It would appear that BBC stands for Brown Broadcasting Corporation these days such is the amount of glowing coverage being extended the way of our dismal Prime Minister. Yesterday Mr Broon was over in Jeddah sorting out Johnny Foreigner by instructing him how to manage his oil and energy resources; today the Great Leader is once more amongst us – his people – this time extolling his vision of increasing fairness and social mobility This vision reduces down to throwing our cash at target groups of parents to encourage them to bring up their children in a manner of which the government approves. The BBC faithfully reports the Downing Street spin, helpfully emphasising that – yes, you’ve guessed it – Thatcher is to blame for these feckless parents. Also note how the BBC finishes the report by once again disingenuously referring to “child poverty” in the UK when this does not exist. It strikes me that the BBC’s attempts to prop up Brown and his rabble are getting increasingly desperate as Brown himself gets more and more desperate. As we approach the end of days for the NuLabour project to destroy everything that is great about Britain, I fear the BBC must be getting very nervous as to what changes lie in store for it. It’s current role as a 24/7 PR front for the Government undermines any claim that is is an objective reporter of news and emphasises that it is in fact an active and very biased player.

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  1. backwoodsman says:

    Note to beeboid economic analysts. If you want to know why the UK is so dependant on high priced imported oil, look no further than g. brown and his rapacious taxation of the north sea oil producers. They unsurprisingly voted with their feet and devoted their production and exploration budgets to areas of the world with far less punitive taxation regimes.
    So, gordo not only taxed the North Sea into decline, he also decimated the rig support businesses too.
    At the time I left the industry 5 or so years ago, BP did not have a single North Sea prospect in their top 100 list of world wide prospects.
    And this is all the work of the idiot the beeboids are trying to make out to be fit to run the country !!!


  2. George R says:

    BBC Radio 4 News at 8 am this morning did not even mention Brown’s Saudi visit, instead publicising yet another Labour ‘social mobility’ soundbite. Maybe this was why:

    “Oil price rises despite Saudi Arabia’s pledge”



  3. David Vance says:

    George R,

    Perhaps the BBC will decide the Great Leader never really went there in the first place. Down the memory hole…


  4. Jeff Todd says:

    Since GB has the anti-midas touch (everything turning to shite, not gold), who let him go anywhere near oil-producing nations?

    This is the idiot asking the Saudis to invest in “Green” technology in the UK, but who gave away a billion of our moolah to the Chinese and Indian governments to “go green” – both nuclear countries!

    At least the old adage of politicos ponce about on the world stage to hide domestic failure is still holding true.


  5. Cockney says:

    Hmmm, this could certainly do with some of the ‘analysis’ which is liberally sprinkled across any report on conservative party policy.

    However, if social mobility declined in the 70s then surely the inference is that it was largely Labour’s fault.

    And I thought that we’d established that ‘relative’ child poverty was a ridiculous term. It’s a bit of a big step forward from that to declare that child poverty doesn’y exist at all in the UK – clearly it does in the context of any rational expectation of what should be a minimum expectation in the world’s fifth(?) biggest economy in the 21st century.


  6. Martin says:

    The BBC have no shame in spouting Labour propaganda as “news”.

    Broon talks about decent schools yet he and his camp socialist mates have destroyed many of the decent state schools in England (still plenty in Scotland). Many schools now have to cope with kids who can’t even speak English. How can you teach other subjects if the kids can’t speak English?

    As usual, the fat one eyed unwashed jock’s only answer appears to be financial bribes.

    If the Government wants to cut povery, then cut taxes and stop funding single mothers with houses and unlimited benefits.


  7. Martin says:

    Peter Hain was on Radio 5 live this morning spouting on about Zimbabwe. You can guess what wasn’t mentioned when the vile Derbyshire introduced him.


  8. Mrs. Rooney's Ferret says:

    I am not sure that the reference to child poverty was as supportive of the PM as you suggest. Surely the context was that Brown was heading towards the failure of his self-imposed target of halving child poverty in a decade.

    Equally, the reference to Mrs Thatcher was surely a quote from an advance copy of Brown’s speech. I am quite happy for journalists, whether the BBC or otherwise, to report these things. It’s up to us to decide whether or not Brown is living up to his promises in reducing child poverty, and whether or not he’s right to blame the previous Conservative administration for such issues.


  9. thud says:

    Does anybody know if the Conservatives have any plans for the beeb?


  10. Martin says:

    Sorry, but if the BBC want to report McBean’s statements as “facts” then there should be much more critical analysis of them in their reports.

