Take a trip with me.

Let’s take a morning trip through some of the propaganda pumped out by the BBC this morning as I think it is offers some fine pickings. First we read that our wise and knowing government is promising 5 hours of “high culture” to schoolchildren each week. Children will be given the chance to attend “top quality theatre and dance performances, world class exhibitions, galleries, museums and heritage sites”Pupils will also be encouraged to take part themselves. (That should make Covent Garden Opera more interesting) More will have the chance to learn a musical instrument, play and sing in groups and choirs, perform drama or make films. This is particularly aimed at those children from “poorer” families, apparently. It’s my view that our left wing government views schools as laboratories in which they can conduct their peverse social engineering and this latest distraction from providing a decent education is to be expected – a headline generating diversion. Listening to John Humphry’s take apart Culture Commissar Andy Burnham just after 8am on “Today” was, however, quite excellent and credit where it is due. We need all BBC coverage to follow this example by rigorously challenging whoever is putting forward the viewpoint.

Next up, we discover that we need MORE immigration into the UK because….Britain’s curry houses can’t get the “cultural sensitivity” from the hordes of eastern Europeans now resident in this country! You cannot be serious! Why was no one interviewed who might have felt that Britain does not exist to provide Bangladeshis with employment?

And finally, as they say, let’s finish with an apology. No, not from me to our resident Beeboids – but from Australian PM Kevin Rudd to the Aborigines. Naturally the BBC are delighted at this liberal guilt trip. There’s nothing like a pointless apology to a minority group, be it from Bill Clinton, from Tony Blair and now from Mr Rudd, for real or imagined historical wrongs, to create a warm glow in leftist land. The fact that many Australian’s DON’T see the need to apologise to the Aborigines is swept aside in the BBC reports. And so it goes folks, drip drip drip!

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  1. Cockney says:

    Mixed bag.

    Re: the Aussies this is something that’s happened (and is now supported by both major parties) so you can hardly not report it. The Beeb report quotes (via HYS) someone who doesn’t see the need for an apology and also those who reckon cash would mean more than words. Where’s the problem? Personally unless it creates some binding legal obligation to fork out I can’t see the problem apologising to ex slaves, Irish, indiginous Americans, aboriginies and anyone else we Brits/ex Brits shat on 200 years ago if it means their very distant ancestors shut up whingeing, but that’s beside the point.

    Re: curry, I thought that East Asian unemployment rates were sky high which was a ‘root cause’ of extremism etc etc. If the Pakistanis won’t work with the Bangladeshis I don’t see why that’s our problem. Why do the East Europeans (who I thought were all employed anyway) need to get involved?

    Re: culture, the obvious points (how can you squeeze another 5 hours into an overregulated school day, how is £5 per kid going to get them into the opera every week let alone buy them a bassoon) were covered on brekky TV but seem to have been ignored on the web report. There might be a couple of heartening stories for the Daily Mail about street thugs getting into ballet but by and large intelligence leads to an appreciation of high culture so it might be worth teaching the kids something first surely??


  2. Martin says:

    Do do McDonald’s need to employ only American chefs or Pizza parlours only Italians?

    More bollocks from the BBC.

    Oh and David you forgot to mention the McBean story about how his “all the talents” bollocks includes harnessing the power of Simon Cowell.



  3. Deborah says:

    I think you missed the report from Sderot (and I only listened to a small part of Toady) where life under the constant barrage of rockets was described – at last I thought we are getting some balance. The interview was with a woman who felt stuck in the town as they couldn’t sell their house and their business was there – but thought that the solution would be for the Israelis to negotiate with Hamas. It was admitted that it wasn’t the general feeling of people in the town – so why didn’t they interview someone whose view was more representative of the norm?


  4. DJ says:

    Note too that the BBC report elides the true nature of the ‘Immigration Advisory Service’. Despite the faux official name, it’s not a public body – it’s a hard-left open-borders lobbying group (run, incidentally by a convicted fraudster).


  5. Rockall says:

    I agree with you about the stories they were running this morning David, and I have a couple of additions:

    I do not believe the story about Spielburg quitting as Olympic cultural advisor should be LEAD STORY.


    Since when was he that important? ‘ET’ was good, I loved Duel and ‘Jaws’ is a classic but really..

    They also had a lengthy piece about apartheid that I failed to see the relevance of. They interveiwed a number of people about how the change had ‘effected their lives’.

