The BBC’s view on UK citizenship

So, this is the BBC’s idea of what it means to be a citizen of one of the world’s oldest democracies, the country that invented the Westminster system and faced down Napoleon and Hitler? One tourist attraction, the minimum wage, rubbish teeny-pop bands (or music attractive only to teenagers), the Queen’s birthday, the Welsh Assembly, the working time directive, Islam and minority languages… Do you detect a left-wing bias here? … Continue reading

Blog comments have a way of mysteriously disappearing

, so I really must take steps to preserve the limericks about the Master of Balliol that were sent in by readers. Here they are: There once was a Master of Balliol Whose writers delighted in onlyoil. Needing nary a push, To blame all on Bush, Will Master throw Gilligan down’t’ hole? Don Eyres There was a Master of Balliol, called Graham Who thought things and knew how to say … Continue reading