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This is the place for our collection of biased BBC tweets. The full explanation of the project can be read here. The BBC’s official policy on the use of Social Media can be seen here (NB: pdf file). This is not meant to prove that all tweets are biased, nor is it meant to prove that all BBC staff are 100% of the Left. Many BBC employees are fairly responsible with Twitter, and do not tweet their political opinions at all. This collection of evidence is meant to demonstrate that those who do freely tweet their personal political and ideological opinions are nearly all of the Left. Many departments of the BBC are represented here, featuring not only on-air talent but website writers, editors, and producers behind the scenes. This also demonstrates that in many cases the line between official and personal accounts has been blurred so much as to be essentially non-existent, contrary to BBC guidelines. The whole BBC social media policy needs to be trashed and re-examined.

Now we’re inviting everyone to keep an eye out for more of this and post tweets in the comments section. Please post the embed code of you can, rather than the basic URL, as that will ensure the tweet remains visible if the Beeboid gets caught and deletes it, or starts protecting their feed. Saving screenshots just in case is encouraged as well. There’s also a feature so you can more easily add those to a comment if you no longer have the link or the tweet has gone down the memory hole.

Please keep in mind that this is about showing their personal political/ideological opinion, not just tweeting about an issue you don’t like. Have a look at the tweets in the collection, and you’ll get the idea of what we’re after. No retweets, please, unless the Beeboid has added a personal note like “Ha!” or something else revealing their opinion. The standard disclaimer is that RTs do not equal endorsement, and they’re otherwise of no use to us.

NB: Just to keep this as clean as possible, once a new tweet posted in the comments has been added to the main collection, the comment itself will be deleted. That way, we can keep track of what’s been added and what hasn’t yet, and avoid duplication. This is a group effort, and this growing collection will be worth it.

We hope that, with everyone’s assistance, the pile of evidence will continue to grow. After all, it’s not like the BBC staff will stop tweeting their opinions, so it’s up to us to catch them. Some will be screenshots or some other form of publishing because the actual tweets have been deleted after the BBC staff member responsible was caught. With one exception, there are no retweets here, as that’s a separate debate. A comprehensive research project is far beyond our means for the time being, but just scanning through so many of them tells us that, for many BBC employees, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Note the trends on certain issues.

How to embed a tweet: Click on the number to the right of the tweet which indicates how long ago the tweet was posted (e.g. “20 hrs” or “Mar 13”) to open the tweet in its own window/tab. Then click on the “More” link below the tweet, then click “Embed Tweet”. Copy and paste that highlighted code into the comment box. That’s it. Don’t worry if you don’t see the person’s avatar before posting the comment.


Kaye Adams, BBC Scotland radio presenter

KAYE Adams, the BBC broadcaster, has been accused of being unfit to present a top current affairs programmes after she tweeted that Boris Johnson “should p*** off back to boarding school”.

The former presenter of Loose Women, the ITV talk show, who presents a popular Radio Scotland show, was on holiday in Tuscany when she made a series of expletive-filled Tweets about London’s mayor. She has now apologised and deleted the comments from her Twitter site.

Sarah Afshar, Senior producer for Newsnight



Anita Anand, BBC radio broadcaster


In case anyone isn’t sure who Anand is, a charming photo of her can be seen here. The other person in that photo is the star of his own R5 Live show:

Richard Bacon.


Here’s a screenshot of Bacon telling his followers to check out a vicious anti-Palin article by her personal womb inspector, Andrew Sullivan.

Wendy Bailey, former BBC Radio broadcaster, producer Children in Need, and lots more.


Ros Ball, BBC Parliament correspondent (with an activist statement photo on her Twitter page)



Bob Ballard, BBC Radio commentator on swimming and diving


Mark Barlex, BBC On Demand editor, tweeted from the BBC College of Journalism account(!)

The “gift” is the video hosted on the BBC website of that Iraqi reporter throwing a shoe at George Bush.

He’s talking about the Newsnight report on the inauguration speech which the BBC edited to make the President sound more Green-friendly.

Mark Blank-Settle, BBC College of Journalism social media maven

Claire Bolderson, BBC presenter

Peter Bowes, BBC correspondent in the US

Jane Bradley, BBC Midlands Current Affairs producer




Toby Brown, BBC News Channel producer


Martha Buckley-Flynn, BBC journalist



Buckley-Flynn deleted the tweet endorsing Hodge for mayor after getting caught.

