Little Ben Twitters

Those who yearn for impartiality in BBC reporting can never close our minds to any side of a debate in our quest for fairness. For many years the bias has been pretty much one-way traffic – because it is inbred, it has become woven like fine silk through the cloth of reporting. So let us consider a contrary view.

Enter Stage Left Ben Bradshaw,  the Culture Secretary and soon to be ex-MP. On Twitter this morning he described the Today program as “biased” and “feeble” in its questioning of George Osborne.

“Another wholly feeble and biased Today programme rounded off with a fawning interview with a Tory pundit!!”

Earlier in the week he said, again via Twitter, that an interview with Shadow Schools Secretary Michael Gove was “disgracefully feeble”. Obviously feeble is his new favourite word, but leaving aside my view that Twitter isn’t an appropriate medium for a senior member of HMG to be sounding off on any issues, let’s examine in depth the points raised by the ex-BBC chappie.

Except there aren’t any.

To start with Evan Davies was fair by all accounts, but even if that wasn’t true, if the Left are to begin throwing accusations of bias in the run-up to losing the election then bring your evidence to the table and we will all listen fairly. Unsubstantiated Twitterings don’t cut the mustard.


I see Lauren Booth has come unstuck from Gaza.
Oh, the folly of rushing to Facebook to declare your newly single status.
The relevance to BBC bias is that “She regularly reviews the UK newspapers on television for Sky News, BBC One and BBC News 24,” and also that this insane woman is treated by them as someone worth reporting about.
A ‘peace activist’ no less. Maybe she should apply that to her domestic arrangements.

“She said she was missing her two children who kept asking her, “Mummy, why can’t you come home? Have you done anything wrong?” “No, under international law I’ve done nothing wrong, but for some reason I am effectively being imprisoned here by authorities who wish to punish human rights activists who have come to view the situation in Gaza,” she said,

as you would, to children aged about nine years old. Sorry, seven and five.
Ha bloody ha.

And Oh the folly of appearing in a debate in theDaily Mail saying “These days, married women can be split into two categories: “stickers” and “runners”…………..Well, I’m a sticker.”
And a hypocrite and a self serving idiot.