Like Father Like Son




Nought to do with BBC bias…..but I think you really need to know this.

Have no fear…Owen Jones hasn’t been recruited by the Russian intelligence services going on this precedent:

Tony Benn, a KGB spy? No, he was far too dangerous for us

To the KGB, he was major threat to the stability of Cold War Europe and too “stupid” to be recruited as an agent.

For Tony Benn, the former Cabinet minister and Labour radical who died in March this year, was too left wing for the Soviet Union, the KGB’s top agent in London has revealed.

A two-and-a-half hour lunch in late 1983 at the Soviet embassy with Benn led Viktor Popov, the ambassador, to declare him unreliable.

At a meeting that December, Popov ordered agents from the KGB, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the military intelligence directorate to remove any information gleaned from Benn from dispatches to Moscow.

“He was not intelligence material,” Gordievsky said in an interview with the Daily Telegraph.

“Popov said, when going through your reports about meetings with different politicians to be sent to Moscow, be careful. Some of them are not truthful. I said, who are you talking about? He said Tony Benn.”

“He was an unnecessary simpleton, who told left-wing fairytales and falsified stories,” Gordievsky concluded.

The view on the Left that he was an intellectual titan was not shared by the Russians, he added.



A simpleton who told left wing fairytales and falsified stories…sounds familiar.

Ah…of course…there is a link to the BBC,  its bias and Jones….Owen famously inventing the fairytale that the BBC is in fact a right wing organisation, something Peter Hitchen took issue with and put to bed quite easily:

Does Owen Jones really think the BBC leans to the Right?

Owen Jones, now writing for ‘The Guardian’, has made a daft claim about the BBC. He writes here that the belief that the BBC is biased to the left is a fairy tale which apparently allows ‘the right’ to police the corporation.

Well, first, let me go through a number of horse’s-mouth sources which directly contradict him…..





Helped Into Power


From the Mirror…ISIS’ grand plan….for now…note Spain, Greece and the Blakans are to be Islamised…as the Mirror states….’All of Europe is vulnerable’  to attack.


Rome will be conquered next, says leader of ‘Islamic State’

“So raise your ambitions, O soldiers of the Islamic State! For your brothers all over the world are waiting for your rescue, and are anticipating your brigades,” Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the self-proclaimed caliph said.


Der Spiegel has been reporting on the anti-Islamisation marches in Germany for some time…..the BBC has just caught up, presumably after having several meetings to decide the line to take on this issue…their conclusion….malign the Marchers as neo-Nazis and ignore the issues they raise…namely the dangers inherent in the Islamisation of Europe……

David Goodhart thinks it is an issue of great importance for the survival of democratic, liberal societies:

Since the arrival of immigrant groups from non-liberal or illiberal cultures it has become clear that to remain liberal the state may have to prescribe a clearer hierarchy of values.

…..The gulf between conservative Islam and secular liberal Britain is larger than with any comparable large group….for those of us who value an open, liberal society it is time to explain why it is superior to the alternatives.

Some claim that if people understood Islam more everything would be fine, they would be more tolerant, I think quite the contrary….the more they understand about it the more alien they would find it…authoritarian, collectivist, patriarchal, misogynist…..all sorts of things that Britain might have been 100 years ago but isn’t now.

The Today programme (08:48) did exactly that, preferring not to investigate whether the marchers had a genuine point to make but instead dismissing them as racist, far right extremists or as people who were scapegoating Muslims as the cause of their own problems…they weren’t really concerned about the Islamisation of Europe as they claimed the BBC has decided…therefore no need to explore the issues….

However even the Guardian doesn’t dismiss the possibility:

What would happen if Islam manages to convert Europe? An improbable turn of events but not completely inconceivable.

The BBC’s Damien McGuinness starts with the Marcher’s main issue…They say the West is becoming Islamised…but then quickly moves on to labelling them extremists or malcontents and social misfits…..’because this can be seen as an anti foreigner agenda there’s a lot of right wing extremists in the crowds…but what’s interesting  is that it’s not really just about immigration…its being used as a galvanising force or even a scapegoat for all sorts of grievances…for example there’s a lot of pensioners and  low paid workers, those struggling to make ends meet and others let down by society…blaming the politicians, blaming the media…coming together on the issue of immigration to express that dissatisfaction with their lot.’