Mario Cacciottolo, BBC journalist

Jennifer Clarke

Shut up going on about how great Manchester is George Osborne. We know it is and flattery will not buy our votes. Now kindly fuck off.

She soon got caught out, tweet and entire account deleted before we could get the embed code. Original tweet url was:!/jenrclarke/status/120849989885902848. She then set up a new account @jennyfleur88. Tweets protected now. Katie Connolly, ex-BBC US correspondent. From Newsweek to the BBC, now works at a Democrat strategy group, worked on the campaign to re-elect the President. Go figure. Lots of tweets, too much to post here, but Craig’s list and full analysis can be read here. Highlights:

this palin speech is more like a stand up routine, esp with the redneck jokes 1,273,863,138,000.00 via TweetDeck ouch. sarah palin calls us the lamestream media. #palin #nra RT @chucktodd: FOIA-requested Todd Palin related emails involving Palin’s time in office in Alaska now up on 1,265,387,931,000.00 via TweetDeck My boss Jon Meacham responds to critics of our Sarah Palin cover photo 1,258,492,120,000.00 via TweetDeck

She regularly corresponded with a number of JournoListas, and RTed their groupthink as often as possible.

Andy Dangerfield, BBC journalist

Matt Danzico, BBC News reporter in the US, and former Obama campaigner. His Twitter page has both the disclaimer and the BBC logo wallpaper


(This last one is from before Danzico worked for the BBC. This was from back when he was working for the 2008 campaign. Usually people go work for a political party or campaign after a stint at the BBC. This is included here to demonstrate both his consistency and as an example of what is not an obstacle to being hired as an impartial journalist.)   Several more can be seen here.

Evan Davis, Today presenter, host of Dragon’s Den. His first tweet on the passing of Margaret Thatcher:

Jo Deahl, BBC journalist

Tom Donkin, journalist for BBC News Online Magazine


Gavin Esler, newsreader, presenter for Newsnight and Dateline

Stephanie Flanders, BBC Economics editor

Matt Frei, ex-BBC, now with C4, former anchor of BBC World News America

Leah Gooding, newsreader for BBC Newsround (Screenshot because Jude Machin changed the avatar after complaints, relevant tweet deleted.)
Leah Gooding approves of Jude Machin's Obama Avatar

Kim Gittleson, BBC business reporter in the US

On a US town doubling the minimum wage:


Jeremy Hardy, BBC Radio broadcaster




Laura Harmes, BBC Radio 5 Live producer


Jim Hawkins, BBC Radio Shropshire (One of many presenters who uses his “unofficial, personal” account as the official one for a BBC show)



Stephanie Hegarty, BBC World Service journalist


Rhys Hughes, BBC Radio 1 producer

Here’s what his avatar was until DB exposed it here and somebody told Hughes to clean up his act.


Roland Hughes, BBC World News broadcaster and journalist On owning an appliance bought at an Israeli-run store in Brighton:

Tweet deleted after he got caught. Then, after a popular actress severed ties with Oxfam over their criticisms of her for appearing in adverts for the product, Hughes tweeted this:


Which he then deleted within a couple of hours, after being called on it, hence the screenshot.

Katty Kay, anchor, BBC World News America and pundit in official BBC capacity on MSNBC and other show



Supporting the Democrat nuclear option on Bill Maher’s show last night:

Except in 2005 Katty was saying the nuclear option was a bad idea – when the GOP was threatening it.

Rachel Kennedy, BBC News editor
Screenshot because Kennedy deleted the tweets after Guido Fawkes linked to DB’s post on them and it gained wider attention. Same goes for this one:

Suzanne Kianpour, Capitol Hill producer at BBC News On Hillary Clinton stepping down as Sec. of State:

Justine Lang, BBC Producer, thought it appropriate to tweet the following on the same day the BBC came under fire for its self-indulgent, over-the-top, Mandela covarege.


