8 Responses to An Irish Kebab

  1. rob says:

    The Guardian predictably suggests a TV licence rebate to help poorer people meet the fee.

    Why on earth should the reception of the BBC be regarded as a social service to be funded in accordance with means?


  2. john b says:

    Because it’s a plausible answer to many BBC critics’ claims that the license is a regressive tax that hurts the poor?

    Assuming you don’t believe the license to be a regressive tax that hurts the poor, or that you don’t believe this is a Bad Thing, then you’re right: the point is indeed entirely moot.


  3. Patrick B says:

    Off Topic, a bit.

    It’s not just the BBC that likes to stir the sh*t. Here’s a report from today’s Channel 4 news in Britain. Count the snide attacks! The Beeb had better look to its laurels: the competition may be gaining on it.

    The unseen cost of the war in Iraq
    US Politics

    Published: 10-Feb-2004
    By: Jonathan Miller

    Read the whole scummy mess at:


    “The true extent of US casualties in Iraq are still unknown. This has fuelled suspicion that the administration may be hiding the true human cost of the war and its aftermath. Channel Four News has been allowed a rare opportunity to meet some of America’s wounded soldiers.

    In a dark corner of Andrews Air Force base on the outskirts of Washington DC, America’s war-wounded come home.

    The human cost of humbling tyrants.

    No ceremony, no big welcome.”



  4. Susan says:

    Over at “(Don’t) Have Your Say”, the occasion of Putin’s sacking his government is also providing opportunities, as always, for the one-track-minded BBC to print plenty of comments that slag off on the US. Sample comments:

    “I guess giving one man so much power over the government, the emdia and the people could result in a non-democratic, polically biased country — but hopefully Putin won’t take things as far as Bush in the USA. Only time will tell.”

    Umm, tell me again, so when did Bush sack his entire Cabinet and kidnap John Kerry at the same time?

    As usual, comments protesting these childish, wildly inaccurate cheap shots were sent in by me, but not printed.

    Status quo as usual at “(Don’t)Have Your Say.”


  5. Susan says:

    I just took the BBC’s online “Oscar Quiz” with 12 questions about the Oscar ceremonies and various nominated films. They managed to sneak in an anti-Bush message even in their Oscar quiz! Un-freaking-believable! The BBC is just too much. Talk about your idee fixes! These people are obsessed with Bush.


  6. dan says:

    The Daily Telegraph “Beebwatch” man delivered an open letter to the incoming BBC Chairman on R4 “PM” programme.
    The thrust of his address was that the BBC agenda matched only that of the Guardian & Independent.
    He added to what was his prepared text to comment that as he had passed thru the BBC Newsroom on his way to the studio, he noticed a wall poster of Bush with the caption “Hail to the thief”.
    I wonder whether his words will be heard by the new Chairman.


  7. John F says:

    This is interesting. Tories to reposition party as the friend of the BBC.
    “David Davis … made a show of support … with Greg Dyke within days of his ousting as director general. Mr Davis is understood to believe that it would be foolish to float plans for the break-up of the BBC … when Mr Dyke will launch a stinging attack on Downing Street in his forthcoming memoirs”
    Ah, the Conservatives, the party of priciple.
    That principle being: “WE should rule.”


  8. danS says:

    This from the creator of worlds:


    Observe the scare quotes. Drink in the photo. O mighty BBC, your Jew-hatred shines with the light of a thousand Pentecostal churches! Allah can only guess how many of your readers come away from your website feeling like Maureen Dowd after watching The Evisceration of the Christ: namely, with a powerful desire to “kick in some Jewish . . . teeth”. Left-wing media Akbar!

    Original link: http://www.allahpundit.com/cgi-bin/mt/mt-tb.cgi/343