Did you see QT last night? Wasn’t it a delight to have a cross-dresser in the shape of Grayson Perry on the panel – perhaps the only man/woman in Britain who wants to pay “10%” more tax if we believe what he says? I presume this was a blow for gender equality in the minds of those who put together this show? QT is increasingly a freak-show and should be viewed on that basis. This kind of dross dumbs down political debate – maybe that is the intent? And wasn ‘t Mr Dimbleby gentle on the financial expenses -challenged Ms Yvette Cooper?

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  1. Andy says:

    One or two audience members got up my nose going on about how things are particularly difficult for public-sector workers. The private sector anyone?

    In spite of that berk with the girls dress with absolutely no orginal commentary to make of his own, I thought last night’s QT was at least watchable, with some particularly welcome comments from Ann Leslie.


  2. David Vance says:


    Anne was very good, I agree.


  3. backwoodsman says:

    OT : R2 news at 2 o/c was hysterical – ‘ and now over to Downing Street, where the Dear Leader will read us the latest Traktor Production Figures from the future five year plan’.
    The bbc is a national disgrace !!!!


  4. Gordon_Broon_Eats_Hez_Bawgies says:

    There is nothing stopping anyone from paying more tax if they want to. If anyone thinks the government can spend their money better than they can, all they need do is pop a cheque in the post to the Inland Revenue. Anyone who thinks inheritance tax is fair, and that nobody should inherit, is entirely at liberty to leave their entire personal estate to the government.


  5. Redders says:

    QT is just a joke , the guests are always wierdos or will self and pirs morgan , id like to see Nick Griffin , Gordon Broon , David Cameron , and that tart from “liberty” having a pop at each other , how good would that be , of course The BBC would never allow a political alternative to the Big 2 like the BNP or other into the studios , unless of course its the liberal democrats who are no alternative to anybody


  6. Dick Wright says:

    Grayson Perry made a poor showing on QT, I admit, but I rather like the guy. I was one of those who laughed at him when he first came to public attention, but he has written a lot of intelligent and thoughtful articles in the Times, and I have changed my opinion. If he wants to dress as a little girl, that’s his business. At least he’s not starting illegal wars or syphoning tens of thousands into his own pockets, as some members of the panel were. Yes, Dimbleby did give Cooper a very easy time.


  7. Roland Deschain says:

    Did anyone notice the lady in the audience who, in relation to the question on “positive discrimination”, asked if British jobs should be kept for British people?

    It seemed clear to me that she was paraphrasing Gordon Brown’s speech of a few months ago. Instead of asking Yvette Cooper how this squared with the intended legislation, David Dimbleby just said something along the lines of “Yes, quite”, implying she was being racist. I cannot believe someone in Mr Dimbleby’s position did not know exactly what the lady was referring to.


  8. Gibby Haynes says:

    Which members of the panel were starting illegal wars? (Just what is an illegal way anyway? ‘Hello, I’m a representative of a foreign power. I’m here to invade your country.’ ‘B-but, that’s illegal.’ ‘It is? Oh, then I’ll go home. Sorry to’ve bothered you. Good day.’) Eh, nevermind. Even something like that wouldn’t be exciting enough to make want to watch Question Time.


  9. Bob says:

    GH: exactly! Let’s have more LEGAL wars, then Dick Wright (sic) will be happy


  10. Martin says:

    Why is it seen as acceptable for a man dressed up as a woman to be taken “seriously?”

    Sorry but if someone had come on dressed up as a Gorilla or Adolf Hilter would we have been obliged to take them seriously?

    It’s the usual crap that anything a homosexual does is seen to be “OK” and if you critiercise them it’s “homophobic”

    No it’s about taking people seriously and those people presenting themselves in a professional and serious manner.


  11. Reverand T Time says:

    maybe his dress was from Primark???


  12. The Cattle Prod of Destiny says:

    Roland Deschain | 27.06.08 – 3:40 pm |
    Yes, and did you notice that, during the same question a few minutes later, Dimbledore said ‘Can we hear from a woman, we haven’t heard from a woman yet.’ Did he think the woman who spoke out for British Jobs was an halucination then?


  13. Joel says:

    Man in a dress = outrage.

    Sad but predictable. I mean c’mon, we all do it.


  14. Martin says:

    Man in a dress? I thought that was Harriet Harman’s nickname 🙂


  15. koop says:

    It’s the usual crap that anything a homosexual does is seen to be “OK” and if you critiercise them it’s “homophobic”
    Martin | 27.06.08 – 5:50 pm |

    perrys not a homosexual though,
    he’s got a wife and daughter.


  16. Jack Bauer says:

    perrys not a homosexual though, he’s got a wife and daughter.
    koop | 28.06.08 – 11:20 am | #

    And they must be so proud of “dad” making a total frackin’ arse of himself in public.

    Though I will admit it’s not as if Question Slime has any dignity anyway, or could sink much lower.


  17. koop says:

    Jack Bauer | Homepage | 28.06.08 – 11:38 am |

    well i know i wouldn’t be very chuffed
    if my dad started dressing like shirly temple.


  18. Minoan says:

    I’ve got nothing against genuine transgender types but the freak in the little girlie dress on QT was just weird. Apparently his artwork depicts controversial images of little children. Is that right?

    Its a bit like inviting a paedophile on the panel and misrepresenting it as being inculsive towards homosexuals. It seems the BBC is so fucking twisted they cannot tell the difference.


  19. point of order says:

    Jeezus! Caught about two minutes of QT sans sound while waiting in someone’s house. TV was a good 20 ft away the other side of a glazed door. First thought was: That’s a geezer in a frock. Have the producers of this show lost their marbles or are they practising for the pantomime season? I thought the purpose of QT was for members of the public to ask to ask a panel of experts topical questions. The only question that would come to mind if confronted by that wierdo is exactly which part of f*** o** do you have trouble understanding?

    Was this the QT ‘Jump the shark’ moment?


  20. Jack Bauer says:

    Did anybody ask the freak-show what the hell he was playing at, dressing up like Violet Elizabeth Bott.

    Or was it the lovely dress that dare not speak its name, and was left uncommented on?


  21. Steve Edwards says:

    I was watching “The Day Today” last night, the spoof current affairs programme created by Chris Morris.

    In it Question Time “is coming from Wembley Stadium, and on the panel is Nik Kershaw”.

    Life imitating art. You couldn’t make it up. What a joke, what a trivial encapsulation of the decline of a once great country.


  22. pounce says:

    koop: writes;
    ”perrys not a homosexual though, he’s got a wife and daughter.”
    Why in the Middle East he who gives isn’t gay, but he who bends over and receives swollen goods is.
    In fact, a lot of so called liberals go to great lengths in which to say that Homosexuality can be found in every man. Me I have no problem admitting I am a lesbian.


  23. Ethan says:

    As Cooper blabbed on, and on, flailing around for anything which might make her and her husband look like decent politicians…all I could think of was the way Dimbleby sneeringly told off David Davies last week, that the show could not allowed to become ‘a personal platform’…and yet let of course he let Cooper blab on carte blanche…