He goes on to tell us that German businessmen want immigration….telling us they say
‘we need migrants…there are not enough workers’…and the  business leaders are very worried that these protests will make Germany less attractive….politically it’s a huge issue…politicians say the marchers are racist and divisive, others say they should not brand them as neo nazi extremists but must show listening to ordinary voters.…. the government though must help and protect refugees….and condemn anything xenophobic


How many words associated with the Far Right, Nazis, or extremism can Damien McGuinness fit into one small report?  Quite  a few it seems…an unsubtle attempt to smear by association...’They shouldn’t be labelled neo-nazis…..but really they are’….being the subtext to his report.


As for German businessmen they don’t have a successful track record in backing people with a very different and controversial ideology to work for their interests……..ironically this is from the BBC’s own ‘The Nazis, A Warning From History’.…the businessmen thought the Fascists could help ressurrect Germany……
Hitler helped into power….

For the good of Germany Hitler must have the Chancellorship  said businessmen.

Hitler would be tamed and reined in by the German Parliament.

Hitler was helped into power by the support and miscalculation of others.

‘Madness total madness…we thought we could control him.’  remembered one politician.


The BBC should be making it a priority to investigate the issues such as to whether importing large numbers of people who have no interest in integrating and provide the ‘sea in which the extremist fish can swim and hide’ is a policy that will result in conflict…not just political, social and cultural but actual violence… it already does…but how much worse can it get?


From Nicky Campbell’s good mate….



Interesting comment from McGuinness in 2005 after the 7/7 bombings in an article in which he predicts mass attacks on Muslims and here gives away his prejudices about anyone who doesn’t agree with him on Islam…..

British tabloids were likewise full of speculation that the perpetrators of the attacks could have come from Islamist circles in London itself. The clear suggestion from the country’s lower-brow media was that the authorities should finally increase their vigilance of the city’s Muslim population.



Sikhs and Hindus accuse BBC of pro-Muslim bias

“People in our communities are shocked,” he said. “We are licence-fee payers and we want to know why this has happened. The bias towards Islam at the expense of Hindus and particularly Sikhs is overwhelming and appears to be a part of BBC policy.”


Senior BBC journalist condemns BBC’s pro-Muslim, anti-Christian bias

Peter Sissons, one the UK’s most senior and respected broadcasters, has condemned the institutionalised anti-Christian bias of the BBC …..he writes that in the BBC’s “pervading culture” of anti-Christianity, “Islam must not be offended at any price, although Christians are fair game because they do nothing about it if they are offended.”


BBC Internal Memo Admits Anti-Christian Bias

The British Broadcasting Corporation has admitted to a marked bias against Christianity and a strong inclination to pro-Muslim reporting among the network’s executives and key anchors, in a leaked account of an “impartiality summit.”





Merry Christmas Everbody


A merry Christmas to all our readers and many thanks for all your efforts to bring us so much more evidence of BBC bias than we could possibly find ourselves along with the perspective of your vastly differing experience and knowledge.

Wishing you a happy new year as well….and a bias free one to boot!




OK folks, we approach Christmas and it would be remiss of me if I didn’t take a moment to wish you all the compliments of the season.  Thank you all for coming here to visit and comment and engage on the topic that we all share an interest in – namely BBC bias! Here’s a thread to keep things moving over the next few days. I caught the Today programme this morning bemoaning the protests taking place across Germany at the Islamisation of their society. Naturally the State broadcaster here would be horrified if such displays and assertions of OUR culture were to take place in the UK! Anyway, over to you…..and have a good one!

Danny Vs Donni



The BBC’s Danny Cohen might be looking for a bolt hole to escape anti-Semitism in the UK:

Danny Cohen used the platform of a conference in Jerusalem to express his fears over what he identified as growing levels of hostility towards Jewish communities in Britain and in other parts of Europe.

“I’ve never felt so uncomfortable being a Jew in the UK as I’ve felt in the last 12 months. And it’s made me think about, you know, is it our long-term home, actually? Because you feel it. I’ve felt it in a way I’ve never felt before,” he said.


Remarkable that in the Independent’s report there is no mention of who the likely suspects are….religiously speaking….in fact finishing on a note that gives the impression that it is the Nazis on the march again that is the cause of the problem.

It is an irony that a BBC employee should be wondering if the UK is a safe, long-term home for Jews…..a notion that reinforces the need for the existence of a country such as Israel where Jews can defend themselves.

It is after all the BBC that has been a long-term supporter of the attempts to delegitimise Israel and which has made every effort to undermine any attempt by Israel to defend itself against Muslim terrorism.

Perhaps Danny should have a word with Donnison, the man who has done as much as any biased BBC reporter to spread lies and misinformation about Israeli actions in Gaza whilst cheerleading for Hamas.