    The only reason given for this was that ‘it has been 14 years since (the end of it)’ what did that signify? I was completely mystified. Maybe I missed the point. Can somebody tell me why?

    Many Thanks.


  6. Sue says:

    Deborah | 13.02.08 – 10:05 am

    Hello. What is happening? Someone from the Beeb finally found their way into Israel to do ‘empathy’ with people on the receiving end of rockets, just like they do with the poorpalestinians.

    But they chose to interview a woman who not only wanted to negotiate with Hamas, but made the rocket attacks seem like reprisals for ‘taking out’ militants rather than the other way round.

    Though Tim Franks said that this was not the common view one has to ask why the hell didn’t he ask someone whose views did represent the common view?
    Maybe next time, eh?

    However, the intro did pose the question, “what is to be done?” and on the whole I thought this represented an upturn, I do hope so


  7. Typhoo says:

    “Listening to John Humphry’s take apart Culture Commissar Andy Burnham just after 8am on “Today” was however quite excellent and credit where it is due. We need all BBC coverage to follow this example by rigourously challenging whoever is putting forward the viewpoint.”

    In other words by your own admission there was NO BBC bias, and this is merely a rant against the left?

    I agree with you re the apology, and that Britain does not need more immigrants, but the page you linked with the exception of the head line does give both sides of the argument. As regards education – I’m off the opinion and this proves it- that you have a very narrow view of it.

    Lets educate the poor so that they can read and write and add the basics and then they can become dependent on noblesse oblige from employers, like David Vance?

    If you want to rant at the left fair enough, I like to rant at them myself, but don’t dress it up as BBC bias? Especially when you admit there was no bias. If you’re going to mark their homework you need to make sure your work is not poorer than theirs.


  8. Cockney says:

    Surely if the Spielberg story has been given prominence above its importance then this shows bias the other way, given it arises from criticism of Chinese government acquiesence with the evils of a Muslim government??


  9. Typhoo says:

    “First we read that our wise and knowing government is promising 5 hours of “high culture” to schoolchildren each week”

    LOL it’s only in England they’re offering it not nation wide. I’d forgotten David’s ‘middle Englander’ agenda. Not if this was Ruane you’d really have something to wail about!


  10. Anonymous says:

    “Lets educate the poor so that they can read and write and add the basics and then they can become dependent on noblesse oblige from employers, like David Vance?”

    Unless the poor acquire basics like literacy and numeracy we will have with a nation of thickos unable to receive noblesse oblige from most employers, except maybe for the most menial of jobs.

    I don’t see how Vance’s latest post could be described as a “rant” in any way.

    What strange double standards left wingers have. Anti-left sentiments are “rants”, while pro-left ones are always thoughtful debate.


  11. Typhoo says:

    “Lets educate the poor so that they can read and write and add the basics and then they can become dependent on noblesse oblige from employers, like David Vance?”

    That was tongue in cheek humour, but with your poor comprehension skills, you didn’t catch it.

    Time for you to brush up on the basics?


  12. pounce says:

    The BBC, Ruby Murrays and half a story.

    Curry houses ‘need more migrants’
    The Home Office is being urged to ease restrictions on migrant workers entering Britain from Bangladesh, to avert a crisis in the curry industry. Curry houses are struggling to fill thousands of kitchen staff vacancies, says the Immigration Advisory Service. For years, many staff in the UK’s 9,000 curry restaurants have been recruited directly from Bangladesh. But restrictions on the workers have been tighter since eastern Europeans were given employment rights.

    The BBC while reporting for the right for more Muslims to be allowed into the country conveniently leaves out one very salient bit of information from its poor sob story..
    “Muslim men of Pakistani and Bangladeshi origin are disproportionately unemployed compared to other Asians. Even after allowances for education and residential area, Pakistani Muslims are three times more likely to be jobless than Hindus are. Indian Muslims are twice as likely to be unemployed than Indian Hindus are.”

    “Over 40% of young Bangladeshi men are unemployed. The comparable unemployment rate for young White men was 12%”

    Click to access ethnicity.pdf

    In otherwords there is already a huge number of unemployed Bangladeshi men in the Uk already (ever seen a Muslim woman working in a curry house?) instead of using them the owners of the nations curry houses wants to import from the motherland. Why? (cheaper, easier to boss about, don’t know the rules and can be sacked at the drop of a hat)
    But for some strange reason the BBC doesn’t mention that angle.

