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The BBC’s Ian Pannell claims that Hamas made no claim about capturing an Israeli soldier, a claim that mislead everyone including the IDF into thinking he was a prisoner:


Tweet Pannell



Obviously he hasn’t read Hamas’s Twitter feed:




So did the Israeli’s invent the story of the captured soldier or were they lead to believe that by the fact that he was missing and that Hamas claimed they had captured him?

Just another case of a BBC journalist ‘inventing’ his own news in order to paint the Israelis in the blackest possible light.








The BBC has lovingly lingered on UNRWA condemnation of Israel for hitting a THIRD UNRWA school. It’s all part of the “damn-Israel” meme that the BBC has spewed out during the latest conflict. However, for some reason, none of the world class BBC journalists felt inclined to ask UNWRA why it has allowed at least THREE of its schools to be used to store Hamas missiles. Further, why has the BBC not questioned UNWRA as to why it handed BACK the missiles to Hamas having discovered them? I fully understand that Chris Gunness is a poster boy for the BBC as he damns Israel from morning to dusk but surely the BBC has an obligation to make viewers aware that UNRWA has many serious questions to ask – none of which it is asking!!!!!

“Bias is not always propaganda” Says Guardian



The BBC’s Jon Donnison shows he doesn’t care a jot about the Israelis…it’s all their own fault…


Hmmm….wonder if we can blame the BBC et al for all Hamas’ actions now that they have the BBC in their corner?

Will the Israelis then be ‘reaping’ what the BBC has sown?  Of course they won’t be called Israelis then…just refugees, displaced persons…or corpses.

I wonder if he thinks the Palestinians have ‘reaped what they have sown’ when they voted for Hamas and are now getting bombed because of it?



I imagine the BBC journos applaud this from the Guardian’s Peter Preston:

Gaza: where a howl of pain and outrage is the only point of view

For journalists covering the horror in Gaza, it must feel obscene to stick to the old routine of ‘fairness and balance’

If you’re a correspondent living the horrors of the Strip from one ceasefire to the next, keeping count of the toll, tweeting pictures of carnage (like the BBC’s wonderful Ian Pannell), wearing the kid gloves of fairness and balance must seem somewhere between obscene and impossible.

It’s a desperate task, gallantly performed. But there are times, remember, where the rituals of F and B don’t work at all – when the truth is a howl of pain and outrage. Jon Snow had one of those YouTube moments a few days ago when he got back from Gaza. Listen to Aidan White from the Ethical Journalism Network: “Bias is not always propaganda – some stories only make ethical sense when told by journalists with a point of view.” Especially as they wade through pools of blood.



No…bias is propaganda…especially in this case where the BBC is pumping out a relentless stream of anti-Israeli propaganda with the sole intention of trying to put political and social pressure upon the Israeli government.  There is absolutely no context for the Israeli actions from the BBC.  This is not a single battle, this is a 70 year war with the Muslims intent on annihilating the Jews.  Which is why the Jews fight so hard.  Another Holocaust wouldn’t be a coincidence it would be genocide, ethnic cleansing, plain old murder….a murder that the BBC has unfortunately decided to take sides in.







save gaza2













England cricketer Moeen Ali, of Pakistani ‘heritage’, and a Muslim, wore wristbands that said ‘Save Gaza’ and ‘Free Palestine’.   Both are highly political statements, in particular the ‘Free Palestine’ one which cheerleads the destruction of Israel as ‘Palestine’ is considered to be from the ‘river to the sea’ and the State of Israel itself is considered by Palestinians to be located on ‘occupied’ Palestinian land.


Palestinian graphics with Israel included in the map of ‘Palestine’


Perhaps the likes of Moeen Ali would like to explain why they have no such views about the slaughter and mayhem being visited upon the much of the rest of the Muslim world and beyond by people just like him.

Is it just a ‘Jewish’ thing that means the likes of Moeen Ali and the BBC’s battalions of reporters focus on Gaza?

Any impartial observer would perhaps think so .  Can be any other explanation as to why so much attention is concentrated upon the Jewish counterattack in Gaza?


Perhaps Moeen Ali would like to consider what is going on in the land of his fathers before criticising Israel…“We left all our belongings. The Pakistani government was bombing our villages.”:

Fresh fighting in Pakistan’s North Waziristan displaces more than 75,000 into Afghanistan

A military offensive in Pakistan’s North Waziristan tribal region has forced more than 75,000 people to flee their homes over the past two weeks, seeking shelter across the border in Afghanistan’s Khost and Paktika provinces. Many left suddenly, with very few possessions. “We could only manage to get ourselves out of Miranshah,” one man told UNHCR staff, referring to the capital of the mountainous North Waziristan region. “We left all our belongings. The Pakistani government was bombing our villages.”


You might also ask where are the endless stream of BBC Tweets with the graphic descriptions and photographs of injured children?


