Did you read the BBC’s fawning coverage of Mr Broon’s visit to Jeddah as he seeks to use his super powers to persuade OPEC to bring about “New Deal” for us all? It’s pathetic to watch the BBC twist in the wind trying to prop up the utterly useless Brown when the rest of us can see just how discredited and economically culpable the Great Leader is on this issue. Listen, if Brown was in ANY WAY serious about helping those who are suffering from vast oil increases here in the UK, he could reduce or better still remove the Vat element he slaps on it. But that won’t happen since the vast public sector behemoth he has built since 1997 would shrivel up, starved of funds. So instead he jets across to Saudi (Juat think of all those carbon emissions!) to beg the Arabs for something they have no intention of giving. How fortunate for him that the BBC sees fit to portray this begging mission up as the act of a Statesman. Still, His Master’s Voice and all that…

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  1. George R says:

    As the BBC attempts to put some dignity into Brown’s dhimmitude in Jeddah, here is a suggestion for an alternative policy for the West (inc. the UK) to adopt towards Muslim societies (inc. Saudi Arabia):

    “An excellent idea”

    (by Hugh Fitzgerald)


  2. Martin says:

    Brown is an arsehole. He’s bankrupted this Country spending billions of pounds on failed public services and useless IT systems that haven’t done anything other than grease the palms of those that back Nu Labour.


  3. Martin says:

    I see that despite the likes of Michael Prick and most of the BBC the Tories are still miles ahead of the fat one eyesd jock.


  4. Jack Bauer says:

    Why doesn’t Brown visit Jeddah West (aka Chequers) and invite his “party” to join him there instead?

    They can discuss why..

    1. The Soylent Greens, the watermelons and leftists in general WANT high petrol prices. In fact they WANT them even higher. They wet-dream about £10 a gallon fuel. They love it. But it’s the love that dare not speak its name in public.

    2. The party of the poor people could also remind themselves that it is THEY who extract what …70% ?? of the price of petrol from the consumer to pay for things like — the welfare state benefits of Islamo-terrorists with 3 wives and their numerous brats.

    Don’t expect the BBC is too bothered in explaining where our “petroleum protection” money is going.


  5. Jack Bauer says:

    Or and I forget to mention the braindead Tim Yeo from the socialist wing of the Conservative Party.


  6. GCooper says:

    They also gave undue prominence to the story – as usual, cuddling-up to the source of Licence Fee legislation.


  7. urabus says:

    dont think ive once heard a beeboid say on the news that reducing duty on fuel is a good idea, they always blame it on the futures market for the high price of a barrel of the black stuff

    Broon’s already said he will only serve 1 term after the next election as PM….. in his dreams he’ll get relected

    but his jaw still keeps dropping at the end of each sentence

    the mans an idiot, he sold all our gold at netto prices, taxed pension funds to death and now we have a pension crisis

    not flash, just a blithering idiot is our gordon


  8. David Vance says:

    O ye of little faith – Gordon the political giant will slay the reluctant OPEC and make them realise that they need to listen to what he says. After all, look at the support Brown has at home (The Mail on Sunday has a new poll showing JUST how popular Mr Broon has become one year on from his inheritance of the role of PM)


  9. Fleur says:

    Brown has also gone out there to persuade the Saudis to invest in renewable energy like wind and solar power. Oh yeah?
    It’s a bit like suggesting to a light bulb company to invest in filaments that never burn out.
    It is also customary to bear gifts when visiting foreign potentates, so we can expect Brown to present then with a box of Caledonian Forest acorns… show his green credentials… the stupid sap.


  10. George R says:

    The Gordon Brown effect on oil prices?

    It looks as though oil prices will be higher when Gordon Brown leaves Saudi Arabia than when he arrived there:

    “Oil prices soar as leaders gather for Saudi Arabia summit”

    The markets must have decided: ‘Wow!- If the great Gordo can’t shift Abdullah, then nobody can. Mark up oil prices’.

