Happened to catch BBC Radio 4’s The World This Weekend at lunchtime land was royally entertained by a discussion on US policy towards the mad mullahs in Iran. The discussion was predicated that the next US President will be Obama and in another example of that good BBC ..ahem…impartiality it proceeded to interview two of Obama’s Congressional supporters on what their man might do! Naturally these Democrat talking-heads were allowed to get all the cheap shots in against Bush. The BBC interviewer, bizarrely, seemed anxious that John McCain might undermine Obama by “flying his own jet into Tehran and having direct talks with Ahmadinejad”! Another Nixon/China moment was being fantasised about which seemed to even surprise Obama’s supporters! It’s a disgrace the way in which the State Broadcaster is so biased against a Party and candidate that most likely half the US electorate will vote for and yet claims it is being impartial on the matter.

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