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  1. Anonymous says:

    Beeboids should remember that the Forces swear allegiance to HM QE2 not the scumbag nulab politicians that used to work for Al beeb. She only has to give the word…

    better dead than red


  2. Alan Healy says:

    Huw Edwards on the BBC News channel has just claimed (5.30 pm bulletin )that the Royal Family cost each of us 64p “per day” !
    I was incensed by their earlier claim that this was the figure “per year” , on the grounds that HM The Queen is payed from part of the revenues of the Crown Estates , not general taxation . And that was when they got their arithmetic correct !

    Slip of the tongue , or a revelation of the implicit bias of the story ?


  3. Martin says:

    Huw Edwards is a twat. He just said (talking aobut Obama clearing Hillary’s debts) “oh that’s a nice gesture!!!!!!

    Where do they get beeboids from?

    Everyone knows that part of the deal for Clinton backing down and NOT fighting on to the convention was that Obama would help clear her debts. Otherwise she’d have caused him trouble right through to the convention.

    This is well known and not denied anywhere, except at the BBC of course.


  4. Gibby Haynes says:

    Huw Edwards always struck me as more of a wanker than a twat. But he’s probably one of the better presenters. I mean, he’s nowhere near as bad as that guy whose teeth no longer fit in his mouth, who used to be some sort of African correspondent, whose name I haven’t bothered to commit to memory. Now he’s a twat.

    Anyway, Huw Edwards is white and male. We won’t have to put up with him for much longer.


  5. John Bosworth says:

    Judging from the video clips I’ve seen here in the USA (and text entries on the BBC website) is my reading of the BBC’s take on the Gordon Brown crisis correct?

    The BBC’s golden boy is guilty, they say, of merely having a personality problem. The policies are not the problem, oh no. After all, they’re labour policies, aren’t they? So they can’t be wrong.

    No, insists the Beeb, it’s about Brown, himself. I just watched an “expert” on a Beeb clip talk about his hair. His hair?

    Then there are his interpersonal skills. It appears he’s cold and doesn’t do well with people. Besides he’s had SUCH bad luck finding himself (poor dear) in the midst of great economic and political forces. PS I thought figuring that stuff out is what leaders do?

    When will there be an admission that the hatred of Blair (Iraq, Bush relationship, anti-USA bias etc) turned the British left against him and they (with a great deal of help from Beeb sniping) put their man Brown in power.

    And now they have the humiliation of coming in behind the BNP?!!!! Must be Brown’s interpersonal skills to blame.

    Watch the skies for the next Labour man the BBC promotes. Maybe he’ll have better hair.


  6. pounce says:

    The BBC, its love for Hamas and half a story.

    Gaza truce ‘violated repeatedly’
    A fragile eight-day-old truce between Israel and Palestinian groups in the Gaza Strip appears to have been violated repeatedly by both sides. A UN source says Israeli troops have opened fire on Palestinian farmers several times, causing injuries. Israel says its forces fired warning shots.
    Allah Ackba
    The BBC equates the firing into the air of rifles in which to warn Palestinians that they are getting too close to the border with numerous rocket attacks
    Allah Ackba
    According to the BBC, only Hamas is committed to keeping to the truce.
    Allah Ackba
    The BBC promotes this vision that Hamas will not police The Gaza strip for the jews. (Strange as they have no problem when it comes to shoving Fatah members off of building)
    Allah Ackba
    Abu Bowen must be really happy with how his disinformation program is comi9ng along.
    The BBC, its love for Hamas and half a story.


  7. Chuffer says:

    Huw Edwards’ two most irritating features are
    1. The sneer, as if he has a fishing line hooked in his top lip, just to the left of his nose.
    2. The classic BBC habit, where they ARE taught TO stress THE wrong word. He’s very keen TO emphasise prepositions IN a way that makes NO sense.


  8. gus says:

    Israel did not violate the truce.
    The “truce” is an agreement between two or more parties.
    Israel did not violate the “agreement”.
    Facts don’t matter to lefties.


  9. Martin says:

    ITV pointed out that the main reasonsd that Broon was unpopular were things like the 10p tax issue. Not of the reason for Broon being seen as a failure were to do with “world events”

    Unlike the BBC who are busy at licking Gordon’s piles nice and clean.


