Midweek Open Thread 26 June 2019

Day 6 of the Boris Johnson crucifixion . Even the least attentive person must , by now , have realised that the Main Stream Media -led by a hostile biased BBC – are out for Mr Johnson’s blood . Only President Trump has received more vilification .

Perhaps , on the up side , more people will become conscious of what the MSM / BBC is doing in the name of taxpayers . And perhaps they’ll get Fedup too .

Start the Week Open Thread 24 June 2019

Three Years and 1 day since the majority voted to leave the EU . The BBC fights every minute to resist what must happen and it’s  129 days until the 31st October when we are due to leave – again . If it was possible – the BBC will dream up more ways of undermining our democracy – and expect people to pay the TV licence and watch them do it .