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  1. Martin says:

    I see the BBC is silent over the latest poll showing Broon is doomed.


  2. moonbat nibbler says:

    The Press Association, AFP and Reuters all mention a salient fact about the suitcase murderer:




    Now check out the BBC’s report:

    Just another day of multi-cultist censorship from the BBC then.


  3. Peter says:

    It is all about “Social Cohesion”,they can kill as many of us as they like as long as it doesn’t cause social friction.


  4. Allan@Oslo says:

    It looks as though the 3rd world is bringing its savagery to the UK. That’s why the BBC doesn’t actually give precise information.


  5. GCooper says:

    Peter (above) is right. Don’t forget, we were told that by the self-confessed BBC employee, John Reith.


  6. Fleur says:

    The homeless vagrant gave himself up to the police for three square meals a day, a bed to sleep on and in his own cell at last. Practical move.


  7. Peter says:

    From the link,
    “Ugandan-born Jamal Bakhit, 24, of no fixed abode, is accused of killing Swede Rahmona Ahmedin at her home in Islington, north London, between June 6 and June 18.”

    Names on BBC?


  8. Jason says:

    You really have to do something about the 3rd world menace. New York is becoming ruined because of it. Since virtually every taxi driver now originates from the 3rd world, the city has become a cacophony of car horns as these less than civilized people use them to express every single emotion they feel.

    Last year I was crossing 8th Avenue and a taxi with an Indian immigrant behind the wheel had stopped at the red light. As I walked in front of his car, he suddenly lurched forward and drove right into me so that I was actually sat on the hood.

    I rolled off sideways and karate chopped his side mirror right off, which was the only thing that got him to stop (a pedestrian on his hood wasn’t going to do it). Then of course I let rip. His excuse?

    “I need to use bathroom. Is OK to go through red light if need to use bathroom”.

    Recently, since the Taxi and Limousine Commission has forced cabbies to accept credit cards (which these third worlders don’t like), there has been a spate of 3rd world cabbies physically attacking passengers. A young woman was punched in the face by one such scumsucker right outside of my building a few months ago.

    Then of course there are the endless accidents in which they mount the sidewalk and plow into pedestrians. The excuses are always one of the following: I had a seizure. The accelerator and the brake pedals got mixed up somehow. A mystery black car came out of nowhere and cut me off.

    But to me, the reason for their driving is simple. Their heads are full of mysticism and they’re not focused on the real world.


  9. Grimly Squeamish says:

    ( I moved this up from the other “related comments” thread as just after I posted this new thread was created)

    You know things are really going wrong when even a Guardian writer has a dig at the BBC..

    “There was also something unpleasant about the way many in the BBC turned the discussion away from the loss of civil liberties in Britain and instead began to present David Davis as an egotistical oddball, pulling a clever stunt simply to spite the leader of his party.”…/ civilliberties


  10. Peter says:

    “It looks as though the 3rd world is bringing its savagery to the UK.”

    Nonsense! It is strength through diversity.


  11. Emil says:

    On a less serious topic apparantly (according to Radio 5 yesterday) the jockey Richard Hughes is 5 ft 12 inches tall..


  12. The Cattle Prod of Destiny says:

    Peter | 22.06.08 – 6:44 pm |
    Isn’t it funny that the BBC hates the ‘Thatcherite’ expressions of individuality and applauds the collectivism of the unions but sees strength in diversity?

    What ever happened to ‘United We Stand, Divided We Fall’?


  13. Peter says:

    What we are looking at is the central contradiction in liberal political correctness which will bring down western civilisation as it was intended to.
    If you notice,the liberal left can only bully ordinary people,viz ZanuLabour duffing up families and pensioners,but as soon as something more ferocious turns up they get on their knees.


  14. Pot-Kettle-Black says:

    I can’t find any of this on the BBC, why not, in the past they would have jumped at just one of them, but in this case its several and it should be reported.

    Not found this

    or this

    or this

    or this

    Is this the BBC’s love affair with Cameron really kicking off?
    Do they see Brown is a gonner and they had better support the Tories?

    But there is no excuse for replacing one bias with another.


  15. WoAD says:

    Jesus was also killed to preserve “social cohesion” – i.e. The JOO’s (3rd worlders of the day) threatened to riot unless Pilate (The New Labour Governor who was on his last chance) had Christ (The West) crucified.


