BBC to Twitter: Ban the IDF and Hamas

From Breitbart:

The BBC took to Twitter to let the world know that it thinks that there is no difference between terrorists and victims.
If you are unaware of what is going on in Israel lately, Hamas and the Palestinians have been launching rockets into the Jewish State killing women and children in a renewed and sustained attack. Today, the Israeli government and her Defense Force (IDF) have at last had enough. The IDF even took to Twitter to warn the Palestinians that retaliation is immanent.

The BBC’s tweet:

In other words, the BBC is so obsessed with seeing Israel as a warmongering rogue State, they cannot distinguish between the purpose of the IDF’s tweets and those of Hamas. And they’re trying influence Twitter in the process. Yes, the IDF tweets real-time updates of their war efforts to inform the population and news outlets, but also warns people to get out of harm’s way. Because Israel is the superior force and is tweeting results and warnings to Hamas leaders, and all Hamas can do is reply with threats, the BBC naturally sees only David vs Goliath. But the BBC is not supposed to try to influence other media outlets are they? Is this a violation of their Charter?

Your license fee hard at work.


The Guardian/BBC symbiosis has produced a cuddly pledge from Hamas to the effect that they would not help Iran militarily in any conflict with Israel.
The BBC’s Jon Donnison and Harriet Sherwood of the Graun have been speaking to Mahmoud Zahhar, a senior leader of Hamas. He has told them that Hamas are not, to coin a phrase, “ideologically wedded” to Iran.
But according to FARS news agency and Haaretz, Mahmoud al-Zahar has “strongly rejected the BBC claim as unfounded and a lie.”

“………any Israel or US attack on Iranwill be reciprocated by Hamas’s crushing response to the Zionists.”

Someone’s gone wrong somewhere.
H/T Bio and Elder of Ziyon


Wonder if you heard Sarah Montague interview Tony Blair this morning here? I was struck by her clear assertion that the Muslim Brotherhood is “moderate” and that Hamas is a legitimate government that we must do business with. It’s an interesting time of the year when the BBC Illuminati seem more bold in declaring their bias.


A few days back, the US Congress froze cash to Hamastan. B-BBC reader Edna notes;

Consider how the BBC reports the story. 
The article only gives the view that the freeze is terrible. There is not oneexplanation of why Congress decided to do it. It seems the Palestinians werewarned that this would happen if they reneged on negotiations, and decided toact unilaterally.

Consider how another media outlet provides context.
 It doesn’t take a lot of journalistic powers to discover this, but the BBCdecides to keep it a secret from the public. No mention of any of this:-

“A number of US representatives and senators on both sides of the aisle,however, have been very firm in their determination to block funding to the PA– particularly in the fiscal year 2012, should it continue to pursue unilateralstatehood.

After Abbas formally requested UN membership on September 23 in New York, Ros-Lehtinen said: “Abu Mazen’s speech further demonstrated that the Palestinianleadership is not a partner for peace. There must be consequences forPalestinian and UN actions that undermine any hope for true and lasting peace.”

In June, the Senate approved Resolution 185, which warned that Palestinianefforts to gain recognition of a state outside of direct negotiations wouldhave implications for continued US aid.

Representative Kay Granger (R-Texas) who chairs the House AppropriationsSubcommittee on State and Foreign Operations and committee member Nita Lowey(D-New York) both warned Abbas this summer that such a move would occur if hecontinued to pursue unilateral statehood.”

Odd how those highly paid BBC journalists somehow managed to miss all of this…. it’s almost as if they chose not to provide context lest it interfere with their slavish devotion to Hamastan?.  


As ever, you can rely on the BBC ….to ensure you don’t get the full picture.

 BBC reports this:

‘Gaza receives first car shipment from Israel since 2007′ and uses it as anexcuse to bash Israel….Gazans unemployed, can’t afford cars …’With so muchpoverty and unemployment, few people can afford a new car, says the BBC’s JonDonnison in Gaza.’

Are you welling up yet? Remember, sympathy for Hamastan is essential.  

 But they don’t report this:

The ‘democratically elected’ Hamas threatens to kill kidnapped Gilad Schalit ifdeals not done:

“Hamas posted a video of kidnapped Israeli soldier Gilad Schalit on Youtube onMonday, suggesting he would be killed if a deal was not soon reached. In the animated video, two masked men are shown standing on either side ofGilad Schalit in a dark room, with one of them holding an AK-47 assualt rifle. 

At the end of the 24-second video, gun shots are heard as the movie goes blackand the words “Is the mission completed?” are seen written in Arabic.”