  10. It's all too much says:

    I wonder why we haven’t had a “Labour looses its deposit on the anniversary of Browns’ coronation” expose on BBC news programmes yet? I am fairly certain that the (anti) British Bolshevik Corp wold make some mileage out of a conservative candidate only getting 850 votes….


  11. Martin says:

    The BBC on 5 lite this morning were attacking the BNP. They of course were trying to trap the Tories (Chris Grayling I think) into trying to see if the Tories wanted BNP voters.

    Funny that the BNP keep getting about the same % of votes as the Greens, yet they get more airtime than any other political party on the BBC.


  12. David says:

    Martin, the BBC always try to link the BNP to the Tories. They can’t bring themselves to admit that the only places where the BNP do well are where the Labour vote collapses. All the BNP council seats in the country are in Labour heartlands. They also tend to refer to the BNP as ‘right wing’; this being a party that wants to raise taxes, make unions stronger, and spread wealth in a decidedly socialist manner.


  13. George R says:

    The BBC rarely mentions news about CANADA. (Is Canada still there?); this is in contrast to France’s national broadcasting news bodies which regularly, frequently, and in depth report Canada, especially, of course, ‘French’ Canada. In contrast the BBC attaches little or no significance to the historic, cultural, racial, familial and linguistic links between Britain and Canada. The BBC coverage (of a certain kind), of Pakistan is considerable in amount in comparison.

    In its North Amerca coverage, the BBC seems to be obsessed with repeating biased propaganda about the the rights of Guantanamo jihad suspects, so it seems a little inconsistent of the BBC not to report the ‘human rights’ complaints of some Muslims in Canada against Mark Steyn, a non-Muslim journalist, brought up in England. (Whether the BBC would be interested in reporting or supporting the campaign for free speech there, is, of course, most unlikely, given the BBC’s ‘multiculturism’.)

    ‘Steynonline’ has this update:

    “The roo’ jumps for the exit”,com_frontpage/Itemid,33/


  14. Garden Trash says:

    “The BBC’s golden boy is guilty, they say, of merely having a personality problem.”



  15. adam says:

    David, SPOT ON

    Chuffer, lol


  16. BaggieJonathan says:

    The BBC is run by 10 year old children

    After all we pay for a licence fee for a public broadcaster that doesn’t go to the whim of all soaps and reality tv but goes for quality and is happy to put on things that might appeal to a wider demographic than commerical tv – NOT.


  17. BaggieJonathan says:

    Just when you thought Question Time couldn’t get ant worse it did, not content with Jerry Springer we now had Grayson Perry cross dressing

    I stopped watching some time ago, but I stumbled in on my wife watching it (she does now and then) on seeing Perry for a short time she despaired and turned it off and remarked that what I had been saying about it was true and she wouldn’t watch it again, strike off another viewer BBC, nice one…


  18. adam says:

    eating meat is a pivilege not a right
    said an eco-loony of Newsnight

    why do they keep putting these far left nuts on newsnight


  19. GCooper says:

    adam wonders: “why do they keep putting these far left nuts on newsnight”

    Because they ‘had this absolutely fascinating conversation with them at a dinner party in Highbury, just last week, daaaaahling.’


  20. gaping maw says:

    when i read stories like this , i wonder why the hell i am still living in britain..

    then second thoughts come to mind – we are truely in third world territory. and concepts of “pure evil” come to mind..

    and then i see the manslaughter sentence. swear to god – i’m haunted by that story – as i suspect many others are…

    who wouldnt be?


  21. gaping maw says:

    “adam | 27.06.08 – 11:12 pm |”

    go say that to the Irish of the 1840s, or the Ukrainians of the 1930s…

    these eco loons wont be happy until we are all exterminated from the planet.

    its worth remembering that the first Green party in Europe was the Nazi Party.


  22. pounce says:

    The BBC, defending Islamic genocide, hating India and half the story.
    India’s best-known soldier dies
    The Indian general who commanded the military campaign that led to the creation of Bangladesh has died at the age of 94. Sam Manekshaw, whose career spanned four decades, was one of India’s best known and well-respected soldiers. Under the British, he was decorated for gallantry in World War II for his part fighting the Japanese army in Burma. After India gained independence, he became chief of the army in 1969 and in 1973 was made field marshal. Under his command, India went to war with Pakistan in 1971, supporting Bengali nationalists in what was then East Pakistan. Pakistan surrendered within 14 days and Bangladesh was born.