  16. Martin says:

    Pot-Kettle-Black: No I don’t think the BBC will be backing Cameron. They do love Green stuff, but when push comes to shove, they will keep backing the fat one eyed unwashed jock.

    Expect to se the BBC going for the Tory throat over the next few months. Many have predicted this and we’ve seen the start with the way the BBC have gone after Spelman and Davis. Expect to see more.


  17. DB says:

    With reference to this, I’ve just sent the following email to the Equality and Human Rights Commission:

    Dear Sir/Madam/Other

    I was pleased to read in today’s Sunday Times that the Equality and Human Rights Commission intends to invoke new powers allowing it to dictate who should appear on BBC programmes. This is long overdue in my opinion.

    Just this morning I turned on Radio 4 to catch the last fifteen minutes of Broadcasting House with the excellent homosexual presenter Paddy O’Connell. I had only been listening for a matter of moments when he introduced an item on Tempelhof Airport by fellow BBC journalist Nigel Wrench • another homosexualist!

    Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ve nothing against the gays. In fact, since their arrival in Britain I think they’ve brightened up the place no end, what with their dayglo shorts, rhythmic music and insatiable sexual appetites. However, anyone tuning in to Radio 4 today at around 9.45 am and listening for no longer than about ten minutes would have received the distinct impression from the BBC that everyone is queer. Clearly this is not the case as even I know some people who aren’t attracted to members of the same sex.

    In summary, I hope that the EHRC’s drive to extend its welcome influence over all aspects of our lives will include investigation into the occasional over-representation of gayers on Radio 4.

    Yours faithfully,



  18. GCooper says:

    To be fair, almost all the political elite took the wrong side over Davis – although the BBC led the chorus, it must be said.

    When they finally woke-up and realised that many in the blogosphere and in ‘real life’ were applauding the man, they rapidly began changing their tune.


  19. Anonymous says:

    DB: LOL! No reply for you, I fear


  20. Fleur says:

    If you really want to read a very funny attack on Brown, try this link.

    If ever there was a dead man walking, it’s Brown.


  21. Reverand T Time says:

    just watching ‘special’ Beeb report on ‘child labour sweat shop for Primark’
    well, fuck me, a pair of jeans for a fiver not being produced in a sweat shop?? how did they think it was being produced???
    made me cringe hearing the dripping wet reporter ‘expose’ the shenanigans going on for the cheapo clothes store, why thank you Auntie Beeb, nice to know your keeping the nations morals in check…
    cant wait for next weeks special report…
    “grandmothers, eggs and how to suck them”


  22. urabus says:

    DB :lol::lol:


  23. GCooper says:

    Yes, Reverand T – I felt much the same.

    And who is ‘exposing’ the BBC? Who (save for one or two unpaid bloggers) is investigating the corruption that sees the BBC pumping out pro-EU propaganda, while receiving cash from it? Who is looking into the lavish salaries and expenses of not just the BBC’s ‘stars’ but also its senior management? Who is probing into the rampant political corruption where ZaNuLabour supporters hold key positions and skew the news in the party’s favour? Who is investigating the links between the BBC and ‘Green’ advocacy organisations and bodies like ‘Common Purpose’?

    Not Panorama, that’s for certain!


  24. xlr says:

    Grimly Squeamish | 22.06.08 – 6:34 pm |


  25. xlr says:

    oops! hit publish too early – I meant to say the guardian link is dead, Grimly


  26. urabus says:

    i dont know if anyones noticed this about Al Beebs reporting of the oldest computer generated music

    Jonathan Fildes, the beeboid author says

    “A scratchy recording of Baa Baa Black Sheep and a truncated version of In the Mood are thought to be the oldest known recordings of computer generated music. ”

    it was the same on Al Beebs radio broadcasts as well.

    but when u play the “recording”, the first tune to be belted out by this computer is the national anthem, in addition to the above 2 mentioned tunes

    wonder why Al Beeb never mentioned God Save the Queen in its reporting?


  27. Reverand T Time says:

    yes, GCooper,indeed, who is accountable there???

    i read somewhere that for the China Olympics the Beeb will be sending more ‘reporters’ out there than our athletes… why??

    who decides this?? who sits there and tots it all up and thinks “hmmm… thats gonna cost a pretty penny… fuck em, lets go for a jolley…”

    i bet none of the journos will be roughing it in a Bejing travelodge….


