Blue Peter or the Red Flag?


Just listening to Blue Peter’s Radzi Chinyanganya [described as TV presenter…not ‘BBC’] on Question Time…a bit of a Corbyn fan-boy….Guido asks…

How does this work then? The Question Time panel tonight includes Blue Peter presenter Radzi Chinyanganya, who is bound by the BBC’s strict impartiality rules. Question Time is a political opinions show. Radzi won’t be able to give any political opinions. Not sure they thought this through…

Yeah right…I think they have thought it through as the radical Radzi tells us Corbyn has dealt with the criticisms with…

‘honour ,dignity and nobility…that’s real leadership’

Aiming for the youth vote?  By the time the election comes all those Blue Peter viewers may be able to vote.  As for Corbyn’s honourable and noble reaction….whitewash springs to mind as well as sinister threats to silence the Press…never mind his little problems with Jews and women, his endless lies and his cosying up to terrorists and collaboration with the EU to sell out Britain and Northern Ireland….forget possible past betrayals just watch what Agent Cob does now…not on the BBC of course!


Mussolini Rides Again


The Sqwark on Newsnight was suggesting that the spirit of Mussolini was riding again across the Italian landscape as the anti-immigration debate hots up in Italy due to the invasion of thousands upon thousands of economic migrants being shipped in by NGOs….the Spectator doesn’t adopt the same narrative that the BBC does, it takes a more balanced and impartial look at what is going on….

Amid relentless propaganda about Italy being in the grip of fascism, Italians go to the polls on Sunday. It will be an attempt to produce their first elected prime minister since 2008, when Silvio Berlusconi won. Since his resignation in 2011, Italy has had four unelected leaders.

Italy’s migrant crisis has dominated these elections, especially after the discovery of the chopped-up remains of an 18-year-old Italian girl in two suitcases by the side of a road in the picturesque hilltop city of Macerata in Le Marche. Three Nigerian migrants are in custody for the murder. And in revenge, a 28-year-old fascist lunatic drove around Macerata opening fire on black people at random, wounding six (none fatally). He then gave himself up to police.

What happened in Macerata transformed Italy’s migrant crisis, already a big factor, into la questione numero uno of the election campaign, despite massive efforts inside and outside Italy to use it instead to talk only about fascists.

The Italian left and a largely supportive global media are doing their best to brainwash Italians into thinking that a vote for the right is a vote for fascism. But neither Italy’s right, nor the Italians, are fascists. What they are is fed up with the floods of illegal migrants coming into Italy, where they represent what Berlusconi has described as a ‘social bomb about to explode’.

What we get from the BBC instead is its usual refusal to accept that massive, uncontrolled immigration will destroy Europe…it prefers to bury its head in the sand and spread alarm about Fascists allegedly on the march….if they are then they are a creation of the BBC and its ilk.



Midweek Open Thread


Anna Foster on 5Live admitted the truth about the ‘crisis’ concerning the Northern Ireland border…it’s all political…it is perfectly possible to have a ‘frictionless’, ‘invisible’ border…the only thing stopping it is the EU’s land grab, it’s attempt to annex Northern Ireland interfering with British internal politics.  Her guest was Lars Karlsson [a former director of the inter-governmental World Customs Organisation] who has just done a report for the EU stating as much…and yet you wouldn’t know from the rest of the BBC’s reporting….the flagship Today show telling us that Boris Johnson ‘wasn’t right in the head’ because he proposed using electronic systems to monitor the border…as done in many countries….including our own already.  The original interview when he suggested this, again on Today with the hopeless and overpaid Mishal Husain, was the catalyst for the abuse that Boris received as Husain ridiculed him for comparing, or so she suggested, two London boroughs with the situation in NI…except of course he wasn’t comparing the political situation merely using it as an illustration of how the technology can work…as proved by Lars Karlsson…an expert unlike Husain or Sarah Montague…Montague who wanted to know if we ‘should be leaving the EU?’…Brexit being so terrible eh?  The BBC is blatant and arrogant in its attempts to create the narrative that Brexit can be reversed…a very dangerous idea I’d suggest…along with the one that suggests that if the Irish government doesn’t like the border solution it can mobilise the IRA which can dig up all those weapons it handed over during the ‘peace process’ [never mind the hundreds of bomb threats each year]…lol.

