How and Why I ditched the BBC TV Licence…

Biased BBC reader and writer David Sedgwick has an interesting post here that I commend to you. Give it a read and say hello to him please!


“Well I finally did it, after months – nay years of prevarication – I’ve finally gone and dumped the BBC. And it feels good, very, very good. I can only describe the feeling as that of when, after years of giving second, third and fourth chances, you finally rid yourself of that toxic girl/boyfriend.”


Brexit Fallguy


A budget statement today and the BBC’s John Pienaar’s analysis?…

There’s no good news…it’s a grim economic outlook….and we’re having to borrow £1oo billion because of Brexit.

That’s all true except for the fact that it’s all baloney.

Plenty of good news and far from a grim economic outlook the future is still bright with growth and no recession.  Curious how the BBC doesn’t immediately go back and remind us of what the Remain campaign said during the referendum…..that we would be plunged immediately into recession and economic armageddon upon voting for Brexit.

What’s also curious is how the BBC don’t want to remind you that Osborne had already dumped the 2020 target of balancing the budget….after having missed it once before in 2015 of course.  What was the cause of that?  Worldwide downturn and a fall off in tax receipts…not Brexit then?  Osborne was already £56 billion in the red….curious the BBC fails to remind us of that…

George Osborne’s budget 2016 giveaways ‘mask £56bn black hole’

George Osborne’s attempt to woo voters ahead of Britain’s EU referendum has come under immediate and intense scrutiny after he used a range of accounting devices to disguise a looming £56bn “black hole” in the government’s finances and deliver a promised surplus by the end of the decade.


What does the OBR say the main cause of more borrowing now?  Is it really Brexit…or again, that fall off in tax receipts?  The latter…and why is that?  Because Osborne took millions out of tax with the increase in the allowance [something Labour always forgets]…and because he has increased business costs with the ‘living wage’ and other costs such as the apprentice levy.

The OBR tells us that over the next five years the total fall off in growth will be 1.4 percentage points…

the economy will grow more slowly than we expected in March, with GDP growth in 2017 revised down from 2.2 to 1.4 per cent and cumulative growth over the whole forecast revised down by 1.4 percentage points.

The BBC tells us…

The OBR said the referendum result meant potential growth in the current Parliament would be 2.4 percentage points lower than forecast in March. Government finances are forecast to be £122bn worse off than in the spring.

The BBC keeps headlining with that £122 billion figure and making a direct connection to Brexit when the bulk of that figure comes from other causes.

Fraser Nelson in the Spectator has done the work for me, and the BBC, and told us a completely different tale of what is going on to that you hear from the BBC…

Brexit to cut immigration by 80,000 a year – and other OBR observations

[Brexiteers] will be delighted that the OBR pretty much trashes the main assumptions made in HM Treasury’s now-notorious dossier on jobs, recession, house prices etc. [You know that ‘dodgy dossier’ that the BBC reported as ‘fact’ and now fails to backtrack on]

  1. Brexit will lower net immigration by 80,000. Or, more accurately, immigration would have been 80,000 higher had Britain voted to Remain. The OBR has always seen net migration as a big contributor to GDP, and it says lower migration accounts for about chunk of its downward revision. [Note not long ago the BBC was telling us that GDP was an unreliable way of judging the health of an economy as it didn’t tell you the actualy wealth per person…hence a higher GDP did not mean we were better off individually]
  2. OBR sees no Brexit effect after 2018 Thereby rejecting the idea – relied upon by the Remainers – that the Brexit would result in permanently lower growth.  It has downgraded its 2017 and 2018 forecasts, but has not changed its 2019 or 2020 forecasts. Which is significant.
  3. No sign of that house price crash promised by the Treasury dossier. If we voted for Brexit, the Treasury officials said (or were made to say) that house prices would fall by up to 18pc. The OBR now says they’ll grow for the foreseeable.
  4. Brexit won’t cost a single job or, rather,  the OBR isn’t forecasting it to have any employment effects. It expects to keep on rising (graph, above) half a million more jobs, not half a million less as the Treasury had said in that now-infamous dossier.

And so on.  A far more positive, and probably honest, appraisal of what the OBR says that the good old BBC provides us with.


