There is no romance to Ha(mass) killers

Please could someone tell Jim Muir. He doesn’t seem to have a clue. He’s unapologetic about it though.

Look, we’ve had the tears for Arafat episode. How many times does the BBC need to hear that they are notto take sides?

Where to start, where Muir gives us the film-set intro or where he describes the origins of Hamas’ success as being among ‘men of undoubted and bearded piety’?

Right there, I’m angry. Does Muir not know what happened to men who couldn’t (or wouldn’t) grow beard in Afghanistan, another land of men of ‘undoubted and bearded piety’?

According to the BBC’s beloved, Amnesty, ‘Men whose beard or hair length was found not to conform with Taleban regulations were beaten, often with metal cables.’

That’s the piety of radical Islam. It’s only a bad novelist who would pretend otherwise.

But hang on a moment, is Muir implying that the movement was essentially launched through Israeli injustice in the 90’s (a vague backdrop never clearly explained)? He doesn’t bother to mention that the ‘spiritual’ leader Yassin registered it in 1978! Romance, combined with anti-factualism.

Also, against this heroic backdrop, what does it mean to talk about the ‘relatively benign’ Muslim Brotherhood. Relative to what?

And what does it mean, in what time frame, to say ‘as the situation worsened’? There is no reference point for this vaguely described trend. He surely can’t he mean as Bill Clinton bent over backwards to give the Palestinians what they wanted (excepting the destruction of Israel) through the Oslo process?

And, for Muir’s information, sending homicide bombers to kill civilians doesmake them a terrorist organisation, and not just to the eye.

The numerical argument to justify the Palestinians endorsement of this (which, btw, Muir does not acknowledge) is scandalous. Does Muir not realise that there is a crucial difference at work in the calculations- there is no definition of a Palestinian soldier from which to identify civilian deaths? Even Palestinian women and children have been suicide bombers (and I’d be interested to know, by the way, whether the bombers themselves get counted as Palestinian casualties). One theory I hold to is that the Israelis are just far more competent soldiers, so fewer get killed. Furthermore, when Palestinian suicide bombers attack, they go for cafes, buses, the kind of place only civilians are: Israeli military casualties indicate failure due to interception (at least regarding the dominant means of murdering, suicide bombing). The opposite is the case for Israelis offensives against Palestinians, where civilian casualties are a major propaganda defeat. Muir is so uninformative it is quite literally unreal.

There was no justification for a vote for the murderers. That is the only defence the Palestinians have: that of lack of choice. Which makes a mockery of Muir’s last sentence, ‘And many Arab regimes, on which Yasser Arafat modelled his Palestinian set-up, must also be shuddering at the thought of what might happen if real democracy is let loose on them.’

I could go on. A dozen or so brazen lies demand hundreds of points of refutation; that’s the nature of a real lie. But hopefully people in the comments will continue the work. Fisks away! (there’s so much more to say! And thank you, too, because I’m not sure I’d have found this Muir fabrication without comments- especially DFH, whose excellent blog also makes its point).

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  1. Nick (South Africa) says:

    Not a well written post at all. Way too ‘in’. That is to say the writer assumes the reader understands where he/ she is coming from.

    Take the first paragraph; it tells me zip, it’s reads like a section of the introduction has been deleted.

    Clearer writing please.


  2. Pounce says:

    You think Muirs bad.
    I’m currently reading ‘Six days’ by Jeremy B****.
    (If I had known he was BBC I wouldn’t have bothered)
    In it ,all Jews are duplicitous, All Arabs are brave, tired, but brave.
    The USS liberty was destroyed by the joos.(Really?)
    The Arabs had crap kit. Yeah right.
    And the Joos had all the best kit.
    (Err Jeremy the so called obsolete IS-3M Stalin tanks came out in 1945. The modern Israeli Centurion came out in…. 1945)
    Lastly it’s ok calling the Palestine areas such as Gaza and the west bank as occupied. But why only when the Israelis and it. History shows that both areas were occupied by Egypt and Jordan from 1947 to 1967. So why is it during that time they are classed as Egypt and Jordan. Why weren’t they occupied too?

    The book is nothing more than an excuse to rewrite history.


  3. Lurker says:

    Hamas was set up by the Israelis as a religious orientated group to counter the secular/nationalist threat of Arafat’s merry men. Its really not that long ago that Islam was seen as a spent force. Arab nationalism looked like the game back in the 60s & 70s. I presume they (Israel) are working on setting up a new group to counter Hamas, will be difficult though, clearly Arab nationalism is now the spent force.

