The headline says it all “Activists start leaving eco-camp”. The story concerns the activities of militant greenies determined to stop the UK developing necessary future power provision. In this case the BBC notes that on Saturday a group of about 100 campaigners, “some carrying drums and banners” (Will the 1960’s ever really go away?) marched from the camp to the power station. One must assume that everyone in Kent approves of the actions of these lunatic fringers since the BBC seems unable to offer up any other opinions other than those of these “climate change activists.”

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38 Responses to SWAMP FEVER.

  1. Gibby Haynes says:

    ‘People are really keen to come and keep the campaign going.’

    Good for them. Hopefully they’ll do that from their bedrooms or psychiatric wards though. As much as people love seeing a policeman whack a goddamned, shiteating hippy with his their truncheon and occasionally sticking a boot in, it’s hard to justify the waste of millions of pounds.


  2. archduke says:

    and meanwhile, the chinese open up yet another coal fired power plant this week..

    and another next week.

    and another the next week.

    and another the week after that…

    need i go on?


  3. archduke says:

    i have to admit – i did enjoy the footage of the cops busting som eco-loons heads…

    well done lads. a nation is grateful for your service.


  4. Martin says:

    Yes but those were not the usual limp wristed plods that run from 7 years old with knives.

    They looked like TSG or whatever. In fact I’d even suggest that ‘some’ were not plods at all, but probably military in plod uniforms.

    They did give the useless left wing scum a good kicking though.

    I notice the BBC didn’t show how these eco wankers were actually leaving though. Dirty old diesel transit vans and clapped out old Fords.

    Like I said before, if they get themselves elected to power, they can do what they like.

    I still think power stations should be off limits and a shoot to kill policy put in place. What next, a nuclear power station attacked?

    Enough is enough.


  5. Andrew Zalotocky says:

    >What next, a nuclear power station attacked?

    Yes, probably. But I suspect that these installations already have some very robust security.

    But only “drums and banners”? If they forgot to bring the obligatory giant puppets it’s no wonder that their protest failed.


  6. George R says:

    There’s nothing like this sane point of view on the BBC:

    “Future of UK’s energy supply is dark indeed”
    (by Christopher Booker)



  7. Russell says:

    totally agree with archduke, watched it on Sky News, was truly chuffed, the police did a proper job for a change. Sky showed a nice bit of violence…perhaps it could be a new olympic sport?


  8. GCooper says:

    The BBC’s coverage of Camp Moonbat has been a complete disgrace, as has been pointed out repeatedly on various threads here.

    Strange how the usual Beeboid trolls remain utterly silent on this subject, isn’t it? Even they must know the BBC has absolutely no excuses for its persistent moonbattery.


  9. ThePissWizard says:

    Bring back hanging.

    Police didn’t go far enough they should have set up a gallows


  10. Martin says:

    If these eco loons didn’t have a legitimate democratic voice, you could possibly orgive them for wanting to make their point.

    But they have a political party, they have the ears of our gutless politicians, they have the BBC, the Guardian and the Independent, not to mention Al Bore.

    So they can hardly claim their voice is not heard can they?

    Unlike those of us that oppose the green eco loons.


  11. Lurker in a Burqua says:

    Weren`t they the ones who were going to make poverty History?

    What happened to that?


  12. John Kimble says:

    I think it’s great that the bbc gives so much coverage to such protests and thus enables people to have their voices heard and get their point across to the nation. This issue they are protesting about is very important and highly topical (though it is a pity there is a lack of balance).

    The worst bias here is the fact that Fathers 4 Justice protests aren’t given the same such opportunities.

    Most people here won’t be aware that Tim Line – a former soldier who served in both the Falklands and Bosnia has been been conducting a F4J protest on a judges roof at the very same time as these eco protesters. He’s been denied access to his kids for a year now and represents a huge number of fathers and children suffering from exactly the same problems.

    I’m not as skeptical as many here about Climate change (though still obviously far more skeptical than the bbc). However, any problems caused by Climate Change will be no more significant than the disaster that is family breakdown.

