The childish leftie twits at BBC Views Online

who think it’s clever to bugger around with photos as a means of expressing their own petty political prejudices have been busy again.


The photo of Norman Tebbit (see right) on the story Tebbit attacks ‘unreformed’ Islam has clearly been tampered with – first off they’ve selected the worst photo they could find of him, then they’ve slanted it to the left, then they’ve whacked up the white balance to make the picture look completely overexposed.

Norman Tebbit

Looking through a selection of other BBC Tebbit (hey, that has a ring to it) photos, we can see that there are none anywhere near as bad as the one they’ve cooked up for this story.

Likewise, if we look at the BBC’s selection of pictures for a couple of randomly selected leftie elder-statesmen, Lord Callaghan and Robin Cook, we can see that none of their pictures have been manipulated in such a malicious manner.

To the Beeboids reading this, please do kick the backside of whoever cooked up this Tebbit picture – it’s not big and it’s not clever, and it clearly shows just how paper thin your claims to impartiality really are. To be fair, I suppose it could just be down to sheer incompetence – of the graphics person, the story compiler and the sub-editor, rather than bias – but that’s not saying much for you either.

I’m taking a summer break, so this may be my last post for a little while (unless I get some time to spare before going away), but I’m sure my colleagues will keep a light shining on the BBC in the meantime.

Update: I am informed on good authority that the picture of Norman Tebbit was not digitally manipulated. I am happy to accept that that is the case, however, the selected photo is poorly composed and very badly overexposed. It is therefore unrepresentative of and unfair to Lord Tebbit, and should not have been used. Lord Tebbit was shown on Newsnight on the campaign trail during the recent general election, looking rather hale and hearty. A screengrab from that would have sufficed if no better photo was available in the BBC’s archives.

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354 Responses to The childish leftie twits at BBC Views Online

  1. Andrew says:

    Reading through the comments on the post below I see that Pete_London also reckons the Tebbit photo’s a wrong ‘un, whilst various commenters reckon that there was sniggering and/or whispering in the background while Tebbit was interviewed on Radio 4 this morning.


  2. Rob says:

    I heard him on the Today program this morning. He dismissed the “cricket test” as a “light-hearted” remark he’d made years ago.

    His last remarks concerned the economic failure of Islamic nations and the lack of scientific and industrial progress made in the last 500 years. The interviewer wrapped up the interview without questioning his remarks – “That sounds like the start of another very interesting discussion, but I’m afraid we have to leave it there”.

    The Today program then cut to the news where they were immediately quoting him out of context and trying to daemonise his views. He said a lot of things I didn’t agree with, but the BBC totally twisted his words to portray him as a racist/facist/bigot.

    Well done BBC, impartial as ever.


  3. james says:

    The BBC needs a smokescreen for the government because of the mess they are in with the Brazilian man being shot.

    The Labour Government are in hot water, and their puppet Ian Blair is under serious pressure.

    This is just another of new labour’s diversion tactics they use.

    The problem is they always get away with it. Personally i think the time will come very soon when the public sees the BBC and New Labour in a very different light.

    NOt only that Inflation has risen above expectations, unemployment is up again, and the A level results are a joke. So they need to do some Tory bashing, its the only way they get out of the mess they have created.


  4. Pete_London says:


    Cheers, enjoy your break.

    Bias by omission, maybe (from LGF):

    “United Nations Bankrolled Latest Anti-israel Propaganda”

    The United Nations bankrolled the production of thousands of banners, bumper stickers, mugs, and T-shirts bearing the slogan “Today Gaza and Tomorrow the West Bank and Jerusalem,” which have been widely distributed to Palestinian Arabs in the Gaza Strip, according to a U.N. official.

    Ultimately, then, that’s our money cheering on the terrorists. I knew I wouldn’t find a BBC piece on it and I wasn’t disappointed.


  5. dave t says:

    Brazilian police coming over to check out our Police re shooting policy is a bit rich considering the Bazilian police shot 30 people dead last month not to mention the hundreds of kids from the streets over the years….have you noticed how all the leftie lawyers like Peirce etc have judged, sentenced and are now demanding execution of Ian Blair and the Police without even waiting for the report? Justice shall be served…


  6. dan says:

    From the BBC online Tebbit story

    “To reduce the terrorism problem to simply blaming multiculturalism is blinkered and indeed dangerous,” a spokesman for the Muslim Council of Britain said.

