. Is it just me or do others find the attention the BBC is paying to the case of a former Tory candidate who has pleaded guilty to a campaign of harassment against his Liberal Democrat rivals excessive? It ran as a major item on the PM programme earlier this evening and whilst I do understand that the behaviour of Ian Oakley was despicable, I just don’t get the high priority the BBC is giving this lowdown story. Unless, of course, it is to try and obviate the endless bad news that afflicts poor Mr Broon and his cronies?

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  1. Martin says:

    I did notice that. The BBC had to get “Tory” in the link.

    Yet when Nu Liebour scum are caught doing wrong, the BBC either don’t report it, or fail to mention which political party they represent.

    But fear not. Come the next election, the beeboids will be looking for a new source of income for their drugs and rent boys.


  2. GCooper says:

    It certainly compares fascinatingly with the kids glove treatment afforded Livinstone’s lackey, Lee Jasper, who was effectively protected from exposure by the BBC.


  3. Cassandra says:

    Its a standard BBC deflection story exactly the same as the ‘nannygate’ deflection!
    Dont look over there(says the BBC)look over here! The BBC are experts in shielding and protecting their ideological masters and bedfellows, just look at the bigger stories they ‘missed’ in order to report on this non story.


  4. Essex says:

    Just remind yourself about the amount of coverage the Today programme gave to Miranda Grell.


  5. MarkE says:

    When there was s proposal that buyers of second homes should be required to seek and obtain planning permission before sending their own money, I asked on HYS how a second home would be defined, and whether Mr & Mrs Balls might suggest something (where you live all the time and your children go to school perhaps). My comment was not rejected, so it presumably broke no rules, it merely awaited moderation until the thread closed.

    I was (un)surprised that the Balls’ were not asked to comment, given their established expertise in the subject.


  6. Oscar says:

    This is just the kind of story the BBC gives as much coverage to as they can possibly get away with. Phew – the Tories are the bad guys after all. All is right with the world.


  7. David says:

    On Jeremy Vine, Hague was given a ridiculously tough ride on the idea that Cameron and Osborne are murdering each other over tax breaks for married couples. The BBC have latched on to this disagreement, which is relatively minor, and certainly isn’t going to fracture the relationship, in order to make the Conservatives look divided. You want divided – try looking at the party with people actually plotting to remove a sitting PM.