And  it’s not as if it’s all quiet elsewhere in the Muslim world:





WARNING: The video linked to below has graphic footage of mass murder by Islamic militants.


The Prophet’s Methodology

al-Furqān Media presents a new video message from the Islamic State


Some still photographs taken from the video that give an idea of the cold blooded, deliberate savagery in the name of Islam:






Everyone of these men were killed….murdered…

isis 2



Meanwhile across the border in Syria over 700 were killed in two days:

More than 700 killed in Syria as ISIS tightens grip on east

Beirut, Asharq Al-Awsat—More than 700 people were killed in Syria over the course of Thursday and Friday, in what activists say were the bloodiest 48 hours of fighting in the conflict to date.

The head of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), Rami Abdul Rahman, told Asharq Al-Awsat that this was the first time casualties had topped 700 in the space of two days since the conflict began in 2011. He contrasted the violence to the gas attack in the Ghouta region close to Damascus last year, which he said killed around 500 people.


In Iraq hundreds are being killed by both sides:

Hundreds Butchered by ISIS, Over A Hundred More Killed By Iraq Gov’t


In one month nearly 6,000 are killed in Iraq:

Almost 5,700 Killed Across Iraq in July


Meanwhile in Africa:

Boko Haram village raids kill hundreds in Nigeria

Kano, Nigeria (CNN) — Hundreds of people were killed in raids by Boko Haram Islamic militants in northeast Nigeria’s Borno state, on the border with Cameroon, with some sources putting the death toll at 400 to 500.

On Tuesday, heavily armed men dressed as soldiers in all-terrain vehicles and on motorcycles attacked neighboring Goshe, Attagara, Agapalwa and Aganjara villages in Gwoza district, shooting residents to death and burning homes.

“The killings are massive. Nobody can say how many people were killed, but the figure runs into some hundreds,” said Peter Biye, a lawmaker in Nigeria’s lower parliament representing the Gwoza region.



If Moeen Ali really has a humanitarian conscience then rather than grandstanding for his Islamic brethren against the Jews he might be better off taking a closer look at what is going on in Pakistan and elsewhere in the Muslim world and start asking some questions about what is driving the mass slaughter perpetrated upon Muslims, non-Muslims and those Muslims considered non-Muslims….by other Muslims.




Moeen Ali considers his beard an important visible sign of his devotion to his faith…he’s very proud of it.    It’s a very public statement and well known part of his persona.

Maybe he and all other righteous Muslims who want to ‘Save Gaza’ from the Jews should shave off their beards in a sign of their anger and disgust at what is being done in the name of Islam by other Muslims.




Such a symbolic action would have a huge effect on the watching world, most importantly amongst fellow Muslims, and would confirm Ali’s pious credentials as someone concerned with stopping all suffering not just that imposed by the Israelis.


Maybe the BBC will start shipping out its reporters en masse to these locations and start posting photographs of the dead and injured and detailing the graphic deaths in their Tweets as they do ad infinitum from Gaza.

But perhaps not…after all Hamas in Gaza isn’t going to shoot you or behead you as long as you do what you’re told and report only what they tell you to, but getting up close and personal with ISIS and Boko Haram is decidedly risky…so the BBC stick to the low hanging fruit and anyway…who likes the Israeli’s eh?







Say It Ain’t True





The BBC did nothing to dispel the Palestinian Pallywood propaganda that claimed an Israeli sniper killed an unarmed man despite the huge response to the video and its uptake by mainstream media.

How different the BBC reaction when a small video goes on-line showing a boy firing an RPG on a beach with a few claims that it is a beach in Gaza.

Israeli shells killed four boys on a Gaza beach recently and it cost the Israelis dear in the propaganda war…the BBC know this and want to keep the pressure on the Israelis and so moved rapidly to squash any rumours that Palestinian kids have been using weapons on a beach that might have made people think the Israeli mistake may have been more ‘understandable’ if they’d seen someone firing an RPG on beach.

The fact that in most YouTube videos of this boy and  the RPG it is clear that the video is from Libya doesn’t deter the BBC pro-Palestinian machine grinding into gear to ensure the wrong message doesn’t spread….shame about that other faked sniper video they ignored…..


#BBCtrending: The boy on a beach with an RPG

A video of a young boy firing a rocket propelled grenade (RPG) on a beach has shocked many people. But what’s the story behind it?

The young boy looks tiny as he stands on a beach, places an RPG on his shoulder and fires. There’s a huge bang and smoke billows all around. All the while two adults look on and encourage him.

It’s unclear who the boy or the adults are. The video itself has been posted multiple times. Though it’s being widely viewed now, it appears to have been first posted at least as far back as January.

Though some of the postings refer to it as a “Palestinian child firing an RPG on Gaza Beach”, it actually appears to be from Libya. The accents in the video are Libyan, and some have suggested it may have been on a beach in the Sirte area.



