Green Helmet rides again.

Michael Medved (presumably this Michael Medved whom I didn’t know until today was also this Michael Medved) writes:

I would like to send you the following link from the BBC:

“Lebanon’s president castigates UN”

“Showing a picture of a child killed in the conflict, Mr Lahoud asked: “How
many, children like this one here are going to die because nobody does anything for them?”

It’s interesting to notice that the photo shows nobody else but the notorious “Green Helmet”, carrying the same (freshly or for a long time)dead children relentlessly into the cameras over and over again at different locations in Lebanon.”

Green Helmet was first spotted by Richard North of EU Referendum. Here’s a You Tube clip of GH at work.

I am a kindly soul and I did wonder if it were not over-demanding to expect the BBC to zoom in and comment on some bit of paper in the hand of a national leader present at a UN meeting. Then again, they managed to zoom in and comment on this, so why not?

By the way, hello again. I have about a squidgzillion other emails in my in box. Some of them might even get posted.

UPDATE: Actually, it turns out that it’s a different Michael Medved. The Michael Medved whose email is quoted above writes that he is often mistaken for the US talk show host, and “I kind of got used to it :-)”

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