The narrative is pretty clear – it woz the Banks wot done it! The BBC is retailing the government spin that our current financial meltdown is primarily down to the reckless behaviour of the Banks – the so-called “Casino Banking”. If you read this BBC article you will note that it finishes by giving the Lib-Dems the final word on the issue, allowing the wretched Nick Clegg the opportunity to push one more polished knife into the back of the Banks. But it is not that simple and we are not that gullible. Why does the BBC shy away from talking about casino politics? After more than a decade of debt driven “growth” with Brown crowing he had done away with boom and bust isn’t there at least a case for Brown to answer? So why is the BBC so coy about prosecuting this as it seeks to identify all the causes of the depres…sorry recession we are now living in? During all those years when the Conservatives were in power, the BBC was in full on attack mode. But once Labour entered Downing Street, the reverse gear was engaged and a decade of benign indifference to the handling of the UK economy commenced – and clearly old habits die hard. Can you IMAGINE if Thatcher were still PM and she had assured us that she had abolished boom and bust the BBC response? But the BBC allows Brown to hunker in his bunker and instead reserves the bile for the Bankers.


Oh dear – read this and then feel so sorry for all those working for the Foreign Office. Do you feel their pain? This article is loaded from start to finish with pro-F.O. spin and yet the same rotten BBC that report this blithely dismiss the worries of British business that is being crippled by the same falling Pound vs the Euro /Dollar by pretending that our “exports” will more than compensate for the devastation caused by Brown’s financial incompetence. The F.O. always get a sympathetic press from the BBC and I put this down to the fact that it, like the BBC, is infested with traitorous vipers who loath everything great about Britain.


Ordinarily, I will tune in to Radio 4 “Today” or else check out the BBC main news portal as a means of assessing the presentation of news by the State broadcaster. But this morning, I am in London on business and I can only watch the TV news in my hotel room. So, for a change, I tuned in to the “Breakfast” programme on BBC1. It’s an eye-opener because it too has a rampant bias which is ever so subtle and aimed at the wider audience watching at this time in the morning. In that regard one could argue it is all the more dangerous in terms of its’ malign influence.

The lead story was concerning how people are being aggressively pursued by debt collection agencies. And who did the BBC choose to interview about this? A lady, clad in full Niqab gear, who claimed she was the victim of identity confusion. The fact that we could not even see her face because she chose to wear Islamic garb seemed an irony lost on the BBC. Cut to fluffy dog story – and then we had a story about Lord Rumba of Rio’s bail-out to the UK car industry, with an touching human interest interview with an ever so grateful car industry worker. Good ol’ Mandy – he’s providing much needed job security. Cue more feel good news about the octuplets. Then a story about rising child care costs in GB which are, thank goodness, being obviated at least in some areas by progressive local Councils and our wise government. It’s the proverbial curate’s egg, inane in some bits, toxic in others!


Tuned into “Today” this morning and was immediately struck by the revolving door it provided to government apologists. We had the loathsome Denis McShane being interviewed about the Corus job losses. Naturally McShane used this bully pulpit to point out how bad things had been under the Conservatives, and Ken Clark! He also endlessly emphasised that this issue is global and nothing whatsoever to do with Mr Brown. No other political opinion was sought. Then, a few minutes later, we had the abomination that is Baroness Kennedy in the spotlight discussing those “newspaper allegations” that some Labour Peers are for sale. Kennedy was also allowed to wiggle on the line and allege that the problem here lies with the lobbyists! The Labour establishment plans to kick this into the long grass and you can sense the BBC is going with this line. Again, no contrary opinion was allowed. Herein lies the issue – these are all political matters but the BBC is very keen to allow just one side – Labour – to have its say on them. This skews the entire debate and presents the listening public with a very unbalanced view.


The Sunday Times has done us all a favour in exposing the rapacious Labour whores in the Lords who are prepared to accept fees of up to £120,000 a year to amend laws on behalf of business clients. However I was curious about how the BBC has chosen to treat this expose of NuLabour corruption. It appears there is “concern” but I was amused to see that the BBC’s political correspondent Iain Watson felt able to suggest that whilst trying to influence Parliamentary legislation was outside the House of Lords code of conduct, peers not paid a salary can offer general advice to private firms as consultants. “That may be where there’s a bit of a grey area, where people can quite honestly say ‘I haven’t broken any rules’,” he said.

Sure. Thing is I don’t recall such generosity of spirit being extended to any Conservative found in such a “grey area”. Then it was sleaze. Now it is quelle surprise!


I see the BBC reports that Gordon Brown and his “top team” are on tour in Liverpool today. It’s as if it were a soccer tour! Given the daily collapses that now characterise the UK economy, and the consequential hemorrhaging in jobs, I think the cheery tone of this report is a bit peculiar. Were this a Conservative government, I wonder would the BBC be quite so quick to breathlessly carry press releases so faithfully and without caveat or further comment?


I was amused to see the BBC do everything possible to ameliorate the news that fatal stabbings are at a 30 year high in England Wales. Spot the lovingly inserted caveats in this BBC report today!

“Fatal stabbings in England and Wales have risen to their highest level in three decades, say the Conservatives. The unconfirmed claim comes as the government unveils tougher new community sentences for those convicted of carrying knives. The Tories say police figures obtained under the Freedom of Information Act show 277 stabbing deaths in 2007-8, the highest since records began in 1977. The government disputed the claim and said overall violent crime was falling.” Does Labour write these “news” reports and just email them to the BBC?


I am sure you will have been following the media spat between Metropolitan Assistant Commissioner Bob Quick and the Conservative Party. Quick accuses the Conservatives and their running dogs in the press of running a “corrupt” campaign against him as he uses valuable policing resource to investigate that well known threat to national security Damian Green. He has subsequently withdrawn his use of the word “corrupt” from his tirade but I am sure you all get the general idea. Naturally, the BBC delights in reporting this and presents the entire issue as if it were merely between the bad Conservatives and hard-working Quick. It’s not. The broader issues here include why does Quick believe that investigating Damian Green is a greater policing priority than investigating Islamic terrorism? Is it appropriate for senior Policeman to make overt political attacks? After all, Quick was very quick when it came to offering support to the claims of Jacqui Smith over her 42 day detention bill earlier this year. With such an allegedly clear political bias in favour of the Labour government how can any conservative-inclined citizen feel confidence in the work of the Metropolitan Counter-terrorism Police? These are all questions the BBC has no interest in pursuing since the main point here is to paint the Conservatives as the enemies of effective policing.


I read with despair this BBC report on the continuing fall out from the outrageous arrest of Damian Green by anti-terrorist police a few days ago. The BBC seems intent to present this episode as if it were merely an issue between the Conservative Party and the procedure followed by the authorities in the Commons rather than the very real conflict this presents between a domineering control freak government and the right MP’s have to provide the public with details that those in power would rather were kept quiet. If we were a police state tomorrow, the BBC would probably turn it into a reality TV show so the bread and circuses were maintained. The twisting and evasions underway between Ms Harperson, Gorbals Mick and the rest sicken me – but the BBC seems disinterested in viewing this as a threat to our fundamental freedoms. Personally, I think the Conservatives should stay away from the State opening of Parliament since it is clearer by the day just how monstrous the Brown Politburo has become, determined to stifle all opposition, aided and abetted by politicised policing.