    Shame the MCB person was not required to give us the correct answer.


  7. JG says:

    Much debate about Lord Tebbits comments, but no ‘(don’t) Have your say’ about them on the BBC website. I think they are afraid the comments will not match their bias.


  8. JG says:


    A couple of weeks ago I found a BBC web page detailing in (near) real time the stealth edits made to their news pages. I have lost the link and can’t find it on the site, anyone know where it is?


  9. the_camp_commandant says:

    The police are the Provisional Wing of New Labour and the BBC is its Gerry Adams.


  10. Methinks says:

    Speaking of leftie twits, why doesn’t the bbc explain to us unwashed masses why the likes of Galloway, Benn,and the whole nutty left, are linking up with extreme right wing Islamofascists? Talk about unholy marriage!
    It’s probably because the likes of Abu Hamza and others will get into bed with any infidels who hate Big and Little Satan. As for the coterie of hard left wackos, their cause is so clapped out that they’ll sell their shriveled souls to anyone.


  11. Barns says:

    Speaking of photographs, the BBC website is currently implying that it is being edited by Dot from Eastenders. A silly mistake or a disgruntled employee? I have a screenshot if it has changed by the time you read this.


  12. david says:

    Any reports of BBC staff weeping at the sight of the Gaza Strip evictions, just as one reporter did at the death of Arafat?


  13. dan says:

    Menezes’ family calls for justice

    Mr Menezes’ cousin Alessandro Pereira said: “For three weeks we have had to listen to lie after lie about Jean and how he was killed.”

    But all the “lies” do not seem to have come from Met sources

    His cousin Alex Alves, who is also based in London, said: “He was playing around with a friend by the station while he was travelling to work. They were playing a game of chase.

    I wonder if Alessandro & Alex are one in the same. Still Alessandro is not being questioned on Alex’s tale.


  14. dave t says:

    Bit grown up for a game of chase wasn’t he?


  15. Rob Read says:

    Benefit Chase?


  16. JG says:

    BBC first reports wild speculations about what happened during the shooting.

    Later some facts emerge.

    BBC then surprised that their original speculation was rubbish, shock horror!

    No wonder the family are upset. The BBC needs to get its facts right in the first place. It’s their fault the misinformation was put out.


  17. Ritter says:

    The BBC has been a conduit for crap eyewitness speculation….

    I saw Tube man shot – eyewitness

    The BBC have given oxygen to any old so-called eye witness to make any claims they like.
    Anyway we should all be waiting till the investigation is completed, before we can come to any conclusions. This eyewitness Mark Whitby gives quite a different story to the leaked info….have a read of what he says, it’s quite a different account to the leaked docs. For example, the eyewitness above, Mark Whitby said the suspect was ‘asian’ looking, he was wearing a big coat, he jumped the barrier. Is he wrong on all those counts….maybe he’s telling the BBC about a different guy? Anyway its a bit rich for the BBC to take this speculation from an eyewitness and use it to whack the Police about the head as if they started the rumors in the first place.

    The Police could have been better at correcting the misleading gossip the News24 was broadcasting noon & night, but broadcasters like the Beeb have got a bit of a cheek to blame the Police for the unconfirmed claims that some so-called ‘eye-witnesses’ come out with.


  18. Ritter says:

    JG posted same time as me….just what I was trying to say, but you managed to say it better!


  19. AF says:

    do you suppose when theyve finished with the police the de menezes family might like to go for Hussein Osman and seek justice from him aswell? Perhaps we could all start a justiceforjuly7 campaign for the families of the victims who will never get any justice, answers or in some cases be able to bury a loved one. As for the Brazilian governments ‘indignation’ talk about pot kettle given their track record. The Brasilian government are using this whole sorry episode as a smoke screen to the corruption charges ensuing their glorious President.

    The media, not just the BBC, have a lot to answer for in spinning this whole tragic situation.


  20. Pete_London says:


    WTF? Talk about going over the top. What next> A shrine? Compulsory pilgrimage to her fav North London restaurants? ‘Send us your tribute’ is now no longer enough, it’ll be ‘send us a photo of the limb she once touched’ next.


  21. AF says:

    will the PM go to her funeral? should keep the BBC busy for a decade or so.