Spot any more bias…list it here…

Whipping up a stormtrooper?

This pamphlet was produced in support of one Walter Hesketh. In November 1961, Mr Hesketh was the Union Movement's parliamentary candidate for Moss Side. The pamphlet — an identical copy of which can also be found in the Working Class Movement Library in nearby Salford — makes for instructive reading.


The Mail is going in hard on Max Mosley…

The Daily Mail accuses F1 tycoon – who bankrolls Labour deputy leader Tom Watson – of racist thuggery and asks…Did Mosley lie to orgy trial?

What will be the BBC response?  Ignore it as long as possible, especially with the Labour connection and the fact that Mosley funds Impress, the Press ‘regulator’ which he no doubt hopes will bankrupt the newspapers?

A short while back Mosley was on R4 with Trevor Kavanagh discussing the trial concerning a little bash Mosley attended which some claimed to be a Nazi themed do [hence the trial]….Sarah Montague called it a ‘party’….hmmmm…Kavanagh told it like it was…a sado-masochistic sex-orgy.

Undoubtedly the BBC will frame this as ‘fake news’, the Mail whipping up a storm about nothing because of Impress.  Trouble is, it does look like a story worth investigating…if Mosley lied to the court about the existence of that pamphlet and the court case result provided him with a platform to present himself as a victim of Press intrusion and he has been able to attack and undermine the Press ever-since…it may all be based upon a lie.

Not on the BBC website yet….wait a week and it might just creep on there ala Agent Cob


Corbyn…Lust For Glory


Agent Cob’s speech yesterday contained nothing new, even the reference to a form of customs union, it being a regurgitation of the 2017 Manifesto.  There was no mention of ‘a customs union’ in that but that was clearly the intent as expressed in this passage….

…fresh negotiating priorities that have a strong emphasis on retaining the benefits of the Single Market and the Customs Union.

So why the big show, the big relaunch, why now?  Timing is everything with a vote on membership of the customs union coming up in the near future.  The BBC’s political analysts were for some reason dodging the real reason for Corbyn’s grand pronouncement…though the website does note it….

Could the government fall?

Jeremy Corbyn refused to be drawn on whether his policy shift was an attempt to remove Theresa May from office and force a general election.

You might think that such a cynical political manoeuvre aimed at toppling the government and putting Corbyn into No10 would be the hot topic for BBC journo’s who love a bit of intrigue and yet not so much.  The BBC’s Iain Watson, who actually wrote the above quote which is buried well down the article rather than headlining as it should, didn’t come up with that analysis after the speech on 5Live…his take then was that this was Corbyn positioning himself so that when a vote came on Brexit he could vote against it because, if it had no customs union he could say it did not meet his terms.  Then we have Laura Kuenssberg telling us ‘What Corbyn’s Brexit speech means’ but she makes nothing of the biggest story other than to suggest a union between Tory Remainers and Corbyn could ‘damage the government’….no excited examinations of the seismic shift in the political landscape that this ploy of Corbyn’s might suggest? How different when Boris says anything…Kuenssberg goes full-on conspiracy theory mode and reports vigorously and with certainty that he is lining himself up for a leadership bid….despite later admitting she got her info from ‘vicious Westminster gossip’ sources [ie anti-Boris, pro-EU]. If the Soubry’s of this world did betray Party and country and vote with Corbyn it could well end up with him in power….not something that is newsworthy?  Not newsworthy that Corbyn’s scheming has little to do with Brexit but more to do with his own self-interest of getting into power?

Kuenssberg and Watson seem both to have decided eventually that the real story is that Corbyn knows the EU will not agree to ‘a customs union’ [pretty obvious] and thus is really about more fence sitting and keeping the two sides of his party together….giving Labour a clear dividing line between it and the Tories on Brexit.

No…It’s a cynical power-grab, plain and simple.  Corbyn is as bent as all the other politicians despite his constant refrains about morality and ethics and a new form of kinder, gentler, more honest politics.  Maybe the BBC should one day admit their new hero has feet of clay.

