the behaviour and agenda of the State Broadcaster. Let’s keep rolling..


Just wanted to make you aware that thanks to the sterling work of All Seeing Eye there is now a CONTACT US tab for you to send messages/tips/suggested posts/guest posts to me. There is also an FAQ tab for questions you may have.

The new site is performing very well. I am pleased about all the new names commenting here and since we have switched over to this platform, there have been 110,000 views of the site, with over 10,000 in just one day alone. I hope you are liking it, it seems to speed along, and the debate seems pretty hot.

Thanks to you all.

Biased BBC Site Upgrade

We’ve all seen the serious problems on the Biased-BBC site over the last few weeks.

Please let me explain them and also say what we have been doing to sort them out.

Two separate problems occurred almost simultaneously and you may have assumed they were connected – but they were not.

* Google began a rollout of regional blog identities. This is designed specifically to allow them to control/censor content in different countries. In practice for us that means that we have been commenting on at least 5 different B-BBC sites and so our comments have been scattered. There’s no useful fix for this.

* Google also withdrew the Google Friend login facility last month. As our Comment provider, Echo, is no longer being supported by its original developer because they have moved on to bigger, shinier and more profitable things we also lost that ability to log in here and they will not fix that.

As a result it became an unexpected and rapid project for us to move to a new solution.

The response to David’s appeal was fantastic and enabled us to organise new hosting with a new comment system. We’ve chosen WordPress and to use their comment system – which doesn’t require registration if you don’t wish to do so.

The new address is

This will be the last post on the old Blogspot URL although the site will remain here as a reference.

Several things to bear in mind please:

The move to the new site has been rushed through because of the Google and Echo problems. There will be teething problems. Some things will not work straight away. I will be working on these constantly until they are resolved. Please email me with problems or use the Open Thread that I will set up on the new site for issue reporting but I will not be able to respond to everybody instantly or even maybe individually due to the number of comments that I anticipate. Also, technical issues will be given priority over cosmetic comments.

Important: I will not be able to import Comments from the previous site until next week. Please do not report missing past comments as an issue.

I want to say thank you especially to a friend of this blog and a friend of mine MaxFarquar for again designing the new blog graphics. Max did the design for the previous blog too – as a favour – and if you feel like popping over to his place and leaving a small thankyou in his Donation jar then I am sure it will be appreciated.

If you have any error reports, problems, issues, questions…email me here. I can’t guarantee to get back to you promptly because I’m expecting a busy few days pulling this all together but as always I’ll do my best to help.



Hi there folks. I wanted to update you on where we are with the appeal to get in the cash to be able to move Biased BBC onto its own dedicated server with the capacity to grow even further in the years ahead without fear or hindrance. In addition, we want to have a first class commenting system that is helpful to you when you seek to add your opinions.

I am delighted with the response which has exceeded all expectations and which has been quite quite frankly overwhelming. This means we can now proceed to do all the things we want, including a site revamp. Please send NO MORE money – you have done enough.

What is so striking to me is the sheer number of people out there who obviously care so passionately about the mission of this site – being to expose and remorselessly challenge BBC bias. To all those who have emailed me – many thanks for the kind words and suggestions.

I want to thank each and everyone of you for your generosity and can assure you that the mission to expose the BBC bias will proceed – with a vengeance.


OK folks. This blog stands at a crossroads and I want to take it forward. I need your help to achieve this and I am touched by the emails sent my way in recent days. In essence, we aim to move the site to a new beefed up host and ensure we have a decent and stable commenting system. B-BBC gets some pretty heavy traffic and we need to ensure that going forward there is the capability to handle all of this. So, what do we need? Simple – £1000. This gives us the space and capabilities required. Every penny will go to the blog and as MY gesture, I’m throwing £100 into the kitty. The rest is up to you. I maintain the greatest asset this blog is YOU – will you now help?


As you know, Biased BBC has gone through some changes under my tenure. I’m not finished.

With problems on comments, and some other issues re the blogger platform, I am considering making a move to a dedicated server and including the scope to have an effective commenting system. This may also involve a site redesign and general upgrade. IF we are to go down this road, to provide you with a best ever Biased BBC blog, then it will carry cost. I am working with others to get a fix on what this will be but it is by no means insubstantial. So we will need to raise some funds in due course. I like to think that with so many loyal readers visiting daily, this should not present a problem and will revert to you in due course. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


My thanks to all those who voted for Biased BBC on Total Politics, now up to 14th, my sincere appreciation and congratulations to all who contribute here, and a hat-tip to to the blog at Number 36. Next year, time for Top 10? My apologies to those offended by the “right-wing” nomenclature. I didn’t seek it nor did I lobby for either of my blogs. I just try to provide regular output, that’s all.


As you know, I am currently on Biased BBC leave owing to the pressures of running an election campaign. One of the features of this is that the local BBC have been very quick to try and cherry-pick comments from my other blog, A Tangled Web, in order to try and damage my prospects. Oddly enough, they NEVER mention any comments made here on Biased BBC. I wonder why they are reluctant to mention any of the tens of thousands of comments and posts highlighting their relentless bias? 😉 Looking forward to discussing this with them…