Near the end of last night’s BBC Ten O’Clock News

reporter John Kay spent more than two minutes on a jocular report searching in vain (on a nice sunny day out) for a place in Cornwall called Porthemmet – a spoof news report about a spoof tourist destination, also covered by BBC Views Online, Shock for visitors to fake beach (another fine example of Views Online headline writing).

Sadly, neither the Ten O’Clock News nor BBC Views Online were able to find room, even in passing, for an amusing story from the Telegraph so much more redolent of life in contemporary Britain: Asylum seekers ‘enter UK in Tony Blair’s car’ – a touching tale of the Dear ex-Leader’s new taxpayer funded £100,000 armoured BMW 7-series, arriving from abroad complete with its own crack team of four asylum-seekers accompanying it.

Heartwarming stuff. I can’t think why it escaped the BBC’s notice.

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10 Responses to Near the end of last night’s BBC Ten O’Clock News

  1. Anonymous says:

    Can’t find it on BBC Online either. I wonder why they would exclude such a juicy story?


  2. backwoodsman says:

    In the 0535 am ‘news briefing’ there was a 5 second mention of Conservative council election gains which may give gordon brown pause for thought. Then nothing , story disapears from the radio.


  3. Martin says:

    Perhaps because those 4 are now working at the BBC writing the News?


  4. JohnN says:

    haha, funny story, I wonder why that wasn’t reported. I would say that wouldn’t be fair, but the BBC, doesn’t always play fair now does it?


  5. Larry Gavin says:

    But the worst crime was – the fictitious Cornwall beach story was just so lame!
    The Internet is full of stuff like that. So what? – come on now – and I must have missed the story of my partner’s mature female students having their cars stolen by handing over the keys with guns being pressed to their necks in the local college car park….


  6. dave t says:

    More to the flaming point why is Blair not driving round in a BRITISH car?

    Bet Cherie uses the damm thing more than Blair does anyway.


  7. Robin says:

    If they try to levy a fine on the driver of the lorry that brought it in, and he says he cant or wont pay, Immigration can impound the vehicle and its load.


  8. Oliver Cromwell says:

    Why were people coming from Germany to seek asylum ? Is there a war there that no one has told me about ?
    I do not mind genuine asylum seekers coming here but not via Germany.


  9. Andrew says:

    Oliver, they were probably coming via France, but it makes no difference to your point about people passing through so many safe countries to get to over-crowded, over-taxed, over-generous Britain.


  10. benj says:

    the “shock for visitors to fake beach” headline wouldn’t diliberately have the word “fake” in it to croud out search engine results for the terms “fake” and “bbc” would it?

    It’s not like there’s anything they might want to hide…

    I wonder if there’s been an increase of headlines with the word “fake” on the bbc website recently.