    The BBC doesn’t mention it, but these remarks on economic principles by Mr. Khelil, President of OPEC, must have stunned Brown with their unBrown-like economic logic:

    “The president of Opec, Chakib Khelil, said yesterday that it would be ‘illogical and irrational’ for it to increase output…
    “Mr Khelil said: ‘To ask the oil producers to increase their output is illogical and irrational… just because computer or car prices were high, would one ask their producers to make more?'” (from ‘Telegraph’ report).


  11. riddler says:

    Having said that, Broon can’t remove VAT from fuel due to EU regs…..oh joy!

    And I’m not sure whether he would be allowed to reduce it without going on bended knee to our government in Brussels – it seems the French have already suggested it.


  12. Roland Deschain says:

    Even if he wanted to, GB couldn’t reduce duties on fuel. He can’t afford to, having left nothing in the pot for a rainy day.


  13. George R says:

    Yes, Brown even goes to Saudi Arabia and OPEC cartel to deflect attention away from the very high rates of fuel duty (plus VAT) imposed by the Labour government in the UK:

    “UK diesel cheapest in Europe without taxes”


  14. Anonymous says:

    I just watched a bit of the one eyed one spouting off to OPEC. Everyone looked totally bored.

    Problem with fatso McBean is that when he was Chancellor he was used to everyone doing as they were told. Now he’s PM he goes around the world with the same attitude and just pisses people off. Of course he lives in his little media bubble of the BBC and the Guardian but no one takes the slightest bit of notice.

    How dare he tell the Saudi’s to increae production to cut prises when that fat one eyed tosser has racked up fuel tax (and we still have yet another rise on its way) and he refuses to give serious tax breaks to fuel efficient cars.

    When my company car came up for replacement, not one hybrid was on the list (not even LPG conversions).

    If the Government is serious about this, they should offer serious tax breaks.

    Brown is just a joke and every time I see him on the world stage I cringe.

    Is it true that he never bothers to wash for days on end? His hair looks like it hasn’t seen a shower for months?


  15. Martin says:

    Listening to Broon on the BBC the way he was spouting his garbage made me think that he was talking as if HE owned all the Arab money!!

    It was like he was saying “listen to me, I’m an expert”

    Sort your own house out first Bean.


  16. Fleur says:

    “His hair looks like it hasn’t seen a shower for months?”

    It’ll look even greasier when he gets back, what with all that ‘black crude’ he’ll have been rubbing in to help shove it up those camels’ arses.


  17. Martin says:

    Don’t you feel a sense of national embarassment when Broon goes around the world telling people how to run their lives?

    Why is Broon trying to get money from Arabs (who for the most part hate us) to invest in our energy needs? Shouldn’t that be done through Government and private enterprise here?

    Oh hang on Bean pissed all our taxes away of unreformed public services to buy themselves 3 general election victories.


  18. George R says:

    Saudi ‘one-eyed Jacks’ whom, the BBC, apparently, cannot see:

    “The Saudi role in terror financing is no secret. Yet, the U.S. administration keeps telling us that the Saudis are our allies. On 10 December 2002, criticizing the Joint Inquiry Staff (JIS) report of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI) and the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI), Senators Jon Kyl and Pat Roberts stated, ‘The pervasiveness in Saudi Arabia of Wahhabism, a radical, anti-American variant of Islam, was well known before 9/11. The JIS should have inquired why the country of Saudi Arabia was given such preferential treatment by the State Department and whether the intelligence agencies were complicit in the policy.’62

    “In early 2008, however, U.S. government officials publicly noted that the Saudis continue the financing of radical Islamic groups.63″*

    * (Numbers relate to references at end of article.)

    [- Extract from Ehrenfeld and Lappen article below:]

    “The Fifth Generation Warfare”


  19. Martin says:

    George R: I have pointed out that the Arabs generally (and the Saudi’s in particular) hate our guts. The very fact our politicians go Camel arse licking to them is such an embarassment, even more so when the fat one eyed jock asks THEM to invest in alternative fuels for over here. That has to be the biggest joke going, they already own half of London and god knows what else.

    Has Bean no shame? Will all that extra money they pissed away on the failed education system, the failed NHS and the billions they want to waste on ID cards (so local councils can persecute ordinary people) they could have created a huge industry of new and alternative energeis.

    Look what the Americans get from NASA for twice what we pay for the BBC?


