Mexican criminals or victims?

You might be tempted to think that the 52 Mexicans sitting on death row are victims according to this BBC article headed–

‘US blamed over death row Mexicans’

If the BBC wanted to inform rather than inflame, some background on the gruesome crimes which precipitated the death sentences would provide perspective. This you can get from Power Line.

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10 Responses to Mexican criminals or victims?

  1. rob says:

    How self-regarding of the BBC that their top news item is the appointment of Grade.
    Could one imagine any other broadcaster placing such a matter above all of the world’s events?


  2. The Insider says:

    Where’s the insipid entry about Grade?

    Were you all too busy crying into you big pillows last night?

    That shut you all up.

    A victory for the BBC.

    A victory for public service broadcasting – and one in the eye for all you Tory boys.


  3. JohninLondon says:

    Michael Grade did NOT agree to the idea of closing down the internal BBC enquiry about what went wrong. The enquiry that Humphrys and others are protesting about.

    Nice one Michael. Don’t let those lefties push you around. Stand up for the REAL values that the BBC should stand for, not the Guardianista hijackers of BBC news services. If they want to leave -p let them, they are not irreplaceable.


  4. Mike says:

    This article is filled with seething anti-americanism in my opinion. The worst part of this article is when it says
    “Nigerians are easily confused with “native” Afro-Americans, and this means that no allowances are made for them.”

    Allowances? Are they trying to imply that any other immigrant from a different background would recieve “allowances” but because he’s a black immigrant he gets nothing? I live in the United States and i’ve never heard of specific allowances given only to immigrants from certain ethnic backgrounds. And who the heck gives these allowances? The truth is that the only way to get allowances in america is on your own and everybody already knew that. We arent socialists…


  5. Mike says:

    …I also think this article is a slap in the face to most americans like myself who aren’t racist and strive for equality. This article seems so imply that most americans give blacks little while only supporting their own. This is outrageous.

    They happened to talk to the few immgrants who arent fond of america. 99% of the immigrants I know absolutely love america and wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. The BBC however wants to give the impression to the rest of the world that this simply isnt the case. I live in California and I see lots of successful mexicans. Of course some are poor, but i’m almost 100% sure they love america and would rather live in the united states than mexico. I think the BBC has sunk to a new america bashing low. Theyre trying to discredit the very essence of america which is immigration and I find it dispicable.


  6. Susan says:

    Yes, I read the article, it was very biased. What about all the churches and private charies that work to resettle immigrants? The BBC says nothing about them. I guess assistance doesn’t “count” with them if it doesn’t come from the government.

    Something tells me that this article is simply projecting all the Euroleft’s anxiety about their own immigrants onto America. They aren’t dealing well with their immigrants so they have to jump on anything that makes them feel better about it by dissing us.


  7. john b says:

    “No allowances” is clearly meant in the sense that people are normally willing to take into account (“make allowances for”) immigrants’ ignorance of cultural rules and/or English and cut them some slack in everyday life, not cash handouts.

    I can’t comment on the article’s fairness overall, since I don’t personally know any recent poor (rather than educated middle-class) immigrants to the US.

    (not that similar ignorance stops certain North Americans having a go at Europe, but nevermind…)


  8. marc says:

    Hey, Insider, wake up, your beloved spin machine isn’t wanted anymore.

    “That shut you all up.” Oh, really? Read on my man. Plenty of sites exposing your Aunties lies all the time. Follow the links on this site or mine.

    “A victory for the BBC.

    A victory for public service broadcasting”

    Remember, Insider, you can fool some of the people all the time, but the bloggers will get you every time. Your Aunties days of lying are over; we got you now!


  9. Mike says:

    John b your missing my point. My point is that this notion of “allowances” for immigrants because they are immigrants is largely a myth. The type of job you get is largely based on skill and educational level. Of course there is discrimination, but not to the extent that it is described by the BBC. I live in California and i’ve seen many african born workers that earn a descent wage. They are actually quite successful especially if they finish college. And for the BBC to say that no allowances are made for african immigrants because they are confused with native black americans is ridiculous.


  10. Susan says:

    For one thing, African immigrants speak English with British-type accents. Does the BBC think that native African Americans speak with British accents?

    And why would this “problem” of “no allowances” be more prevalent among African immigrants and not Chinese or Mexican immigrants?

    Chinese-Americans have been living here for 150 years and Hispanics have been here for 200+ years.

    Does the BBC think we can’t tell the difference between them and the Chinese and Mexican FOBs?