    If we have no society left who really cares about bits of the country being lost to the sea or some shift to harsher weather conditions?


  13. archduke says:

    totally OT.

    wow. unreal – the “brass eye” boycott has been broken..

    its on More 4 RIGHT NOW…

    indulge yourself in chris morris…its awesome.


  14. archduke says:

    “Lurker in a Burqua | 10.08.08 – 11:35 pm”

    all forgotten about., now its the latest “media” fad – coal fired power stations…

    fickle as fuck – which is why i rather enjoy the cops beating the crap out of them..

    maybe they should have an olympic sport out of it.. cops v eco-loons.


  15. archduke says:

    i wonder if these eco-loons will go over en masse to china to “protest” against the building of coal fired stations over there.

    oh wait – they wont.. cos they’ll be shot in the back of the head by the PLA.


  16. GCooper says:

    In response to John Kimble, while I don’t agree with him about AGW, I’m afraid his case, Fathers For Justice, fails almost every test the BBC’s Guardianistas set for what is deemed worthy of their attention.

    Welcome to the wonderful world where whistle-blowers are heroes (unless they blow whistles about the EU), ‘human rights’ advocates are to be lauded (unlesd they probe into the HR ‘legality’ of licence fee enforcement), the British army is magnificent when it’s defending Moslems occupying Serbia, but evil when it’s trying to keep Iraq on an even keel and all the rest of the howling tower of babel that is the cognitive dissonance of Left-liberalism.


  17. Jason says:

    Whatever happened to Swampy? I bet he’s sans dreadlocks, shirt and tied, behind a desk testing payroll software 9am-5pm.

    Oh hang on – I forgot about Wikipedia…here we go:


    In 2006, Swampy was living with his partner and their three children in a yurt, a dome-shaped tent in ‘Teepee Valley’, a remote New Age commune near Llandeilo in West Wales.

    Not too remote to deliver giros I’ll wager.

    Fancy bringing your kids up in a tent.


  18. Cassandra says:

    The BBC are renowned experts in balance, on the one side you have the eco activists, at the other side you have the supporters of the eco activists and at the pivot is the BBC! See, perfect balance! Now if the BBC had a denier or big oil/industry stooge flogging their dangerous lies and denial then the perfect balance would be upset wouldnt it?
    The BBC and the eco mentalists act as one because they are one, there is no distintion between either, both have only a basic understanding of science and both subject that basic understanding to their warped political beliefs! Both show an absolute disregard for the individual human experience and both are fully signed up mentally to the evil mantra ‘the ends justify the means’.


  19. Roland Deschain says:

    In the article a spokesman for the campaigners is quoted as saying “a number of people will stay on to make sure the site is in a perfect condition when we leave” to make sure we all have a positive image of them.

    Will the BBC stay on to monitor this promise? Are there any commenters in the locality who can confirm this to us? Perhaps post some photos?

    There appears to be a whole area of the BBC website set aside for this protest. ( http://www.bbc.co.uk/kent/places/features/kingsnorth_power_station/ ) Is this normal for a gathering attracting 1,500 people and 100 marchers?


  20. Anonymous says:

    Jason wrote:”Whatever happened to Swampy?”

    Taken from that wiki article,(If only)

    “Swampy’s antics were parodied in a Judge Dredd comic featuring “Spawny” who impeded the construction of a “Spaceport” in the same manner as the real-life eco-warrior. The story ends with the construction continuing unimpeded, with Spawny apparently being sealed alive under the concrete foundation.”


  21. Anonymous says:


    “I notice the BBC didn’t show how these eco wankers were actually leaving though. Dirty old diesel transit vans and clapped out old Fords.”

    All completely roadworthy with full MOTs I bet.


    “Whatever happened to Swampy?”,
    “Not too remote to deliver giros I’ll wager.”

    Still living in a west Wales commune, though not such the hardcore eco-warrior that he doesn’t rely on a hard-pressed society to support him, or use the local supermarket.