    The JS3 was regarded as the most advanced tank in the world in 1945.

    USS Liberty – sorry, who disputes that it was attacked by the Israelis? The only debate can be whether it was deliberate or mistaken. There is no question it was attacked by the Israelis.


  4. Lurker says:

    Check this link on Hamas:

    It doesnt matter whether its origins were some lone nut fundamentalist, with the right nuturing he could build an organisation. Hamas can be seen in this light as a weapon against Arafat.


  5. Bryan says:

    Muir is yet another in a long list of writers for ‘From Your Own Convalescent’ who romanticize evil:

    taken without warning
    bundled across the border
    no flowers….”

    The problem is, no matter how much romantic deodorant Muir sprays on Hamas, they still stink.

    Then there’s this:

    “….survived an assassination attempt worthy of a cheap spy thriller.”

    Why “cheap?” Oh, I see. It’s because the assassination attempt was by the Israelis.

    Muir claims he “got to know” Hamas. Judging by his article, he doesn’t know the first thing about them.

    And he certainly doesn’t know that useful idiots like himself are expendable once they’ve served their purpose.

    Lurker, that article you linked to is propagandist crap.

    The Mossad “created” Hamas?

    Right, and I suppose next they’ll claim that Jews wrote the Koran and inspired Muslims to become Jew-killers.


  6. ed says:

    Thanks for your comment Nick.
    Maybe you’re right, though I think that the first paragraph merely invited you to follow the link and read for yourself. Classic definitions of good writing are somewhat impractical on the web. The fact is there a lot to be ‘in’ with (I don’t myself assume I am ‘in’, which may be one problem), and, to cover the issue at all, I felt I had to assume a)interest to become informed beyond just scanning my words or b)pre-existing acquaintance with the issues (as many in the comments demonstrate; I can’t actually remember your contributions well enough to know if you are among those people).

    But maybe you’re right. I was quite happy to spend my Saturday evening on other things, which I would gladly have done if I felt anyone else was going to write, even briefly, about this very important issue. I’d really prefer not to be posting a lot just now. I feel that it’s important though that somebody does when it concerns BBC bias as brazen as this.

    In my approach I feel that I have to pay close attention to the writing of the BBC journalist- since it’s a case of ‘j’accuse’- and I have to assume a diligent (and patient!) reader of my observations as a result. I have stated that I thought there was more to say; the subtext there is that I feel it could be put better, and I can assure you I take that seriously. The balance between all the demands I feel is a difficult one for me. Others have always been welcome to have a go as far as I am concerned (though as I did not initiate this blog and was not a founding member I have tended not to recruit writers myself).

    I can assure you I could write a damn sight ‘better’ (ie. classically informative writing) if I didn’t get so angry at the actual evil of writings like that of Muir. (Classically informative writing however is not a feature of the internet guerrila-style network I’ve encountered; the natural style of a website calling itself Biased-BBC, furthermore, is, to use a nasty word, ‘deconstructive’). I don’t know if you share any of that feeling, but your comment suggests you are out of sympathy with it. However, if I didn’t feel it I would just be writing some more self-entertaining stuff at some other place.

    Lurker: so what? I think the term ‘set up’ shows exactly why your point of view is pure prejudice. Nothing in this world is really ‘set up’, certainly not anything the Israelis could do with the Palestinians. I take it that you liked Muir’s article and I can understand why.


  7. Anonymous says:

    The Mossad “created” Hamas?

    Bryan – there is a school of thought which claims Mossad encouraged Hamas to split Fatah and curtail Arafat………….I would neither come down on one side or the other, in this region there is more shadow than light


  8. Grumpy Troll says:

    And I’d be interested to know, by the way, whether the bombers themselves get counted as Palestinian casualties.

    A BBC News report covering a Palestinian terrorist attack in Tel Aviv was stealth-edited in an interesting manner. The story was originally as follows.

    One person has died and at least 10 have been injured in a suicide bomb attack in the Israeli city of Tel Aviv.

    Notice that “one person” apparently “died”, that being the BBC News term for killing of Israelis. The report was later edited as follows.

    The bomber, the only person killed in the explosion, is said to have blown himself up next to a food stall near the city’s old bus station.

    The Palestinian suicide bomber was in fact the only person who died — sorry, was killed — in the explosion.

    I would not be surprised to learn that BBC News counts Palestinian suicide bombers in the tally of Palestinian casualties.