    The BBC, Ruby Murrays and half a story.


  13. Sarah-Jane says:

    huh? from the BBC article you linked to:

    Conservative MP Mark Pritchard said figures from the Office of National Statistics showed an already high level of unemployment among UK-based Bangladeshis.

    “I oppose any easing of visa restrictions given that the existing Bangladeshi community living in the UK already has the highest unemployment rate of any other ethnic group,” he said.

    “More needs to be done to get existing UK Bangladeshi’s into work – and to end claiming state benefits.”


    This is non-story, but it’s not half a non-story.


  14. Simon says:

    What strange double standards left wingers have. Anti-left sentiments are “rants”, while pro-left ones are always thoughtful debate.

    Do they?

    Is Typhoo a left winger?

    She’s going to get called a Beeboid in a minute. Why is there an assumption on every blog (left or right) that any dissent from the generally agreed viewpoint of the readership puts the perpetrator firmly into the “Enemy” camp?


  15. George R says:

    I’ve just listened to a very informative, but depressing programme in the BBC’s ‘Uncovering Pakistan’ series. ‘The Britistanis’.

    The main points seem to be that most Pakistanis who reside in the UK are finding British non-Muslim society unsuitable for them. The Pakistani loyalty to their particular tribe ‘bratheri’ (brotherhood) far outweighs any sense of commitment to British values. Through the ‘bratheri’ system of prime loyalty, illiterate individuals are made local councillors, for example. And contrary to ‘multculturalist’ presumption, there is no indication that these massive social and cultural problems, and consequent social, cultural and economic cost to the broader non-Pakistanti community of British people, will lessen. The programme suggests the opposite.

    Although it is contrary to the BBC presumption of ‘multiculturalism’, whiuch also imbues the Labour government, the case for a drastic limitation, beyond government ‘proposals’, on IMMIGRATION
    from such Asian societies, although very late, is vital. The Vaz ‘curry house’ argument is part of the problem. The total social cost consequences are so negative, but so rarely publicly discussed because of ‘racist’shouts to close debate.

    So, on the evidence of the BBC’s own programme, (worth hearing:
    Radio 4, ‘Uncovering Pakistan: The Britistanis’ Part 2), the material for much stricter immigration control is there, even though the phrase ‘immigration restrictions’ is not used in the programme. Hugh Fitzgerald makes that case elsewhere:

    “Unpleasant, Expensive and Physically Dangerous”


    BBC’s ‘Britistanis’ at:-



  16. Peter says:

    “That was tongue in cheek humour, but with your poor comprehension skills, you didn’t catch it.”

    Who’s cheek’s was your tongue in?


  17. Anonymous says:


    …….Though Tim Franks said that this was not the common view one has to ask why the hell didn’t he ask someone whose views did represent the common view?
    Maybe next time, eh?

    Sue | 13.02.08 – 10:28 am | #

    Because that’s the BBC way with Israel and if you ever get to see the Balen report that is what it will tell you in no incertain terms.


  18. Sue says:

    George R | 13.02.08 – 12:18 pm

    Yes, absolutely. I heard that programme too, unintentionally, as incessant trailers for Uncovering Pakistan just made me wish they’d cover it up again.

    It depicted a backward, tribal, unenlightened impenetrable older generation. Their only method of dealing with anything is to repress it by force. That poor chap, sent back to be ‘straightened out’ by being beaten on the tongue, had presumably been brought up in Bradford but seemed incapable of speaking any language at all.

    Do you think the Archbishop has ever read Hugh Fitzgerald?

    Surely the government can see that there must be no more immigration or appeasement of Islam if even the BBC reins in its whitewashing and lets everybody hear things like this.


  19. Cockney says:

    I thought the leaks out of the Balen report suggest it concludes not that the Beeb is anti Israel as such, but that the Beeb has absolutely zero expertise on the region making its reporting it’s reporting laughably naive and inaccurate (kind of like the US Iraq war planning of which it is so dismissive). Hence the embarrassment and cover up.


  20. Martin says:

    I see the BBC are STILL spinning this “culture thing” for kids.

    Simon Mayo at it right now.

    Those that don’t think the BBC are led by the nose need to really see through the McLabour spin.

    McLabour give out a story to the media, the BBC pick it up and really run with it, meanwhile bad news about the economy leaks out (hardly reported) and 600 jobs to go at a Navy dockyard and hardly a mention again.


