Will you read or hear of this good news on the Beeb?

Not likely. No, it seems that the BBC is sworn to spare us the good news.

Speculation, rather than news, is the true business of the Beeb. Think of it– Greg Dyke is gone, Gilligan has vanished, Morgan had to be pulled kicking and screaming from his office. But still it’s–

Blair ‘not ready to stand down’

Here’s a suggestion from Jeff Jarvis. He even mentions the BBC!

If I were in charge of a bureau of reporters in Iraq — are you listening NY Times, Washington Post, FoxNews, NBC, CBS, ABC, Reuters, BBC? — I would assign one reporter, just one, to the rebuilding beat….I see no reporters covering the rest of life in Iraq.

That’s a cryin’ shame.

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10 Responses to Will you read or hear of this good news on the Beeb?

  1. THFC says:

    An Iraqi appointed to a security post urges Iraqis not to do anything detrimental to security. Shocker!

    I’d suggest the lack of journalists covering stories around the country is largely due to their not fancying being kidknapped and executed. When or if the coalition genuinely improves conditions on the ground we might see some more positive stuff.


  2. David says:

    THFC, journalists have been in the thick of battles. A large number of journalists have lost their lives in Iraq. I don’t think fear or cowardice is preventing journalists from covering the good news. Just the reverse. Journalists tend to go where the military action is, which usually is the most dangerous area.


  3. David Vance says:

    The BBC is institutionally incapable of anything OTHER than portraying the US/UK mission to liberate Iraq as a disaster. If a modern miracle occured and the Iraqi rivers ran with milk and honey, the BBC would condemn this as an ecological disaster.


  4. Jon S says:

    Please do a piece about the full 45 seconds the BBC devoted to the WMD find in Iraq,the WMD Saddam never had according to the BBC,Hans Blix and a poor collection of other deranged fools.This is the tip of the Iceburg and they surly realise that,why are they dodging the story?


  5. YOY says:

    The nerve gas, according to the BBC, would have had…

    ‘Limited effect’

    The spin starts here
    watch them as they strangle this story


  6. rob says:

    We have had a few days of Coalition about to cut & run from Iraq.
    Bush delivers speech to a US/Israel forum. Bush shows himself resolute about finishing job in Iraq, war on terror & achieving 2 state solution in ME.
    Speech ends, back to studio. Newsreader’s first words deliver BBC News24’s considered position, along lines of “US Jewish vote is important”


  7. Jerry says:

    In newspapers, where I toiled for better than three decades, it was axiomatic that good news was boring and didn’t sell papers. Bad news, on the other hand . . .


  8. Giles says:

    if the good news is about the Greens then…..send for Littlemore


  9. YOY says:

    ”good news was boring and didn’t sell papers. Bad news, on the other hand . .”

    What exactly is it that the BBC are selling?

    Either we give them our money or we go to jail.
    It’s not everyone’s idea of a good deal.

    If they are competing with the other TV networks – and 24hr news, digital TV/radio etc suggest they are – then let them do it on a level playing field without the backup of an enforced licence fee.
    Then they can be as biased as they like.


  10. Dave says:


    Meanwhile tonight (Thur 20 May) the article reads ‘Bush rallies Republicans’ and has a picture of coffins covered with the US Flag to illustrate it instead of a picture of Bush for example!