    So the best known soldier in India has died and according to the BBC it was because of him that India went to war with Pakistan by supporting Bengali nationalists .
    Anybody else find this revision of historical fact by the BBC a joke.
    In 1970 a massive cyclone hit East Pakistan. The ruling party in West Pakistan responded badly and in its aftermath a voice for ceding from West Pakistan became more vocal. After elections and a pro independence party winning the vote. (Something like the Irish voting the otherday) West Pakistan sent in troops to pacify the populace which over a year resulted in between 1.5-3 million people been murdered by West Pakistani troops.
    India only took to the stage after 10 million people sought sanctuary within her borders and after 10 months of Pakistani atrocities (Operation searchlight)

    So in other words India only went to war after 10 months of genocide by West Pakistan on its eastern half (East Pakistan) did the Indians do something. But so enamoured is the BBC with its Islamic masters they leave out how the US sent in a carrier fleet (Task Force 74)into the Bay of Bengal in which to threaten India from doing anything against Pakistan. Since when has the BBC left out anything in which to berate the Americans?
    I wonder if the BBC would have left out the genocide bit if the guilty were white and Christian?

    The BBC, defending Islamic genocide, hating India and half the story.


  23. gaping maw says:

    “A pathologist said the child had been dead for between two or three days.

    Post-mortem tests showed she had not eaten or drunk anything for at least 20 hours.”

    Labour Britain.. in 2008

    so “progressive” , isnt it?


  24. pounce says:

    Silly me I forgot to mention Pakistan started the war against India by launching a series of preemptive airstrikes on Indian airfields on the 3rd of December 1971.


  25. The Great Panjandrum Himself says:

    Open thread, eh? I realise that this site is about BBC bias, but I would just like to register a general protest about the endless advertisements that are appearing on BBC TV and Radio. Hearing some Scottish lady going on about ‘1968 – Myth or Legend’ indiscriminately and seemingly endlessly doesn’t make me think ‘Gosh! I must tune in at 18.39 hours tomorrow week.’ It just makes me think ‘another blooming trailer, is this ITV?.’ Same with BBC TV. Endless adverts. BBC, please stop it. And as for the George Robeson continuity person


  26. simon says:

    Sorry, but I must copy this over from a previous thread and add it here. It’s too astonishing to be overlooked I think.

    “Would the BBC ever publish an article with the point of view of this Syrian journalist, who writes in “Al Awan”, what is termed a “liberal Syrian daily”? Note how the term “liberal” in the case of Arab countries is the classic definition and is now the inverse of the term as it’s evolved in a country like Britain. What a sad state of affairs that reformers in Arab countries are not supported by the politically correct BBC, which chooses instead to defend Islamists in a misguided interpretation of “tolerance.”

    Here’s a bit of the article, but click for the whole thing–it is astonishing. Bets on whether anything like it will ever appear on the BBC?…cgi? ID=SD197008

    “I Would Like to Ask the 1948 Arabs If They Would Rather Live in Mecca or Qom
    “If we landed in Israel, I would definitely try to walk in the streets of its cities and neighborhoods – not with intent to seek out ‘the memory of the vanquished’ and the weary that Faisal Darraj conjured up [in his book by that name]. Rather, I would want to see whether there are, in any of Israel’s cities, neighborhoods like Bulaq or Imbaba in Cairo… I would want to see whether there are Israeli citizens who live in cemeteries, as people do in the Cairo of Muhammad Hosni Mubarak. Researchers put the number of those living in Cairo’s cemeteries at 500,000.
    “I don’t know whether I would see in Haifa neighborhoods of misery like those surrounding Damascus, the capital of Syria…
    “Yes, I hoped to land in Haifa, to see if I would run up against religious police, like the infamous Saudi Wahhabi-terrorist police that goes by the name of ‘The Authority for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice.’
    “How nice it would be to run across a rabbi, so I could ask him if he believes the earth is round – it is well known that to his dying day the late Mufti of Saudi Arabia, ‘Abd Al-‘Aziz bin Baz, declared anyone who says the earth is round an apostate.”

    I Would Like to Ask an Israeli Politician How It Is that They Have Free and Fair Elections
    “No doubt, it would be tempting to land in Haifa. Perhaps I would run into one of the 1948 Arabs [i.e. Israeli Arabs] – not in order to ask him whether he would prefer to live in the West Bank or Gaza rather than in the state of the artificial ‘entity,’ but to ask him whether he would prefer living in Mecca or Qom to living in Haifa…
    “Yes, it would be nice to land in Haifa. Perhaps there I would run across emergency laws like those (permanent) laws that hinder the natural development of human society in most of the Arabic-speaking countries.
    “How lucky I would be if I chanced to meet an Israeli politician, so I could ask him the secret of how it is that their country – sorry, I mean their artificial entity – is the only one to hold free and fair elections and to have peaceful handovers of government. Not to mention that any of their officials can be held accountable – and all of that in contrast with their Arab cousins…”

    “I Had No Thoughts Whatsoever of Throwing this Neighbor… Into the Sea”
    “[I would like to ask a rabbi] if the rabbis there meddle in the compiling of the school curricula, as do the patriarchs of Islam in a not insignificant number of Arab and Islamic countries – where through their meddling in the educational curricula they place an impenetrable barrier between the rational mind and the students – all for nothing, just out of fear of Allah!…
    “I wanted to land in Haifa so that I could find out what the Jewish clergy though of the great scientist Einstein’s scorn for the texts of the Torah, and why they don’t stand up as one to curse Einstein from their pulpits, as is the case with us? It would be tempting to hear their views on the Jewish-Israeli archaeologist who stated recently that he thought that Moses was on drugs.
    “Lastly, it was truly strange that I was not drawn in by any thoughts on the extinction of the Hebrew state – or the Zionist entity, as some like to call it. I had no thoughts whatsoever of throwing this neighbor, which asks the friendship of the Arabs, in secret and openly, into the sea, as the pan-Arab and Islamist slogans have called for. And I am much amazed that I did not think about any of the proclamations of Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad threatening Israel with extinction!
    “I was drawn in by many idle dreams above Haifa. They were interrupted suddenly by the plane’s landing at the Damascus airport. I learned that there are limits to my dreams, even if they are just idle ones.”


  27. Ron Todd says:

    HARDtalk last night on news 24.
    Irelands European minister given a soft interview on Irelands rejection of the constitution/treary.

    One of his observations was that Ireland was one of the few countries where a ‘no’ vote would be a supprise.

    A clear admission that the majority of people in Europe would given the chance vote against.

    Also had ‘the people that voted no did not understand the treaty…’

    Any unbiased interviewer would have picked up these points and probed more .


  28. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Okay, if anyone doubts that not only does the BBC have an agenda on any given issue, but they actively enforce it across the spectrum of their coverage, have a look at Paxman interviewing US Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, Jendayi Frazer.

    Without exception, every question his nibs asks is the same song the BBC has been singing on every programme and article they’ve produced in the last two weeks. South Africa, sanctions, why isn’t there more of the Paddington Method, etc. Doesn’t the vaunted Paxman do his own work? Isn’t Newsnight supposed to be special, a cut above the rest? It’s like he cobbled together a list of talking points from all the reports and WHYS questions. Is this the best they can do on a subject that is getting as much coverage on every BBC outlet as an Obama primary victory?

    Paxman even asks two specious questions. He asked, “The problem is, such pressures as have been applied already have failed.” His voices does that up-and-down thing he puts on when he’s making his first main point of the interview. “Sanctions haven’t worked have they?

    Now, the BBC knows perfectly well that the sanctions, such as they are, have been limited to travel restrictions on Mugabe and some of his buddies, and a handful of other punishments more commonly given to unruly children. They have said this, and had African guests on who shout it from the rooftops. Everybody knows the sanctions are a joke, that there are no sanctions against the country itself (sanctions kill innocent people!), and nobody has done much more than give Mugabe a really hard stare, and a waggle of the finger.