  21. Martin says:

    Go to the main BBC news website front page and see if you can find THIS story there (the 600 jobs going)

    Not a mention until you go into England.

    Does the BBC really think that some poncy film director snubbing the Olympics is more important than the thousands of jobs that will go as a result of this 600 down in the south?


    Ok the BBC are not hiding it


  22. Atlas shrugged says:

    The BBC reports that inflation may hit 3% this year.

    What type of bullshit is this?

    If we only had inflation at 3% now it would be fine thing. But inflation is already far higher then that.

    As a manufacturer I can assure you that when my order book picks up and shops start restocking we will be lucky if it stays under 10%.

    Right now many small retailers are still trying to get rid of what they brought well before last Christmas, in some cases the year before that. In short there is a surplus of goods still and WE STILL HAVE RISING INFLATION.

    Which is not only historically unheard of, it is technically impossible under normal circumstances, but these are not ‘normal’ times.

    All of this nonsense could have been avoided if our media and most importantly the BBC had been doing its job even half well.

    Therefore IMO the BBC is as much to blame for our imminent economic collapse as Brown, Blair, Clinton, Bush, Greenspan and George, or their mega rich and infinitely powerful banking bosses in the CFR.

    The economics editor of the BBC is not thick surly, he must have known what was the 100% racing certainty of a result, many years ago.

    I did and all I have is an O’level in commerce, and an aging paranoid mind to work with.

    Good thing for me personally is.

    I put my money where my mouth is and have made more money in the last 2 years then I did for the last 30.


  23. pounce says:

    The BBC, innocent, innocent, innocent and the M word.

    Five students win terror appeal
    The Court of Appeal has quashed the convictions of five young Muslim men jailed over extremist literature.
    Freeing the men the Lord Chief Justice said their conviction for downloading extremist propaganda was unsafe.

    Whenever a tinker, tailor soldier, sailor is arrested in the UK for terrorist actitives the BBC is somewhat remiss in informing the great unwashed just what faith these people are. Yet when one is released, found not guilty or even a victim then the BBC blares out to the whole wide world “Allah Ackba a Muslim is here”

    The BBC, innocent, innocent, innocent and the M word.


  24. Sue says:

    Cockney | 13.02.08 – 1:12 pm
    Don’t know about leaks, but the BBC’s reporting on the M.E. is biased against Israel be it intentional or not. Whether they are fools or knaves, or a combination of the two, the BBC should not be satisfied with this state of affairs.
    Because their output is highly influential. As A A Gill said last week, the vast majority of the public still gets their news from Television.

    So when John Reith says people on here represent a minority, whose fault is that? The majority accept what they’re told by ‘the television’, and until, and if, personal experience tells them otherwise, they don’t realise how many inaccuracies and falsehoods creep into news reporting, and bias into documentaries and dramas.

    I believe that ignorance is the main cause of the Beeb’s anti-Israel bias, primarily because of their naive acceptance that Muslims are ‘just like us’ The Islamic attitude to life is repressive and life-denying, worshiping the afterlife rather than the worldly one. It is pointless arguing with that view, and as their hatred of the infidel and particularly the Jew is beyond logic, normal standards do not apply.

    Recent events have put these things under the spotlight, and one wonders just how much longer the govt and the Beeb can look the other way.

    This site.

    There are so many threads all running at once, that a diluting effect has occurred. D. Vance has indeed shaken things up, but so much gas has been produced that the whole lot has bubbled over and spilled down the sides, lost forever in a puddle. As I said earlier in the weft, less is more. That’s what I think anyway.


  25. Lurker in a Burqua says:

    The Islamic attitude to life is repressive and life-denying, worshiping the afterlife rather than the worldly one


    My I point you in the direction of Martin Amis` s new book The Second Plane


  26. backwoodsman says:

    The really keen bbc Young Pioneers are put in charge of the night shift. Thus the 05.30 R4 News Briefing , often contains gems of nulab propaganda, that are filtered out when an older Young Pioneer realises how implausible they are.

    Thus we had a breathless endorsement of five hours of culture, ‘including high quality rap music’. And a talking head from Tate Modern ,enthusing about multicultural society blah blah


  27. Lance says:

    The latest from the BBC’s chief Obama groupie elevates him from mere party contender to icon:


    According to this feverish imagining of the chief obama groupie(cog), this means he cannot be criticised by his rivals. But why this special status, unique to him, in the rough, tough, dirty arena of a political contest?