    For example in the story mentioned, the failure of McBean to reduce child poverty was left ot right at the end.

    Should not a better more accurate headline have been “PM tries to defend his failure to reduce child poverty?”


  11. NotaSheep says:

    Don’t forget that the Toady programme have plumbed a new low today. Thought for the Day paid homage to courage and Gordon Brown’s book on the same. Are the BBC just taking the piss now?


  12. Gibby Haynes says:

    …the world’s fifth(?) biggest economy in the 21st century.

    Sixth, with Russia nipping at our heels.


  13. Martin says:

    Gibby: By the time the McMafia in Nu Labour have finished with us we will be the 180th biggest economy in the world.


  14. Jeff Todd says:

    Does anybody know if the Conservatives have any plans for the beeb?”

    Wipe it out and use their own Greenie arguments to do it. Getting rid of a major CO2 polluter/electricity user, give hard-pressed working families an extra £140, few billion assets to sell off to fill brown holes……Tories must be mad if they have not considered it – and all as a environmentally friendly gesture!

    Catch 22: damned if the Beeb do support GW, damned if the Beeb don’t support GW.

    I want to watch this one unfold


  15. Adam Boulton says:

    The beeb will not employ people from the inner cities or deprived area even if you have the skills, qualifications and speak without a dialect. Why the reason is they are for middle class well off people and use this first step initiation to begin the dark descent into the world of espionage.

    MI5 and MI6 have used the BBC to manipulate, coerce and subvert real journalism. It makes sense to have agents in one of the worlds largest propaganda machine to ensure everything is managed and released as expected.

    As for the oil issue the Brits have their share of the spoils of war located in Basra which the army are nothing more than security guards securing British interests in the region guarding the oil refineries and ports and ditto to the Yanks.

    Everything inbetween the speculation and supply is merely propaganda the people who benefit are along the supply chain. The evidence is the profits made by the Euro/American oil companies profits in the first quarter alone. The key is £3trillion just like the $3trillion dollars wasted in Iraq by the U.S and the £3 trillion brown wants the Saudis to invest in the U.K on unprofitable swings and roundabouts called free energy.


    Quote “Also Sunday, Abdullah called for the creation of a $1 billion energy initiative for poor countries to help them combat the rising cost of fuel. He also said Saudi Arabia would contribute $500 million to help give poor countries loans to finance development and energy projects.”


    So he offers the U.K £3 trillion and the poor countries £250 million, what a benevolent soul i’m sure he really believes in his religion. On a tangent this to me is evidence that the U.K and U.S own the oil in the middle east not the reverse.

    Finally if you want truth dont go to the BBC for it you’d be better off asking the foreign office and we all know feeds them.


  16. Anonymous says:

    David Vance says:

    the BBC finishes the report by once again disingenuously referring to “child poverty” in the UK when this does not exist.

    Oliver Letwin says:

    Today, I can confirm that David Cameron’s Conservatives are committed to the government target of ending child poverty by 2020….The Conservative party is committing itself to a programme of social justice – to improving the lot of those whom David Davis has so evocatively called “the victims of state failure”…… deep deprivation is all too often passed down the generations. A child born to parents who are long-term recipients of benefits is more likely to be a long-term recipient of benefits. A child born into a family in which the mother failed to attain basic school-leaving qualifications is more likely to lack basic skills when entering the job market. Successive governments have failed to end this cycle. This is the real challenge..



  17. David Vance says:

    Yes, the same Oliver Leftwing who seeks the redistribution of wealth ie socialism.


  18. Ryan says:

    Apparently the wonderful NuLabour Project has spent more on schools in its terms in office than at any time since the Victorian period, according to BBC Breakfast. Goodness only knows where they got these figures or whether they were inflation adjusted, but somehow I doubt their authenticity.


  19. Jack Bauer says:

    The Conservative party is committing itself to a programme of social justice – to improving the lot of those whom David Davis has so evocatively called “the victims of state failure”…

    And how’s that going to happen? Let me guess. More txpayer money, more state intervention, and more Conserfauxtism.


  20. Will86 says:

    With such a reputation for profligacy, I can well believe that NuLabour have spent more money on schools than any government since Victorian times. What I don’t believe is that it has been well-spent. Labour’s classic reply to any criticism is “look how much we’ve spent.” The sensible reply is “And what is the return?” With regard to education, rising grade inflation, soaring rates of illiteracy and an increasing underclass appear to be the sole fruits of NuLabour’s investments; hardly a good return by any standards.

