Nobody would condone the abuse of children and I would hope that any individuals involved in such depravity are given the maximum punishment available. But do you think the BBC really has it in for Jersey? I see another story being run today on the arrest of a pensioner on rape and indecent assault allegations going back thirty years. This arrest has got nothing to do with the ongoing investigation into what may have happened at the Haut de la Garenne children’s home but it all helps throw more dirt at the reputation of Jersey. I have listened to quite a few BBC stories on this island in recent months and NONE of them were in any way complimentary. I suspect that the fact that the island offers tax-haven status to some wealthy people offends the good little neo-Marxists in Al-Beeb and so any chance to stick the knife in is not missed.

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  1. Jack Bauer says:

    It’s a well-known BBC fact that tax-“evaders” are invariably also peodophiles.

    After all, anyone capable of not wishing to pay confiscatory taxes is clearly capable of any outrage.

    So this is a twofer for them.


  2. Abandon Ship! says:

    The island tax haven leads to all sorts of evil theme continues…

    Was it the use of the birch or the island’s refusal to love gays that got the BBC’s goat in this case?


  3. Alex says:

    There’s a War On Jersey now? Why wasn’t this mentioned before? Is there anything there isn’t a War On on Biased BBC?


  4. Sheila says:

    I’m sorry, but this is just ludicrous. For a start, if you read the story, it says the arrest is not “directly” related to the Haute abuse inquiry – which is not the same as saying it has “nothing to do” with it. But really, more importantly, just – come on. The BBC is writing negative stories about Jersey because it’s a tax haven? What planet are you on? Where’s the orchestrated campaign against Monaco, Belize, Switzerland then? Hey, that story about the guy with the daughter in his cellar – that’s pretty horrid. Are the BBC running that because they think Austria’s just too wealthy too? What about the famous story about a man abusing a goat in Sudan. Doesn’t make Sudan look great – presumably that’s to do with the BBC’s Marxist agenda too.

    Utterly insane, paranoid drivel. This site becomes more irrelevant literally by the post.


  5. Hillhunt says:


    There is a war on Austria, too. Nothing complimentary has been published about that peace-loving conservative nation in the last few days. Why does the BBC hate these places so much?


  6. Hillhunt says:

    It gets worse. There’s a war on pornography, too.

    Know why? That’s right – porn is a successful industry and America is a big player. Doesn’t it just make you want to go out and spank a few Beeboids?

    There again, no…. That’s Max Mosley’s game.

    Guess what? There’s a war on him, too…

    Just because he’s rich. And right wing. And pays hookers to dress up like concentration camp inmates so he can bark at them in German. And whip them. Etc…

    BBC: Biased against child molesters, porn and people who think it’s sexy to play at concentration camps with hookers.


  7. moonbat nibbler says:

    There was an absurd report about milk teeth being found last week:

    “Milk teeth found at Jersey home”

    Obviously extracted with rusty pliers by some pedophile… these things don’t come out naturally!

    “Experts at the site on the island believe they come from a child or children, officers added.”

    Wow! Milk teeth coming from children, who’d a thunk it? Luckily we’ve got “experts” and beeboids to tell us this.


  8. Jack Bauer says:

    moonbat — any sign of the Tooth Fairy turning up in any BBC reports?


  9. Cockney says:

    AS there’s a whole beeb site for the IOM which i think outweighs one article from 4 years ago

    also one for jersey providing a local service and not just peado stories


  10. Alex says:

    these things don’t come out naturally!

    Not from wine bottles, cardboard boxes, old scalextrixes or anything else you’d normally keep in the cellar, no. The BBC is clearly using the ‘milk teeth’ story to imply that there were children being kept down there as part of its WAR ON SYSTEMATIC PAEDOPHILIC ABUSE.


  11. Cockney says:

    however this article concerns an alderney issue yet is included on the guernsey site – clearly a sinister BBC ploy to undermine the national integrity of Guernsey. it’s ROI/NI all over again 😉


  12. Harry Brown says:

    Read this article and weep:


  13. Millie Tant says:

    Thanks for that link. I haven’t read the article but I do love spiked. It’s such a refreshing antidote to the tired and predictable pieties and prejudices of the BBC and the rest.


  14. Jerseyman says:

    As a young islander, I’ll tell you this – it does feel like there is a vendetta against us. It’s going to take our tourist economy years to get over this – all due to a handful of perverts who ran the place that you can see from my front room window.

    The BBC think we are all millionaires in the Channel Islands. No, it’s just somewhere that I am delighted to have been born in. I am very lucky to have this island as a home but the BBC shouldn’t assume that we all have a Rolls Royce and a yacht.


  15. Jerseyman says:

    “Cockney” although of course you are having a joke about ROI/NI and Guernsey/Alderney can I just point out for those others who might not know – the Channel Islands are divided up into two ‘Balliwicks’ so the Balliwick of Guernsey actually includes Alderney.

    As a Jerseyman, of course, if Alderney ever sees the light then we’ll adopt them instead. It’s a different timezone between the islands – when you go to Guernsey you gave to put your watch back 50 years.


