More jobs for ‘paper shufflers’ at the BBC

The Daily Telegraph reports:

More jobs for ‘paper shufflers’ at the BBC

By Amy Iggulden

(Filed: 29/08/2005)

The BBC is continuing to advertise for more than three times as many administrators and managers as programme-makers despite promising that job losses of almost 4,000 would lead to a new focus on creativity.

Of the 44 jobs available at the corporation, as of August 25, at least 40 per cent are in business support and management while 11 per cent are in programme-making.

Mark Thompson, the director-general of the BBC, has said that savings of £355 million, to be achieved through outsourcing and the biggest job cuts in its history, are to be spent on programmes.

But union representatives and politicians raised fears that the continued recruitment of “paper shufflers” and managers indicated that cuts would unfairly affect programme-makers and leave an overstaffed bureaucracy.

Among other jobs currently advertised is that of “occupational risk adviser”, at a salary of up to £41,000.

Reporting to a “principle risk manager”, and through him to yet another tier of management, the “head of occupational risk”, the adviser is asked to provide advice on “systems of work, objectives and plans for the management of security and safety risk”.

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20 Responses to More jobs for ‘paper shufflers’ at the BBC

  1. dan says:

    It appears that all those BBC employees are suffering from a mass delusion.

    Peter Fincham, BBC One’s controller said that if it was forced to abandon all repeats, BBC One might be forced to fill its airtime with programmes that “neither aim high enough nor succeed often enough”.,,170-1754898,00.html

    How can Fincham possibly think that the current output meets that aim? For example there appears to be a dozen programmes a week that involve people trying to sell household junk at auctions or car boot sales.


  2. dan says:

    Posted above too soon. It appears that Fincham realises that he is broadcasting crap, at least during the evening. He shouls look at the daytime programming & decide a blank screen & money saved would be better value to the licence payers than the present moving wallpaper.,,170-1754900,00.html

    BBC One shows too many ordinary programmes and must kick an addiction to ratings, its new Controller has admitted.

    Peter Fincham promised that Britain’s leading channel would focus on “aspirational and inspirational programmes”, and drop tired genres and a nightly battle with ITV1 over viewing figures


  3. espresso says:

    So the BBC is employing more “bureaurocrats” and fewer so-called “programme makers.”

    Finally some good news out of the BBC.

    Eventually they’ll have no resources to make any programmes. Sounds good to me!


  4. dan says:

    THE BBC wants to sell music on its website, exploiting the commercial opportunity afforded by its vast viewing and listening audience.,,170-1754765,00.html

    This beast is really out of control.

    It uses a tax payer operation to provide a platform to drive commercial operators out of the market.

    As nearly admitted by its bosses, it does not provide distinctive programmes. It seems we are forced to pay £126pa in order that some people can watch their soap uninterrupted by adverts.

    The BBC is an anachronism, but no politicians seem able to notice.


  5. AW says:

    Yes and there’s plenty of useful idiots who’ll spread their irrational belief that £126 offsets the presence of adverts.


  6. JohninLondon says:

    The BBC refers to Cindy Sheehan every day – eg that dreadful Justin Webb story. But this is a manufactured media fuss – there are virtually no protestors down at Crawford near Bush’s ranch. With the city of Waco with 100,000 people just a few miles away.

    These pieces show the miniscule scale of the protestors. The first piece mentions Joe Trippi who has manufactured a lot of the PR.

    Guess who Nesnight interviewed to give his view on the US political scene and Sheehan ? You got it – Joe Trippi. Guys like Trippi know they can manipulate gullible liberal softies like the BBC. And the BBC then tries to pull the same con trick on its global audience.

    And lgf has some pictures to show what a fraud the whole Crawford circus is :


  7. richard says:

    best keep the target before our eyes.
    scrap the television tax of 126 pounds.we are paying against our will and we are frustrated that we cannot do anything about it.

    my good wishes to all.


  8. Simon says:

    More paper shufflers are not a surprise. The BBC, like all branches of government is hiring many people to do non-jobs. When the money pours in to the BBC like an avalanche, hiring useless staff is one of the things that happen. I think we’re stuck with the BBC. Like the EU and the UN, it’s one of those twentieth century ‘good’ ideas that has past its sell by date. Too many influential people derive money and a sense of importance from these organisations, so their survival is guaranteed, at least in the short to medium term.


  9. dan says:

    After all the fun the BBC had with Rumfeld’s “unknown unknowns”, I am surprised that I can’t find any coverage of this –

    Lord Razzall rides to the rescue. His key recommendations to Mr Kennedy are as follows:

    “1) We must agree a narrative (to use the word coined by Peter Mandelson) and we must remember that a narrative is not the same as a theme or a slogan.