  9. Bryan says:

    Anonymous – there are always shadowy aspects to the politics of survival – especially in volatile areas like the Middle East.

    What I objected to was the implication that, if not for the encouragement of the Mossad, Islamic terrorists like Hamas would somehow have been ‘moderate’.

    100% of the blame for Islamic terror lies with the terrorists themselves.


  10. archduke says:

    there is a grain of truth in the “hamas created by mossad” meme. its classic a divide-and-conquer strategy, that over time, seriously backfired.

    if you go back to the 70s, we’re talking about the height of the Cold War (PLO were funded by the Soviets) – and in the 80s , the Mujahedeen in Afghanistan were funded by the CIA. So, this “hamas created by mossad” isnt beyond the realms of possibility. it’s obviously backfired horribly, but as a divide-and-conquer strategy , it probably made a lot of sense way back in the 1970s.


  11. archduke says:

    “100% of the blame for Islamic terror lies with the terrorists themselves”

    yes – i agree with that 100 per cent. this is now 2006 – what went on in the murky world of Mossad in the 1970s is just a historical footnote.


  12. Niko says:

    Pounce: May I recommend ‘Six Days of War’ by Oren. Thumping good read, breathtakingly researched and does its best not to be partial.

    As for the BBC article, do they really have a leg to stand on in claims of impartiality? That article is f**king romanticising a bunch of terrorists in to some type of victimised bunch of f**king saints.

    Unfortunately, I think the BBC may wedge its tongue even further up the ass of a bunch of murdering terrorist scum in the coming months. All in the pursuit of ‘impartiality’ of course.


  13. Anonymous says:

    100% of the blame for Islamic terror lies with the terrorists themselves.



  14. marc says:


    Tag, Biased BBC, you’re IT.

    ” An Arab Muslim boycott of one of their largest dairy exporters, Arla Foods, is under way, in addition to the usual death threats and childish whining.

    Support the cartoon anti-jihad and buy Danish products — Denmark is fighting the good fight for all of us Western people and our right to preserve our traditional, free and open cultures. Send an email message of support to Arla Foods’ website and to Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen:”

    See here for details and help spread the word of support to the Danes for standing up to Muslim censorship.


  15. TAoL says:

    The link (buried under “doesn’t seem to have a clue”) appears not to exist.

    Oi oi. Is Mossad up to its dirty tricks again?


  16. Ann says:


    HAMAS states they are one of wings of the Muslim Brotherhood.(Article 2)

    HAMAS in their own words.

    Then check out Article 27:
    “The PLO is among the closest to the Hamas, for it constitutes a father, a brother, a relative, a friend.”


    This is their own website and charter.


  17. Bob says:

    Nick in S. Africa:
    DO try to keep up. If you’ve been following the previous threads. Or even if not, and you’re in any way au fait with BBC propaganda you shd know who this Muir guy is and what he wrote. If not, use the link.
    Wake up you dozy fu**er


  18. dave t says:


    Careful…Nick is ex Royal Marines and is very hungry at times….


  19. pounce says:

    Thank you for your reply.
    To expand a little further on my interests.
    I am an ex military man who is interested in weapon systems and past battles.
    (Sad I know)
    When the author of a tome paints a picture of inferiority of a weapon system which was superior to the one it faced then I’m sure you’ll agree that some bais is at work here.
    I never disputed the USS liberty was attacked. I disputed how he states it was destroyed. It wasn’t. For somebody to quote the ship was destroyed sends an entirely different message from what actually transpired.
    Niko, thank you for the tip I will have a butchers.


  20. jx says:

    correct link is now

    havn’t seen the original so it could well have been stealthed


  21. Lurker says:

    I shouldnt have used the term “set up”, too simplistic.

    I dont know that Israel helped Hamas along when it was still a fledgling group, anymore than anyone else who is not a member of Mossad or Hamas knows they didnt.

    Pounce – I was backing up your statement re the JS3 mate! These days with tanks, absolute quality is only an issue in pure tank-on-tank battles. In every conflict, without true tank battles, since WW2 you could use T34s or Shermans and the outcome would be little different.

    I didnt realise the guy was claiming that the Liberty was destroyed, I would take that to mean sunk. However it was very badly damaged…


  22. xj says:

    Lest we forget, Hamas is officially listed as a terrorist organisation (and not just by the US; by the EU), and its statement of beliefs is full of gems like “There is no solution for the Palestinian question except through Jihad”. By praising this bunch of wannabe genocides the BBC has sunk to new lows.