Then again we know that won’t happen…remember how they refused to investigate the claims that Corbyn was in close contact with Czech spies and when they did get around to the story did so only to try and trash it.  How different when a Tory MP apologised for saying Corbyn had been paid to spy….as Douglas Murray points out…

The story about Jeremy Corbyn’s contacts with a member of Czech intelligence in the 1980s has not been treated with great seriousness by our national broadcaster.  At first the BBC deigned not to run the story.  Then they treated it like some kind of joke.  For instance, given a chance to question Corbyn over his past record the BBC journalist Steph McGovern last week bowled Corbyn the humorous soft-ball ‘A final question: are you a Czech spy?’  A question which gave much opportunity for laughter and a firm ‘No’ from Corbyn.

The BBC’s minimal attempts to cover the story, or treat it seriously, are one matter – and one which I would not normally bother to note.  But then over recent days they suddenly went huge on the story – running it on rolling news bulletins as well as the website.  The aspect of the story that the BBC suddenly went huge on was the apology from Conservative MP Ben Bradley.

Then there’s this BBC story about ‘Transgender model Munroe Bergdorf who has become an LGBT adviser to Labour.’

The BBC barely mentions the controversy that surrounds this appointment, previous extreme comments on social media, unlike its eagerness to print everything it could on Toby Young’s past indiscretions.  The BBC downplays Bergdorf’s hate filled abuse suggesting it might all be made up…

Shortly afterwards the model wrote a lengthy Facebook post, which it’s claimed included the comment: “Honestly I don’t have energy to talk about the racial violence of white people any more. Yes ALL white people.

“Because most of ya’ll don’t even realise or refuse to acknowledge that your existence, privilege and success as a race is built on the backs, blood and death of people of colour.

“Your entire existence is drenched in racism.”

That’s it, the sum total of the BBC’s revelations about her comments.  The Mail tells us her comments were in fact far worse and wide-ranging in their targets attacking all white people, suffragettes and gay Tories….consider she is Labour’s ‘equalities advisor’…..and read on….

In a lengthy Facebook rant earlier this year, she wrote: ‘Honestly I don’t have energy to talk about the racial violence of white people any more. Yes ALL white people.

‘Because most of ya’ll don’t even realise or refuse to acknowledge that your existence, privilege and success as a race is built on the backs, blood and death of people of colour. 

‘Your entire existence is drenched in racism. From micro-aggressions to terrorism, you guys built the blueprint for this s***.

‘Come see me when you realise that racism isn’t learned, it’s inherited and consciously or unconsciously passed down through privilege.

‘Once white people begin to admit that their race is the most violent and oppressive force of nature on Earth… then we can talk.

‘Until then stay acting shocked about how the world continues to stay f***** at the hands of your ancestors and your heads that remain buried in the sand with hands over your ears.’ 

She also branded the suffragettes ‘white supremacists’  in a tweet posted earlier this month during the centenary celebrations of women’s right to vote.

She wrote: ‘FYI – The Suffragettes were white supremacists who were fighting for WHITE women’s rights – they specifically left black women out of the movement. 

‘It is not 100 years since women got the vote it’s 100 years since WHITE women got the vote. Black women couldn’t vote until MUCH later.’

She has also attacked homosexual Conservatives, writing online: ‘Gay male Tories are a special kind of d**khead. It’s actually quite astonishing.’

Remarkable….at a time when the BBC has just been filling the airwaves with tales of heroic suffragettes the BBC fails to mention the hate speech against them….and why are gay Tories not on the BBC radar as victims of hate crime?  The BBC has been relentless in its attacks on ‘social media’ for its alleged promotion of hate speech…and yet when it is a Corbyn acolyte we get radio silence.

Once again the BBC gives Corbyn and his cabal a free pass and all bad news is censored or shaped to his benefit.

Pretty sure much of the German Press in the 30’s probably gave Hitler similar positive coverage and censorship of negative news once they thought he was their saviour.  Careful what you wish for…change is coming…Laura!



Rebel Media


Two videos offering an alternate worldview to that offered by the BBC….the second by an ex-BBC/C4 journalist which looks at the rise of new media v the MSM [and here’s Douglas Murray on the ‘intellectual dark web’….’Thanks to the internet, millions now have access to views mainstream media considers ‘forbidden’….a thoughtful and honest voice trying to explain facts in an age which elevates feelings over facts. The same goes for a growing, increasingly inter-connecting world of people who do not need the mainstream media but who are united in a recognition that ideas and free and fearless debate are indispensable.

