Did you read that the BBC has launched an investigation after complaints from staff of anti-Muslim discrimination by a ‘mafia of executives’ at the Corporation’s own Asian radio station? At least 20 past and present BBC employees, all Asian Muslims, have lodged complaints that its digital radio station, Asian Network, is operating with an anti-Muslim policy. How very well co-ordinated! Given that the BBC is more pro-Muslim than Al Jazeera, and has to be Al Queda’s global broadcaster of choice, you have to admire the chutzpah of these angry Muslim beeboids.

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19 Responses to BBC IS “ANTI MUSLIM”?

  1. Martin says:

    Phil Shiner, Gareth Pierce and Imran Kahm will be licking thier lips at this one.


  2. Anonymous says:



  3. deegee says:

    I’m curious how the Asian Channel would or should divide up the programming?


  4. George R says:

    “BBC internal memo admits anti-Christian, pro-Muslim bias”

    “The BBC’s commitment to bias is no laughing matter” (Tom Leonard)

    “This country is so pro-Muslim it is giving succour to the extremists who would destroy us” (Melanie Phillips)

    “The BBC’s Arabic Service” (Melanie Phillips)


  5. ady says:

    Gordy is in Israel at the min and someone has snuck in his place of residence while he’s there.

    “During his trip, Mr Brown will stay at the King David Hotel – the British headquarters in colonial times.”

    Still no mention about Jewish terrorists/militants blowing the place up yet tho, killing 91 people.

    The cancer of politically correct bias continues to gnaw at my culture.


  6. George R says:

    Two conflicting reports of same conference in Madrid:

    1.) BBC dhimmi report:

    “Mixed views on Saudi interfaith forum”

    2.)’Dhimmiwatch’ report:

    “Jews fail to behave like dhimmis ‘almost leading to blows’ with Muslims”


  7. pounce says:

    It seems that the bBC catch-all ‘South Asians’ isn’t so encompassing after all.


  8. Pat says:

    Like the Black Police Force Association there should not be an Asian Network. The BBC seem to bother less and less about the indigenous population. The Radio 4 continuity accouncer this morning, about 9 o’clock, had an accent that I am still trying to place. If that was from anywhere in the British Isles perhaps someone could tell me.


  9. D says:

    Why is there an Asian network?, this is racist and divisive.


  10. George R says:

    ‘Rivers of Blood at the BBC’ ( Blaney’s Blarney)

    [Opening extract]:-

    “The BBC Asian Network is grotesquely patronising and fundamentally racist. There is, after all, no BBC Polish Network, BBC Jewish Network or BBC White Heterosexual Male Network. The BBC Asian Network has repeatedly tried to persuade me to come on their shows but I’ve turned them down time and time again. Why would I want to give succour to those who are the intellectual and cultural heirs of Malcolm X, the Ku Klux Klan or Dr Verwood?”


  11. Ron Todd says:

    What the Muslims will want is the network handed over to them.

    Or worse still a regular Muslim propoganda slot on the main channels.

    Or even worse still they will want anything the imans consider non Islamic banned from all radio.

    If some iman or ‘community leader’ told the beeb that something was offensive to ‘his followers’ who in the beed would have the guts to tell him (its always a him they never allow their women authority) to get lost.

    Hope Chris Moyels on radio brain dead is the first programme they complain about.


  12. Atlas shrugged says:

    I agree that the BBC is Anti-Muslim, although possibly, repeat possibly, not in the way executives at the BBCs Asian radio station may suggest.

    The BBC also seems to be more Anti-semitic then Al Jazeera, but thats the whole point.

    The BBC SEEMS to be many things. Thats the nature of extremely clever, acutely dishonest, highly manipulative, state loving, propaganda.

    The BBC is in reality Anti-almost everybody and everything positive creative, liberal, libertarian, harmonious, independent, individualistic and conservative among many other things.

    So what is The BBC Pro you may ask apart from The BBC itself and criminally inclined totally corrupted Labour governments.

    It is pro radical, deliberately divisive, establishment agendas. Which are, just off the top of my head, the following.

    The EU.

    Racism of all and any kinds.

    The so called US Democrat Party.

    All establishment wars. However much The BBC may seem not to be.


    Chaos and general disorder.


    State slavery.

    The UN.

    The Olympics.

    CO2 = everything bad about the world.

    Bankrupting all forms of small business, that may now or sometime in the future, act in competition with large establishment owned or financed corporations.

    The Royal family. However much The BBC may sometimes wish to make people believe it is not doing so.

    Or to sum up. Every single agenda in detail bar none, agreed, planned, promoted, and financed by The Rothschild’s and their mates and relatives in the British European and worlds corporatist establishment, or else the baby gets it.

    The fact that so few seem to not understand where EXACTLY the BBC is really coming from, including a very large majority of BBC employees. Is not so much a measure of how stupid Bias BBC contributors and BBC employees are. They are all rather intelligent, polite, reasonably well educated and thoughtful individuals.

    It is a reflection of quite how extremely clever the establishment is, and how far back into the past their secret agendas go.

    We at best think in months and years. They however think in generations and centuries.


  13. Atlas shrugged says:

    Sorry that should read many not few.


  14. Boss Hogg says:

    Atlas some of your thoughts seem to parallel those in the Bhagavad Gita where it describes those with “divine and demonic” tendencies. Sorry to get all philosophical but the BBC certainly fit the description of the “demonic”:

    “When a man is born with demonic tendencies, his birthright is hypocrisy, arrogance, conceit, anger, cruelty and ignorance.”

    “Men of demonic nature know neither what they ought to do, nor what they should refrain from doing. There is no truth in them, or purity, or right conduct.”

    “They maintain that the scriptures are a lie, and that the universe is not based upon a moral law, but godless, conceived in lust and created by copulation, without any other cause.”

    “Because they believe this in the darkness of their little minds, these degraded creatures do horrible deeds, attempting to destroy the world. They are enemies of mankind”


  15. thud says:

    I find it increasingly difficult to distinguish mainstream beeb from it’s Asian output…same propaganda crap.


  16. Redders says:

    Typical , they should take the Asian network to Asia and leave it there. It should be replaced with the “this is England” network . These Muslim employees will probably end up with an out of court settlement of some kind , at the expense of the licence payer. I have never met a hindu with a Race problem its always the poor oppressed muslims who suffer , they will perhaps need to call a Fatwa on the BBC ! lets hope so.


  17. Rob Santiago says:

    They say “Anti-muslim bias” like it’s a bad thing!

    Anti-islamic, anti muslim bias is the only rational attitude for anyone who knows the practice, history, and theology of islam.

    If only the BBC and the rest of the mainstream media really did have an anti muslim bias, this country woud have a more secure future.


  18. PaulS says:

    If the claims are true, this ‘anti-Muslim’ bias is in reality a pro-Hindu or pro-Sikh bias.

    This kind of sectarian squabbling is one of the many ill-effects of the doctrine of multiculturalism, that sees people as members of groups rather than as individual citizens.

    The only legitimate reason for the BBC to have an Asian network would be to teach English to recent immigrants.

    After that – they can listen to Radios 1-7.


  19. George R says:

    BBC pandering to Islamic superstition:-

    “‘Allah meat’ astounds Nigerians”

    The BBC does not attempt to discuss a rational explantion, but instead only uncritically quotes the restaurant owner:

    “‘When the writings were discovered there were some Islamic scholars who come and eat here and they all commented that it was a sign to show that Islam is the only true religion for mankind,’ he said.”