We’ve got some competition

. Seems that the Telegraph is going to start monitoring the BBC for itself. In announcing this move Charles Moore has this (and more) to say about BBC bias:

No, BBC bias is not a piece of partisan trickery – it is a state of mind. So strong is the state of mind that a great many of the acts of bias, perhaps the majority of them, are quite unconscious. It is time to delve into that unconscious. Hence our Beebwatch, which starts on the opinion pages today.

The BBC’s mental assumptions are those of the fairly soft Left. They are that American power is a bad thing, whereas the UN is good, that the Palestinians are in the right and Israel isn’t, that the war in Iraq was wrong, that the European Union is a good thing and that people who criticise it are “xenophobic”, that racism is the worst of all sins, that abortion is good and capital punishment is bad, that too many people are in prison, that a preference for heterosexual marriage over other arrangements is “judgmental”, that environmentalists are public- spirited and “big business” is not, that Gerry Adams is better than Ian Paisley, that government should spend more on social programmes, that the Pope is out of touch except when he criticises the West, that gun control is the answer to gun crime, that… well, you can add hundreds more articles to the creed without my help.

Nice try Mr Moore but you going to have to try just that bit harder if you want to be the Daddy of the BBC bashers.

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6 Responses to We’ve got some competition

  1. joe says:

    Tuesday’s News24 decided that militants was too critical sounding of Hamas etc, using instead the term Palestinian military groups.


  2. Matt G says:

    Don’t want to hurt the family of the guy who just killed 2 kids and a grandma would we. haha, un-friggen-believeable.

    Matt – Florida


  3. David Kaspar says:

    I wasn’t able to identify your e-mail address, therefore I’ll post my request in the comment section:

    I have added http://biased-bbc.blogspot.com/ in my link list at

    Maybe you could consider including my blog in your link list. “Davids Medienkritik” is a German media watch side, politically along the lines of your blog.



  4. Robert says:

    Why are you being so prickly about the Telegraph’s contribution to the exposure of BBC bias? With due respect to both Biased BBC and BeebWatch blogs, they are unlikely to reach about one million people per day as the Telegraph does. Good luck to them I say.


  5. David Levy says:

    Always good to see the Beeb get ripped. Another blog that frequently takes a whack at the mole: dashriprock.blogspot.com


  6. Joseph Adam-Smith says: