Hats off to the United Nations, once again it has demonstrated it’s undisputed position as the world’s highest moral authority by vetoing sanctions against Zimbabwean tyrant Mugabe. The only bit that confuses me is when this repoer states that ” A BBC correspondent at the UN says the failure of the resolution will be a major blow for the United States and Britain.” Eh? Surely it will be a major blow for any nation that believes in liberty and freedom???

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  1. Anonymous says:

    China and Russia have been pumping cheap weapons into Africa for years and years. The BBC have ignored that fact.

    The idea that people like Joel think we should applaud the BBC for producing one small Panorama show when you compare the number of stories the BBC have done about Caroline Spelman is a joke.

    Additionally, no one takes Panorama seriously anymore.

    Take the following stories

    Wifi scare mongering

    The one on Scientology

    The one with scumbag Phil Shiner

    I could go on. All utter distortions of the truth by the BBC.


  2. james says:

    I’m with Joel on this – if you ask why the BBC has not done a panorama special on Chinese weapons in Africa and then someone points out that they have, have the grace to admit you were wrong. Doesn’t mean the BBC is biased or not or even that panorama’s any good – just good grace to acknowledge you got it wrong rather than calling someone a twat.


  3. cassis says:

    And of course China and Russia sold by far the most weapons to Saddam.

    However, the BBC preferred to pump the anti-war propaganda that the US and the UK were totally responsible.

    Some still do, Benn, Galloway, Yasmin A-B.


  4. Martin says:

    james: Because the BBC have totally ignored this story for years. I’ve lost count of how many times I have posted on the weapons sales of Russia and China to Africa.

    Oh and even this Panorama doesn’t touch on Russian weapons sales.

    Perhpas you’d like to compare a 30 minute BBC 1 programme on China to the hourse of crap the BBC have pumped out on Caroline Spelman alone?

    The idea that we should applaud the BBC for once in a while reporting on somethin other than “tory sleaze” or “George Boosh” or “evil Joows” is bollocks.

    The idea that this has just “come to the attention” of the BBC is total fucking bollocks. The BBC have simply ignored it and have gone after Israel, America and the UK on an almost daily basis.

    Where have the BBC been for the last 10 years?


  5. Martin says:

    cassis: Spot on. The UK and US forces said that almost everything fired at them came from Russia, China or France. All these Countries broke the UN embargo but the BBC NEVEr reported on it once.


  6. james says:

    Martin – you make a specific allegation and when it’s demonstrated to be false you shift your ground. I’ve no idea where the BBC have been on this for the last ten years but that wasn’t the point at issue.


  7. Martin says:

    james: Yes it is. Why has the BBC been silent on the issue of weapons to Africa from the likes of Russia and China?

    Anyone would think this was a new issue reading the shite from the BBC.


    The BBC gives us hours of bollocks on evil “Boosh”, evil “Joows” and evil British soldiers.

    Yet 30 minutes on China and Africa and those of us that think the BBC is a vile little corrupt left wing toilet bowl are supposed to all kneel down in front of our TV sets and pray to the BBC that ‘they’ have ‘discovered’ China is up to no good in the Sudan”

    Fuck me what next? That the BBC has ‘discovered’ that Iran wants to wipe out Israel?


  8. Rapture of the father says:

    In reply to Will 86

    After re-reading my post I believe you are correct. I agree that at the end of the day the reason of african plight is due to the general incompentance of African countries. (just like ours for the last 10 years)

    I should of said that the bbc is guilty of not aiding the african people by telling the facts. However further into your post I believe that South Africa is as corrupt as zimbabwe and the same sort of suffering is happening there.

    Basically I do not believe africa can self govern with integrity and goodwill until such time as the black peoples evolve (basically – dont mean to be condescending). However the evidence of the “bell curve” suggests this is not likely to happen for some time. Therefore we need to decide if we take what we can from africa (before other nations – in the ongoing resource gather nature of life-ie not just humanity)or librals need to wake up and realise that european rule of africa was helping africa become civilised. The bbc has peddled public opinion and pressured politians against reality – such as saint mandela!If facts and harsh reality were told maybe our goverment would of weeded the garden so to speak before the weeds got out of control.

    Unfortunately due to the bbc our politians think the public want them to be cool by agreeing with multicultralism and have as many black, gay and muslim friends as possible. As they are libral however they cannot see that actions have consequences – and won’t take any blame for the issues they helped cause.


  9. Original Robin says:

    I dont believe in all that Bell Curve stuff or any of the human race needing to catch up on evolution. I reckon it`s a cultural thing.


  10. james says:

    Martin, you made a statement that was plain wrong but you seem incapable of acknowledging it. For a person apparently committed to uncovering the bias and errors of others you seem reluctant to face up to your own. It’s hardly a surprise you think BBC coverage on African arms is inadequate if you keep on ignoring all the examples of it.


  11. Martin says:

    james: What examples? When was the last time the BBC did any in depth investigation of the weapons sales ot AFrica from Russia or China?


  12. Rapture of the father says:

    For O Robin

    re-reading my post it sounds harsher then it should of – I really mean there are differences between the races. I do not dismiss the bell curve theory and think it is more deep routed then a cultural thing. I believe one of the issues raised in the bell curve is the fast fix shit or burst mentality of blacks and in general a lack of foresight (cause and effect).

    With the post topic in mind however these questions / point of view will not be discussed on the bbc.

    Funny thing is in britain the above can be siad to be true now!


  13. George R says:

    Melanie Phillips:

    ‘We should never expect justice from the UN – a club of tyranny and corruption.’


    “So, Russia and China have vetoed a United Nations Security Council resolution to impose international sanctions on key members of Zimbabwe’s government.

    “The British government’s entire diplomatic strategy on Zimbabwe has thus ignominiously collapsed.

    “This is a particular humiliation for Gordon Brown after he thought he had persuaded all the G8 countries – including Russia – to back punitive measures against the Mugabe regime.”–club-tyranny-corruption.html


  14. George R says:

    “David Miliband’s double standards on Zimbabwe and China” (Gerald Warner)


    “David Miliband, aged 14-and-a-half-and-a-bit, our youthful Foreign Secretary, is in a state of infantile bewilderment over Russia and China’s veto on sanctions against Zimbabwe in the United Nations Security Council. He claims the people of Zimbabwe will find the Russian ban ‘incomprehensible’, adding ‘nor will they understand the vote by China’.

    “Nay, lad. It is only greenhorn liberals like yourself, reared in the bien-pensant hothouse of New Labour enlightenment, who do not understand the real world.”


  15. George R says:

    ‘Euroferendum’ on latest ruse by Brown on Zimbabwe:

    ‘It has come to this’:-


    “Thwarted in his attempt to impose additional sanctions on Zimbabwe via the UN, Gordon Brown is left with nothing else in his locker, other than to go grovelling to his EU ‘colleagues’ to ask them, ever so nicely, if they can help.”


  16. Original Robin says:

    Rapture Of the Farther,

    You`re entitled to your view, which is never aired by the likes of the BBC, because it is un PC.
    My take on empirical and historical evidence leads me to think that no race is better/worse in mental or physical characteristics.It could well be in 400 or 4000 years time that the leading nations of the world would be in Africa.
    Nevertheless, because I believe that there are CULTURAL differences (including in the UK, where we have allowed a Black underclass) my viewpoint will be ignored by the BBC.


  17. DDT says:

    Update on the Lisbon violence:

    Two rival gangs in the neighborhood of Quenta da Fonte in Lourdes, Portugal… The newsman said that the gangs have done this before in this neighborhood. The police cordoned off the area in order to control the area & for the paramedics to be able to enter.

    This report shows two shootouts. Also, these were really short range shootouts, from the looks of it.

    The newsman said there had been one arrest, but the text on the YouTube says there were two detained. Two males, aged 24-25 bearing automatic pistols 9mm and 7.5mm and dozens of rounds of ammunition.

    The previous evening a dispute between neighbors became an all-out fight leaving nine wounded.

    The shootouts are very “sporadic”.

    This neighbourhood houses some 2,500 people of varying ethnicities who were relocated there after their old neighbourhoods were torn down for the road access to Expo 98.

    Most of the residents are socially & economically disadvantaged & on welfare. The neighbourhood has frequent muggings robberies and businesses are broken into often por parte de jovens (by youths).