A reader writes…

“Have a read of this politically correct article from the BBC touching on just some (understatement) of  the reasons (can you guess which factor of the equation they’ve left out?) why a south London NHS trust has gone into administration – just one of several in the UK over the last few weeks!  The BBC obviously feels that the topic of uncontrolled immigration is simply too sensitive to discuss whenever austerity, unemployment and crumbling public services are hauled in front of the MSM jury. Right, I’m off to pick up my prescription, the front label of which is interpreted into  languages!”


As is often the case with the BBC, it’s remarkable the news they choose not to report. Biased BBC contributor Alan notes;

“With many political and corporate interests vested in green technology and the continuance of the war against CO2 ‘polluters’ it seems they have been caught with their hands in the till.

The Sunday Times reports that KPMG, one of the world’s largest accountancy firms, completed a report that concluded windfarms and solar power were unnecessary and expensive means to meeting government CO2 emission targets….huge savings and strategic benefits would flow from nuclear and gas fired power stations. To quote the Times, the report would have ‘explosive consequences for the government’s energy policy’ and serious political damage.

KPMG were bombarded with emails and phone calls from companies and environmental groups demanding the report be ‘pulled’. The Report was duly ‘buried’. KPMG is one of the government’s main advisors on energy policy as well as making millions advising companies on renewable energy projects and helped shape the very policy its report called into question.

I wonder when the clamour will start from all those environmentalists who claim that ‘big oil’ was funding many of the sceptics… is a company which is benefiting from advising the government and then having the government fund projects that in turn KPMG benefits from.

Kind of smacks of Goldman Sachs betting on both sides before the financial crash.

I eagerly await Richard Black first of all actually drawing attention to the story and then seeing what line he takes firstly in defending KPMG and then defending wind and solar power….when the report says that nuclear and gas fired power stations make more sense.”

Sunday Times (paywall) ‘Blown Away’ by Danny Fortson:


The BBC really is the last bastion of defence for bloated Public Sector finances. Biased BBC contributor Alan notes;

‘Public sector workers will be “dramatically” better off in retirement and receive significantly higher wages than those in the private sector.’ 

Not so, suggests the BBC. 
Fascinating example of BBC deliberately down playing good news for the public sector employees and choosing words very carefully to give the facts but in a way that almost reverses their true meaning.

Regarding the IFS’ latest report on pension reforms….

For the BBC the reforms reduce pensions and increase working life for all…..

‘The government’s latest public sector pension changes will make “little or no difference” to their long-term cost, an economic think-tank has said. However, it points out that the earlier decision to shift the inflation link for pension increases has substantially reduced costs and expectations.Unions point out that, overall, public workers must pay more and work longer. The report said that lower earners in the public sector were better protected that higher earners.’

Contrast that with the Telegraph’s report in which it reveals public sector workers will not only get higher pensions than now but also get over 8% higher pay than their equivalents in the private sector...and that it is only higher paid workers in the public sector who will see a reduction in pensions…..

‘Public sector workers will be “dramatically” better off in retirement and receive significantly higher wages than those in the private sector despite government attempts to scale back the generosity of their pay and pensions, ministers have been warned. The institute’s findings will call into question the widespread disruption caused by trade union protests over the treatment of public sector workers. “In general, lower earners in the public sector will actually get a more generous pension as a result of the recently announced reforms. That is, they will be able to retire at age 65 with a higher annual pension than they would receive under current arrangements. Conversely, higher earners are likely to lose out.” ‘

Of course this is the BBC in which a gloating Evan Davis tried to claim that RBS boss, Stephen Hester, refused his bonus because of Labour plans to have a Common’s vote on the subject…..where was his proof of that decision making?….more likely it was Hester’s wife who made him refuse it! Let’s also not forget that Hester (who is overpaid like all these people) received over £4 million in 2008 and £6 million in 2009…..wasn’t that when Labour was running things?…how soon they forget!

‘Mr Hester’s huge potential bonuses come on top of a total pay package of £35.54million since joining the bank in 2008. Brought in to turn the ailing bank around after a £45billion taxpayer bailout, Mr Hester was handed £4.99million in restricted shares, forgoing pay and bonuses. The next year, 2009, his pay package was worth £6.9million, and in 2010 that rose to £8.16million.’