    2) We need to revisit our themes, which are not the same as the narrative and not the same as a slogan.

    3) We need to develop a new slogan and must not make the mistake of confusing the slogan with the themes or the narrative.”,,170-1754800,00.html

    But then the BBC would not seek to ridicule the LibDems (perhaps they don’t need to. Boom,boom)


  10. Rob Read says:

    To everyone who pays the TV-Tax.

    Please don’t. Look into ways such as moving your TV upstairs/out of view from publicly accesable land, and DON’T fund the monstrosity. Do not respond in any way shape or form to the TVLA or it’s representatives.


  11. AW says:

    Can’t they get a warrant to enter premises?

    If not, you still need to not be in rented accomodation as your landlord could let them in.


  12. IB says:

    Glad to see the fee is being well spent. Time to turn off and tune out me thinks.

    Play golf, or go running, forget TV..


  13. IB says:

    Here’s one for you: will the Horatio Nelson tribue/ re-enactment of his funeral be broadcast live/ shown on TV on the 16th Sept?

    Or will it be “forgotten”.. “who was that english gentleman we can’t have him on tv he was a “racist” and killed french/ spanish not to mention spoke with a posh accent and didnt fit the BBC’s guide of who to show on tv”

    when they say PC Guide they arent referring to your home computer..


  14. Rob Read says:

    “Can’t they get a warrant to enter premises?”

    Only if they have proof you have a TV. Just don’t incriminate yourself.

    Your landlord certainly can’t just show people around the flat you rent! Also at least 24 hours notice are needed before coming round.


  15. JohninLondon says:

    Channel 4 has been doing some excellent programmes on Nelson nd Trafalgar this week. Last night’s drama-documentary on the Victory’s surgeon dring the battle was interesting, dramatic and fairly poignant. A bit of quality TV.

    Yes Channel 4. Not the British BC.

    The BBC’s remit from Day 1 was to “inform, educate and entertain”. It is failing lamentably most evenings.


  16. Big Mouth says:

    Speaking of money, what in the hell did al-beeb create Radio 5 for? Perhaps all the sports crap should be confined to it so there can be more time for biased rubbish news.
    Also on the subject of cash, when the bbc “reports” on the Big Easy disaster, why don’t they mention how all the slime-ball nations who were helped by the US in their times of need would never think of reciprocating, not that Americans would ask. But wouldn’t it be nice if just once the Wahabis in Arabia at least made an offer of some of their oil trillions? For that matter how about this British monarchy paying back some of the billions in post-war aid from America with at least a token gesture of help?


  17. Joe Jacey says:

    Slightly OT but would the terrorist-lovers at the BBC ever carry this story?
    A federal court in the US has frozen all the assets held by the Palestinian Authority (PA) in the country.
    The ruling by the court in Rhode Island comes after the authority failed to compensate relatives of a Jewish couple shot dead by Hamas militants in 1996.

    Both the PA and Hamas were ordered to compensate the family, under a US law allowing suits against groups responsible for killing US citizens.

    The Palestinian envoy in Washington says the order paralyses his office.

    The PA’s assets in the US are reported to be worth at least $1.3bn.


  18. Alan says:

    What is happening at the BBC merely mirrors what’s happening elswhere in New Labour Land.

    Take a peek at some of the useless jobs on offer in the NuLab bible, The Guardian.

    Hundreds of thousands of extra public servants have been taken on, you know, the outreach workers, diversity officers, and eat-five-pieces-of-fruit-a-day resource practitioners.

    All on good salaries, all in jobs for life, and all looking forward to one of the most generous pension schemes available – because you and I are paying for it, thanks.

    All good news for New Labour, of course, because it is in effect buying votes by acting as employer to one in four of the working population, and as nanny to the rest who don’t work.

    So it’s only natural that the Beeb does what any New Labour organisation – er – I mean public service broadcaster does…and that is spend money on more useless jobs.

    Trouble is, we’re forking out for it.


  19. steve jones says:

    Joe, it’s covered, same wording as your citation


  20. Proud to be British says:

    I am proud to be British and white and travelled the world working with numerous races, religions and cultures. But, I am not proud to be British under this Communist plotting New Labour Government.

    I wonder how many jobs wil be given to the 92.8% white-British population according to the 2001 British Government census. Then how many will be given to the white-British male who made up roughly 46% of the same census.

    Ironic that Commnuist Comrade G Brown now wants a British patriotism day while mentioning the drive to rid Britain of fascism. Funny how he does not also mention the drive to rid Britain of Communism, but then he would be out of a job and the BBC would need to replace most of its workforce.

    Without doubt the smartest people in Great Britain today are the canny Scots. Afterall they have dumped the majority of their natural waste on us here in Westminster.