A Joke’s A Joke….But…



The BBC has a running campaign against UKIP….oft repeated slurs and jokes abound on the BBC’s airwaves…sly associations with Nazism are made, blatant claims that UKIP’s policies are racist are deemed acceptable without any evidence,  jokes that UKIP wants to shoot immigrants are freely made.


Here’s a cheap joke from the BBC that surely isn’t a genuine technical error:

Screen Shot 2013 09 21 at 12.44.17 AM Unintentional comedy gold: Pixel fault gives politician a rather unfortunate moustache during interview.

The picture was originally tweeted by BBC TV Sportscaster Olly Foster, before he deleted the post saying: “Apologies for my previous tweet. An error of judgement on my behalf.”


Not as if it’s not been done before…so did someone at the BBC ‘lift’ the idea from Father Ted?:


That UKIP comes under scrutiny is a natural part of the political process and is essential in any democracy.  However, when such scrutiny is not extended to other political parties in the same manner there is a problem.

It does seem that the BBC is intent, along with its fellow travellers, to do down UKIP and to finish it off as a political force to be reckoned with.

Peter Oborne notes the BBC’s determination to ignore UKIP:

The British media and political class has always found its basic proposition – that Britain should leave Europe – unthinkable. For a long period, Ukip had virtually no airtime on the BBC (which controls some 60 per cent of news coverage), while on its rare appearances it tended to be mocked.

When Ukip gained its first major breakthrough, scoring 16 per cent of the national vote in the 2004 European elections, the BBC literally wrote it out of the script. Its election graphs recorded the Ukip vote as “other”, even though it had won more votes than the Liberal Democrats and not that many fewer than Labour.



Every time any UKIP member, politician or political candidate makes some kind of error it is blown up into a major story of scandalous proportions.  When UKIP’s Roger Bird was alleged to have sexually harrassed someone the legend became ‘fact’ regardless of the real story.  Even now the BBC when referring, as it does so often, to UKIP misdemeanours, mentions this episode as if it really happened despite the evidence that the complainant was, one, an ‘ex’- Labour Party  member and two,  a liar….the possibility being she in fact set up Bird.


The News Quiz is one place that specialises in anti-UKIP slurs….whilst so often dodging the other parties’ own horror stories…at least in comparison to the amount of time it gives to attacking UKIP…’s not as if Labour isn’t itself the party that keeps on giving ….Labour’s recent document on how to handle UKIP and the question of immigration went entirely unmentioned on The News Quiz and yet it is a major story and a major embarrassment for Labour.


In order to rectify the situation I have done a bit of legwork to help out the idle and bigoted BBC comedians who seem unable to bring themselves to make similarly relentless attacks on Labour but are happy to label UKIP racist……here are some helpful reminders of other parties’ embarrassing people:


From the Spectator:

Cllr Pervaz Khan said he felt “ashamed” for belonging to Middlesbrough Labour group which “is treating some of my Asian family and friends in a manner which they perceive to be racist and, incidentally, so do I”
‘Cllr Sajaad Khan also criticised the current Labour leadership saying it was “different under Sir Stuart Bell, who would not have stood for all this”.’

From the BBC:
Nine councillors have split from the Labour party in Harrow, north-west London, amid racism claims, leaving the council with no party in control.
The leader of the newly formed Independent Labour Group, Thaya Idaikkadar, cited unfairness and “elements of racism” behind the split.
Labour group leader David Perry said it was a “gross distortion” and challenged all accusations of racism.

From the Mail:
Labour MP in ‘racist’ photo: Backbencher criticised for posing alongside his son who had blacked up for fancy dress party
Blacked up: Ian Lavery Jr, right, dressed as Michael Jackson and posed alongside his MP father Ian Lavery, left, while giving a thumbs up sign


From Yahoo News:
Why are Ukip the only party branded racist, when Labour and the Tories sing from the same hymn sheet?

As the left/right competition for immigration rhetoric on the airwaves heats up, you can’t tell ’em apart. It’s only Ukip that can be called racist.
Labour is stepping up the immigration row. David Blunkett’s warning that an influx of Roma migrants could lead to riots in Britain should be taken very seriously. Yet when Ukip talk about it, it’s classed as racism.
The Conservative party, whilst trying to detoxify itself with the green agenda, hugging hoodies and gay marriage, has also stepped up its nasty party language on immigration with a massive own goal with the racist immigration vans.


