I wonder who the BBC want to win

I’ve written before about the strange things you can read over at the Radio Times website. Well tonight, between 7.30 and 10, there is going to be an extremely unusual football match.
I wonder who the BBC want to win.

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  1. Abandon ship! says:

    Heard on PM last night with regard to the British sailors held in Iran(paraphrased):

    Interviewee: “We have to be very careful about the situation, given the way the Americans are behaving at the moment.”

    Mair: No response. No challenge.

    So, we have to be careful because of what the Americans are doing, not because of what the Iranians have done, and it doesn’t even cross the mind of beeboids like Mair that there might be something slightly unbalanced in this point of view.


  2. Tom says:

    The link doesn’t work but I assume you are referring to the Italy v Scotland match.

    Why speculate on which team the BBC maybe supporting? It serves no purpose, demonstrates nothing and will only highlight commenter bias but certainly not the BBC’s.


  3. Peter Briffa says:

    It works on my pc. Got to Radiotimes.com
    and click on “Match of the Day Live”.

    It isn’t Italy v Scotland, it’s another, more dramatic confrontation.


  4. Abandon ship! says:

    Sorry, thought this was the general thread.

    As for the result of the game? As Beeboids know, you only have to consult The Protocols to know what happened.

    Why, here is an evil Rabbi casting a spell on the match ball so that it cannot enter the Zionist net:



  5. TheCuckoo says:

    When I follow the links, I end up with this:



    Match of the Day Live Wednesday 28 March

    7:30pm – 10:00pm


    MI5 takes on the Arab terrorists

    Gabby Logan presents live coverage of Scotland’s Euro 2008 qualifier against world champions Italy in Bari. Scotland have made an encouraging start to their qualifying campaign but face their toughest test yet in only the second match in charge for new manager Alex McLeish. Italy initially struggled in their early qualifiers, drawing with Lithuania and losing to France. However, the Italians have won every previous game against the Scots on home soil, only once conceding a goal.

    VIDEO Plus+: 153916

    Subtitled, Widescreen

    Add to Your Programmes


    So what’s all that about MI5 and arab terrorists???


  6. Bryan says:

    Anyone interested in the gross anti-England bias of the allegedly British Broadcasting Corporation need only look at its “reporting” on the 2006 FIFA World Cup. The BBC leaned so hard towards England’s opponents such as Trinidad and Tobago, Paraguay and Ecuador that it practically fell over.

    Now one can understand reporters wanting to be even-handed and not come out too strongly for the England side out of a sense of fair play, but they actually left no doubt whatsoever that they were supporting England’s opponents. It’s even possible that their disgraceful display of bias had a negative effect on the performance of the team.

    The whole bunch of agenda-driven subversives needs to be dismantled and shoved into the dustbin of history. The sooner the better.


  7. Peter Briffa says:

    Thanks, Alan. I’ve corrected it.


  8. Peter Briffa says:

    And guess what? Somebody’s changed it. Apparently it’s going to be Italy v Scotland, after all.
    I suspect it will be just as violent.


  9. TheCuckoo says:

    Drat! I was looking forward to that.


  10. 808tet says:

    BBC, football commentary and biase. So true.

    Remember the BBC’s commentary when Man Spew last won the title, playing a lowly and struggling Soton in the Prem a few years ago. The BBC had Man U down to win that game before any player had even set foot on the pitch. The same with Chelsea and Coppell’s mighty Reading in the Cup.

    It’d be funny if it wasn’t so predictable.


  11. IngSoc is Doublethink. says:

    I’m a Bournemouth fan so there is no chance of any decent coverage….


  12. Jonathan Cambridge says:

    The interesting thing is that the BBC hardly ever says “Arab terrorists” without quotation marks or the usual, nauseating “alleged” (search the BBC website). I wonder how it got on there?


  13. Sarah says:

    “Interviewee: “We have to be very careful about the situation, given the way the Americans are behaving at the moment.””

    Said about some other groups, this would be deemed what we call “inciting racial hatred.”

    Which is fine, apparently, for the BBC as far as Americans are concerned.


  14. 808tet says:


    You’re being ‘biased’ against by the BBC on all fronts then. You poor b*gger.