    What complete joke for Paxman to ask something that every single report already says. Which brings us to the next specious argument:

    “Why is the United States willing to impose democracy on Iraq, but not in Zimbabwe?”

    Poor Ms. Frazer couldn’t reach through the screen and strangle him. She gamely tried to explain that Iraq and Zimbabwe are different. But this is a completely stupid question. Everybody would freak out if the US did anything, and Paxman and the entire population of Broadcasting House know it. Not to mention the fact that the theme of the coverage of Zimbabwe has been that this is an African problem, and white people are not welcome. Everybody knows that’s why the US isn’t going to do anything. And what about the rest of the damn world? Trying to provoke a reaction may make for good tv, but it’s hardly responsible journalism. If that’s what Newsnight is supposed to be, anyway.

    What a joke. Paxman’s better than that. Too bad the BBC isn’t.


  29. deegee says:

    Just when you thought Question Time couldn’t get ant worse it did, not content with Jerry Springer we now had Grayson Perry cross dressing

    BaggieJonathan | 27.06.08 – 10:36 pm

    Many questions.
    Did the BBC know that Grayson Perry would arrive in this ridiculous drag? (Ridiculous, not because he dressed as a woman but because he dressed as Little Bow Peep). It would appear he’s famous for it, so not to have known would be incompetent research – not that I would be surprised. We are talking about the BBC.

    If they didn’t know, would the BBC have any legal or moral right to stop him taking the stage when he arrived? Could G.P. have sued under anti discrimination legislation?

    Just on general principles why shouldn’t a prize-winning, cross-dressing artist be invited to the show? Check out the BBC Guidelines on Harm and Offence illustrated by two naked (from the waist up) men in front of the Houses of Parliament. At least he wore clothes!

    Quoting from the telegraph article:
    Andrew Morgan from Trowbridge said: ‘So a man dressed as a woman calls Mugabe mad. My problem is not that he dresses as a woman, but that he has nothing useful to say.’


  30. Jason says:

    I just had a look through the archives of the “Justin Webb’s America” blog for the first time.

    It’s disgusting. It looks like around 95% of his election coverage centers around a gush-fest Obamarama, with the occasional rare mention of McCain and the Republicans which is always sneering and negative.

    Can someone please tell me why the BBC pays left wing ideologues like Webb to blog their political opinions? Surely blog hosting should be outside of the duties of the BBC altogether? Mr. Webb could spew his Obama-centric love-in to his hearts content on a free Google blog or similar – why in the hell does he get paid by the Beeb to do it? If I had time I’d tally up his archives from the last 6 months and see exactly to what extent his coverage bias towards the Democrats is. It’s as if he doesn’t even acknowledge the existence of McCain of his own volition, and when he does it’s because someone’s poking him with a stick and he does it begrudgingly. What a complete and utter twat this man is!


  31. simon says:

    It’s funny how the BBC figures out how to take shots at Judaism in its report on the Anglican debate and visit in Jerusalem during the gay pride parade. Rather than emphasize the peaceful reaction to the parade and the healthy Western liberal ethos that not only allows but actively supports a gay pride parade to take place in an area of extreme religious sensitivity (can you imagine one down the center of Gaza City or Mecca or even large Muslim neighborhoods in the UK?), the BBC uses the opportunity to say this: “Some of the opposition directed at gay Jews has made the sort of rhetoric emanating from the Anglican meeting seem fraternal by comparison.” Yeah. Israel sends 2000 police in to make sure the parade goes off without a hitch as a strong signal that discrimination based on sexual orientation will not only not be tolerated it will be confronted and fought, and all the BBC can come up with is to emphasize how Jewish religious extremists are “worse” than Christian ones. Please.


  32. deegee says:

    The report on Anglican meeting Jewish homosexuals (simon | 28.06.08 – 8:08 am) was odd.

    But to the evident consternation of the organisers of the Global Anglican Future Conference (Gafcon) they had travelled all this way to the Christian Holy City only to find the streets taken over by Jerusalem Gay Pride. Gafcon – unfortunate acronym – a gaff and a con? Did no one in the group do any homework. BTW the streets were not taken over by Gay Pride. A couple of thousand marchers together with the police contingent marched about a kilometre.