Dominic Laurie, Business presenter for Radio 5 Live



Lauren Laverne, BBC Radio 6 DJ and presenter

Jasmine Lawrence, BBC News Channel editor

Richard Leeming, BBC Digital exectuive. First tweet on Margaret Thatcher’s passing:


Jackie Leonard, presenter of The Newsroom on the BBC World Service (tweet deleted after DB called her on it)

.@Ponifex RT @Catniptwoshoes: @apakula If the Pope excommunicated Paul Ryan I would convert to Catholicism. — Jackie Leonard (@JackieLeonard01) November 23, 2013

Brian Limond, “controversial” BBC Scotland comedian

“Would Prince William write to FIFA on behalf of the Scotland team wearing poppies? No. Cos he thinks ENGLAND won the war.” This message was quickly followed by; “I’d love to slide a samurai sword up Prince William’s arse to the hilt, then yank it towards me like a door that won’t f@*king open.” This was eventually followed by another anti-Royal family message: “Absolutely f@*k England and its royal wee family living it up while pensioners freeze to death.”

Tweets deleted after complaints. More here.
Sue Llewellyn, BBC social media expert

This is the only Retweet with no commentary in this collection, included here as evidence of the groupthink regarding Sarah Palin, and particularly the blood libel so many BBC journalists and other staff tried to push. Even one of the BBC’s experts in social media felt free to retweet such a thing. Now for an original tweet:

Jude Machin, BBC journalist, formerly US-based, now in UK (See Leah Gooding above) Screenshots because it’s all been sent down the memory hole after she got caught, then got caught again, then got caught again.

@leahgooding I am not very impartial when it comes to US politics! x — Jude Machin (@judemachin) October 6, 2012

Jude Machin Twitter Screenshot Obama avatar Leah Gooding approves of Jude Machin's Obama Avatar

James Macintyre, former BBC Question Time producer, now political editor for Prospect magazine and Ed Miliband’s biographer

Chris Mason, BBC political correspondent Screenshot because his Twitter feed archive wouldn’t go back far enough.

Paul Mason Newsnight economics editor (now ex-BBC)



(Yes, this last one was after Mason left the BBC, but it’s still evidence of what the Beeboids really think.)
Ian McGarry Radio 5 Live journalist On the passing of Margaret Thatcher (tweet deleted two days later after word spread):



Bill McKenna, BBC News producer for North America,







John Mervin, BBC News New York business editor


Link goes to Time magazine article about how “Conservatives have lost touch with reality”

Claudia Milne, editor BBC News Online US edition

Fallows was Jimmy Carter’s speechwriter and is a popular Left-wing pundit.
Daniel Nasaw, US-based editor of the US & Canada page of BBC News website, and feature writer for BBC News Online Magazine



Elettra Neysmith, BBC journalist/broadcaster

Agreeing with the sentiment that a “not guilty” verdict for George Zimmerman means it’s “open season on black boys” in the US:

Sent before the verdict in the George Zimmerman trial:

Jonathan Paterson, BBC News editor

Matt Prodger, BBC Home Affairs correspondent



Robert Rea, BBC News Channel journalist


Michael Rosen, BBC Radio presenter First tweet on Margaret Thatcher’s passing:

Bee Rowlatt, BBC World Service producer

Mark Sandell, editor World Have Your Say, BBC World TV and World Radio



Joan Soley, BBC News Pentagon correspondent (note BBC News wallpaper despite “my views” disclaimer)


Regarding one of the Republican presidential candidate debates:

Brett Spencer, Radio 5 Live Interactive editor Screenshot because he deleted the tweets after being caught. Mark Steel, “edgy” comedian, host of the BBC’s “The Mark Steel Solution” and other programmes, and a regular on various BBC comedy panel shows Marking the passing of Margaret Thatcher:

Allegra Stratton, Newsnight political editor

Claire Thompson, BBC 5 Live News Producer


Kate Townsend, BBC News producer, UK & US Agreeing with the sentiment that a “not guilty” verdict for George Zimmerman means it’s “open season on black boys” in the US:

Jeremy Vine, Radio 2 host, Eggheads presenter, former Newsnight journalist (and another one who uses his “personal” account as the official one for his BBC show)

Sarah Walton, journalist for BBC Look North

Tim Weber, ex-BBC business & technology editor for BBC Interactive, now Director at Edelman



Lucy Williamson, BBC Seoul correspondent

Screenshots because Twitter feed archive doesn’t go back far enough:

Plenty more here.

And there you have it. Come see the bias inherent in the system. We’ve actually lost count of how many tweets there are and how many Beeboids are represented. And the list just keeps on growing, because, well, they just can’t help themselves, and it’s essentially condoned anyway. Until they get caught.