  22. Cockney says:

    Richard Littlejohn gave me a good laugh this morning. He was attempting to justify the column he wrote following the shooting, which obviously blamed the police escaping, barrier jumping, big coat wearing Brazilian for his demise. This morning’s effort demanded that readers compare photos of the Brazilian and the Stockwell bomber asking how anyone could possibly tell them apart. Only problem was that even after cunning picture cropping and using black and white to minimise pigmentation differences they still look f*ck all alike!


  23. AF says:

    Littlejohn only expressed what many felt at the time. Dont think he should have bothered with the images. Police had no image of de menezes and a murky one of Hussein Osman at the time from the station platform. I couldnt call it. Glad you can.


  24. Teddy Bear says:

    An excellent 3 page article by Rod Liddle in The Spectator, that in this instance actually gives credit to the BBC over its stand with The British Muslim Council about the upcoming Panorama documentary.
    The protocols of the elders of the BBC
    It does however make quite clear as to which end of the spectrum the BBC can normally be found.


  25. King Chillout says:

    due to brainwashing, courtesy of Radio 5, I now wholeheartedly beleive that Mo Mowlem solved all the problems of Northern Ireland by removing her wig.


  26. simo says:

    Cockney. Re Littlejohn. You may be right in this instance but remember the Guardian has, in the past, actually speculated about legally getting him removed from the airwaves/press because off his ‘right-wing poison’. He is the enemy of the left.

    I noticed the tediously correct drone Viccy Derbyshire eagerly went live to the Menezes family press conference this morning, glorifying in every police-bashing second of it. In a time you’d expect a little bit of unity between our institutions for the sake of public order, the BBC can’t help putting on their DMs and kicking the coppers when they’re down. I wonder what the police rank-and-file think about the BBC, given that every second documentary seems to be an insiders’ account of the institutionally racist Met.


  27. Teddy Bear says:

    As for the coterie of hard left wackos, their cause is so clapped out that they’ll sell their shriveled souls to anyone.
    Methinks | 19.08.05 – 1:42 pm | #

    I think the only kind of souls you’ll find among that lot are as-souls 😉


  28. JohninLondon says:

    Conrad Black’s wife has a Spectator diary piece attacking the antiAmericanism of the BBC :


  29. Joerg says:

    Mowlam the Saint, Tebbit the devil. No surprise there.


  30. Robin says:

    World At One was nothing but all about MO Mowlam`s demise.She was a left wing politician with good and bad atributes.She was not a great world elder statesman(woman).To devote the full programme to eulogise her was just stupid.


  31. dave t says:

    Meanwhile Blair (with many bodyguards) Mandelson (with four bodyguards) and probably Lord Mason (still with six bodyguards 20 years later…) will doubtless all attend funeral, weep and then pass hankie to bodyguard to wash. Have you noticed as well how FEW Tory ex NI secretaries have bodyguards? Do Labour fear the people THAT much or is it a status thing?

    Blair took Mo’s bodyguards away yet allows Mandelson to cart his around Europe…sickening hypocrisy alert for next week!


  32. Lurker in a Burqua says:

    The Beeb loves the UN right?

    Perhaps there really is a concerted effort going on


  33. Carl says:

    Re Saint Jean the Martyr:

    Still no sign of anyone actually challenging or asking to see these supposed ‘Leaked Documents’ though. Funny that. Or am I truly the only one who thinks that amongst dozens of eyewitnesses Al-Beeb would have found at least one prepared AT THE TIME to endorse the hilarious notion being put forth that Anti-Terrorist police simply walked up to the guy and put seven in his head as he calmly sat on the train minding his own business if there was even the slightest, tiniest grain of truth in this so-called story?


  34. dan says:

    BBC output continues to have an apparent blind spot on the reason that BA flights were cancelled – i.e. the illegal strike by BA employees, not the strife at Gate Gourmet. Its really a drip, drip policy of misinformation.

    BBC1 travel programme “Departure Gate” briefly mentioned the BA disruption. Presenter Simon Calder (moonlighting from The Independent) stated that he had met many people who had sympathy with the catering staff – brainwashing the audience into thinking that the ex-GG workers’ plight was the reason for the plane cancellations.


