Singing from the same song-sheet?

It certainly seems that way as the BBC headlines:

Brown drives green car revolution

While Cameron’s green politics were somehow a bit wishy-washy, Brown is truly green. The quotes they pick from Brown while reporting the Motor Show are as gaseous as could be- all “historic turning point” and “once in a generation opportunity”. It’s hot air, courtesy of the BBC. There are cabinet members for support (reported) and we even get one of those golden moments of harmonic industrial relations (reportedly) where as an industry figure says, “everyone was “singing from the same song sheet”.” Touching how far they will go to save Gordon.


Well now, hasn’t the BBC been busy promoting the adventures of the Great Leader in recent days? We had the fawning coverage of Brown’s trip to Iraq including that ludicrous image of him holding a machine gun; then we have him moving amongst Israeli and Palestinian leaders, bringing peace and dispensing ¬£¬£¬£millions to the savages that celebrated the release of child-killer Samir Kuntar; next Gordon is to warn Iran to back off its nuclear crusade (or what?) and then, as if this were not enough, the Government that has presided over an explosion in the scale of the Welfare State now allegedly gets tough and talks of sending the long-term workshy out to sweep up litter! As if! It’s a major PR offensive being staged, helpfully coinciding with the run-up to the Glasgow East by-election and BBC simpering co-operation with its’ Paymaster General is exemplary.