  15. Ralph says:

    The Radio Times seems to have realised they made a kistake, shame I captured it:



  16. commenter says:

    On News 24: Beeb interview Craig Murray (former ambassador to Uzbekistan) who castigates the UK govt for their ‘bellicose’ attitude in the Iranian hostage situation, and the ‘whipping up of jingoistic feeling’ by same govt.

    Craig Murray – maritime territorial waters expert?

    More likely Craig Murray – guaranteed to stick the book into “Bliar and his cronies”.


  17. Richard says:

    I had respect for Craig Murray until he started talking crap. It makes you suddenly wonder whether he has a legitimate grievance, or whether he was sacked for being a fruitloop. I hate Blair, but I do so for sound reasons.


  18. Biodegradable says:

    I guessed Israel beat Estonia because I had to look really hard on the BBC web site to find the result.

    4 – 0

    Mazeltov! :+:


  19. will says:

    Craig Murray also turned up on Channel4 News’s lefty relation More4.

    “Craig Murray – maritime territorial waters expert?”

    Seems so, he negotiated a boundary agreement between France & the Channel Islands.

    Murray says that the UK government definition of the Iraq/Iran boundary is tosh as it has never been agreed between the 2 nations.

    Some of the media are keen to hear all this from him, as they stive to ignore the fact that Iran has no right to detain our sailors irrespective of boundary disputes.


  20. Ben Hur says:

    So what do the British REALLY think about the Iran situation? I don’t like filtered news.

    Ben Hur



  21. moonbat nibbler says:

    Notably the BBC had two separate teams of commentators in Italy and talking heads in studios for this game.

    It was a dilemna for the beeboids though.

    Show the Scottish broadcast in England and the English would be amazed at how patriotic the Scottish BBC is for its team.

    On the flipside there’d have been more than a bit of verbal outrage if they broadcast the English, “Del Piero can I bend over for you”, commentary in Scotland.

    The solution was to waste taxpayers money, of course!


  22. Fabio P.Barbieri says:

    As it turns out, if British patriotism was to be stimulated, it was by the match nobody broadcast – Northern Ireland vs.Sweden, in which the minnows of the North brought down a prestigious and much stronger team. Just goes to show, doesn’t it?

    P.S.: Moonbat Nibbler, if I ever find a British journalist or commenter who ever treats Italy fairly for any reason, let alone flatters us, I will pay you drinks for thirty-one successive days at a pub of your choice. I exclude rugby from this.


  23. Anonymous says:

    “So what do the British REALLY think about the Iran situation?”

    Something fishy going on there…..why did’nt they repel the “kidnapping”…we’re talking about Marines….or did a massive Iranian Warship “sneak up” on them?…….

    My geuss is that they were orded by Blair/Labour NOT to engage the Iranians…….limp wristed repsonse, a sign of weakness?

    or they were “allowed” to get themselves captured in an attempt to “give us an excuse” to go and slap Iran pretty hard….mainly by bombing their reactors.

    I get a funny feeling that Irans navy would not have done this to US Marines……or they would have been sunk to the botom…

    Britian is now seen as weak…..much thanks to the BBC for that, for portraying an image of weakness/limp wristed PC-ness around the world.


  24. Robbiekeane says:

    Fabio, the NI game was on BBC2 NI and very enjoyable it was too!


  25. Archonix says:

    My geuss is that they were orded by Blair/Labour NOT to engage the Iranians

    Hit the nail right on the head. RN rules of engagement in the gulf consist of the follow:

    No shooting. Ever.

    It’s to prevent “incidents” that might “provoke” Iran. EU Referendum has some more information on the subject, along with a curious tidbit that the BBC resolutely refused to broadcast.


  26. The Fat Contractor says:

    Biodegradable | 28.03.07 – 9:08 pm |
    The day after the Andorra match and I had to look in a non-story about the trainer not answering questions (sorry – walking out of) at a press conferance to find the England score.

    You’d think a home teams previous night’s score would have been on the front page wouldn’t you?


  27. terry johnson says:

    From the “things I never thought I’d see”…

    this is the chosen HYS comment currently on Al-Beeb’s Middle East Headlines page..

    Setting a date on troop withdrawl is not only a poor decision but may even further endanger our troops
    Holly Gunter, Jackson, USA”

    How did that one slip thru the net ? How long will it stay up ? I’m guessing it will be gone by afternoon prayers on Al-Beeb’s Holy day on Friday….