Here’s another take on one of the most important stories in the UK today, if one believes BBC coverage! Biased BBC’s Alan notes;

“Listening to ‘Today’ this morning raises two, at least, questions….first, just how much can a serious news organisation dumb down and secondly, just how high will that organisation jump when the Labour Party bosses tell them to? A prime example of why the BBC should have been in Leveson burst onto the airwaves with all the power and excitement of one of Geoffrey Howe’s dead sheep.

Some trainee security guards are turfed off a bus and have to wait a whole two hours before they are collected.

Hold the front page…no!   Let’s hold an inquiry.

You must be kidding!

But no, it’s not a joke, it’s John Prescott calling the shots at the BBC….the Labour Party make some bizarre and completely out of proportion claims that are of course highly politicised…can you imagine the same fuss if the train was late and commuters were left standing around for an hour or two?

The BBC leapt into action sending in their top political reporter to the front line where the vulnerable youngsters were left ‘stranded in the middle of the night’.  Evan Davis  concluded that the labour market was heading back  to the 19th century, with Dickensian treatment and cheap labour …..happily passing on Prescott’s message that this was setting a precedent for the exploitation and abuse of the workforce. It’s the top story on the ‘Today’ website right now…and gets a mention on the BBC website ‘Frontpage’…..the Telegraph seems to have, quite correctly, totally ignored it.

The ridiculous story gets more time than the legionnaire bug in Edinburgh which has killed one man and hospitalised many more…..Prescott not asking for an inquiry into the company that didn’t maintain it’s air conditioning system and killed a man?

Guess there are not many votes there as it’s in Scotland.

Evan Davis should be red faced all day over that one, just how much can one man humiliate himself for his political masters?….talk about shameless, blatantly filling the airwaves with a Labour Party black propaganda stunt.  It is always apparent that Davis, likeable though he is, is not suited to sober analysis and thoughtful comment and debate when people with opposing views to his own come on the programme.  He treats them with a barely concealed disrespect and contempt, more often than not giggling his way through an interview.

Perhaps someone should do their job and have a word in his ear.   I don’t mind the mocking of politicians, the more the better, but it should be all politicians or none.”


Interesting to read the BBC’s lead story in their UK news this morning – namely the Labour assertion that the Coalition “u-turn” on hot pasties and caravan tax proves what a “shambles” Government policy is. Labour’s Rachel Reeves is given some very impressive headlines which certainly must make Miliband happy and which will keep the momentum going that may help Labour return to power in 2015.

Now I do agree that the Coalition is showing complete ineptness, and Osborne in particular has left the Government wide open on these fronts, but let’s not do a BBC and forget that had Labour not plunged this country into massive Debt then there would not be such an urgent need to try and rebalance the National Budget.

Through the BBC prism, 2010 was year zero and what happened between 1997 and 2010 has now been erased. This contrasts with how the treated things in 1997 and the subsequent decades when “Thatcher” was still brought up at every opportunity to prove why things were less than perfect in the sunny uplands of New Labour. Cameron got the reverse treatment – and in a small degree, I feel a bit sorry for him. The revisionism that has taken place since 2010 is quite shocking. I fully accept that Labour want it to be that way – who can blame them for seeking to erase their toxic fingerprints from the scene of the economic crime but WHY would the State Broadcaster collude?


BBC been leading the charge against the “savage cuts” from the bad and evil Tory/Dems. I particularly enjoyed Alistair Darling being granted airtime to pronounce of the poor judgement of the Coalition, without even a hint of BBC irony….your favourite moment of the day from the Cuts crusaders?  


Anyone catch Sarah Montague’s “interview” with former chief secretary to the Treasury Liam Byrne this morning? Could she have been any easier on him? I don’t think so. It appears that the BBC have gone along with Labour and consigned it’s thirteen years in power and attendant profligacy to the memory hole. It never happened. Why IS Osborne making Tory cuts?