  23. Rob says:

    The poster “n_evil” seems to have a lot of his opinions posted on the BBC’s (Don’t) Have Your Say forums. With entries like the one below (regarding the trial of the mass murderer, Saddam), I can see why:

    “He cannot have a fair trial because he HAS
    to be found guilty.

    Putting him on trial and finding him guilty
    has nothing to do with justice.
    It’s more to do with justifying the invasion of
    a foreign country. And making sure to discredit
    any testimony concerning how our western
    government were complicit in all his crimes.”

    [n_evil], Nice, France

    Recommended by 7 people

    Meat and drink to the BBC. I’m amazed only seven lunatics have recommended it. I would have thought there would be many more than that.


  24. Rick says:

    Putting him on trial and finding him guilty
    has nothing to do with justice.
    It’s more to do with justifying the invasion of
    a foreign country

    However noone in 1946 believed this Neo-Nazi line and Hermann Goering was one of several found guilty


  25. TAoL says:

    Yes, I can see why the BBC misses stories at the weekends. I mean, there are terribly important pieces of news to report, like this, on the News front-page:

    Ahhh, how sweeeeeet! Big-eared Andy chats to his mate big-bearded Dave; Big Beard tells Big Ears how wonderful things are between Messrs Blair and Brown and how spiffing the Labour Party is; BBC website reports this as ‘news’. Nary a dissenting voice to be heard.

    Thank heavens for the BBC!


  26. Rick says:

    Yes it makes for cheap television as Lord Jack Ashley (former Labour MP) whose daughter “Jackie” Ashley (note the Christian names !) writes in The Guardian the left wing slant that saw her produce Channel 4 “Power House” midday political programme in The Atrium – which must be a Westminster watering hole……………………well while she peddles her Left credentials there – her other half Andy “I love Mao MA (Cantab)” Marr gets to walk with the “greats” such as Blunkett “Is Kimberley with you ?” and question the great man on whether he too wishes he could change nappies like Big Boy Brown and Blathering Blair, or if he has stopped fathering children with other people’s wives.

    In view of the terminal rot at the core of the New Labour regime and doubts about it surviving until the next election, it is worth asking if the scenes shown in Gaza will be replayed in London as Sir Ian Blair and his boys occupy the parliament building for fear of being turfed out by a new regime


  27. Socialism is Necrotizing says:

    Nice going Rick!


  28. Rob says:

    The RoP attacking “the forces of oppression and occupation”:

    Or rather, maniacs trying to blow up churches.


  29. Anonymous says:

    The RoP attacking “the forces of oppression and occupation”:…ast/ 4660104.stm

    Or rather, maniacs trying to blow up churches.

    Why is Fallujah marked on the map the BBC uses to illustrate its page, but not Iskandariya?


  30. Sarge says:

    OT I know,
    but why was a recent bush fire during the summer in Australia deemed newsworthy (graphic footage of sweaty fire persons sprinkling water on fiery flames) when Europe and Asian countries are in the grip of icy weather, causing many casualties.
    The second snow laden roof collapse has to be aired but I would hazard a guess that coldness is not an issue while global warming stalks the world, (Apparently).


  31. Sarge says:

    We are being told that the recent elections in the ‘occupied territories’ where fair and democratic? Where are these media types from? You mean like a Hamas campaign representative knocks on your door and says, “We know where you live, cross this box here OK?”
    On the term ‘occupied territories’ I don’t think we referred to West Germany in this manner during the cold war, despite it having the best part of three major countries armies stationed on its soil.
    Is Checkyna occupied by Russians?, were the Baltic states occupied or part of the Soviet Union?, and of course there was Poland etc., always referred to as Communist Poland, not Russian occupied Polish Lands.
    Konisberg, once an important German port, is still in Russian hands because of its strategic importance, and whatever happened to Prussia?


  32. Sarge says:

    In 2005, the 750th anniversary of the Soviet/Russian city of Kaliningrad will be commemorated, in accordance with Vladimir Putin’s Presidential decree. However, it is only for the past 58 years that a city occupying Kaliningrad’s spatial co-ordinates has carried this particular name. Before 1946, the city of Königsberg occupied this space. Despite the best efforts of the Soviets to erase all signs of Königsberg’s presence in the area, through name changes, reconstruction and repopulation (Misiunas and Taagpera 1993; Oldberg 2000; Wörster 1985; 1995), the heritage of Königsberg is being appropriated by Kaliningrad’s inhabitants as they seek to define their place in Russia and Europe (Kostyashov et al 2002; Sezneva 2002).