    Even more ironic is that we have an announcement by Broon about increasing social mobility when on Thursday Sweaty Balls was ranting against grammar schools. There you have in a nutshell why social mobility has been destroyed under NuLabour, and why only a reading of the last rites over comprehensive education will make any headway in improving social mobility.

    Bet you wouldn’t find that kind of view allowed on the BBC; probably a bit “elitist”, or “racist” against somebody…


  21. gus says:

    Another day another lecture from GUS.

    The BBC applauds the government giving away YOUR MONEY to losers.

    They get government money. It feeds them and buys them new cars and holidays.

    Ergo, every loser should have some of YOUR MONEY for FREE.


  22. Anonymous says:

    David Vance | Homepage | 23.06.08 – 2:35 pm

    Yes, the same Oliver Leftwing who seeks the redistribution of wealth ie socialism.

    The redistribution of wealth is not socialism.

    Socialism is to do with collective ownership of the means of production and central economic planning.

    Margaret Thatcher believed in the redistribution of wealth too.

    As does the United States, which has a progressive tax rates structure for federal income tax.


  23. gus says:

    Anonymous, are you really that stupid or are you just another liberal hack who has an honesty problem?

    Please respond as it’s slow here at work today and I need a few more laughs.


  24. djs says:

    why would the bbc not and try and support our government


  25. Emil says:

    Radio 4 was a giggle this morning, some woman twittering on about “climate friendly” food in schools, someone from Siemens lecturing about energy saving and (shock horror) global warming and yet another relaunch speech from the great leader.

    At which point I switched the radio off.


  26. djs says:

    There is only sone way to solve the oil crisis and in the process dave the world ditch the oil, guzzleing cars and walk us buses, and give the Arab producing


  27. gus says:

    Attention liberal idiots!!!
    The “globe” is not “warming”.
    You see “warming” means the temperatures are “increasing”. As the temperatures are not increasing, the term “warming” has been rendered nonsense.
    Please keep your religion to yourselves and out of my wallet.
    Thanking you in advance,


  28. Cockney says:


    Have you FINALLY fixed your STICKY caps LOCK key?


  29. Expat in New York says:

    Anonymous @ 23.06.08 – 2:28 pm

    It appears you believe that the adoption of “child poverty” by both major political parties makes it uncontroversial for the BBC to champion. The BBC’s own report into impartiality suggests otherwise:

    “they were ‘common good’ subjects, about which little opposition had been articulated at Westminster. But there is often coherent opposition in the world beyond • which can surface later in the political process. In any event, the BBC should be wary of political consensus: it may conceal intellectual laziness, and quite often turns out to be wrong.”

    “Next time it will be a spectacular about conservation, cruelty to children or climate change.”

    or child poverty.

    Click to access 18_06_07impartialitybbc.pdf


  30. Gordon says:

    Emil, you have a stronger stomach than I.
    When I switched on the Food Nazi was in full flood. I stood it for 30 seconds and then switched off.


  31. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Expat in New York,

    Nicely spotted. The BBC are very selective about when they apply that rule, aren’t they?


  32. Original Robin says:

    Child poverty was caused by Thatcher and Mrs Thatcher was caused by Global Warming which is caused by the Israeli`s which is caused by racism which is caused by EUrosceptics which is caused by people who wont pay the television tax, which is often the most deprived areas of Britain which has child poverty.Only the BBC can save us.


  33. Anonymous says:

    BBC 6PM News: Slaggy woman inverviewed. She has 5 kids and lives on benefits (you can just hear the dykes at the BBC clapping together)

    The questions I would have asked (the female Beeboid didn’t) would have been the following.

    1. Why do you need 5 kids?

    2. Why should the state pay for them?

    3. Do you know what the pill is?

    4. Where are the fathers of these children? (OK I know probably in jail or claiming ssylum but worth a try)

    5. Have you ever thought about keeping your knickers on when you get pissed?

    Do you think I’d ever get a job with the BBC?


  34. David Preiser (USA) says:


    Your first three points bring a question to mind: Since Mr. Brown has suggested government programs which pay people like this for getting their children to school, or for quitting smoking, losing weight, etc, might he consider paying slags like this not to breed if they are unemployed?

    Wouldn’t society take a major step toward eliminating child poverty if they made an effort to limit the number of children born into it?


  35. cassis says:

    David Preiser (USA)

    “Wouldn’t society take a major step toward eliminating child poverty if they made an effort to limit the number of children born into it?”

    Yes, and you do it by getting rid of the NHS and install an insurance based health system.

    That way, people learn to make sensible choices – in all kinds of ways.