For young people in particular, who have been let down by didactic and cowardly orthodoxies, these newly discovered heroes are providing a path out of the bewildering maze that their age has created for them. It is one of the great good news tales of our time: out from the dark web, into the light.’]





What’s really remarkable is that the BBC knows exactly what is the truth about immigration, Islamic especially, it has even made films about it, the one below from Panorama, and yet it continues to promote mass immigration to Europe, to Britain, even in the knowledge that most of the migrants will be Muslim and that this has extreme and dangerous consequences.

EU and Remainers Tag-teaming with the IRA

‘We take back sovereignty and give it to Parliament so that Parliament can then give it straight back to the EU’

There’s plenty of double-talk, bluster and bombast about Brexit.  You might expect that from the politicians and hangers-on with their vested interests all trying to muddy the waters but what we don’t expect, or rather shouldn’t but do because we know the BBC, is that the BBC completely fails to cut through all the nonsense.  Rather than explain the issues clearly and impartially it in fact joins in the games…after the referendum the BBC’s favourite tactic was to try and put a Leave politicians on the spot by asking ‘What will you spend the £350 million on?’…The BBC’s thinking was that they couldn’t then deny there was a £350 million spending spree promised and alternately they couldn’t say there was £350 million available as the BBC knows that wasn’t the real figure Leave campaigned on.   This was clearly an editorial decision to use this ploy as it was across the board with all presenters using it pretty relentlessly.  There was a no such attempt to target and mock Remain’s vastly exaggerated claims such as a massive recession needing an emergency budget, mass unemployment, families impoverished, investors fleeing, planes grounded and not forgetting World War III.

The BBC is still allowing Remainers to get away with talking total rubbish without challenge.

We all know by now that Remain claims that leaving the single market and the custom’s union were not discussed during the referendum and thus ‘nobody voted for that’ is nonsense…there is a vast amount of evidence that shows that just isn’t true…but still the Remainers get away with spouting that old tripe time after time.

There’s a couple more classics they pull out of the hat trying to fool and beguile us.

One of course is the Irish border…it seems that Ireland can dictate whether we have Brexit or not as they tell us we just must have a completely open border.  No ‘no border’ and Brexit is off.  Hmmm..the British government says it has no intention of imposing a border…thus it is the EU that is threatening to impose it….not only that but they, and the Remainers, are threatening us with the prospect of the IRA restarting its terrorist activity if we don’t comply.  So it is the EU that will have to impose a border, we should call ther bluff, and it is the IRA and its fellow travellers , all those who casually menace us with sinister ‘warnings’, who will be responsible for any violence…no one else.  The EU and Remainers are working hand in hand with the IRA.  Fact.

Then there is the most laughable claim by Remainers, that the referendum was about taking back sovereignty for the British Parliament…thus, they tell us, it must be Parliament that must have the final decision on Brexit.  Well, actually it was about taking back sovereignty for Britain and its people and the People have spoken and they said ‘We want to leave the EU, the single market and the customs union as a part of a package to regain sovereignty and control over immigration.’

What they did not say was ‘We take back sovereignty and give it to Parliament so that Parliament can then give it straight back to the EU’ which is precisely what Remainers intend to do in the biggest act of treachery this nation will have seen for many a century.

That so-called ‘argument’ is so facile and ridiculously easy to take down and yet the BBC never challenges the Remainers when they spin that particular line…Ken Clark, at his patrician, louche and contemptuous of the people best, was allowed almost total freedom to peddle these messages today with the usual blustering, bluff arrogance we have come to expect from him.

The BBC still helping to promote the idea that Brexit can be stopped.


Start the Week Open Thread

Blacker Dread, otherwise known as Steve Martin, is the subject of a BBC film, Being Blacker [March 12  BBC2]…a bit of a love story really, between the film-maker, Molly Dineen, and Dread.  Dineen didn’t want to ask him any awkward questions that might put responsibility for his troubles onto him as it might have come between them and they would have lost that ‘fundamental sense of friendship’.  So not a critical and impartial film then. Is there anything that might result in any criticism…such as being a leading figure in the Brixton Riots or being jailed for a massive money laundering scheme?  No…his problems are all down to racism…the film apparently a ‘unique insight into what it is to be black in Britain today.’