Slamdunk…again and again and again


Last week we had three huge untruths from the BBC, three headlining heavyweight political stories that were fake…made up by the BBC for their own political purposes

That Trump had made a spectacular u-turn on Obamacare…when in fact he had made the same statement, that some parts of Obamacare were good and he would keep them, over a year ago and continued to make it openly on TV debates.

That the NHS was ‘secretly’ making reforms and hiding them from the public…based upon a report whose author smacked down Justin Webb for suggesting there was a ‘secret’ plot going on to hide bad news…and yet the BBC kept on reporting this as fact.

That there was a ‘leaked’ cabinet memo that damned the government over Brexit…turns out this was not commissioned nor solicited by government…it was a private exercise by a consultant company panhandling for work….and yet the BBC continued to report the memo as if it were fact even after admitting it was not a ‘cabinet memo’.

Today we had another doozy, from Emma Barnett….In an argument with John Whittingdale she insisted that there were no foodbanks before the evil Tories came to power in 2010…when pressed on the facts she suggested, after telling us she had done her research, that there might have been 3 foodbanks pre-2010.  Well apparently there were around 59, so spot on Emma!  Barnett was trying to claim that any economic problems were a result of the Tories economic policies completely failing to ‘remember’ they were in fact the result of Labour’s mess inherited by government post 2010.

Naturally the number of foodbanks,  or indeed the number of people using them, tells us nothing about the state of the economy especially as the Trussell Trust, which has most foodbanks and from whom the BBC gets most of its ‘facts’ about them, is run by a Labour Party supporter who uses the foodbanks as a political weapon to attack the Tories….his aim to get a foodbank in every town and city…so the increase in foodbank numbers and the rise in people using them is misleading because they hadn’t been there before, so there would naturally be a ‘rise’ in use as people go to this new set up, and they are being set up as a deliberate political ‘lightning rod’ in the knowledge that the media will use the foodbanks as a shorthand way to illustrate the evils of welfare reforms.


What else was the world’s finest news broadcaster caught out on this week?

Oh yes…on Wake Up to Money a leading City businesswomen insisted that low productivity  [that great ‘productivity puzzle’ the BBC refused to find the real answer to] was a result of a failure to invest in training and innovation and a failure to do R&D as a result of decisions by companies to take the easy option and import cheap labour from abroad instead.  The presenter really wanted to move on from that and not talk about it….cheap immigrant labour.

In another WUTM programme we had Digby Jones come on and slamdunk the Remainers who talked of ‘Soft Brexit’ as a viable option.  Jones said in no uncertain tones that they were lying [his word] and that there was no such thing as a ‘soft Brexit’…such a thing was in fact pretty much the status quo with us remaining in the EU.  The BBC of course peddles the myth of a Soft Brexit as a viable option without spelling out that it actually means a reversal of Brexit.


So again and again the BBC’s narrative and ‘analysis’ has been proved wrong….that’s what happens when you turn yourself into a campaign group, a political party, instead of a news source that people can rely on for honest, impartial and accurate news.

And then there’s their reporting on the budget….lol…all the fault of Brexit…we’re doomed, doomed I tell ya!!!





The site received this email and I am sure the author would like me to share. He is The typos and grammar are not mine, btw 🙂

“So now that it has been established beyond a shadow of a doubt that Thomas Mair was ‘politically’ motivated, and the full details of her horrendous murder made clear. Along with his refusal to give evidence.

Are you going to apologise for your and your ‘audiences’ grostesque comments back when it happened?

Ive rarely seen people so despicable and so willing to try and justify and cover up their prejudices.

Its clear on some level you are deeply ashamed of yourself, elst you wouldnt be justifying it, but that you dont have the moral courage to admit it.

However awhile along when the history of this era is assesed your website and the record of your bigotry will be accounted for.

Shame on you, you utterly revolt me.”


A Biased BBC reader writes..
“I like the BBC’s attempts to brainwash our children; it is a fun as it is fascist. All their ideological indoctrination is fantastically exposed in this video about re-educating children over the “sexist” Cinderella. 
After receiving a beginner’s guide to political correctness, patriarchy and sexism, the kids are tasked with rewriting Cinderella. The end result? Well, it is pretty much the same story of servitude and relying on a man to rescue her but they: 
·         Rename “Cinderella” as “Cindy”;
·         Remove the Fairy Godmother (not sure if that counts as vile sexist, matriarch that she is);
·         Change a glass slipper to a trainer;
·         She doesn’t marry the prince but goes exploring the world instead.
Perhaps this next generation is not beyond saving…”


A Biased BBC reader writes…

“We hear that Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim has withdrawn a bill that pardons men convicted of sex with underage girls if they have married them.  There were lots of protests across Turkey which, in fairness, has been one of the more progressive Muslim-dominated societies (they even banned the burqa, which I guess makes them Islamaphobes).