  36. Albert the Cat says:

    Anonymous – no, something tells me you wouldn’t get a job with al-Beeb. I too saw that package – yeah, £1,500 per month is low compared to the average Beeboid wage.
    The Beeb doesn’t want to talk about those of us who uncomplainingly and responsibly live on much less.


  37. adam says:

    the leftwing mindset is spending is an achievement in itself and deserves a pat on the back.
    Who cares where the money came from or where it ended up. That is someone elses buisness.


  38. gaping maw says:

    rather than going the energy independent route, the dundering snot gobbler wants us to be EVEN MORE depenedent on dictatorial Islamist states…


    “Mr Brown said he was already in talks with Qatar about a new joint energy fund. Furthermore, negotiations are also ongoing with the sovereign wealth fund the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, he added. ”

    in any case – the tosser is talking out of his arse – energy security and energy negotiations are the responsibility of the European Union.

    (Lisbon Treaty)


  39. Albert the Cat says:

    Can anybody tell me if there is an organisation actively campaigning for the abolition of the licence fee?


  40. gaping maw says:

    “adam | 23.06.08 – 8:17 pm ”

    Boris Johnson uncovered just that – where under Red Ken, various departments competed with each to spend the MOST…


  41. Albert the Cat says:

    Further to that, there is this website of course. But this is a discussion forum, only.
    There needs to be a properly-organised, funded campaign to abolish this iniquitous tax.


  42. gaping maw says:

    “Wouldn’t society take a major step toward eliminating child poverty if they made an effort to limit the number of children born into it?
    David Preiser (USA) | 23.06.08 – 7:49 pm |”

    Sorry Mr Preiser – they already have such an instrument in place – it’s called abortion.

    and that the 28 week (or was it 24) limit was NOT lowered recently, has to be one of the most morally repugnant acts of this morally disgusting government.

    agree with the health insurance suggestion above – that sure as hell would make people think twice…


  43. gaping maw says:

    “Albert the Cat | 23.06.08 – 8:28 pm ”

    a funded campaign is an easy target.

    a “flashmob” is a much harder thing for the Beeboids to pin down… word of mouth, internet memes, links, talking to friends – all that counts – and actually DOES influence the broader political thinking.


  44. Original Robin says:


    The BBC could also have asked the state sponsored female if she smoke, drank or took drugs, and if she gave up anything in her life for the welfare of her children.


  45. Albert the Cat says:

    I take your point. Guerilla rather than conventional warfare…
    In the end the creation of an environment in which it’s hard for al-Beeb to exist.


  46. gus says:

    Adam. LIBTARDS take your money, they give it to their dead beats, and THEY CLAIM CREDIT for CARING.
    The snobbish-ass-hats at the BBC actually believe they have EARNED their pay. AU CONTRAIRE. British citizens earned BBC EMPLOYEES pay checks and the government handed the BBC the cash.
    The BBC creates nothing. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of the British tax payer.


  47. Albert the Cat says:

    But I find it hard to resist the thought that it’ll take a final phase of activists pushing – targeting the next government’s responsible ministers.


  48. gaping maw says:

    “Albert the Cat | 23.06.08 – 8:35 pm”

    indeed Albert – and the guerilla tactics have worked.

    cast your mind back about 7 or 8 years, and hardly anyone really gave a damn about the BBC. sure it was biased, but it didnt really get on peoples nerves.

    nowadays , thats not the case – and i’m hearing it more and more. there a palpable disconnect out there in the real world – and i suspect that this blog has been one of the cogs in that.

    of course the bbc’s headlong shift into Brown devotion has also something to with it.


  49. AlexD says:

    “The redistribution of wealth is not socialism.

    Socialism is to do with collective ownership of the means of production and central economic planning.”

    You mixing socialsm with communism.
    “collective ownership” and “central economic planning”, which means they’ll rob you of your property, make you their employee (since they become the only employer) and dispose of the profit as they please is COMMUNISM (see 1917 revolution in Russia, Cuban revolution e.t.c.).

    Socialism is then they allow you to keep your stuff and do business, but will use you as a milking cow (“redistribution of wealth”).


  50. gaping maw says:

    “Original Robin | 23.06.08 – 8:34 pm”

    folks – i think you’re missing the point. of course the BBC wants you to hate this single mother with 5 kids..

    thats the whole friggin point…

    it distracts you from realising that the ENTIRE BBC is a parasitic organisation, that pisses away YOUR money in far greater volume than some chav single mother.

    keep your eye on the target folks.
    dont get distracted.