Once again the BBC concentrates on the bad, the grievances, the racism and the alleged failure of Black people to be successful in Britain due to that.

When will the BBC tell the truth and bring a positive view of Black communities and people to the screen?  The BBC is so intent on creating a case against Whites as the cause of all Black peoples’ problems that it fails to do justice to that community.  Are there no successful Black people in Britain?  No business-people, no academics, no musicians, no actors, no sports-people, no scientists or engineers or philosophers or inspirational teachers?  No, in the BBC world Blacks are all gangsters, crooks or failures, victims of white racism and oppression.  That’s the message the BBC sends out…it’s a deliberate message shaped to generate white guilt and political action and some positive discrimination…but all it does is send a message that Blacks have no place in Britain, they can’t succeed with the odds, allegedly, stacked so high against them.  Once again the BBC spreads dangerous, divisive and wilfully misleading messages that does enormous harm to Black people and utlimately to the whole of society.

The road to Hell is paved with good intentions…so if you spot any more of those BBC good intentions raise the alarm and list them here……

Life of Albert

There I was minding my own business, came out of the mosque one Friday and jumped on a 54 bus to Pristina, all was kushty.  Fell asleep didn’t I…only missed my bleeding stop, next thing I knew I was in Syria.  Blimey, what a turn up.  My mum would have been pissed if she’d known.  Still, eh, when in Rome, so I joined an Islamic terrorist organisation….well, I had a beard already so why not!  Had second thoughts as me old mum would have a fit if she knew I was fighting with terrorists in the name of Allah…so I offski’d to a lovely little group that swore blind they were fighting for Allah but definitely weren’t terrorists.  They trained me to shoot and kill but I swear to Allah I never shot no-one…honest.  Then I thought maybe this ain’t for me, all this murderous killing that is going on all around me but which, honest, had nothing to do with me at all…so I did a runner to another Islamist extremist group that promised that they were just there to make sure the infidels and blasphemers were murdered humanely in Allah’s name.  I thought that’s for me but then my old mum came and got me and dragged me off home.  I wasn’t a terrorist she told the court, I was just a naughty boy…still, they gave me 3 years for terrorist offences.  My mum says always look on the bright side of life…easy for her to say, she’s not going to have to share a small cell with some sex-starved hairy-arsed gorilla for 3 years.  Then the BBC came over and give me a nice write-up…boy are they stupid. I join three terrorist groups and they call me the ‘accidental Jihadist’…


‘I am not a Commie Spy’


Corbyn was a man who supported the jack-boot on the necks of the dissidents in places like Czechoslovakia, he did not support the dissidents who fought for freedom.  ‘For the many not the few‘….LOL.  Never mind, no-one need know as Aunty comes to cover up for him as it broadcasts a swathe of programmes that slip in helpful little pro-Corbyn messages.

The BBC were having a pop at Billy Graham this morning...close to Richard ‘I am not a crook’ Nixon [of course he was a crook] apparently, and part of the ‘communist witch-hunt’, and ‘could you say he gave rise to Donald Trump?’.   Any chance that the BBC has tried to slip in some subtle perception altering allusions which have nothing to do with Graham but are more intended to change your perceptions of Corbyn…a victim of a ‘commie witch-hunt’ by the Right-wing Press?  And why not attack Trump as well while you’re at it…‘the rise of Donald Trump’ obviously being an unwelcome thing for the world.

Yesterday I choked on my cornflakes as John Simpson revealed that he almost fell for a Reds in your bed honey trap...could this embarrassing little tale have anything to do with the BBC trying to muddy the waters around Jeremy ‘I am not a commie spy’ Corbyn [at the very least a very committed fellow traveller who did their work unbidden]?  If a seasoned and well travelled veteran reporter could fall for the dastardly tricks of the Czech intelligence recruiters then maybe we should give Jezza a break and just dismiss his close ties to all things communist/terrorist as naive foolishness shaped by his desire to make the world a better place.  Why does this little tale surface now and why is it a tale about Czech intelligence of all the vast array of Soviet spooks?  If anything it shows that the Czechs were actively recruiting and that Corbyn would have been a target…not that he would need to be recruited, he was doing their work as a fellow traveller without being asked.

We then had FOOC in which the BBC travelled to the Czech Republic to fully investigate the claims about Corbyn….of course he was completely exonerated…nothing to see there….not helped because Corbyn, for some reason, refuses to give permission for people to read the East German intelligence files on him.