  16. IntersetedParty says:

    This story has been rather badly reported by all news outlets according this:

    It seems even with all their money and resources the Beeb aren’t any better than the rest.


  17. Barry says:

    How ludicrous to suggest there is any bias here! It’s such a shame you continue to berate the Beeb with such pathetic nit-picking when they provide such easy – and more important – fodder in their middle east coverage and clear favoritism of Red Ken.

    In the case of Jersey, whenever a confined area is investigated intensely, OF COURSE many dirty secrets are uncovered, whether it’s to do with the case in point or not. Dewsbury Moor (where Shannon Matthews lived) has seen a bunch of arrests over benefit fraud plus other minor non-newsworthy offences, all discovered because of the detailed police investigation in the area.

    Come on, Mr Vance, concentrate on the important stuff instead of concocting ridiculous excuses like this. Otherwise people will just keep laughing you off as a nut.


  18. IntersetedParty says:

    Sorry Just noticed that Harry Brown posted that link already


  19. David Vance says:


    I note that the only contributor here from Jersey does not agree with you on this. So perhaps my post resonates more with those who actually live in Jersey. Or maybe you are in a better position to comment?


  20. Atlas shrugged says:

    Anyone who tends towards paranoia when it comes to anything the BBC does is right to do so. IMO

    There is CLEARLY an agenda going on with regards to Jersey. It has little to do with it being a tax haven, or that Jersey is a conservative or a Conservative stronghold. Its because Jersey does not fit in with EU plans and is going to be put in its place. Which is as firmly under the control of the fascist EU state, as the rest of the UK.

    Hardly anything the BBC does is an accident. Things it does two or more times NEVER ARE. Although it may take several years for people to work out exactly what the BBCs game is. You can bet your last over taxed pound coin that it is a very serious enough game for all the residents of Jersey.

    You can also bet on this. Although we have not heard a squeak out of the BBC about Jersey since 1945. We will hear much more about Jersey over the next few years from the BBC then we ever have done in the past, and none of it will be good.

    Just because some people believe the EU and the fascists that run and control the institution ( ie the worlds banking and other ruling elites) are out to get them. Does not mean The EU and the fascists that run and control the institution, are NOT out to get them.

    The truth is they ARE out to get us all. Whats worse we are all just as likely to be first up against the wall as anyone else. Whats even worse then that is.

    It is our own countries state broadcaster that we are forced to pay for by force of criminal law, that is helping to build the gas chambers. Then telling us “its only a shower,” while handing us small pieces of old soap.

    In short, Jersey is coming under the EU knife because it works, is largely independent, prosperous, successful and very peaceful. Which makes the Channel Islands seem like a potential paradise. In stark contrast to the rest of forever more violent, growingly dissatisfied, increasingly impoverished, racially and religiously divided, Europe.

    JACK The EU RIPPER has already sliced up the UK good and proper. He is now just clearing up the small remaining amounts of safe havens still partially free from his bloodied scalpel.


  21. Cockney says:

    Cheers Jerseyman, I never knew that!


  22. Nearly Oxfordian says:

    Barry, what exactly are you on?


  23. Greencoat says:

    “I suspect that the fact that the island offers tax-haven status…so any chance to stick the knife in is not missed”.

    This is correct. The BBBC is now giving the same treatment to Austria over the ‘babes in the cellar’ case.

    After all, Austria is a Conservative, Catholic country with relatively low multicultural ‘enrichment’.

    And you don’t like them sort, do you Beeboids?


  24. Hillhunt says:


    Excellent point.

    Most right-minded people would prefer that the BBC (and every other medium) keep schtum on the unfortunate events in the cellar out of respect for Austria’s status as a Conservative, Catholic country with relatively low multicultural ‘enrichment’.

    Wouldn’t we?


  25. Nearly Oxfordian says:

    Utter nonsense, Hillhunt, as usual. Al Beeb is using it as an excuse to criticise Austria as a whole.


  26. Hillhunt says:

    Ian (Oxford):

    Al Beeb is using it as an excuse to criticise Austria as a whole.

    Are there no limits to your talents? Teaching, writing, on-line abuse…now radical PR strategies:

    Case 1. Pol Pot. Don’t worry comrade, they’re using it as an excuse to criticise Cambodia as a whole.

    Case 2. Harold Shipman: Panic over, doc, we’re telling the world that they’re only using it as an excuse to criticise Hyde as a whole.

    Case 3. Jim Jones: Don’t drink that Kool Aid, chums. They’re only using it as an excuse to criticise Jonestown as a whole.

    You could be seriously rich, Ian.

    Shall I call Tim Bell? Or will you?


  27. Nearly Oxfordian says:

    The amazing nonsense in Hillhunt’s latest is not even amusing. It is merely nonsense. Including but not limited to his stupid idea that my name is Ian.


  28. BaggieJonathan says:

    Conservative Catholic with relatively low multicutural “enrichment” : Austria – the reality.

    It has multiple official languages German, Hungarian, Slovene, Croatian

    In 2001 nearly 10% of those in Austria were foreign nationals, it is undoubtedly higher now thanks to EU expansion.