For balance, here’s one which appears to be from the Right by James Landale, BBC News political correspondent (h/t Jim Dandy)

Plus, one of them has dared to tweet something critical of Obama:

Andrew North, US correspondent


Oh, and apparently Andrew Neil is on the Right, and Nick Robinson used to be in his youth. Balanced or what?

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    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      The links were indeed broken with the domain change. Work is in progress to try and fix it.


    • Guest Who says:

      FWIW, I have found to access them you just note the date and click on the relevant archive period.
      Bit of a drag, but gets you there.
      The only thing not possible until the links are sorted is quoting the URLs, as you have found.


  1. Mike O'Driscoll says:


    How is

    ”Net migration down “significantly”, says ONS, from 242k to 183k. Good day to bury good news??”

    left wing bias?


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Mike O’Driscoll, read the sentence directly above it where I say this appears to be from the Right. Now, do you have anything else to say?


      • Jack McT says:

        Isn’t Downing Street’s Head of Communications a former controller of English news output for the BBC? And does it make any difference? I’ve read your intro, but not sure what this is meant to prove…


        • David Preiser (USA) says:

          One outlier proves balance, Jack? No, it doesn’t, nor does the existence of Nick Robinson and Andrew Neil balance out thousands of others.

          I was very clear in my post what this list is meant to prove. If you don’t agree that it does, just say that this list of Left-wing opinions from across the spectrum of the BBC is not evidence of groupthink on certain issues, not the least of which is the childish fawning over the leader of a foreign country.


  2. Mark says:

    Kaye Adams who said that Boris Johnson should “P@@s off back to boarding school” interestingly forgets to explain that she went to one herself. Her tweet was sent from Tuscany by the way. Oh the liberal left…


  3. Jeggie says:

    Sound like a bunch of naive urbanite kids, to me. I detest that i have to pay the BBC money.


  4. Stuart Pembery says:

    March 11th: BBC News promotes a Scottish Nationalist Newspaper but not a Unioninst one – the BBC is trying to break up the Union.



  5. Brad Goulson says:

    Please sign this petition to abolish the TV licence. Over 102,000 have already signed in a week. Pass it on.


  6. Tom_Kenny says:

    Whatever the result, Farage will always be a dick.— Gary Lineker (@GaryLineker) June 23, 2016


  7. Tom_Kenny says:

    Britain didn't achieve greatness by accepting defeats. In that spirit, I absolutely refuse to accept this one. #NeverBrexit— Dan Snow (@thehistoryguy) June 27, 2016


  8. Tom_Kenny says:

    "Finally we are going to get rid of the biggest waste in the EU budget, which we have paid for 17 years: your salary!" Juncker to Farage.— Jim Al-Khalili (@jimalkhalili) June 28, 2016


  9. Tom_Kenny says:

    Today in 1929: the greatest crash in Wall Street history. Sparked the Great Depression which produced extremism and war. A bad day.— Dan Snow (@thehistoryguy) October 29, 2016


  10. Philip_2 says:

    Robin Aitkin: The truth about the BBC (by an ex BBC journalist reveals the extent of ‘the problem’. A new film covered by New Culture Forum called simply called HERESIES

    Excerpt from Telegraph (dated 22nd July 2021).

    There is a bulky dossier called “Producer Guidelines” which is issued to every BBC producer and sets out how every BBC programme-maker should proceed. One of its central precepts – one of the “10 commandments” if you like – is that whoever/whatever is under investigation they should be given the right of reply. So my request was exactly in-line with BBC best practice. Their response , alas, was not.

    I think this refusal to be held to account, this obdurate determination not to engage with its critics is a minor scandal. The BBC is a public institution – that is our money they are spending. How dare they refuse to answer questions about their shortcomings? So here is a challenge: my film makes certain allegations about BBC bias so I now publicly invite the BBC to put up someone to answer these questions. 

    Robin Aitken’s ‘Heresies BBC bias exposed: An Insider’s story’

    Reference 1: Telegraph

    Reference 2.

    Robin Aitkin is a fierce critic of the BBC who worked not only in the BBC but has seen his own work colleagues (within the BBC) unable to speak out without losing their job at the BBC – speaking out – only on retirement on what they have to put up with..


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