has plenty to say about “Moonbat” Mahathir, premier of Malaysia and believer in every anti-semitic conspiracy theory going, who the BBC bizarrely picked as one of their experts on Islam. (See Toby Blyth’s post of Sep 02 for earlier commentary on Charles Krauthammer’s appearance then disappearance on the same billing.) The BBC’s page called “Mahathir in his own words” is somewhat more honest than I expected, and does include two … Continue reading

The BBC’s view on UK citizenship

So, this is the BBC’s idea of what it means to be a citizen of one of the world’s oldest democracies, the country that invented the Westminster system and faced down Napoleon and Hitler? One tourist attraction, the minimum wage, rubbish teeny-pop bands (or music attractive only to teenagers), the Queen’s birthday, the Welsh Assembly, the working time directive, Islam and minority languages… Do you detect a left-wing bias here? … Continue reading

Blog comments have a way of mysteriously disappearing

, so I really must take steps to preserve the limericks about the Master of Balliol that were sent in by readers. Here they are: There once was a Master of Balliol Whose writers delighted in onlyoil. Needing nary a push, To blame all on Bush, Will Master throw Gilligan down’t’ hole? Don Eyres There was a Master of Balliol, called Graham Who thought things and knew how to say … Continue reading