    The Rev Melvin Tinker, the vicar of St John’s in Newland, a parish on the edge of Hull, turned up dressed in shocking pink with sunglasses as cool as any others on display. What is the Robert Pigott suggesting?

    “The Church has interpreted what the Bible is saying through the power of God’s holy spirit”, he said, “and I think if we look at what the Bible is saying to us today, we can see that God never changes, and yet our revelation and understanding of him does change, and I believe the Church is moving onwards in God’s revelation.” Which means? Gay is OK or not?

    Orthodox and Progressive Jews do not have to share the same Communion of course. Or any Communion. The term refers to Christians.

    Anglicans, however, for all their 500 years of live and let live, are now perhaps terminally divided over how to interpret the Bible. Where did that man learn history? Anglicans killed gays, witches, Catholics and indigenous people. Not to mention minor pips on the tolerance timeline as Cromwell and Charles I.

    Final point. Why is this a Middle East story rather than a Religion story?


  33. Martin says:

    BBC News 24 are suggesting that Wendy Alexander is going to resign. This whole story about Labour is Scotland is clearly a far more important story than Caroline Spelman, yet this seems to have come out of thin air.

    Anyone want to bet if true the BBC will try to firstly spin it for Broon and if that fails, they will try to kill it?


  34. George R says:

    This BBC report, under its bland headline, is about children’s educational attainment expectations in England, based on RACE*, made by local educational authorities:

    ‘Ethnic pupils targets vary widely’

    (* the ‘politically correct’ word, “ethnicity”, rather than “race”, is used throughout the original report.)

    An extract from BBC report:

    “Education authorities in England have set widely different targets for the attainment of pupils from ethnic groups, it has emerged.”

    This BBC report is based on information in the ‘Times Educational Supplement’, but the BBC throws in some woolly, unascribed opinions which attempt to deflect from the educational attainment assessments made by England’s educational authorities based on Race/Ethnicity:

    “Differences between ethnic groups are often a matter of social class rather than ethnicity as such, experts say.”

    How vague, BBC.

    So, in practice, England’s education authorities are required by the Labour government to assess children’s abilities by racial profiling.

    “The truth about how pupils’ ethnicity affects the targets set for them in each authority is exposed” (by Helen Ward).

    Although not mentioned anywhere, this is one of the consequences of Labour’s past, present and future stealth policy of mass immigration.

    This is where ‘multiculturalism’ leads. The consequences for the educational prospects of indigenous
    English children in state schools, many of whom are in classes where the English language is not understood by many immigrant children, are dire.


  35. zamboy says:

    Rather off-topic, but I wondered if anyone had heard the clip of Gaddafi talking about Obama? My understanding is that Gaddafi speaks of Obama as a muslim who was educated in Indonesia. Now, the US internet talk shows I often listen to have brought this up and also a clip of Obama talking about some comparison to Iraq and making a total hash of it. Has anyone seen these clips on the BBC at all? I know that our state broadcaster isn’t exactly shy about showing tongue-twisted politicians of a certain party.


  36. Martin says:

    zamboy: I think you mean this?

    And no the BBC won’t report it for obvious reasons. However, if Gaddafi had endorsed McCain the BBC would have been all over it.


  37. Martin says:

    Ha! BBC News 24 in FULL and I mean FULL defend Wendy Alexander mode.



  38. Sutekh says:

    Does anyone here get hayfever? I do and have noticed that the hayfever season has been odd this year. It started early and is dragging on for much longer than usual. I know many people who also get it and they also report noticing a similar thing. Very strange.

    My point here is that I’m suprised that the beeb haven’t jumped up and put it down to AGW. Everything else seems to get that factored in. Or maybe they have and I missed it?

    Or don’t the liberal chattering classes get hayfever?


  39. Greencoat says:

    Gaping Maw:’and then I see the manslaughter sentence. I’m haunted by that story – as I suspect many others are…’

    Absolutely, GM; in the last 11 years Britain has become a country where wickedness is tolerated and even admired. But truth and justice are scorned.


  40. George R says:

    The BBC hasn’t reported this ‘Times’ story on its site (yet?):

    “Second al-Qaeda leader to be freed in Britain”

    This under-reported case seems to be another example of the scandalous treatment afforded to Abu Qatada. For a re-cap on Abu Qatada:-


  41. Will86 says:

    Amusing that the BBC can’t find anyone to defend Wendy Alexander- Andrew Neil -“Labour in disarray”!!