  22. Pete says:

    I find it hard to believe that the BBC doesn’t know that the population is not very interested in eco-news.

    The BBC is sufficiently good at market research to ascertain that the population wants mainly low quality TV like Eastenders, Casualty, endless doctors/nurses/cops/robbers dramas, tacky chat shows, programmes about buying and selling knick knacks and ploice car chases. These programmes bring in the audiences the BBC want.

    Where is the research that the population wants eco-news every two minutes? Or is all this eco-news just vanity publishing by a corporation that has the money to do it?


  23. Martin says:

    Pete: Has there been a plot line in Eastenders yet where someone is told they MUST get a Toyota Prius to save the planet?


  24. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Roland Deschain | 11.08.08 – 9:00 am |

    It’s mostly more propaganda, isn’t it?

    Kent can “lead the world” in power production? By not producing any, presumably.

    Innocent locals are now being affected by the nasty policemen over-reacting about the innocent, harmless eco-fascists.

    The piece which is nominally about the plant providing jobs for the locals is split 60/40 in favor of an eco-fascist’s rebuttal against.

    Organizers (and the BBC) hope that this will “inspire others”.

    It shows just how powerful the BBC really is that they can blatantly campaign for political activism, as well as incite vandalism and possibly violence, and nobody will ever take them to court for it.



  25. Pete says:

    Like many eco-campaigners the BBC operates a ‘do as we say, not as we do policy’. The BBC runs ever more TV and radio stations, some of which have miniscule audiences, and has been in the forefront of the digital changeover to TV and DAB radio. Freeview boxes and DAB radios consume much more electricity than analogue TV and AM/FM radios respectively.

    Then of course they fly every Tom, Dick and Harry remotely connected to the sports dept to China for the Olympics! I expect they’ve offset that CO2 by planting a tree in the Blue Peter garden.


  26. Martin says:

    Pete: The jock is the BBC does not carry out any form of Carbon offsetting. So they don’t practice what they preach.


  27. zx says:

    morons hope they come to the nuclear plant by me the guards just got a load of new g-36 assault rifles would be a waste of ammo to use on paper targets i mean all those trees what a shame!!


  28. MarkE says:

    Andrew Zalotocky:
    >What next, a nuclear power station attacked?

    Yes, probably. But I suspect that these installations already have some very robust security.

    I’m afraid I know a little about this; I have heard (very reliably indeed) of one case where the on site police arrested a couple of intruders and handed them over to the local woodentops (as per their proceedures). The on site guys advised caution as they couldn’t understand what the suspects were saying, but it sounded very gutteral (they guessed Arabic, but did not know for sure) and the guys looked Middle Eastern/Mediteranean.

    The local plods let them go as they couldn’t find an interpreter, not knowing where to start, and the effort required for a doubtful conviction for something as trivial as trespass was not considered worth it! This was a trival trespass at a nuclear facility!

    If you love your children – leave! Now!


  29. David H says:

    If these eco-lunatics get their way and the lights go out, the only upside is that the BBC will be blacked out,too!
    Take a look at:- http://www.scienceandpublicpolicy.org/scarewatch/


  30. Martin says:

    David H: For all the lack of quality programming the wankers might as well be blacked out anyway. But they’d still want their £140 a year.

    Don’t know if anyone read Iain Dale’s blog, but some halfwit beeboid lover came on to answer a comment about how brilliant and good value the BBC and how expensive Sky is.

    Of course these Socialist halfwits forget a few things.

    1. The BBC costs £140 a year. If only those that wanted to watch the BBC paid for it I just wonder how much it would cost then?

    2. Sky. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to pay

    3. A basic Sky package without the football and films (giving you access to the excellent Discovery, National Georgraphic and History Channels for starters) cost about £22 a month, which I think is quite good value compared to the £14 a month of shit I get from the BBC.

    Oh and I also get Europsort free which means I get decent coverage of the Olympics as well (better than the BBC)

    If everyone had to pay for Sky I bet their full package would be about £140 as well.

