Well, The Guardian along with 55 other newspaper titles in 45 countries may declare that we have “14 days to seal history’s verdict on this generation” as regards the gathering of the AGW cultists in not so wonderful Copenhagen, but hey, the BBC is doing the best it can for “the cause” today. Did anyone else catch “Today” this morning? Check out the totally unbiased headline “A Deal consistent with the Science” Also did you hear Ed Miliband being interviewed? It seems that those who aren’t on board the fake science of the cult are indeed to be henceforth reviled as “flat-earthers.” I particularly liked the way in which the totally impartial at all times BBC commissioned its own poll to show that 75% of people around the globe are “seriously concerned” with Climate Change. I suppose that helps offset the recent poll that almost half the UK population do not buy into the AGW hysteria being peddled day in day out by the BBC. The BBC also intoned that “hopes were rising” that there will be a binding deal at Copenhagen. Whose hopes? Not mine, and I suspect there will be many other people watching this UN-controlled circus anxious that no deal is agreed. It seems to me that the BBC is a key global cheer-leader for what is now happening at Copenhagen and the next two weeks will see it bring all of it’s media force – care of OUR cash -to bear on the advancement of the AGW watermelon agenda.


The Today show gets ever more hysterical on the subject of AGW running an item this morning on how a group of “artists” are also helping to deal with the issue. (Mind you, I thought that CRU have already shown plenty of creativity!) Tracey Emin was interviewed and confirmed that she is pretty convinced that AGW is the real deal. I await the Krankies being interviewed on the topic next…