Sometimes BBC bias sickens me and then, sometimes, it enrages me.  This item this morning falls into the latter camp. I’ll pass on Jeremy Bowen’s loaded commentary, we all know how anti-Israel he is. But I simply couldn’t believe  way how Hamas apologist Professor Beverley Milton Edwards was allowed  to come on to the Today programme this morning and apologise for Hamas (Islamic resistance) This wretched academic, who disgracefully infests my Alma mater, even had the NERVE to refer to the Hamas murder of four innocent Israelis as “armed attacks” She did everything possible to present this gang of murdering killers as the very personification of reason when they are in fact the incarnation of evil. She tried to use what she alleges as the Northern Ireland template to justify talking to these savages. Here is the little daughter of two of the victims of Hamas reasonableness – look at her anguish, listen to the way this fool Edwards is allowed to pontificate, and share my rage at the BBC.
Israel funeral3


In it’s zeal to create the impression that the world and his wife wants the naval blockade of Gaza lifted, the BBC gushes that “The blockade on the Gaza Strip “must be broken”, the head of the Arab League Amr Moussa has said.” Odd then how they are less than effusive about sharing the news that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has told Obama that the naval blockade must be retained, lest it bolster Hamas. I guess not all news is equal…

Hero or Villain

If anybody had any doubts about the BBC’s bias take a look at the way they spin this fascinating story.
A courageous man has not only risked the penalty for apostasy, but also converted to Christianity and denounced his father’s organisation, Hamas.
“But now we learn that his courage and his principles extended far further than this. As Ha’aretz reports, for ten years Yousef worked for the Israeli security service Shin Bet for whom the intelligence he provided saved countless lives from human bomb attacks:”

The BBC sees it differently.
Written primarily from the Palestinian perspective, Mosab Hassan Yousef is portrayed as a traitor and a spy. With highlighted quote ‘Slander and Lies’ the BBC unstintingly promotes the way Hamas sees things.

“Earlier, senior Hamas leader Ismail Radwan condemned Haaretz’s report as “baseless slander” aimed at the elder Yousef.

“The Palestinian people have great confidence in Hamas and its struggle and they will not be fooled by this slander and these lies of the Israeli occupation,” he told AFP news agency.”

The contents of the book Mr. Yousef is about to publish will confirm what we already know about Hamas. By ‘we’ I mean everyone apart from those employed by the BBC.

Carry on Assassinating

Where’s Charles Hawtrey, Kenneth Williams and Sid James? I’ve got a great idea for a Carry on Film.
It’s about a plot to assassinate this awful bloke, a murderer and a villain who deserves to die, and the gang bump him off after an elaborate Carry On type of adventure.

The antics of the gang could be hilarious. They play members of Mossad, the infamous Israeli intelligence service. In real life their ingenious planning and meticulous preparation would miss nothing, only in this version their antics and blunders are played for laughs. First, they recruit an enormous gang of assassins, when more than three or four would look superfluous, so everyone should get the joke.

Then they clone several passports, overlooking the risk that the locations of the real passport holders could give the game away, and point the finger at themselves! That’s amusing isn’t it?
Then for another laugh, they ignore the ‘no grinning’ rule for a passport photograph, and have some of them grinning in their pictures. I nearly split my sides at that one.

The preparation is the funniest bit. It’s supposed to be meticulous and thorough, don’t forget, but hilariously the gang overlooks the CCTV cameras that are positioned every six inches from the arrival hall at the airport to the hotel en suite, capturing on camera every gang member as they enter the hotel lobby and step in and out of lifts, right up to the to the moment when Barbara Windsor goes into the bathroom bald and comes out wearing a wig. Sid James and the skinny one are disguised as tennis players, and everyone is wearing dark glasses just like a James Bond movie or something, only a spoof.

Afterwards, the gang escapes but everyone is full of moral outrage at the dastardliness and audacity of the plan, and public opinion forces the prime minister to take some sort of action a bit like when the Queen was made to look sad when Princess Diana died. Even the murder victim seemed less bad, or not bad at all, and people even felt sorry for him, and the BBC started calling him a Hamas Commander. But worse even than that, is the plight of the poor people whose identities had been stolen. The media even forgot that they were Israeli Jews, and called them British, and were engulfed with moral indignation on their behalf.

I’m not sure of the ending yet, but it’s bound to be funny, and involve the sort of come-uppance we all love and expect from the BBC.


Did you catch Jeremy Al Bowen on Today this morning discussing the killing of senior Hamas terrorist
Mahmoud al-Mabhouh by unknown people in a Dubai hotel?  Jeremy was quick off the mark to label this as Mossad killing but at no point did he, or indeed anyone else on the BBC, discuss the precise role this piece of Hamas filth played in the killing of innocent Israelis, nor for that matter did they enquire as to what he was doing in Dubai. Israel was in the frame and that is all that matters. Hamas are the victims here, nothing to see..move along.