Since the BBC doesn’t think you need to know much

about ‘Bush slammer’ Richard Clarke’s implosion, you may as well go to more reliable sources.

UPDATE: A few more links on Clarke.

UPDATE 2: Ok, at risk of beating a dead horse (named Clarke) read James Lileks, Charles Krauthammer, Congressman Christopher Shays (PDF) and this, from the Washington Times:

But Mr. Clarke’s enormous capacity for self-promotion and taking liberties with the facts may be catching up with him. Time magazine’s online edition yesterday published a blistering review of his book and his endless television appearances. Mr. Clarke, the magazine concluded, has become so shrill in disparaging President Bush that he “undermines a serious conversation about 9/11.” Time also criticized “the polemical, partisan mean-spiritedness that lies at the heart of Clarke’s book, and to an even greater degree, his television appearances flacking it.” We wholeheartedly agree.

The BBC was quick to run Clarke’s charges but now seems unable to find the time or space to give a fair follow-up on a story of a disgruntled employee driven by bitterness, lacking credibility and integrity, just looking to hawk his book. BBC bias wins again.

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