From the Tottenham Journal:

Wood Green councillor found guilty of ‘reckless’ racism slurs
Labour councillor Pauline Gibson has been given a slap on the wrist for sending emails that made “reckless” and “unsubstantiated” allegations of racism.
The councillor for Noel Park ward in Wood Green was the subject of complaints from three people after she subjected them to “unfair, unreasonable and demeaning treatment” by sending “widely disseminated” emails containing “accusations of racism and discrimination against them,” Haringey Council’s standards committee has found.
It decreed that “neither the content of those accusations nor the choice of audience for them could be reasonably justified.”


From Bramcote Today:

“Racist Comments” from Kimberley Labour Councillor

Anna Soubry MP has called on Kimberley Town and Borough Councillor Andy Cooper to resign immediately, following racist comments about a former fellow Town Councillor. This morning a tenth Town Councillor, Janet Pearce, resigned after she received an email from Andy Cooper which he sent to all Councillors and in which he used racist language to describe Katharina Boettge who was born in Germany. Ms Boettge and fellow Green, David Kirwan, resigned from Kimberley Town Council last month after allegations that the Council was not being open about its finances and was being run in an undemocratic way by the controlling Labour group.
In her resignation letter, Janet Pearce says she has resigned because of the way the council’s finances are being run and because of Andy Cooper’s racist language, stating, “Such a comment is more befitting a member of the BNP and not a member of the Labour Party. Shame on you Andy!!”
Anna Soubry MP said, “Councillor Cooper should resign; his description of Katharina was highly offensive and to use racist language is never acceptable especially from an elected representative.
In his email to fellow Town Councillors and the Town clerk, Councillor Cooper wrote:

“Amazing how Kirwan and Eva Braun can turn up at KRA meeting but go missing for KTC. I was told a by election would cost £10,000.00! Andy”.



Haringey borough councillor Nilgun Canver found guilty of perverting the course of justice
Councillor Nilgun Canver was accused of lying to police after her son crashed the family’s car in Tottenham in January, 2013.


A London mayor has apologised after claiming the riots of 2011 were ‘the best thing that’s happened in Tottenham for a while’.
Sheila Peacock, who was elected as the Labour mayor of Haringey Council earlier this year, made the comments in a documentary released in June.
They only recently came to light, however, when Tottenham councillor Alan Stanton posted the video on a community forum, prompting angry responses from local residents.


From Conservative Home:

CllrSue Gray, a Labour councillor on Thurrock, has been suspended from her Party after forwarding an racist email. I haven’t seen the full email but while it may not be racist it certainly sounds inflammatory and inaccurate. The police being involved sounds like a misuse of their time and a breach of free speech.
Do the people of Thurrock want the police to be out on the streets catching yobs or having long discussions with Cllr Gray on her insights into race relations and demographics?
On the other hand Cllr Gray’s defence that she forwarded the email on to lots of people without reading it does not come across as entirely reassuring. So probably Labour were right to suspend her.
Among other comments the email said:

“This is unbelievable. It’s now predicted that Britain will become an Islamic state by 2070. (Time to think about your children/grandchildren). Please forward this e-mail asap so that 40 per cent of British voters who didn’t vote last time might get the message.”



From the Mirror:

Labour MP Diane Abbott apologises after ‘racist’ tweet storm

Labour frontbencher Diane Abbott faced calls for her resignation today after claiming “white people love playing ‘divide & rule’.”‘ We should not play their game #tacticasoldascolonialism”.


From the Standard:
Labour urged to sack councillor for ‘racist’ Cameron caricature

Bob Piper was reported to the Commission for Racial Equality after using the image of the Tory leader portrayed as a black and white minstrel.
Mr Piper, a member of Sandwell Council in the West Midlands, was unrepentant over the picture and denied he was a racist.
The image ridicules Mr Cameron’s attempt to make his party more inclusive to ethnic minorities by showing him blacked-up next to the words: ‘Take the homeboy test. Yo niggahs. Is it because I’s black?

labour racism





From Libdem Voice:

This is the leaflet the Labour Party is delivering through letter-boxes in a ward where the sitting Conservative councillor — Cllr Azam Janjua, a Reading resident for half a century — is facing a Labour opponent, Eileen McElligott. See if you can notice the oh-so-subtle way in which Labour puts its lips together to dog-whistle:



From Kent Online:

[Tory] Bob Frost accused of racism after ‘frogs’, ‘ragheads’ and ‘sons of camel drivers’ comments on Facebook and Twitter by North Deal councillor
He has previously been criticised for referring to ‘ragheads’ on Facebook, while during the London riots in 2011 he was suspended from the Conservative party for using the term ‘jungle bunny.’   The ‘jungle bunny’ row led to him leaving his job as a part-time maths teacher at Sir Roger Manwood’s School in Sandwich, although he was later cleared of wrong-doing by the standards committee in 2012.   The latest incident was sparked by Twitter comments made on March 28 when Cllr Frost responded to a post by MP Charlie Elphicke referring to a possible change in management of the Port of Dover.    Cllr Frost tweeted: “Simple. Status quo = bad. Sale to frogs/sons of camel drivers = bad. Mutual ownership = good.”
Heywood & Middleton Labour candidate and her BNP colleague

Spare a thought for Labour candidate for Heywood & Middleton, Liz McInnes. There she was, all set to call UKIP ‘racist’, ‘fascist’ and ‘nazis’, and she seems to have forgotten one of her colleagues.

Trevor Maxfield. Maxfield  was originally elected as a BNP councillor for the ward, before defecting to the Labour Party, which rapidly changed its mind about him being a ‘racist’, ‘fascist’ and ‘nazi’ – so much so that they made him Mayor of Darwen.

Still, things work a bit differently in Rossendale & Darwen. The local Labour candidate – they lost the seat to the Tories in 2010 – is none other than William Straw, son of former Home Secretary Jack. Readers may recall that back in 1998, he was cautioned by police for selling cannabis, something which would have stopped anyone less propelled by nepotism from being selected.
Will himself did plenty for race relations, which is probably why a former BNP councillor speaks so highly of him. After all, Will caused no little controversy shortly after his selection when he was attacked and decried as a racist after being pictured with two fancy dress goers who had ‘blacked up’.




Some more notable embarrassments brought to us by ‘Nopenothope’:

Cllr Stephen Fenwick (Lib Dem, Sutton) (March 2014) was convicted of the racially aggravated assault of a barman at the pub on Charing Cross station concourse.
Former Cllr Lester Holloway (November 2014) resigns from the Lib Dems after racist remarks, and complains that the party is not doing enough to promote racial equality and is deliberately failing to select Black and Asian candidates for winnable seats
Cllr Farooq Ahmed (Labour, Rochdale) (June 2014) resigned from the Labour Party because they failed to give him sufficient support following his conviction of a public order offence after hurling homophobic abuse at a fellow Labour councillor in the street.
David Bishop (Conservative, Brentwood) (May 2014) resigned as a candidate after he made homophobic and racist tweets

The arrest for rape of Conservative MP Mark Pritchard
On the same day as Pritchard’s arrest, the former leader of Rotherham council, Labour’s Cllr Barry Dodson, was arrested for the sexual abuse of a 13 year old girl.




Rotherham: In the face of such evil, who is the racist now?

Men of Pakistani heritage treated white girls like toilet paper. They picked children up from schools and care homes and trafficked them across northern cities for other men to join in the fun. They doused a 15-year-old in petrol and threatened to set her alight should she dare to report them. They menaced entire families and made young girls watch as they raped other children.

The Labour Party, in particular, is mired in shame over “cultural sensitivity” in Rotherham. Especially, cynics might point out, a sensitivity to the culture of Muslims whose votes they don’t want to lose.


Racism Festers in Lambeth Labour

The fact is, Lambeth is not an isolated example, across the country I am inundated with complaints from Labour Black members who are suffering after being victimised just like Adeline.



Labour and the BNP:
The Labour party publicly takes a stance of the British National Party as being their sworn enemy, yet the BNP draws most of its support from the same working class areas of Britain as Labour. A Yougov report takes this comparison further by revealing that over half of BNP voters are former Labour supporters who believe that Labour “used to care about the concerns of people like me but doesn’t nowadays”. I’ve personally witnessed a great deal of this in Liverpool.: former Labour voters who now vote for, or at least feel very sympathetic, to the BNP. This is ironic in that Labour tends to refer to the UK Independence Party (a nationalist party without the historical affiliation to racism of the BNP) as “racists”. UKIP picks up a lot of votes from former conservative “right wingers”, yet Labour appeals more directly to the “racists” they claim to oppose.

Who voted BNP and why?