    Still, to quote Martin: “Peter Hain, anyone?”


  42. Martin says:

    BBC News 24. Wendy Alexander has actually done very little wrong and her resignation is all about politics.

    However, Caroline Spelman who HASN’T been found guilty of anything is an evil Tory who must reign squark the unwashed Michael Prick on Newsnight.

    Fact is Alexander like much of McLiebour (Peter Hain anyone?) have been up to no good and been caught out.

    But that’s OK. It’s only Tories that are guilty of “Sleaze” with Labour it’s “a misunderstanding”

    You can bet the BBC will kill this story as quick as they can.

    Anyone want to take a bet with me that over the next 24-48 hours, the BBC will dig up some more “tory sleaze” or another “BBC investigation” into some totally pointless story to try to get the rest of the media to go along with them? A missing laptop or CD’s might be useful, or some BNP extremists being arrested. That should go it.


  43. adam says:

    our election bottling, economy destroying, wannabe dictator, once overhyped but now shown to be the joke it is, leftwing, Zanu Labour government,
    has found another version of itself
    in the third world making an even greater mess of things than over hear.
    Make no mistake beeboids will maximise coverage, its a useful distraction.

    Everyone has lost interest in Buddist monks in Burma or Martial Law in Tibet, now.


  44. Martin says:


    Just in case you missed it on BBC News 24 (talking about Italty getting tough with their criminal immigrants)

    “They fingerprint children” cry the BBC.

    Hmm. The BBC seem to forget that children are fingerprinted and have DNA taken from them by our corrupt politically correct Police.

    But hang on. WE have a left wing Government run by Saint Gordon so that’s OK.

    But those nasty right wingers in Italy are evil twats.

    Fact is the only twats are at Broadcasting house.


  45. Cassandra says:

    The ever socialist BBC have just got themselves another hobby horse and stick with which to beat Italy! The Roma in Italy are responsible for most street crime and violence and Italians have had enough BUT the BBC feels different of course. I heard the phrase ‘right wing’ a couple of dozen times as the BBC hammer home that Berleconi is some kind of Nazi for wanting to rid his country of these truly nasty people! The BBC reporter is under the illusion that most are leaving back to romania when in fact guess where thousands are heading because of the native Italian backlash? YEP dear old blighty! I mean how dare ordinary people want to get rid of vast shanty towns filled with foreign muggers,rapists,pickpockets,killers,
    house breakers,prostitutes and shoplifters, I mean its enough to make a BEEBOID choke on his latte innit?
    Well at least the BBC comrades can comfort themselves that soon tens of thousands will be rolling up to the UK and perhaps the BBC will let them set up a shanty town at BBC HQ?


  46. Martin says:

    Cassandra: Spot on. Except of course Beeboids all live (like Toynbee) in places like Hampstead Heath where apart from some rent boy action (and the odd smack dealer – needed by beeboids for their dinner parties) yo uwon’t find “immigrants”

    Beeboids talk about it but then want them dumped into already overcrowded social dumholes called inner city council estares (where no self respecting beeboid would ever travel or live)

    You could hear the venom in the BBC report though.


  47. Lemar says:

    Of course all these Roma people will head for the UK. BUT what I have not heard discussed is just as UK makes about 200,000 immigrants into UK citizens so does Poland and all the other new EU countries and where do you think they all head once they get their EU nationality. That’s why we must be getting over a million EU immigrants every year, Indians, Chinese, Turks, Africans etc etc.


  48. gaping maw says:

    in all the coverage about Zimbabwe recently, isnt it curious that a certain country has never been mentioned…

    namely, that of China.


  49. gaping maw says:

    “Cassandra | 28.06.08 – 1:29 pm ”

    the Roma clearout was actually started by the previous socialist government, led by Romano Prodi.

    and I remember that at the time, the BBC kept it off the radar screen..

    “In a letter published in the newspaper Il Messaggero, Prime Minister Romano Prodi defended the expulsions of Romanians”

    Berlusconi is merely picking up from where Prodi left off..