Always curious what catches the BBC’s eye…it’s not just out of interest here….there is a definite motive that  generated this BBC story.




Quite a remarkable attack on Israel by Paddy Ashdown on the BBC this morning. It all feeds into the BBC meme that Israel has the theoretical right to defend itself but in practise this must not happen. Ashdown was allowed to throw out the faux comparison to what has happened in Northern Ireland – so ignoring the fact that the moment Palestinians got their Judenfrei Gaza they instantly turned it into a terror base. The BBC interviewer also missed the chance to ask Ashdown what is it about the LibDems that so appeals to Israeli haters such as wannabe suicide bomber Jenny Tonge and aspirant Hamas rocketeer David Ward. Still, it’s only Jews they would seek to harm so what’s the big deal….

Ham And Hamas




 Here are some guidelines from Ofcom with regard to what we should expect from the BBC in the way of programme standards:

The BBC is required to observe certain of the programme standards objectives (“the relevant programme standards”) set by Ofcom under section 319 of the Act, namely:

Refraining from the use of techniques which exploit the possibility of conveying a message to viewers or listeners, or of otherwise influencing their minds, without their being aware, or fully aware, of what has occurred.

In other words the BBC should not be slipping political, social or cultural messages into its programming in order to influence our thoughts and behaviour.

Such a refrain has obviously had little effect as the BBC deliberately set out to manufacture our opinions on climate change and hence the government’s response should it recognise that ‘public concern’ generated by the BBC’s messaging….all organised by the BBC’s Roger Harrabin and implemented in his infamous seminars in which BBC staff were persuaded to accept the premise that climate change is happening and is man made, and that messages about the dangers of that climate change and the actions necessary to prevent it should be slipped into BBC programming be it comedy, drama, soaps, news or indeed science programmes….not forgetting children’s programmes.

The BBC does not limit such Soviet style practises to climate though, apart from immigration, Islam, Europe and welfare there is the Middle East, Israel/Palestine in particular.

As you read this the BBC is probably reporting that Hamas doesn’t really exist…the Israeli army is remorselessly and savagely bombarding Gaza, taking out hospitals, schools and innocent civilians without cause or reason, reducing Gaza to rubble just because it can, and wants to….but curiously there is nobody shooting at them.  How many times have we heard from the BBC that the Israelis have bombed or shelled something or someone in Gaza killing ‘x’ number of Palestinians, according to Palestinian health officials ( who are completely neutral and honest) and only then is it mentioned that the Israelis might have been firing at someone who had fired at them first…allegedly?  It is rare that the BBC mentions Hamas as the instigator of a firefight or that Hamas rockets falling short maybe the cause of death and destruction in Gaza….the default culprit is always Israel.

BBC News is nowadays more a work of dramatic fiction and emotive angst than straight reporting making dramatic programmes like ‘The Honourable Woman’ almost redundant.

The Honourable Woman though has its place in the BBC battle order… is a ‘weapon’ of war as much as any gun or bomb…it is a ‘smart bomb’ delivered into thousands, if not millions, of homes around the world bearing not high explosives but a poisonous message….a message delivered by the BBC on behalf of Hamas, Fatah and all those who wish to ‘wipe Israel off the map’.

That explosive message is that Israel, the ‘Jewish state’, should be dismantled and the Palestinians allowed to take the land of Israel….needless to say the BBC glosses over what would happen to the Jews, merely implying that all would be peace and harmony as the love and understanding flowed between the two peoples.

The Honourable Woman of the title is Nessa Stein, the daughter of a ‘Zionist arms dealer’ who has provided the ‘walls’ for Israel’s successful defence….but he was killed by a Palestinian and Nessa and her brother Ephra took over the reins of his company turning it away from the nasty business of arms dealing towards education and infrastructure development for Palestinians…hoping to bring the two sides together eventually.

That is one message…..the father was ‘old Israel’, the well armed defender of the Jewish State’s right to exist…Nessa is the new Israel taking down those ‘walls’ that separate the Jews from the Palestinians…..‘walls’ being the mental attitudes but also  an allusion to the physical security barrier the Israelis had to build to keep suicide bombers and various Palestinian murderers out of Israel….the writer, Hugo Blick, obviously feels he knows better than the Israelis here about the need for security.

In later episodes this theme is expanded on and the BBC can be seen to relish the potential destruction and defeat of Israel and the triumph of the Palestinians as the ‘purity’ of the Jewish state is corrupted and undermined by the influx of Palestinians into the land.

Nessa’s father was killed on the orders of a Fatah commander, the father of the man who raped Nessa when she was kidnapped in Gaza, Nessa giving birth to a son as a result of that rape.
The Fatah commander, naturally representing the various Palestinian ‘resistance’ movements in this allegory, gloried in the ‘poisoning’ of the Stein bloodline with Palestinian blood….

‘The grandson of Eli Stein with my blood in its veins…first I ordered his death and now I take his heritage….how great is his defeat!’

A clear message…the Palestinian militants have fought the Israelis and killed many but the real battle will only be won by destroying the ‘heritage’, the bloodline, of the Jews by flooding Israel with Palestinian people…the ‘right of return‘…in other words destroying the Jewish nature of the Israeli state…the whole reason for its existence….that second phase can only begin when Israel drops its guard, its military defence (represented by the death of the arms dealing father) and more importantly the will to defend itself….this loss of will is represented by Nessa taking over the company with a completely different mindset and attitude and who believes that if only the Jews and the Palestinians could work and live together all would be well…there would be no ‘Israel’ but a one state solution…..a Palestine from the river to the sea…in other words Israel is wiped out.

A nice bit of pro-Palestinian propaganda from the BBC.

Hugo Blick slips in many more little kickers to push the message that Israel is an evil state that needs to be dealt with…….

The Palestinian nanny, Atika, tells us that she is ‘A stranger in her own land….but we learn how to wait’….clearly the thought is that  the tyrannical Israel cannot last forever.

Nessa proclaims Atika is ‘The Wandering Arab’…not once but twice to reinforce the message…this is an allusion to the ’Wandering Jew’, Blick trying desperately to turn the Palestinians into victims of Israeli oppression and tyranny….The Wandering Jew was forced to roam the world homeless and scavenging for a living…..Atika dramatically states ‘It is what the world has made me.’  Not really though…it is what the Palestinian leaders have made her.

When Nessa first meets Atika in the West Bank Blick has them mouth a rather forced exchange, the only reason for it to once again paint Israel as an oppressor when Nessa asks Atika how often she visits her home in Gaza….Atika replies she doesn’t, the borders are closed…Nessa replies… ‘Of course…how stupid of me!’
But….The borders aren’t closed, just restricted…no surprise as the Palestinians are conducting a war against Israel….having said that Atika and Nessa somehow manage to get themselves into Gaza…so clearly ‘closed borders’ are no obstacle.

When Nessa and her brother Ephra, are at a family party the camera lingers on a group of Jewish men who cheer the news on the TV that ‘Israel will not negotiate with terrorists’…..Nessa says to Ephra, who initiated the change from arms dealing to ‘promoting peace and reconciliation’ for his father’s company, that ‘Pappa would be proud of you.’….Ephra looks disdainfully at the cheering Jews and says ‘Yes I think he would have been.’   Clearly a tough stance on defence is not welcome by Ephra/Blick.

Ephra describes the educational faculties provided by his company as being in Israel, East Jerusalem and the West Bank…..Israel considers all of Jerusalem to be its capital…so a sly dig there by Blick.

The Israeli Ambassador is played as if he were a Gestapo officer from the war….very reminiscent of so many WWII films….Just a coincidence I’m sure.

Blick also introduces a device into the programme seemingly just so that he can accuse Israel of being a racist state running an apartheid system.  He creates an unnecessary storyline where Israeli ex-military are given preferential treatment when applying for university courses…to the detriment of Israeli Arabs.
This was, as said, just an excuse to malign Israel by proclaiming it an apartheid state (repeated for reinforcement of effect as with the ‘Wandering Arab’ line) despite being in reality one of the most democratic and open states in the Middle East…and one where Christians can consider themselves safe…not something they could do anywhere else in the Middle East.

The real, central, storyline was that the Israelis had tapped into the Palestinian’s communications by using the cables laid by Nessa’s company….all leading to an Israeli listening post seemingly in a broom cupboard, an unlocked broom cupboard, in the university itself…the entry to which was controlled by an Arab Israeli….top security there then!  Great writing!

The character played by Igal Naor, Shlomo Zahary, was a pantomime Jew, a stereotype set up to be portrayed as shifty, money grabbing and untrustworthy….Blick summarises him as someone ‘who could always smell a deal.’…what does he mean about our stereotypical Jewish pantomime villain?

Blick has a clear message to impart…Israel is a racist, apartheid state that oppresses the Palestinians but will eventually be overwhelmed by a flood of returning Palestinians to ‘their own land’ when Israel’s will to defend itself militarily is broken and the ‘purity’ of the Jewish state is leavened by the demographic reality of that mass of Palestinians making a Jewish state meaningless and impossible.

‘How great would be their defeat?’  

It would seem the BBC is wishing such defeat upon Israel….and it has no shame in broadcasting such a  programme as Israel battles the very forces of terrorism, ethnic cleansing and murder  that the BBC supports and broadcasts on behalf of in both its news bulletins and drama….still three more episodes to go but somehow doubt Israel will turn out to be the ‘good guy’ in all this.

‘Homeland’ was far, far superior.