Hi folks! A combination of work pressures and relaunching my other site, A Tangled Web, have kept me away from the fray but I’m back and with a number of posts to follow this. One topic that the BBC has been pushing all day is the outrage of those around Jim Gamble who has resigned as head of the Child Protection unit (Ceop) because it is planned to be further assimilated into the National Crime Agency. This morning, on Today, the BBC afforded Malcolm King, former Ceop, the opportunity to lambaste the Conservatives, at one point he accuses this government of being “pro-Paedo”. (Cue sniggers all round from the Beeboids). It’s a disgraceful moment, even by BBC standards. Later on during the Morning, on the Regional Nolan Show, ANOTHER Ceop employee came on to also attack the Conservatives. It was a pure left wing rant but Stephen was ever so sympathetic, confirming at one point that he knew Jim Gamble. Naturally there was no-one to counter this ten minute attack on Theresa May. Then on the PM programme, there was yet ANOTHER attack on the Conservatives for daring to break up a quango. It’s been an all-day exercise, at National and Regional level, and all aimed at causing as much negative headlines as possible for the Conservatives whilst singing the praises of those in Ceop who appear to spend their time doing media appearances. This was a hatchet-job, plain and simple, and the BBC should be ASHAMED of itself for allowing the pro-Paedo comment.


Anyone catch John Sopel attacking Baroness Warsi on the Politics Show? The prelude to this AMBUSH was an interview with a series of Conservative figures unhappy with the Lib-Dems, designed to sustain the BBC meme that the Coalition is profoundly split. I am sure we can expect a lot more of this and can compare it to the dewy-eyed excitement accompanying Red Ed’s coronation last week.


I see the BBC have responded to the news that Asil Nadir is planning to come back to the UK by dragging up all those memories of the 1980’S emphasising his links to the Conservative Party. I’m not sure if this is the single biggest news story of the day, perhaps it is, but it is clear that the BBC does not miss an opportunity to put the knife into the Conservatives for the sins of the 80’s.  In that regard, every day is ground hog day.


I don’t mean to be disrespectful to Scotland but I notice the BBC states as a matter of fact that “The Edinburgh International Festival is a pinnacle of global culture.” Is this true? Really? BBC then goes on to point out that this “pinnacle of global culture” may be under threat because of the evil Coalition cuts. Say it ain’t so and only put one point of view.


Anyone catch Nick Cosgrove’s interview with Sir Philip Green on the business news section of the Today programme this morning. (7.20am) Talk about hostile! Green has been recruited by Cameron to lead a review into government spending and is thus an instant enemy of the BBC and it shows. Rather than stick to topic, Cosgrove kept making comments about Sir Philip’s tax status and also his friendship with Naomi Campbell. I don’t recall Sir Alan Sugar being quite the same hard ride by the BBC but then again he supports Labour….


BBC has moved into hysterical mode concerning the alleged scale of the cuts to come across Government. Ten O’Clock News come into meltdown with apocalyptic visions of courts closing, meltdown all round. This is the beginning of the next election campaign and the comrades at the Beeb are out to help the Trade Unions by echoing the hyperbole and whipping up hysteria.

Also, I knew the BBC would be unhappy about the fact that some Councils are shutting down the speed-camera network and so it is that it shrills THIS story whilst studiously ignoring THIS story.

Finally, aren’t the people of Pakistan suffering enough without……gasp…Orla Guerin?


It’s always a good day at the BBC if they can a/ Have a go at a Conservative and b/Twist what he says. So it was this morning on the Balls Broadcasting Corporation when Frances Maude was then target. Maude has pointed out how some family gangster dynasties cost the taxpayer ££millions. First off, the basis for Maude’s comments was attacked and then a Labour politicians was invited on to explain why we need to spend more money on “troubled” families. Either way, a Conservative never gets an even break. Fair enough if the same treatment was dished out to all, but of course it never works that way!


If it’s 8.10am and it’s the BBC’s TODAY programme, you can be sure a Conservative will be under sustained attack. Yesterday, Sarah Montague let rip at Michael Gove, today we had John Humphyrs doing everything possible to get William Hague to agree that British deaths in Agfhanistan were a complete waste of time. Humphrys was on full-on “We’re doomed and we shouldn’t be there in the first place” mode and Hague had to think very quickly to deal with it. I thought he did OK but it was interesting to hear Humphyrs to spout out his own theory about the “drugged out of their own heads” Afghans. I though the BBC rather approved of narcotics?


Some mornings, the BBC can’t wait to get stuck in to their important business of attacking the Government now that it is no longer a Labour Government. Take this at 7.09am. Evidently irritated by David Cameron unveiling the sheer scale of Labour’s profligacy, the BBC hits back by having Tim Harford (Who presents a BBC programme) declare that all the figures now being quoted were public knowledge. Note Harford’s final sneering comments. The idea being sold here is that the Coalition can’t be trusted when it comes to quoting financial figures so don’t be beastly to Darling.


The alacrity with which the BBC has seized on the news concerning David Laws expenses claims contrasts with its relative insouciance towards the activities of some of Labour’s hierarchy. Then again, since the BBC has a clear  objective of splitting the Coalition, this is perhaps not so surprising.