Start the Week Open Thread 21 May 2018

As many Britons bath in the post  nuptuals of a recent diverse wedding we return to the sad prospect of biased al Beeb. Monday the 21st – start of the Grenfell inquiry, Tuesday 22nd – anniversary of the Muslim terrorist attack in Manchester and at the end of the week the Irish Referendum on abortion . And the ongoing attacks on President Trump, Brexit and anyone or anything of which Albeeb groupthink disapproves

so a busy week…

Midweek Open Thread

Grotesque – adjective – ‘comically or repulsively ugly or distorted ‘

Listening to highly paid broadcasters talking about Iran,  young criminal groups, prosecuting members of the British security forces – all live subjects at the moment made me search for the BBCs attitude . ‘Grotesque’ was the word which came up – as well as ‘disbelief’ . Im sure you can think of better words . But please try to keep it clean!

Start The Week Open Thread

The Al Beeb “Start The Week” show  discussed democracy and elections. Normally I would have hit the off switch but had to listen to hear the inevitable recital of attempts to undermine UK votes through a completely undemocratic unelected House of Lords. But I listened in vain – similarly to anything on Al beeb about the March for Freedom in London on Sunday.

Anyway this is an open thread to demonstrate there is always a rich variety of bias by Al Beeb – which I will call it until the day it becomes British again.

Thanks to those who have given me valuable feedback about the administration of the site – I will try do my bit in response.

weekend open thread

I have put this up on Friday Evening as the Al beeb post election spin is at full speed.The distortion of election results are there for us all. ( apologies in advance if my first attempt ‘to do a David ‘ isn’t unto our mentors’ standard) over to you …. as he might say…