As per usual, the BBC skips around and deliberately ignores the Islam angle, suggesting instead this is some weird quirk of Turkish culture. They even soften the horror by using sinister terms such as “statutory rape” rather than “rape” to imply that these children are all somehow consensual (imagine if they used that term with Jimmy Savile) in the process and “taking child brides”, making it sound almost romantic. “I married a 12-year old girl; she just really gets me on an emotional level…”

You will notice that the article has no mention of the history and rationale for this abhorrent practice of child rape and marriage. Where does it come from and why? The Beeb, of course, won’t tell us because it exposes the truth about the founder of Islam. To ironically misquote a popular acronym, WWMD? 

Muhammed married his child bride Aisha when she was six and consummated the marriage/raped her when she was nine. And he is meant to be the perfect human. This is the reason behind the proposed legislation – and many like it – but the BBC ignores that, mainly because it is probably just bigoted hate-speech (aka the truth).. 

I am glad to see al-Beeb is now expanding and fine-tuning its knowledge of lies and misinformation under sharia. We are used to their Taqiyya (the blatant lies) and now are seeing them learn the more refined aspects, such as Kitman techniques (lying by omission) as well as Tawriya (intentionally creating a false impression)”

As the Qur’an says to believe in the Gospel, perhaps John 8.44 is worth quoting: “You are of your father the devil, and you want to do the desires of your father. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth because there is no truth in him. Whenever he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own nature, for he is a liar and the father of lies.”


A Biased BBC reader writes;

“The truth. The BBC seems to hate it. Look at this story about “An extremist in the family”, which will pull on the heartstrings of those feeling sorry for the poor, delicate radical wannabe Islamic terrorists out there waging war, raping, torturing and butchering for fun.
We hear from Nicola Benyahia, painting her son who has gone off to Syria to be pure and angelic, all with a blasé, matter of fact approach to dumping your life and going off to fight for IS. As if to normalise the most deplorable of acts and point fingers at everyone else. Trawling through the puff piece, we here that:
“Nicola had been caught up in the so-called “Trojan Horse” allegations in Birmingham schools whereby it was alleged there had been attempts by some Muslim governors and teachers to impose an austere Islamic ethos on students….Nicola was a governor at one of the schools in the spotlight and says she stuck it out, despite her concerns, because she had wanted a progressive Muslim female voice to be heard.”
That’s interesting. Perhaps I will do what I am sure the BBC hack did; a quick Google search for “Nicola Benyahia”…
According to the BBC, back in 2014 “the board of trustees at the centre of the alleged “Trojan Horse” Muslim takeover plot has resigned”.
“Park View Educational Trust chairman Tahir Alam said the decision had been made in the interests of the children.The trust has been in the spotlight since allegations emerged about hardline Muslims trying to extend their influence in schools. It ran Park View Academy, Nansen Primary and Golden Hillock schools in Birmingham…A statement from the trust said three new members, mutually agreed with the Department for Education, would be appointed to replace Mr Alam, Dave Hughes and Nicola Benyahia.”
Right, so the BBC is misreporting its own bloody stories. Let’s go back to today’s story: “Nicola was a governor at one of the schools in the spotlight and says she stuck it out, despite her concerns, because she had wanted a progressive Muslim female voice to be heard.”
Caught up? Stuck it out? Her concerns?
No, no and no! The BBC said she resigned and blamed the whole Trojan Horse scandal on someone else. Now, she is some “progressive Muslim female voice”. What? Now we have this woman, who has resigned after the school in which she was a governor of was caught up in a plan to radicalise children, two years later opining about how it could be possible that her own child was radicalise without a jot of irony, consistency or honesty.
Obviously her “progressive Muslim female voice” didn’t carry much sway with either the school or with her own son.

Whatever. Let’s just blame the PREVENT programme instead…’