    If the BBC is SUCH good value then the left wing wankers that love the BBC would be quite confident that given the choice of not paying and the BBC blocking the channels or paying £12 a month for the BBC everyone would happily pay for such excellent programming as….

    1. Eastenders (wow)

    2. I’m a celebritiy get me out of my attic

    3. Left wing Questiontime

    4. BBC 5 dead

    5. Dr Who gives a shit

    Oh yes, worth every penny the BBC.


  31. Pete says:

    If the government is really serious about the eco-scare why doesn’t it shut down 80%+ of the BBC and reduce it to one TV and one radio channel? The energy saving would be huge and would set an example to the rest of us. Surely wasting energy making trash TV like Eastenders and Celebrity cash in the Attic is no way to persuade us to take the planetary emergency seriously.

    These days the government and its criminal law backed broadcaster are two massive growth industries at a time when both of them are telling the rest of us to cut back and exercise frugality in order to save the planet. They should put their own houses in order before preaching to the rest of us.


  32. June says:

    Climate change protesters (loons)target London’s Smithfield Meat Market

    Protesters from the climate camp at Kingsnorth power station have scaled London’s Smithfield Meat Market and unfurled a pro-vegan banner

    The two men, who are stationed at the very top of the Victorian complex, have displayed a banner reading: “18% of greenhouse gases are produced by animal farming. Fight climate change – go vegan.”

    Paul Jacobs, a spokesman for the protesters, said: “Climate change is one of the greatest and most imminent threats that we face, and animal faming’s role in that needs to be more widely known.

    “A 2007 UN Food and Agricultural Organisation report found that livestock farming and industrial fishing currently accounts for 18 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions. This is even more than the 13.5 per cent caused by transport.”



  33. geoffrey sturdy says:

    Ok, so
    “A 2007 UN Food and Agricultural Organisation report found that livestock farming and industrial fishing currently accounts for 18 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions. This is even more than the 13.5 per cent caused by transport”
    India has over 250 million head of cattle
    so if they go vegan ..the trouble is , the majority hindu community aleady is at least vegiterian and would not take likely to the thought of a mass cattle cull


  34. Original Robin says:

    Go Vegan ?!?

    Should we humanely shoot all the farm animals, bludgeon them to death with mallets or starve them to exctinction ?


  35. GCooper says:

    According to Bishop Hill, who has it from The Harmless Sky, the BBC has been caught bang to rights backing AGW as official Corporation policy.

    As he points out, this makes the BBC’s Head of News a proven liar. What it makes the rest of them is unprintable.



  36. Martin says:

    Isn’t it interesting that when those of us that think eco warriors are wankers and we call then veggie eating green (and often gay) bed wetting liberals, they come on and complain that is a stereotype.

    Why not demand that everyone go gay? Then no children would be born and in 100 years or so there won’t be any humans left so the planet will be saved.

    Go gay and save the world!


  37. Anonymous says:

    Martin | 11.08.08 – 5:29 pm |

    The odd thing is though, Martin, that those who have signed up to Sky spend about a third of their viewing time watching BBC channels on the sky platform. Much of the rest of the time they watch ITV, Channel 4 and 5. Then there’s Discovery and all the other channels.

    What they don’t seem to watch much is Sky itself.

    If all the Freeview/analogue channels pooled all their money for sports rights and divided them up between them, they could probably outbid sky for the big ones.

    If they then pulled their channels off the Sky platform, Sky would go out of business in under a year.


  38. George R says:

    “Carry On Camping”


    “Sadly, these summer frolics are no longer quite so amusing. The UK is facing a 40% to 50% gap in its ability to generate electricity; energy prices are bearing down on both industry and on the poorer in society; and the lights are starting to go out. We need the new Kingsnorth, and fast. The self-indulgent ‘Greens’, coupled with the EU climate nonsense, well represented, I might add, by Caroline Lucas MEP, are becoming the real dangers to our future and to our society.

    “I fear this particular ‘Carry on Camping’ has dated; the joke is over.”