  33. Rick says:

    but I would hazard a guess that coldness is not an issue while global warming stalks the world, (Apparently).

    Interestingly enough there is nowhere in Europe that requires regular inspections of flat-roofed commercial buildings. Once they pass building inspection after construction they are not required to be certified thereafter – maybe flat roofs are not a good idea since water tends to sit there in fluid or frozen form.

    Then again listening to BBC Radio 4 now I wonder if it is possible to have a day without Islam…………. BBC TV will probably turn their religious affairs broadcasting on the Christian Sabbath to Muslims as per usual.

    The Heaven and Earth Show
    Sun 29 Jan, 10:00 am – 11:00 am 60mins

    Bluegrass singer Alison Krauss performs live and tells Hannah Scott-Joynt about her beliefs. Simon Calder takes a trip round Lough Erne in Northern Ireland and finds out how the landscape has inspired Celtic spirituality. [S]

    Oh and while I’m looking – what is this utter rubbish ?

    The Mark Steel Lectures
    Sun 29 Jan, 10:30 pm – 11:00 pm 30mins

    Mark Steel goes to Switzerland to grapple with the fundamental nature of the Universe and Einstein’s dislike of socks. Mark reveals the great themes of Einstein’s life – the violin, determination, and an inability to remember where he lived. [S]


  34. Rick says:

    Mark Steel: When I was a television repair man I had a few jokes I’d learned off my brother when I was about seventeen and just used to try them out on people; and sometimes, obviously, they’re very annoyed when you can’t fix their TV and say,”I’m going to have to take it away and fix it”, so I tried the jokes out to calm them down, really.


  35. Henry says:

    Please read this and decide for yourself if Nick Griffin and Mark Collet should go to prison.If they had said Christianity was a vile, evil religion would the BBC have bothered secretly recording them.


  36. Grumpy Troll says:


    Can one keep a straight face when looking at the photograph of Donald Rumsfeld that Adam Brookes has chosen for the Propaganda section of his article US plans to ‘fight the net’ revealed? One has to admit that it is well selected for an article centred on the US military’s plans to “hypnotise” people through propaganda.


  37. Sarge says:

    That’s not Donald Rumsfeld, that’s Tomy Cooper, zazzazoom!


  38. archduke says:

    anyone catch any mention of Hamas declaring that they will impose Sharia Law on the BBC yet?


  39. Bryan says:

    er….by that do you mean that the BBC is going to be subject to Sharia law by Hamas?!

    That’d show ’em!


  40. Peregrine says:

    Re: Centurion vs JS3, my understanding from old soldiers, including my father, that used the Centurion is that they loved it and gave themselves every chance against Soviet tanks (was the JS3 the tank that was too slow to ever reach a battlefield?).

    Anyway the two tanks are hardly comparable having been designed to fulfill different roles.

    Re: Hamas, this is the first time I have ever felt sorry for the Palestinians. To be given a choice between corruption and madness is no choice at all. I can only see a continuation of low level conflict until at least the next election.


  41. Rob Read says:

    The French choose corruption and the Palis choose madness.

    Another blow for Chiraq?


  42. Hazel says:

    Actually, I can’t find Jim Muir’s article anymore, but there seems to be one by James Reynolds on the same topic of Hamas’ election victory.


  43. Rob Read says:

    Not biased, just bad journalism.

    If they have the original image, they should be able to work out from the size on the picture, how far each plane was from the ground and thus from each other.

    It doesn’t take a genius to realise that 2.5 miles is NOT the seperation. (I seem to remember that the min vertical seperation was 500m which is still iffy IMHO)


  44. Allan@Aberdeen says:

    Does anyone have any material relating to the academic backgound of the UK’s police chiefs? I want to know how many of them have qualifications in (non-)fields such as sociology, social studies etc. In other words, what is the source of their failure/unwillingness to tackle crime?


  45. Sarge says:

    what is the source of their failure/unwillingness to tackle crime?

    Early on in their careers they sniffed the way the wind was blowing then followed the scent to their goal of high office. In order to reach these dizzy heights they have to have their brain removed, you can’t see the scar as it is just below the collar.
    At the moment to get to the top you have to out politically correct your opponent, hence the latest drivel from the commissioner about institutionally racist press and newspapers not giving black and Asian murders sufficient coverage.
    He scored his point and the subsequent apology over Soham a small sacrifice apparently to pay in order to keep on top. My guess is he is apparently courting support from the PC crowd before he gets roasted over the Brazilian death.
    With the powerful support of the PC lobby he may just get slightly toasted.
    On this upward journey of promotion it is usual to have spent time at Bramshill Staff College.