  20. Original Robin says:

    The Arabs from the Middle East dont hate us (if they did they wouldn`t buy property, racehorses and live here). It`s our home grown Muslims that do the hating, because they`ve been given preferential treatment by the establishment and BBC. Like all favoured groups, it goes to their heads.


  21. David Preiser (USA) says:

    It looks to me like the BBC took a story about Mr. Brown going with his hat in his hand to Saudi Arabia and turned it upside-down into a report about how he successfully got OPEC to recognize that oil prices are too high.

    Not only that, but we get the King Barbarian blaming speculators, and learn that OPEC members “will not hesitate” to increase production “if the market needs it.” And what’s that, Darling? Oh, you agree. What a surprise.


  22. canon alberic says:

    Travelling in the car today three extraordinary consecutive programmes on the ever more bizarre R4. Firstly, an astonishingly bad and irresponsible File On 4 which presented an incoherent hysterically over-stated report suggesting (as far as one could make sense of it) that GPs should be “punished” for prescribing anti-psychotic drugs to the demented. God knows what the agenda of the self-righteous fool presenting it was (Scientolgy?) but it was atrocious: deeply upset relatives were fed loaded questions, statistics were gravely misrepresented and someone called Jeremy Northiam interviewed an array of illiterate regulatory academics at various new quangos keen to ruin the lives of the professionals they patronise; and a government minister so stupid and badly briefed it made you want to join al-queda.
    Then a “Profile” presented by an esturine teenage journalist interviewing her friends from Soho House about the very sucessfully reclusive founder of Primark who lives in Dublin is 72 has silver hair – er thats all. There was some suggestion he used slave labour but as hes not American or Jewish and indeed completely unknown this didnt really go anywhere.
    Finally, to cap a perfect afternoon listening to these oafs wasteing our money, spreading alarm pseudoscience and bad English – we had GO4IT. This as anyone unable to get to the off switch in time will know is a childrens programme made by people you wouldnt trust alone with children for children who should euthanised now before they start making their own programmes. It was about poltical refugees in primary schools it was the most nauseating child based propaganda since Hiltlerjugend Quexx.
    Perhaps Chris Morris was guest editor for the afternoon but it was awesome the 4 of us in the car where seething at how crap and stupid and dangerous and terrible it all was.


  23. gaping maw says:

    i dont know if anyone caught this – but what Brown was offering the Saudis was “investment” in our nuclear industry.

    wonderful – our nuke industry will be handed over to the Wahabbist Islamists of Saudi Arabia. does anyone else see the inherent danger in doing this – cos i sure as hell do.


  24. gaping maw says:

    “And they will not have to examine either the reasons for their economic failure, and cultural stasis, and penchant for despotism, if they are constantly allowed to find whatever they need — medical care, access to education — in the West.”

    Monocle magazine had an article last month on how German private hospitals are doing a roaring trade in Saudi clients.

    well, if the Saudis are too thick to develop their own skilled workforce, then i suppose we can only welcome the money we spend on oil back to our European shores…


  25. gaping maw says:

    “George R | 22.06.08 – 12:17 pm |”

    thats got to be the most common sense statement regarding oil prices i have ever heard.

    i’ll quote it again for readers who dont want to scroll up..

    Chakib Khelil, president of OPEC:
    “To ask the oil producers to increase their output is illogical and irrational… just because computer or car prices were high, would one ask their producers to make more?”



  26. gaping maw says:

    “riddler | 22.06.08 – 12:21 pm ”

    i’ve been reading that Sarko wants to reduce VAT and indeed reduce duty on fuel in general across the EU, but has been overruled by our one eyed snot gobbler. so , in this case, its not fair to point the finger at the EU – the blame lies with our Dear Leader.


  27. Jack Bauer says:

    Are the Labouroids pining for the “good” old days of Blair yet?

    I mean, even for them, Gordon is a Moron must make Blair look like Gladstone.

    I wonder if they must cast their minds back 12 years and remember why they elcted him der leader in the first place.

    Err, because he was the only one who was actually electable as a human being with a (admittedly ersatz) personality. Unlike the Brownbot, even then.

    And that was up against a massively unpopular Tory party at the fag end of the natural order of election cycles.