  28. Jason says:

    Breaking News – Boris adviser James McGrath quits after making a completely innocent remark to an undercover journalist which was then, disgracefully, construed as racist.

    How anyone could even take what he said as racist is beyond me. But of course the BBC describes it as “apparently racist“. Meaning – yes, we do believe it was racist. If they didn’t then they would have said “allegedly racist”.

    More Beebish wankfoolery.


  29. Grimly Squeamish says:

    xlr here’s that link.…/ civilliberties


  30. Grimly Squeamish says:

    bloody hell still doesn’t work try this:


  31. urabus says:

    works now :+:


  32. Reverand T Time says:

    link working now Grimly….

    these particular gems stuck out for me…
    “Yes, we do live in a relatively free and secular country – just ask any young Afghani woman studying at a college here for her opinion.”
    er, eh??? what the fucks that gotta do with the price of fish???
    how about asking a white, working class bloke being shafted by Broon and the MacMafia who cant afford to fill his car up with diesel???

    and this one beggars belief for its sheer blinkeredness….
    “I suppose we must trust the security services when they say there are dangerous Islamist extremists on the loose who want to do our society harm

    i keep forgetting the biggest terrorist threat to this country is from white middle class old ladies….

    soft twat


  33. xlr says:

    Thanks GS.

    Blimey, has the guardian been infiltrated by someone with common sense :quote: “Leaders of the opposition are character-assassinated by the state media”. The state media indeed – never thought I’d see the day…


  34. urabus says:

    from grimly’s link regarding Al Beeb

    “There was also something unpleasant about the way many in the BBC turned the discussion away from the loss of civil liberties in Britain and instead began to present David Davis as an egotistical oddball, pulling a clever stunt simply to spite the leader of his party. Soviet TV attacked dissidents in the same way. This kind of media character assassination is even more reprehensible because once you destroy a politician’s reputation, you might as well put him down – like a racehorse with a broken leg. “


  35. Fleur says:

    For a good ole Aussie, James McGrath seems to have caved-in rather too easily. Perhaps it was the seven year itch. Then again he may be fed-up with the Tories/UK and thought of a novel way to resign his post.


  36. gaping maw says:

    has anyone else noticed that in the reporting on Zimbabwe, that the BBC has been explicitly *biased* against Mugabe?

    and yet, when reporting on terrorist thugs like Hamas, then suddenly the BBC invokes the “unbiased” charter…?

    and i the only one to notice this.

    and to be honest – my interest has piqued with regards to Mugabe – for if the BBC are so blatantly biased against him, one wonder what the real story is.


  37. gaping maw says:

    “Jason | 22.06.08 – 11:13 pm ”

    here is what the BBC report on , in their own writing:

    Responding to a claim that some black people might leave the UK if Mr Johnson became mayor, James McGrath said: “Let them go if they don’t like it here.”

    note that “black people” is not in scare quotes – so therefore that is the BBC itself writing that. However the term “black people” wasnt even used in the questioning.

    scroll down a bit and you get an inkling of what was actually reported on…

    it was Darcus Howe who suggested that there would be an exodus of Carribean people if Boris was elected – a reporter asked for a comment on that, and he got the “well, let them go if they dont like it here” retort.

    so in effect, it actually was a LEFTIST who came up with the idea of “black” people leaving the country.


  38. gaping maw says:

    “Martin | 22.06.08 – 3:50 pm ”

    well spotted – noticed that too today.

    instead its Brownstuff sucking up to the Saudis.

    excuse me , but how come Brownstuff is sucking up to the Saudis and yet Mugabe is “enemy number 1″…? oh right.. yeah i know – Mugabe doesnt have oil.

    sorry, its a classic anti-war , leftist argument , used in regards to Iraq, but in this case, its actually true.


  39. David Preiser (USA) says:

    gaping maw | 23.06.08 – 2:26 am |

    excuse me , but how come Brownstuff is sucking up to the Saudis and yet Mugabe is “enemy number 1″…? oh right.. yeah i know – Mugabe doesnt have oil.

    sorry, its a classic anti-war , leftist argument , used in regards to Iraq, but in this case, its actually true.

    No. In this case it’s because Mugabe doesn’t fill the BBC coffers with loads of advertising cash, or make breakthrough deals to get BBC World shown in all the hotels in Zimbabwe. If Mugabe played ball like the Chinese did, different story.