    Apparently because, in the BBC’s eyes and mind, he has black skin. That means special. There you have it: the doctrine of the BBC.


  28. Atlas shrugged says:


    Too right

    Most people highly critical of the Israeli government have no idea where the bloody place even is. Never mind todays realities or the history of the place.

    This as you so rightly say is a product of years of expensive and persistent propaganda. Not only by the BBC but just about all of our universities schools and other educational establishments for decades.

    A fact that the BBC must surly be aware of, more possibly then any other organization on the planet.

    After all, it was the BBC that invented modern day broadcast propaganda before Hitler was even ELECTED.

    Where is the empathy at the BBC for the ordinary Israeli citizen who has as much control over events as we do? Which is virtually none whatsoever.

    All ordinary people just want and need piece to prosper.

    Only governments, their propagandists and powers far more powerful then them have an interest in anything else.

    Put it this way.

    If the combined efforts of the worlds banking and political elites really wanted peace we would virtually have it all of the time.

    They seriously do not. Which is why the world does not have peace for long virtually anywhere the so called world community though the UN, gets involved.

    We have piece in Northern Ireland, not because Catholics and Protestants have suddenly had a road to Damascus experience. We have it because the powers that be have stopped deliberately financing and covertly encouraging disharmony.


  29. Cassandra says:

    This ‘hi culture for kidz’ is perhaps the most obvious planted story by the NuLab kremlinista I have heard in a long time.
    What they really mean is, indoctrinate and brainwash the children as soon as possible and for as long as possible! Its an old Soviet/marxist/national socialist trick and you will find it in every Marxist revolutionary book.
    But you can only laugh when they talk about “high quality rap”!
    These muppets are making themselves a laughing stock.


  30. It's all too much says:

    To add to the curry house debate


    I just want to make my usual gripe about the labelling of ‘right wing’ organisations” (or should I say organisations that do not fall within the ambit of BBC PC orthodoxy) and the surprising lapses in the case or organisations like the “Immigration Advisory Service”. The BBC carefully fails to give me a flashing neon road sign such as “the right wing think tank Migration watch” or the right leaning… etc etc

    In fact the Immigration advisory service


    are a single issue pressure group with a well established agenda which aligns nicely with BBC prejudices.

    The BBC story clearly gives the impression that IAS are an authoritative source or perhaps an organ of ‘government’ rather than a group with an axe to grind and a campaign to run.


  31. It's all too much says:

    Forgot to add –

    New Culture directive

    does this mean that McStalin will personally approve troupes of ballet dancers prancing around ‘improving through approved culture’ the happy prole off spring? Can we expect schools to teach multi-culturalism via compulsory socialist realist art appreciation?

    I think we need a new government ministry to define ‘approved’ culture and guess who has most to gain – I think the BBC sees a huge opportunity in this to accelerate their cultural nihilist aganda.

    The Telegraph had a superb take on this latest insanity this morning:



  32. Martin says:

    Yes and how interesting that the leftie PC BBC feel the need to highlight the need for yet more fast food take aways in the UK?

    Does anyone really care if you local Curry house can’t get a chef? I don’t.

    I’m more concerned with stopping people coming here that want to poison the minds of the bearded ones who feel the need to dress up as suicide bombers on our streets.

    Oh and why didn’t they get Roger Harrabin on to tell us just how much extra CO2 is produced by these “chefs” having ot fly over here?

    Oh and I always thought that the Curry sold in UK take aways was very different from Bangladesh anyway?

    They don’t cook their traditional dishes, so why do we need someone from Bangladesh?



  33. Cockney says:

    “Does anyone really care if you local Curry house can’t get a chef?”

    er… yeah actually. it’s far more relevant to my everyday existence than the infintessimally small chance of being blown up on the tube. But I STILL can’t see why the umpteen unemployed Bangladeshis/Pakistanis already here can’t fill in the gaps.

    “Oh and I always thought that the Curry sold in UK take aways was very different from Bangladesh anyway?”

    Probably the perception of inauthenticity would be bad for sales (however ridiculous that perception is) as most people aren’t aware of how anglicised the whole thing is.