    Centrex may be helpful.


  46. Rob Read says:

    Just WHO in the U.K. (outside Islington) supports PC?

    I cannot undertand the pull of this self-contradictory and dangerous “religion”…


  47. Rick says:

    I want to know how many of them have qualifications in (non-)fields such as sociology, social studies etc. In other words, what is the source of their failure/unwillingness to tackle crime?

    The Home Office

    Chief Constables are puppets – they serve a limited time and can be removed by the Home Secretary (see Humberside). Imagine if George Bush could replace police chiefs in major US cities and reorganise states………………

    The Home Office has similar powers to those gained by the NSDAP through The Enabling Act in 1933 – they then proceeded to reorganise German states into “Gau” each with a “Gauleiter”

    The Prussian State Police under Hermann Goering took control of all regional police forces and the “Secret State Police” or “Gestapo” intedgrated into the RSHA (Reichs Central Security Authority) under Heinrich Himmler controlled both Secrect Police and uniformed police forces nationally.

    Read Hannah Arendt – they then created camps for teenagers and incarcerated youth offenders.

    Himmler would reorganize the German police system and form a new security police. Under the former Weimar Republic, the police had been divided in to two branches: the administrative police and the executive police. The executive police was then divided into four major enforcement and political branches: (1) the Kripo(crime); (2) the Schupo (urban constabulary); the political police, and the gendarmerie. Himmler split off from this executive police the two more important branches – the criminal police and the political police – and formed the security police (Sipo), added the newly obtained Gestapo, and place them under Heydrich. The rest he left to Kurt Dalugue and meged them into a new Ordnungspolizei (the ordinary police [Orpo])………………..

    By 1939, the SS was organized in to four major branches: (1) the General SS, consisting largely of part-timers who combined their regular occupations with evening and weekend service in the SS on a voluntary basis; (2) the SD or Security Service; (3) the SS Military Formations, later renamed the Waffen SS; (4) the concentration camp guard units named Death’s Head Units. That year, the state police and Gestapo agencies were all merged under one roof, administered by Heydrich and called the Reich main Security Office (Reichssicherheitshauptamt [RSHA]).


  48. dave t says:

    The ‘mad motor mullah’ of North Wales speaks:

    Chief Constable Richard Brunstom

    What do you like most about your role?
    The ability to make a difference personally and the power, of course. Serving the people not a factor? Then again the power comes in handy when your daughter gets caught speeding…

    Which role has been your favourite within North Wales Police?
    Chief Constable. I’m very unusual in that I have held all three Chief Officer ranks (Assistant Chief, Deputy Chief and Chief Constable) in one force. Without doubt, being the boss is best!

    What is the most exciting development on-going within North Wales Police?
    Getting government approval on the Safety Camera Scheme. This will save lots and lots of lives on our roads and I played a big part in making it happen. So cutting crime not important then?

    What has been your funniest moment as an Officer?
    As a dare, I agreed to direct traffic in central Brighton in full uniform and a gorilla mask. The very first car that I stopped contained the Chief Constable!
    Another time, while very vainly admiring my reflection in a shop window one night, I discovered that I had been under observation for some minutes by a crowd of youths who were almost paralysed with laughter. Unfortunately the ground resolutely refused to open up and swallow me.

    What is the strangest arrest you’ve ever made?
    Having fallen asleep in a small ’police box’ in Brighton, I woke up and staggered out into the street, terrified of being found out by the Sergeant. I then literally fell on top of two passing pedestrians whose hands were full of swag. We all fell in a heap on the pavement, but I recovered my wits first and made the arrests.

    What is your pet hate?
    Laziness. See above..
    Who would be your role model and why?
    Sir Robert Mark, one-time Commissioner of Police in London because he made a difference. We have too many managers in The Police, and too few leaders. I hope I’m one of the latter – but that’s for others to judge.

    He is most proud of passing his GCSE in Welsh…not cutting crime. Did I mention he doesn’t care about cutting crime? THIS is what passes for a Chief Constable nowadays….bring back Robocop!


  49. Socialism is Necrotizing says:

    Cameron and the Beeb


  50. Mark says:

    Re : … if they had said Christianity was a vile, evil religion would the BBC have bothered secretly recording them.

    Of course not – the Beeb seems to like plugging Christian-haters like Richard Dawkins and Philip Pullman …