I listened to an outrageous item on the BBC Radio 4 Today programme this morning around 7.20am concerning the forthcoming Crewe by-election. As you know, the portents suggest Labour may well lose this rock-solid seat held until her recent death by Gwyneth Dunwoody and it seems to me that the BBC is absolutely determined to bail out poor Gordon. The Great Leader is due on in about 15 minutes time to discuss his long term “vision” for Britain – myopic I would suggest and I can’t stomach listening to it but this earlier item has set it all up very nicely for Mr Brown. It took the form of interviewing people in Crewe and oddly enough – the majority of those the BBC found indicated they would, albeit reluctantly, be voting Labour! The BBC even managed to find Liz Dawn – Vera Duckworth of Coronation Street – urging voters in Crewe to vote Labour. Apparently voters are keen to get the “long-term” vision from Labour which nicely dovetails into what Brown will drone on about shortly. It’s my view that this item was constructed entirely to set up the later Brown interview in a way which accommodates the PM and it gave no sense of the mass dissatisfaction that every other opinion poll has found in Crewe. It’s a remarkable insight into how the BBC operates, biased in favour of it’s BBC pimp and shilling for a Labour victory even though WE know that a defeat is MUCH more likely. I can’t wait until the result of this election becomes known although the BBC also got in the pre-emptive strike that by-elections are by no means indicative of the result of a general election. I suggest that the BBC – like Labour – is in full-on denial mode – and it is a pleasure to watch.


. I’m sure that you won’t have missed the BBC eulogising Alistair Darlings’ multi-billion tax bribe yesterday which now solves Labour’s problem with the voters, allegedly. However the bit that I can’t seem to find on the BBC coverage and which MAY have some relevance to those on the lowest incomes is as follows. “Basic rate taxpayers benefit by £120 while low income earners on £7,455 remain £32.40 worse off. Leading business and financial adviser, Grant Thornton, says the Chancellor’s announcement to raise personal allowances to offset losses to low income earners by the abolition of the 10p rate will still leave some low income earners worse off, while benefiting all basic rate taxpayers under 65 to the tune of £120.” In other words, the government is heaping incompetency upon incompetency even as the BBC leads it news agenda for the day with the news that Mr Broon is moving on from the 1op tax fiasco with his outline of the “Queen’s speech” today. It must be a nightmare for the BBC seeing the end is nigh for their thieving socialist pals in NuLabour and I’m enjoying every moment of it. Can you imagine what the mood will be like at the BBC when Labour is routed at the next election?


Good old Auntie – always willing to give dour Mr Broon a second and third chance. On this Sunday morning with the rest of the media speculating as to whether Brown even HAS a future (He does, as a rejected politician) the BBC leads with the ridiculous headline “I feel voters pain.” Brown is afforded a non-critical platform from which he dribbles his alibis. The ONLY pain that Brown feels is that of seeing his political ambitions disappear in smoke. An effective broadcaster could ask so many questions of Brown and challenge so many of his wild assertions but then again, as with Brown so with the BBC – “L’Etat, c’est moi”