A Yougov report reveals that over half of BNP voters are former Labour supporters.
Channel 4 News has been given exclusive access to a unique YouGov poll on BNP voters and their attitudes. Here YouGov President Peter Kellner gives his views on the poll’s findings.
 the most startling finding came when we tested anecdotal reports that many BNP voters were old Labour sympathisers who felt that the party no longer speaks up for them. It turns out to be true. As many as 59 per cent of BNP voters think that Labour “used to care about the concerns of people like me but doesn’t nowadays”.
What is more worrying for Labour is that this sentiment is shared by millions of voters, way beyond the ranks of BNP voters. Overall, 63 per cent of the British public think Labour used to care about their concerns – and only 19 per cent think it does today.
Yes, Labour has a problem with voters deserting the party for the BNP. But its far bigger problem as it heads towards the next general election is to extinguish the overwhelming public view, reinforced by the scandal over MPs’ allowances, that today’s Labour Party is no longer on the side of ordinary voters. And that, more than anything else, is why its vote collapsed to just 16 per cent in the Euro election.


Never mind Baroness Warsi wanting to disarm the Israelis and arm the terrorists or her resistance to the Prevent’ anti-terror programme, or her association with the extremist linked FOSIS.

Or Libdem’s anti-semitism.

And on and on and on.

Must be some comedy gold in all that lot for BBC lefties….surely?






They Still Don’t Get It


The BBC wonder….

New York killings: The price of ‘anti-police’ rhetoric?


Not of coursewondering about  the Media’s role in whipping up anti-Police sentiments but the role of the politicians.

The BBC has no self awareness on this and its own role in helping to generate such feelings.

That the BBC still doesn’t understand or refuses to admit its own guilt is evident in this final part of the article:

Meanwhile, protesters continue to take to the street to decry the recent high-profile incidents in which unarmed blacks have been killed in confrontations with police. They see it as representative of a larger problem of police unaccountability and a law-enforcement system that is inherently suspicious of black Americans.

It’s creating a toxic mix of fear and resentment that shows no signs of abating.


Saying they were ‘unarmed’ is highly misleading…..Michael Brown was very large and violent, he attacked a police officer and tried to take his gun….that Eric Garner was unarmed was irrelevant…he was resisting arrest and man-handled to the ground, he wasn’t shot or ‘killed’.

To use the word ‘killed’ is also misleading in the case of Garner…’killed’ is a perjorative term with connotations of deliberate violence aimed at ‘killing’ someone.  In Eric Garner’s case this was not true…he was being arrested and died because of his serious medical conditions that made him susceptible to some sort of health issue under stress.

Even in the case of Michael Brown ‘killed’ can be seen as an emotive word…Brown was shot by a police officer in self defence who feared for his own life having already been attacked….’killed’ almost suggests an execution without reason.





NYPD Cops Executed…Media To Blame?

Warning: Brinsley told followers he would be 'putting pigs in a blanket' in apparent revenge for Eric Garner



Two New York Policemen have been shot dead whilst sitting in their patrol car by a black man who proclaimed he aimed to kill some police in revenge for the death of Eric garner and Michael Brown.


The BBC tells us that:

It is not clear yet why the officers, both men, were attacked.


But it is perfectly clear why he killed the police officers as the New York Daily News points out and the killers Instagram entry makes obvious:

Two NYPD officers dead in ‘ambush’ while sitting in patrol car in Brooklyn by gunman who boasted on Instagram about killing cops for ‘revenge’

Chilling: This picture and chilling message was posted on the alleged shooter's page two hours beforehand



You have to ask whether inaccurate, one sided, anti-police reporting of the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner contributed to the belief that it is acceptable to kill police officers….the BBC was as guilty as any in misreporting those deaths and encouraging the anti-police atmosphere and feeding the ‘all police are racist’ narrative:

Will black Americans finally get a fair deal?

Well, slavery may have long gone, but apprehending someone because they could be up to no good, simply because they’re black is still police policy in much of the land.


The usual race hustlers played their part in whipping up the anti-police hsyteria…..but  now they rush out to deny any association with these murders:

Al Sharpton said in a statement: ‘I have spoken to the Garner family and we are outraged by the early reports of the police killed in Brooklyn today.

‘Any use of the names of Eric Garner and Michael Brown, in connection with any violence or killing of police, is reprehensible and against the pursuit of justice in both cases.



The BBC’s irresponsible and misleading reporting may have played its part…..and no doubt such reporting has transferred across to the UK and has added to the same anti-police sentiments here amongst some in the Black communities.


And it is noticeable how slow the BBC are to get any facts about the killings…hours after the event…the Mail has extensive coverage.

Ironic perhaps after James Harding’s boast that the BBC news will provide:

What you need to know, wherever you are, whenever you want it.