1. Anonymous says:

    “It is expected to behave to the same ethical standards as the BBC at large,” Sir Michael said.

    Audiocall do have the same ethical standards! Crap service!


  2. nrg says:

    Funny how it slipped out on a Friday afternoon after the Beeboids went hysterical for 24 hours over ITV’s much deserved fine. Many of them must have known this was in the pipeline – sheer hypocrisy and media manipulation by a so call public service broadcaster.

    This money came from the Eurovision phone in that selected Smooch.

    So it was a quagmire of lowest common denominator crud, budgetary excess, atrocious management standards and a rip off.

    Could you sum up the BBC any better?


  3. Rupert says:

    So, it would be factually accurate for one of the papers to have a headline reading “BBC kills children”, seeing as they stole money that should have gone to charity and may have meant life or death to some children with chronic illnesses.


  4. nrg says:

    Rupert, that would require a journalist to stoop to the standards of a garden variety Beeboid propagandist.


  5. Martin says:

    Funny we had Hillhunt on whining about how much more moral theBBC was than ITV. Oh yer for sure. NOT!


  6. Miv Tucker says:

    Dunno what’s gone wrong, but tonight’s Any Questions
    has hardly featured any questions NOT about Gordon Brown in some way, and those not complimentary!

    I suspect there’ll be a farewell party for someone on the Any Questions production team this week.


  7. Pete says:

    What’s all the fuss about? £106,000 is petty cash to the criminal law backed state broadacaster. It’s less than it pays in one week to Jonathan ‘w*nker’ Ross for his pearls of wisdom.


  8. Peter says:

    What do you expect from a broadcasting company that had a ventriloquist on radio.


  9. nrg says:

    Not a very good one – I heard his lips move


  10. Peter says:

    As is usual with the BBC,they paid the dummy more.


  11. deegee says:

    Follow the money.

    ‘Who’ benefits by this scam? (The BBC is a ‘what’). I want to know who gave the instruction and/or personally benefits.

    Who knew about this? At what level of the administrative chain, below the level where someone gained personally, was the scam known and no whistle blown.

    Mark Thompson has been asked to consider disciplinary action.

    Now that’s entertainment. 😉


  12. Peter says:

    I must say that I had to crank an eyebrow as I just watched on BBC Breakfast News a journalist from The Guardian point out from a story in the Times that ‘the amount was a lot less than the ITV one’.

    So that’s OK then. Two wrongs make… a cracking good excuse!

    I think I need to retune my kids’ moral compasses.


  13. Pot-Kettle-Black says:

    The BBC was robbing charity, its actually even more despicable than ITV.


  14. Peter says:

    “The BBC was robbing charity, its actually even more despicable than ITV.”

    The BBC was robbing Children in Need.


  15. Nearly Oxfordian says:

    So not only antisemitic liars, but thieves also: nice one, assholes.


  16. Martin says:

    The BBC was robbing Children in Need? I thought Wogan and Ross did that?


  17. Nearly Oxfordian says:

    Wogan and Ross are the BBC.