Jeff Jarvis is still ticked

with the “British Bias Corporation” about their pathetic slant against President Bush’s linking of Iraq to the worldwide “war on terror”.

It was notable, too, that Mr Bush chose the “war on terror” as a major theme of his visit, linking Iraq to that worldwide war.

His advice to the Beeb: “read your own service” to discover that there really is a war out there, even in Britain.

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7 Responses to Jeff Jarvis is still ticked

  1. Dan says:

    You have to see this to believe:
    is this the same man talking?


    notice, there is not even one quote to be found in this article.
    i guess it’s a glitch.


  2. d mac says:

    Wow. The difference between the two articles is night and day.


  3. Barry Meislin says:



  4. Don Nadie says:

    Quotations? Did you say quotations?

    No! Don’t let data ruin your theory. No, we prefer narrate it, no quote it. We know always the intentions, why do we need explanations… or facts?


  5. bill says:

    OT – Panorama

    In a programme that proclaimed that we are all doomed because of debt, only 1 bank was selected for pillory.

    A “US bank” – of course.
    The presenter got a licence paid trip to Chicago. It produced no more than scenes from a taxi window. No interviews.
    Perhaps the presenter did get an unscreened interview there with the offending bank – Household – only to be informed that it has been owned these past months by HSBC, HQed in London.

    The general theme for the programme was of course that debt is not the borrowers fault. Blame the banks, blame the government. Same as obesity, crime, truancy etc etc


  6. Anonymous says:

    How come did the BBC website deserve one of their headlines to the woman hurt in a sales stampede in the US and the BBC is silent on the tragic antisemitic aggression on November 19th in Paris? It is disgusting.

    Is BBC afraid to lose the advertisement contract from the Malaysian airlines on BBC world or from the Saudi airlines?


  7. Ad Hawk says:

    The BBC are nothing more than a left wing liberal propoganda channel. Notice on sky TV that alongside BBC news 24 on channel 534 is now a chinese communist party “news” channel. FUnny how the “venerable” institution of the BBC has actually stooped to the same level as this foriegn junk.