Biased BBC contributor Alan notes;
Attack: Lord Carey has blasted the bishops who tried to derail the Government's £26,000-a-year benefit cap
“Had the former Arch-Bishop of Canterbury, Lord Carey, said Banker’s behaviour was the greatest moral scandal of our time I’m certain the BBC would have trumpeted it like some avenging Herald….but he didn’t say that which is why his words have been sunk in obscurity with no fanfare what so ever by the BBC. Although his comments were in the Daily Mail yesterday morning there has been a blanket silence across the BBC despite his powerful condemnation of the Bishop’s who opposed the cap on benefits….and not even a peep out of the Today programme.”

‘Archbishop blasts clerics who oppose welfare reform and declares the REAL moral scandal is our £1TRILLION debt’

Read more:


Biased BBC contributor Alan notes;

“The BBC is clearly a very busy organisation struggling under the burden of having to make savings on its budget. Perhaps this is why it misses so much of the world’s news.

In Norway last week the head of intelligence tells us that:

 Reuters , Tuesday 17 Jan 2012
‘Radical Islam remains the most serious threat faced by Norway despite the attacks by an islamophobe terrorist who killed 77 people last summer, the chief of the security police said on Tuesday.’ “The number of violent right-wing extremists is still low,” she said.,-not-the-f.aspx

Wonder why the BBC doesn’t want that known?

Or in Germany what are their security services up to?

‘More than one-third of the far-left Left Party’s parliamentarians are under observation by Germany’s domestic intelligence agency, SPIEGEL has learned. Germany’s opposition far-left Left Party is under more intense surveillance from domestic intelligence than previously thought. Information from the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV) reveals that 27 Left Party parliamentarians are being observed — more than one-third of the party’s 76-strong parliamentary group.’,1518,810773,00.html

 The Left a threat to democracy? Not enough to make the BBC report it.

How about in the US where the sainted Obama has this to say about abortion:

‘President Barack Obama says the 39th anniversary of Roe v. Wade is the chance to recognize the “fundamental constitutional right” to abortion and to “continue our efforts to ensure that our daughters have the same rights, freedoms, and opportunities as our sons to fulfill their dreams.” ‘

Charming that abortion is merely a lifestyle choice for Obama like choosing a new car or a good university.

The BBC tells us nothing about anti-semitism in Sweden or Holland or indeed Britain…because it is driven by Islamists and the Left.

But anti-Semitism in Germany? That’s bad sort of anti-Semitism….as it’s done by skin headed fascists not lovable Muslims: They mention ‘extreme islamists’ once but the main thrust is it’s all the fault of the Nazis…..’It is necessary for politicians and the education system in Germany to deal with the National Socialist past’

Just astonishing that there is no mention of Maggie Thatcher in the story…surely they missed a chance there…must be able to tie her and the nasty Tory Party into that story somehow?


Another festive slice from Biased BBC’s Alan…
The BBC has woken up to its one sided reporting from foreign climes…and it has done something about it…it has sent the fearless Evan Davis all the way to Africa for 3 days to check that they’re not all corrupt warlords, machete wielding rapists and famine victims……he checks out some ‘startling’ revelations…

‘I found myself sent there on a three-day mission to investigate a startling story: That sub-Saharan Africa is not just a region of starving children and warring dictators.

The assignment was at the behest of guest editor Mo Ibrahim who strongly feels that the Western media portrays Africa in a monotonously negative light. Could that really be true?

“Now I don’t want to paint a ludicrously one-dimensionally optimistic view of the country. It is no paradise….We wouldn’t want reporters to act as cheer leaders for a continent and we don’t want them to always be seeing glasses as half full. That would perhaps stop us trying fill them to the top.
But if we only ever see half empty glasses, that can be demotivating too. It can nurture a dull fatalism that assumes doing anything is a waste of effort.’

Perhaps on the flight back he could have stopped off in Israel and found out if the Israelis are really all warmongering terrorists stealing Arab land? Shame to have them painted in a relentlessly negative light.


Anyone spotted this on the BBC yet? It’s over on Harry’s Place but the State Broadcaster with it’s multi-billion resources seems to have overlooked it;

Press Release: British Muslims for Israel condemns Jerusalem Bomb Plot

British Muslims for Israel condemns the terrorist attack in Jerusalem today.Such acts of indiscriminate violence are never justified, hurt the cause ofPalestinians and harden public opinion in Israel. Hasan Afzal, a spokesperson for British Muslims for Israel says “Today’sattacks seem to be of a piece with the extreme violence perpetrated againstIsraelis in the last few weeks. First we had the Itamar massacre, then abarrage of rocket attacks from Palestine into Israel and now the attack inJerusalem. These attacks hurt all sides, and help no one.”

Afzal added “Recent events have shown that groups such as Hamas and the Al-AqsaMartyrs’ Brigade are determined to kill indiscriminately and use ordinaryPalestinians as hostages to their cause. We urge all British Muslims to condemnthese senseless attacks which block any attempts for peace and ruin the livesof both Israelis and Palestinians”.

For further information, please call (+44) 7590 67 66 91 or email


There is a web report of the killing of 6 people by Syrian security forcesoutside a mosque….but not on the Radio….but the bomb in Jerusalem bypersons unknown does make it in….the BBC manage to avoid mentioning thesecurity wall that has stopped nearly all such attacks so far….the BBCphrases things so that we are lead to believe the lack of bombs is down toPalestinian goodwill and peaceful intent….’Jerusalem suffered a spate of busbombings between 2000 and 2004 but attacks had stopped in recent years.’


It’s odd the things that Stephanie Flanders overlooks; A B-BBC reader observes;
“Distinct lack of interest from the BBC economic reporters on the record borrowing for February. This gives the lie to Labour’s, and Balls’ claim of ‘cutting too far too fast’.

Shame the BBC cannot bring itself to delve into the figures and shed some light on Balls’ claims…though John Humphrys let slip a non-Party line this morning in a reaction to the debt figures…’Presumably we’ve got to do something about that pretty sharply!’ …presumably not too sharply nor too soon.

If we had record borrowing in February at a time when, as John Humphrys categorises them, we are having ‘enormous cuts’ I imagine if we weren’t cutting we would be borrowing even more.

Remarkably uncommented on by the BBC.

Remarkable as the interest payments on the present debt is nearly £50bn…more than spent on defense or education….borrow more and that interest payment would go up even more…too fast and too far?

Every household pays £1900 per year just to pay off that interest, the full debt burden on every single person in the UK is £14,814 each.

Thanks Gordon, thanks Ed Balls, thanks Ed Miliband….all with their fingerprints on Labours ‘Golden Years’.

Apparently Balls is riding high in the opinion polls….he must have a very good PR team.”

Selected targets

Anyone know why Bill Cash MP has been splashed all over the BBC website frontpage for most of the day? As someone who gets most of his news online, I have to say I wonder. I can’t see it now but I am certain earlier today that there was a reference to him as an “arch-Eurosceptic”. I know many might just be happy to see an MP in the stocks for a day, but the way all this has been conducted very much suggests to me a studied campaign. Yes, this originated from the Telegraph, but the BBC has very much played ball- very much the old footballing one-two. Yes, there is an extremely serious point about MPs’ abuse, but there was also (as with most jobs) a legitimate need for an expenses program in pursuit of the goals of the job (ie. constiuency representation). Not defending MPs who trough here, but raising the question about the legitimacy of this broad based campaign against MPs, and asking cui bono? It certainly might seem a matter of luck whether an MP is targeted or not (disturbing enough, as it’s so inefficient)- but the BBC has seemed determined to focus on backbench Tory MPs- Cash, Kirkbride, McKenzie; seems to me Blears, Smith, Balls and what’serface have got off more than lightly… given their frontbench Government status and all.

So I would raise a question about which discredited and miserably failed party stands to gain from spreading the blame across the whole House of Commons for the indulgence combined with ineffectiveness of the chamber and its leadership during the last ten years (plus)?