BBC Luvvies For Labour

The BBC is going big on “Doctor Who star David Tennant ‘backs Gordon Brown’“. Tennant, a Scot recently replaced by a younger man, is quoted:

“Clearly, the Labour Party is not without some issues right now and I do get frustrated. They need to sort some stuff out, but they are still a better bet than the Tories.”

Meanwhile, election year sees the start of a new topical comedy show on Radio Five Live presented by Chris Addison, the only person who comes anywhere near to matching Tennant’s recent levels of BBC ubiquity. So, will Addison’s new programme offer a fresh perspective on current affairs, or will it be the same tiresome worldview from the BBC’s left-wing comedy establishment? Addison’s opinions on the Conservative Party could give a clue:

“It’s very difficult, if you were brought up as a child during Thatcher’s period, to ever contemplate being a Tory. There is no way I can physically bring myself to vote Tory. That will stay with me till I die.”

On Twitter a couple of days ago he was asked what he thought about the current government and responded:

“Better than the alternative.”

A little later he tweeted:

“My political leanings are decidedly liberal.”

Which, coincidentally, is the first box you have to tick if you want to present a Sunday morning programme on Radio Five Live.

Update 5.05pm. Perhaps we’ll be treated to some of Addison’s views on Europe. From an interview with him on the BBC’s comedy website:

I am fiercely pro-European. I would very much have liked to see this country join the Euro a few years back. Not least because it would greatly annoy the kind of people that I don’t generally like.

I’m fiercely pro-European as well (OK, maybe not “fiercely”), but I don’t buy into the anti-democratic EU project.


I was watching a debate on Newsnight concerning the Pre Budget Report. Kirsty Wark said to Liam Byrne “You run the economy….”. Erm, no, he doesn’t. We don’t live in a full on totalitarian State, yet. But an interesting insight into BBC think. Maybe she meant to say “You ruin the economy….”?

Paul Mason and Michael Crick were also on to try and suggest that all three main political parties have a similar agenda on dealing with the deficit. Again, nonsense.


It’s been a big day for the UK economy if one believes the BBC. Green shoots of recovery are everywhere. “The recession is at an end” goes one headline. Confidence is shooting up ( just like the unemployment figures, sssh!) and it looks like Captain Brown, employing his formidable Keynesian skills, has saved the day. Such is the fantasy being peddled by the BBC today – how long to go before Party conference time?


I just love the way the BBC tries to ameliorate the wanton destruction that has been caused to the UK economy by the feckless Brown. Here’s a nice example of what the BBC does best..

The number of new cars made in the UK fell 17.9% in July from the same month a year earlier, the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) said. But the drop, to 107,635 cars, was the smallest of the year so far

Rejoice – so despite the scrappage scheme and despite the poor year on year comparison figure, we’re still going down. But fear not, Captain Brown knows what he is doing and when tractor production is restored to previous levels, those that doubt his genius will be exposed for the running dogs of capitalism that the BBC know them to be!


Some excellent observations over on our most recent Open Thread concerning how the BBC have treated David Cameron’s suggestion that there is a looming debt repayment on the horizon. Cassandra says..

“Well the toadies invited a couple of well chosen economists whose line was superficially aligned to the newlabour one (funny that eh?) that in fact there is no problem and the markets are confident of the UKs abillity to pay off debt BUT and this is a big but, the confidence is solely based on the firm belief that an incoming new regime will have to drastically cut spending levels and the wholly unexplored implication is that newlabour have utterly failed to spell out a medium/long term cost cutting strategy. Newlabour have gone out of their way to not only not talk about the required massive expenditure cuts they have claimed that they will in fact raise spending levels or at least maintain them!

The BBC is determined to pretend that Brown’s profligacy is “investment” and only house-trained economists are permitted to posit opinion.


The BBC’s current crusade (Can I say that word?) against the Conservatives continues in this little construction. Note the way that it is an image of Lord Mandelson that the BBC chooses to use with regard to this story AND it is Mandelson who gets the last word on the subject. Setting up the Banks against the Conservatives must get BBC hearts a fluttering whilst simultaneously suggesting that Labour is the friend of capitalism!