    There are officially recognised minorities in Austria unlike the UK.

    Catholicism remains the most common religion but there are similar numbers of non Christians as there are in the UK. Around 4% of Austrians profess islam.

    Austria is not a member of NATo and is officially neutral, which can only be overturned by massive majority.

    The Austrian chancellor is social democrat and they are the largest party in parliament, not the conservatives.


  29. BaggieJonathan says:


    So called “amusing” comments and abusing peoples names

    yet again! and again and again…

    you just can’t seem to stop yourself from wumming, but lacking as ever in actual facts, its very very sad


  30. Hillhunt says:


    Shameful that the BBC have chosen to bring us the depressing dungeon story and not your uplifting list of positive Austrian virtues.

    Still, you have energised us to overturn the evil Boibeed mindset… We should all complain to the BBC at the highest level. (And don’t forget to c.c. to every other media outlet which has gone to town on the Fritzel horrors, too. Don’t they care about the percentage required to overturn NATO status?).


    People pay good money for career advice. You’re a natural at negative/positive image management. If only you can free the Tim Bell inside you, you can kiss goodbye to pension worries.


  31. Biodegradable says:

    What a total waste of bandwidth!

    … could it be time to send Hillhunt to the dunce’s corner again?


  32. Nearly Oxfordian says:

    What a sad loser Hillhunt is, with his pathological fantasies about my name.


  33. BaggieJonathan says:


    Instead of trying to be ‘amusing’ like you I gave a factual response to statement given in the debate of this thread, in this case the fact that Austria does not fit the stereotype claimed and I dealt with it specifically point by point.

    I know this appears to be a hard one for you, but I prefer evidence and facts to your alternative approach.

    Its clear from your comments that not only do you only attempt (and fail) at humour but most of the time you prefer to give evidence a miss and don’t actually bother to read the posts fully that you then ‘comment’ on.

    Its also clear you can’t stop this silly name nonsense, which is childish in the extreme, given you are supposedly retired I have to assume with you it is a second childhood.


  34. Hillhunt says:


    Retired? Sh*t! Why am I not getting a pension?



  35. TDK says:

    Richard Webster is a journalist who has covered many of the “satanic abuse” cases and shown how the media make mistakes or get carried away.

    This is rather a long article but it shows exactly how the media have distorted what happened. It isn’t focused solely on the BBC but they get a good look in.


  36. BaggieJonathan says:



    Well on previous threads you denied vehemently you were a student, schoolboy or unemployed and let it be known you had retired

    I can see now I should not have taken you at your word and you were being economic with the truth


  37. Hillhunt says:


    on previous threads you … let it be known you had retired

    I think your memory must be playing tricks.

    Tired? Why, yes.

    But retired? Not for a while yet.


  38. Jack Bauer says:

    Would this type of royal story be a Prince William Sound bite?


  39. Atlas shrugged says:

    Hillcunt Retired? Surely not.

    I assumed the little pip squeak was still doing and failing his GCSE’s. That was the only reason I have been excusing his extreme childish, pompously patronizing, overtly rude, and endemic ignorance.

    The ONLY thing that is interesting about the idiot is trying to work out WHY exactly he comes on here? What does he get out of spending his time defending the BBC? Is it money? Is it his job? Is he an unwittingly mind controlled socialist like all at the BBC? Because unless he is working for the BBC I see absolutely no reason why he should be making such regular comments on this site.

    It is like standing in the queue at the returns department at comets for an hour, while talking to the guy in line behind you.

    Only to find that the guy is there 6 times a day, just so that he can tell the returns department manager what a wonderful job Comets are all doing, simply because he yet again has nothing to bring back to the shop that is faulty.

    It is interesting that NO other site on the internet similar to Bias BBC has people like Hillcunt, JR and the rest, posting on it.

    Which basically begs the questions?

    Who are these people?
    Why are they here?
    What are they possibly trying to achieve?
    Who is promoting their actions or indeed paying them?

    I think I know the answer. I also think I know these various characters will never be allowed to be honest about their true motivations.

    It is perfectly possible they don’t even know themselves. Which is the nature of mind controlled brainwashing. The victim of it usually has no idea what has happened to them. They truly do believe they have a free mind, when in reality they NEVER have. Most likely since they left primary school.

    Hillcunt for example has very possibly never had an original idea in his head that would be allowed to mess with his lifetime Orwellian style, Big Brother programming.

    The Establishments BBC gets um young.


  40. Hillhunt says:

    How to write like….

    No. 94: Atlas Shrugged

    1. Watch The Matrix.
    2. Dig The Manchurian Candidate out of the VHS pile. Watch that, too.
    3. Read David Icke
    4. Absorb all the crazed conspiracy theories.
    5. Abandon any sense of style. Or pace. Or attempts to be interesting
    6. Do it at tedious length.

    Bingo! Another AS post hits the drop zone…

    Do you believe in fate, Neo?


  41. Avril says:

    Is this media-hyped scandal a ruse to claim that the CI cannot rule themselves & should be taken over by the EU?