The News Quiz was on full-on ‘Save Jezza’ mode with total support and cheerleading for the fuzzy-faced one.  Hmmm. A man who has prided himself on being a radical opponent of the Establishment is now being promoted as a pillar of the Establishment……no jokes?  Not a single joke about his tour of Eastern Europe with Di-abolical on pillion, not a joke about his support for the disastrous socialist paradises of Venezuela and Cuba or his complete u-turn on terrorism at the election where the police and security services turned out to be his new-found heroes.  Nothing about his support for terrorism, his desire to trash Trident, abolish the army, neuter NATO and silence the security services.  Nothing about his proud boast that he voted against very bit of anti-terrorism legislation.  Nothing about his leadership of the Stop the War group that was only concerned with undermining Western defences.  Nothing about his Marxist desire to smash the economy and democratic society.  I am sure there must be a joke or two in there somewhere about his coincidental ‘regulatory alignment’ with the Commies and their plots….maybe he just wanted a ‘soft Marxism’.

The BBC noted cynically that Trump has surrounded himself with people who are being indicted by Mueller’s investigation [which the BBC never fails to say was about ‘Russian interference’ in the election…depsite none of the indictments being about that…which makes you think what the invetsigation is being used for]…the BBC is less concerned about those who surround Corbyn who are well known hard-left extremists as pointed out here….

Advisers to Jeremy Corbyn were among communists investigated by MI5 for wanting to “destroy” democracy in the UK, the former head of the Security Service has claimed.

Dame Stella Rimington said that members of communist and Trotskyist organisations in the 1980s who attracted attention from MI5 are now “grown up and advising our would-be prime minister on how to prepare himself for power”

And that’s even as Guido reveals uncomfortable links between Labour and the Soviets.

How about the ex-head of MI6, Sir Richard Dearlove, saying:

Jeremy Corbyn is a danger to this nation.

Today, Britain goes to the polls. And frankly, I’m shocked that no one has stood up and said, unambiguously, how profoundly dangerous it would be for the nation if Jeremy Corbyn becomes Prime Minister. So let me be clear, the leader of the Labour Party is an old-fashioned international socialist who has forged links with those quite ready to use terror when they haven’t got their way: the IRA, Hizbollah, Hamas. As a result he is completely unfit to govern and Britain would be less safe with him in No 10. 

And now he says…

Jeremy Corbyn has “questions to answer” over his contact with a Communist spy and cannot simply “laugh off” the disclosures, a former head of MI6 has said.

Sir Richard Dearlove said it was “absurd” for the Labour leader to suggest he thought a Czechoslovakian agent was just a diplomat when he agreed to meet him and he should have “taken care to avoid” him.

So two heads of intelligence services think Corbyn and his cabal are a threat to democracy and yet the BBC tries its best to cover-up, downplay and laugh off the accusations, the complete opposite of how they have treated the lurid allegations about Trump despite those coming from serving Russian intelligence officers and being shown to be part of a campaign to destabilise American politics…and doing a fine job I might say….thanks in large part to the likes of the BBC which have been willing participants in the anti-Trump witch-hunt.

Here’s the BBC rigorously and aggressively defending Agent Corbychov…Coburn giving Kavanagh a hard time…note the BBC dismissal of this as ‘some newpapers’…..

Corbyn Czechoslovakia spy claims: Kavanagh and Nunns

Some newspapers continue to cover claims about the Labour leader’s alleged contact with a Czechoslovakian diplomat and agent in London during the 1980s, about a week after they were first aired.

And Andrew Neil, as with Tommy Robinson, taking an aggressive ‘BBC’ line on this….


As Stephen Glover pointed out the BBC is a disgrace and is involved in the cover-up of extremely serious accusations against Corbyn…but then they have covered for him on his support for terrorism and his extremist, destructive economic policies…so why change?  Lord Hall Hall was never better named.

The BBC’s dereliction of duty: The allegations against Corbyn could hardly be more serious, STEPHEN GLOVER asks why the BBC is ignoring them?

What could be more serious than the allegation that the possible future Prime Minister of Great Britain worked for Soviet-backed Czechoslovakia during the 1980s at the height of the Cold War?