. Have you noticed the flurry of BBC interviews granted to senior Labour Ministers in advance of this weeks local council and London Mayoral elections? I watched Gavin Esler conduct a simpering interview with Nulabour harridan Hazel Blears on Newsnight last evening and she got away with blue murder with but the mildest of rebukes coming back from Esler. It’s as if we are living back in 1997 and the BBC have reverted to get Labour back into power mode. This morning, on Breakfast news, I watched the dreadful Harriet Harman do a repeat performance. It’s 1997 all over again. The reality is that Labour has been in power for over a decade now and carries full political responsibility for many of the ills that afflict this society but BBC interviewers seem reluctant to go in and challenge them the closer we get to the elections. I suggest that this is a foretaste for what we will experience when Prudence Brown finally is forced to call a general election. The real challenge for the Conservative Party does not lie with Labour or the Lib-Dems, it lies with a biased national broadcaster which when all is said and done wants to see the neo-marxists in Labour stay in power in perpetuity. Operation Save Gordon is underway – watch it grow.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    So Conservative party, what are you going to do about al-Beeb once you get elected?


  2. JJ says:

    You should have heard the Toady interview with Cameron. They are not even bothering to hide their partisanship now. Its a bloody disgrace and I object to having to pay fro this crock.


  3. Jeff Todd says:

    I think a vote winner would be an undertaking to scrap the TV tax and flog off BBC assets to fill fiscal black holes.

    Cannot see how Joe Public could possibly lose out.

    Would be nice to see how Brown et al counter that. the inevitable infighting between Beeb/Labour would be hilarious.

    Could always sell it as a grren issue – even sweeter!


  4. thud says:

    Unlike 97 the internet has opened new channnels of communication and information…still weak as opposed to beeb etc but growing all the time…they will not have it all their own way this time.


  5. Cockney says:

    “I think a vote winner would be an undertaking to scrap the TV tax and flog off BBC assets to fill fiscal black holes.”

    No chance of them going for that – far too reminiscent of aggressive 80s Conservatism which remains a massive turnoff for the electorate (especially the ones who weren’t around at the time).

    What will win it for Dave (other than Labour’s incompetence and the fact that his team actually vaguely look like they know what they’re doing) is the print media turning against Broon. The voters Dave needs don’t listen to Today or watch BBC news but they do read the mid market/tabloid press which is really getting fed up of Labour on their behalf.


  6. David says:

    You have to love the main BBC politics page:


    ‘Cameron Fails to Keep Promise’

    ‘Brown Gets Tough on Drugs’

    I also wonder why it’s the headline story. Surely the BBC aren’t just trying to drum up support for their radio show? Horrible conduct Humphreys today as well.

    This also caught my eye:


    I have no time for James Landale, especially after he appeared outside No. 10 after the election that never was, saying that Gordon’s reputation would remain intact. This paragraph in particular caught my eye:

    “And local Labour councillors are fearful that their efforts to regenerate the city will come to nought as the voters punish them for the behaviour of their colleagues in Westminster and Downing Street.”

    It reminds me of the time during an election broadcast (I forget which one), where the BBCer asked a Kinnock (I forget which one) if she was disappointed that the local people were so unappriciative of all Labour’s positive work, and were going to turf them out regardless of it.


  7. Jack Bauer says:

    cockney — I’m a little vague on timelines here.

    But this “massive turnoff of the electorate” you speak of in the 1980s — didn’t the conservatives win both general elections in the 1980s, and one in May 1979 (almost 1980)?


  8. Cockney says:

    I’m talking about now Jack, what would happen if the Conservatives had a leader with a stated policy of picking up where Thatcher left off in 1990. Do you think they would be as popular as Cameron amongst the electorate as a whole? Cos I don’t. Although someone willing to smash the tube unions into small pieces would be nice.


  9. Bernard Keeffe says:

    AFter JH’s attempt at a knockout with Cameron we had a piece about the Council Tax and how this regressive measure is hitting poorer people. Good, but not a word about the cause -the great build-up of the greedy self-serving masters of local government.


  10. Jack Bauer says:

    cockney – actually I do. I believe that conservatives should act like conservatives.

    Sorry, that’s just me.

    But I agree that’s probably not going to happen for another generation when we have reached the intolerable levels of chaos and decay created by Ye Olde Labour in 1979, and helped along by corporatists like Selsdon man Heath.

    Big government Labour-lites to a man.


  11. adam says:

    did anyone see Maitliss on Newsnight just now, she was really laying into the Tory.

    I have never seen her like that in any other interview.


  12. Zevilyn says:

    Why are taxpayers providing welfare handouts to the Banks?

    The BBC is silent on the scandalous bailing out of the banks with OUR money.

    The BBC is sucking up to the banks.


  13. Redders says:

    If labour win the next election ill eat my underpants.


  14. Jack Bauer says:

    If labour win the next election ill eat my underpants.

    Please promise to boil them first, and add some tasty stock.


  15. David says:

    Front page story:


    Gordy Wordy is sorry, but is listening to you because he likes you all so much. He is also new in the job and is still learnding. Pathetic.


  16. Arthur Dent says:

    did anyone see Maitliss on Newsnight just now, she was really laying into the Tory.

    Indeed, she was extremely unprofessional, downright rude and insulting with an interviewee who was simply answering her questions.

    I really wanted Eric Pickles to turn the tables on her and ask her if she always insulted her guests or simply reserved the bile for Conservative politicians.


  17. Bryan says:

    And here the BBC is talking about Maitliss and others as they are going to producing wonderful coverage of the elections:



  18. Peter says:

    “Gordon Brown is Going Down,Going Down,Going Down”

    “Gordon Brown is Going Down,Going Down,Going Down,Goodbye Gordon”.


  19. Jack Bauer says:

    “Gordon Brown is Going Down,Going Down,Going Down”

    Not on me…
    Maybe Polly Toynbee?


  20. Peter says:

    You have a dirty mind Mr Bauer,are or have you ever been a socialist?