  34. KT says:

    Let those who like their authentic curry and want more Bangladeshis here undertake to provide social services and health care for them and their descendants from their own pocket. This will quickly concentrate their minds


  35. Chuffer says:

    Blimey, if the schools have got five hours a week spare, how about running them round a pitch instead. As a father of three, I have yet to see any of my children representing their school at any sport – because there isn’t any. However, I’ve most count of how ofetn I’ve been doen to the hall to watch another dreary PC ‘play’, with lots of lefty liberal overtones. I’m sick to death of seeing my strapping, athletic boys being flower fairies.


  36. p and a tale of one chip says:

    I don’t see why the curry houses have to be staffed by Bangladeshis.

    In New York the pizzerias are run by Jews, the American diners by the Greeks and the Mexican restaurants by the Italians (I think).

    The curry houses, judging by the health reports at the time, seemed to be staffed exclusively by rodents.


  37. David Morris says:

    Must admit I rather switched off when the lady from the Tate Gallery started blabbing on about Britishness, had they lent her Gordon’s spin doctor for the interview perhaps?


  38. Angry Young Alex says:

    Hang on, they quoted one Labour MP who opposed the suggestion, one Conservative MP who opposed the suggestion and nobody who supported it. And somehow you think they needed to ask someone “who might have felt that Britain does not exist to provide Bangladeshis with employment”.

    In other words, you want the BBC to even out the two anti- voices with another anti-voice, to get a nice fair three-to-nothing balance.


  39. David Vance says:


    Wrong. When I tuned in, there was no opposition. It was Bangladeshi immigration uber alles, got it. I don’t follow the BBC 24 HRS a day.


  40. Peter says:

    Why is there a need for more curry houses,the market must have reached saturation point,Not a week goes by without a flyer from some new curry emporium being shoved in my letter box.


  41. Angry Young Alex says:

    Ach, I was looking at the website you linked to. That was two to send-’em-all-back-where-they-came-from with come-on-in-the-curry’s-lovely yet to score.

    So who did they interview on the radio/telly? Please don’t tell me it was nobody from either side.


  42. Dagobert says:

    When is anyone from the British Liberal Elite going to apologise for the decades of support they have given to Mugabe? He rules a country where ethnic cleansing has taken place and his people are starving, but he was the darling of the BBC for years. I wonder how many people ofhis country wish that they were still ruled and fed well by ian Smith?


  43. Iain says:

    When the 5 hours of culture was announced, I knew, don’t know how – I just did, that it would include rap music.

    High quality rap music is an oxymoron if ever there was one – stone age c**p. Anyway, since when have children needed encouragement to listen to the damn stuff? Like teaching children to appreciate chocolate.


  44. Mickm says:

    More curry house workers. Sorry it’s not BBC bias it’s just absolute bollocks and a non story. Absolute bullshit generated by the MSM into a story.


  45. Mickm says:

    p and a tale of one chip:
    ………….by Bangladeshis.

    In New York the pizzerias are run by Jews, the American diners by the Greeks and the Mexican restaurants by the Italians (I think).

    p and a tale of one chip | 13.02.08 – 6:25 pm | #

    You’ve obviously never been otherwise you wouldn’t make such generalisations – you know, those generalisations that many B-BBC believers and TV licence fee opponents on here are often accused of making.


  46. Mickm says:

    I don’t know about culture the time should be spent teaching children about our history. Apparently when asked if they knew who Winston Churchill was some children replied that dog off the insurance advert. How depressingly sad is that. Labour, education, education, education. I remember the words well.


  47. Angry Young Alex says:

    This thread is weird. What’s going on? Apologies, curry, curry, culture in schools.

    Wouldn’t it be better to split what is essentially three stories into three posts, so we don’t get more of these Aborigine opera singers apologising to Bangladeshis for the state of curry in schools? I know B-BBC readers tend to go off-topic a little but this is bedlam.


  48. Mickm says:

    Angry Young Alex:
    This thread is weird.

    Why? The thread relates to David Vance’s opening comments, which cover all 3 topics. Or were you so angry at the B-BBC contributors you didn’t bother to read them.


  49. The People's Front of Judea says:

    Notice how this “kiddie culture” refuses to embrace anything that would be predominantly representative of white working class tastes.

    Nope, it’s all middle class bollocks and black yoof culture they are being steered toward.

    Why don’t they just airbrush the entirety of the white working classes brown so the middle class left can safely do away with them without having to resort to ethnic cleansing.


  50. Angry Young Alex says:

    “Why? The thread relates to David Vance’s opening comments, which cover all 3 topics”

    Exactly. It’s three different issues lumped into one, when really we should be able to discuss them each individually.