  35. jst says:

    The trouble with all news programs/channels these days is that they’re all so PC I can hardly tell one from another – ITN ‘news’ should perhaps be renamed the “de menezes show”. This blurring of PC means I can’t remember which news channel had an interview with some woman from Oxfam concerning the “Gate Gourmet” strike . Quite why Oxfam should be involved in an industrial dispute in the UK was no clearer than why the PC news broadcast Oxfams opinions on the subject.
    As far as the “GG” coverage is concerned, I can’t help but noice that the BBC + other media who are all in favour of mass immigration are so bewildered when employers use the resulting endless supply of cheap labour to their advantage.


  36. JohninLondon says:

    The BBC likes to look for “root causes” for the London bombings, with Iraq as their favoarite.

    How about :

    1 The 7/7 bombing murders were caused by Islamist fundamentalism twisting stupid young minds in a nasty direction. A proximate cause was the failure of the Muslim communities in Britain to stamp out the extremism in their midst, and to educate their young people to see murder as murder. Behind that is the medieval notion of violent jihad that is there to be taught or stressed from the Koran. And in the background was the ridiculous multi-culti tolerance that allowed intolerance to fester here in Britain.

    2 The 21/7 group that attempted further bombing murders would probably not have existed if the immigration and asylum laws were properly administered, and if Britain cut back on welfare laxity that allowed young men to live for years on benefits in a city where there is plenty of work.

    3 The young Brazilian was an unfortunate victim on 22/7 of the heightened fears of further bombing atrocities. But he helped to put himself in harm’s way by overstaying his entry visa and working illegally in the UK.

    Oh, sorry. It was all down to police brutality, wasn’t it.


  37. Pete_London says:

    The BBC is manages to soft-soap the Palestinians and cover-up pro-terrorist UN activities in one article:

    Abbas voices joy at Gaza pullout

    Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas has described his people’s delight at the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza this week. He told a cheering, flag-waving crowd in Gaza that they were experiencing “historic days of joy” – but he warned them great challenges still lay ahead.

    Mr Abbas urged Palestinians to unite as he celebrated the Israeli withdrawal with a crowd at Gaza’s International Airport. “The Israeli occupation is leaving today. Let us allow them to leave and let us not give them any reason to delay,” he said.

    Mr Abbas said he hoped the airport building – currently not in use – would soon be open to traffic, opening up a link between Gaza and the world beyond. “Today we are visitors to the airport,” he said. “Tomorrow we will come here as travellers.”

    And that’s it. It seems too passive to me, so is there anything over at LGF? Well would ya believe it, the BBC is being rather selective in its quoting:

    Abba credits “martyrs” for Gaza pullout

    The BBC piece also reports that Celebrations were also held in the town of Rafah in southern Gaza, where Palestinians said prayers at the gates of an abandoned Jewish settlement. Many wore shirts depicting the Palestinian flag and the slogan: “Today Gaza, tomorrow the West Bank and Jerusalem”, the Associated Press news agency reports.

    Going unreported (of course) is the fact that the UN is funding those “Today Gaza, tomorrow the West Bank and Jerusalem” t shirts along with a host of other materials.


  38. Alison Figueiredo says:

    Didnt the Brazilians already send a cohort over to look at the investigation the week after it happened to supposedly work with the IPCC? And?? The family are now saying they dont want money and that its an “insult”. I thought that was the first thing out of the cousins/Brazilian foreign ministers mouth? (The cousin having first been reached by al-beeb of course).Aren’t they a poor family who badly need the money. What they really mean is the offer insulted their solicitors.


  39. dan says:

    I’m no fan of Sir Ian Blair, but I think The Times leader puts the “Blair lied” claims in nice context.

    “(Sir Ian Blair) appears to have been wrong; but so, it turns out, were many eyewitness reports; to be wrong is not the same as a deliberate intention to mislead. To the contrary, it is clear from Sir Ian’s letter to the Home Office that same morning that he still believed that the police had been dealing with a terrorist suspect. His argument for a “review” of the IPPC’s role was that nothing should deflect from the counter-terrorist effort. He copied that letter to the IPPC — action hardly consistent with an attempted cover-up. Nor did the letter materially hold up proceedings; by that very evening, the Home Office had rejected his request and announced that the IPPC would investigate. After that point, the police not unreasonably insist, they could no longer issue public statements, even to correct accounts that they now knew had been erroneous.