    If he did that the BBC wouldn’t do so many negative reports that Comrade Bob doesn’t like. Instead they’d have three-part features on how Mugabe has done so much for people in rural areas and created a new wealth class amongst the citizenry, do two weeks of arts and music programmes, and make him the star of next year’s Reith Lectures.


  40. Hugh says:

    “my interest has piqued with regards to Mugabe – for if the BBC are so blatantly biased against him, one wonder what the real story is.”

    The opposition are trade unionists, so it’s an easy one even for the Beeb.


  41. NotaSheep says:

    The Toady programme have plumbed a new low today. Thought for the Day paid homage to courage and Gordon Brown’s book on the same. Are the BBC just taking the piss now?


  42. Richy says:

    While I continue to look sceptically at BBC current affairs output, I no longer come here for analysis and discussion of the BBC. Why is that?

    It seems increasingly shrill and ranting in a way. Many of the examples of “bias” don’t seem to be particularly well backed up by evidence; instead, they are supported by bland generaliities which are rather boring to read, and can be read on any handful of rightwing blogs out there.

    The comments, which used to be very lively and enjoyable, seem to echo the content of the posts in many ways. That is, a tendency to the extreme, a ranting element and possibly a rudeness to those that disagree with the central tenet of the blog.

    After viewing the access figures, I’m probably the only one who has felt like this recently. Nonetheless, I worry that the shift in attitude and ideology makes it easier for the BBC to ignore accusations of bias, and dismiss the site as just another right wing echo chamber.


  43. Sue says:

    Criticise Israel on the BBC= Brownie points.
    Get a Jew to criticise Israel on the BBC= double loyalty bonus points.

    Andrew Marr. Coming up on Start the Week.


  44. urabus says:

    britains future, modelled by Al Beeb


  45. GCooper says:

    Appalling kid gloves treatment of the loathsome ‘Lord’ Malloch-Brown on Toady, this morning.

    This unelected fool of a ZaNuLabour minister (a former henchman of the discredited Kofi Annan) was allowed to trot-out all the usual cliches about the transnational organisations that are going to put terminal pressure on Mugabe.

    That’d be the sort of terminal pressure that has done so much to impede the thug’s progress, so far.

    Apparently, Brown’s beloved UN and the actions of those, like the the tough Australians, who have sent home the children of one of Mugabe’s goons, refusing them education, are going to bring the regime to heel.

    The obvious question went, of course, unspoken. Why was it right and proper to invade the former Yugoslavia and yet wrong to invade Zimbabwe and put a stop to the murder there?

    Is it “‘cos they is black”?


  46. Jack Bauer says:

    Appalling kid gloves treatment of the loathsome ‘Lord’ Malloch-Brown on Toady, this morning.

    And paid hack of the equally disgusting George Soros


  47. Jack Hughes says:


    Don’t go. Stay and help to keep people onside – the posters (mainly DV) and the commentators.


  48. Joel says:

    HEROES OF HELMAND: The story of the First Battalion of the Royal Anglian Regiment’s tour of duty in Afghanistan.


  49. Martin says:

    Just listened to the 5 live phone in about Zimbabwe. “If there was oil there the Americans would have invaded by now…” cried the left wing tossers who kept ringing up. (rather like the 15% interest rates that keep coming up on every QT)

    Well there was no oil in Sierra Leone, non in Afghanistan (there is sod all in Afghanistan) Kosovo, Bosnia and so on.

    Some leftie twat came on and started ranting about Hugo Chavez and why Bush wants to invade him!!!!!!

    Of course the left just don’t get it. They want rid of Mugabe because he is an evil man, but Saddam wasn’t????

    Why does the left always attack the West (and the UK and USA in particular) when China and Russia do sod all except sell weapons (note the BBC have NEVER reported that Russia sold the Sudan a huge amount of weapons a while back).

    The poor old left. “Go in and get Mugabe and get out” they cry. Oh yes, apart from the fact you have to remove the Police (corrupt), the Army (corrupt) and the civil service (corrupt) so unless you put in tens of thousands of soldiers you will simply leave a Country in chaos. Of course as the left only ever go tto play with dolls as kids, they have no idea of invading a Country and that you have to be there for years not days or months.

    The BBC are really piling this crap on about Zimbabwe though. Pathetic.