    It should not have taken the IPPC five more days to start work, and it should abandon holier-than-thou grandstanding about police delays, when far greater damage has been done by leaks of incomplete evidence from its own premises. The public has been left with a partial account of a botched police operation,,2719-1742331,00.html


  40. Methinks says:

    Problem: X has a pile of loot. He wants it to become a multi pile. So how rich will he be if he invests it in Gaza?
    Hey! I said it was a problem. Don’t expect me to answer it. But a good hint to the solution may be found in the word ‘belly-up’.
    By the way Teddy Bear, nice one.


  41. richard says:

    the bbc’s brian hanrahan

    a very temperate and staid newscaster.however the very mention of america and israel sets him foaming at the mouth and we may notice his eyes become distinctly blood-shot.


  42. dave t says:

    A shame as he was brilliant when he came down South with us in 1982…’counted em all out and counted em all in’


  43. Roxana Cooper says:

    As I have pointed out on many previous occasions the Palestinians could have had Gaza, most of the West Bank and east Jerusalem for a capital if they’d accepted the deal brokered by President Clinton five years ago.

    It will be interesting to see what effect the Gaza pull out has. IMO the most likely result is an immediate resurgence of violence as the Palestinians try to take advantage of what they percieve as weakness – this is after all the way they’ve responded to all past concession. If this *doesn’t* happen maybe I’ll start believing the ‘two state’ solution can work…Maybe.


  44. Roxana Cooper says:

    PS: I note nobody is questioning the necessity of removing the settlers, obviously it is widely accepted that remaining as citizens of the new Palestinian state is not an option.

    Israel can have Moslem citizens but Palestine can’t have Jewish citizens. Of course this attitude is quite all right since the Jews are ‘colonialists’ otherwise it would be ethnic cleansing.


  45. Susan says:

    The “Justice4Jean” campaign leader is a political assistant for George Galloway:


  46. Teddy Bear says:

    PS: I note nobody is questioning the necessity of removing the settlers, obviously it is widely accepted that remaining as citizens of the new Palestinian state is not an option.
    Yes, they’re about as welcome as a turd in the swimming pool.

    Israel can have Moslem citizens but Palestine can’t have Jewish citizens. Of course this attitude is quite all right since the Jews are ‘colonialists’ otherwise it would be ethnic cleansing.
    Roxana Cooper | 20.08.05 – 3:23 pm

    Funny they don’t see it that way when it’s applied to Mugabe ousting the white farmers, but then this is how we know the extent of BBC bias.


  47. Allan@Aberdeen says:

    The BBC’s coverage of the death of de Meneses is causing me smile a bit, notwithstanding the shocking circumstances of that young man’s demise. Ian Blair is the most PC ‘policeman’ ever appointed as Chief of the Metropolitan Police. He is one of the BBC’s own, but he’s being pursued by a group of (even more?) PC human rights lawyers, including the execrable Gareth Peirce (for American readers, this is a woman who was recently lauded for her services to islam – you get the drift, and she has frequent interviews on Radio 4). Yet, when listening to the BBC’s coverage, there’s no clear angle, certainly not as many demands for resignation as would have been broadcast had a real policeman (one who wants to catch criminals) been the Chief of the Met. The BBC will soon swing one way or the other, but they are on the horns of their own dilemma.


  48. Teddy Bear says:

    Just read on Reuters that the Met plan to maintain their ‘shoot to kill’ policy when faced with certain situations that appear to warrant it, with only minor changes. No mention of it so far on the BBC website, but I’m willing to bet they will take a ‘tut-tut’ stance on it when they eventually do.


  49. Lurker in a Burqua says:

    Yes, the great BBC have yet to accept that you cannot make omlettes without breaking eggs.

    You can however fund a biased and bloated broadcaster by breaking a butterfly on a wheel.

    Useless Leftie Tossers.


  50. Allan@Aberdeen says:

    From a link on House of Dumb blogsite:

    From the above, one reads that Commander Cressida Dick, she who ordered the events leading to the killing of Jean de Meneses was in charge of racial compliance (or whatever) in the Met and bewailed that the Met was still ‘institutionally racist’ – a 10 on the PC-Richter scale. No wonder the BBC hasn’t been pointing a finger of accusation in her direction. She may soon discover that it’s a new world now and the blogs will out her.