I was watching the BBC’s “Countryfile” programme just now and was surprised to see an item which put forward the bizarre idea that we must all become vegetarians in the UK if we want to have national food security. As it happens, I am a vegan myself – but that is purely a personal choice for health reasons and I would not seek to impose my dietary regime on anyone else. In summary I may not eat meat but I will defend to the death your right to eat it! But this kind of insidious propagandising on Countryfile shows that the BBC cannot be trusted to provide balance on any topic. I’m afraid Countryfile is just one more arm of the BBC pushing eco-wackery in the guise of rural and scientific matters.

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31 Responses to ALL GO VEGGIE?

  1. Jack Bauer says:

    These people won’t be happy until we all live in caves, eating dirt, lit by candles.

    Which, as it happens, is exactly where we are heading unless we throw out the Green Shirts and the socialists.


  2. David Vance says:

    Quite right – they are nihilists.


  3. GCooper says:

    It’s interesting to follow the long thread of connections between militant vegetarianism, socialism, eco-worship, self-flagellatory religious beliefs and other associated ideas.

    When you do, it is hard not to conclude that they are more often the product of temperament (‘mindset’ if you prefer), than beliefs reached by reason or experience.


  4. Chuffer says:

    Ye Gods, I’m gald I was out shovelling wet corn into an artic while that was on.

    One of the great mysteries of Vegetarianism is that, every year, the Veggies claim that another 5% of the population have converted. By now, well over 300% must be vegetarian.

    And I genuinely admire your view, DV. What makes me fume is the ‘animal rights’ view of most vegetarians. Anyone who grows wheat will tell you that more animals die on an acre of arable land than on an acre of a livestock farm. They’re just not cuddly wuddly animals, that’s all.


  5. James says:

    vegan pfft limp wristed sopping wet liberal


  6. Mark says:

    Hitler was a vegetarian and Himmler was a proto-New Age herbalist.

    ‘Nuff said !!


  7. Lady of the Lake says:

    What does the Koran have to say on the subject? I know that Hindus are veggie.


  8. Gibby Haynes says:

    I was a vegetarian up until a month or so ago. I was one for at least 4 years. Not one of those militant, proselytising, ‘z0mg teh meet is teh murderz!!1!LOL’ types. I cooked and prepared meat for other people, I just didn’t eat it.
    One night I couldn’t sleep for wanting a roast beef sandwich, and that was the end of that. And I’ve gained half a stone since…
    Dr. Patrick Moore, co-founder of Greenpeace – who felt he had to leave the organisation after he saw its politicisation following a massive indflux of communists, socialists and other assorted political detritus in the wake of the manifest failure of world communism, summed up the modern environmental movement thusly, ‘I think one of the most pernicious aspects of the modern environmental movement is the romanticization of peasant life. And the idea that industrial societies are the destroyers of the world. The environmental movement has evolved into the strongest force there is for preventing development in the developing countries. I think it’s legitimate for me to call them anti-human.’


  9. Miv Tucker says:

    I wondered how long it would take for that kind of prog to start promoting vegetarianism.

    I sometimes hear The Food Programme on R4, and it always astonishes me when they have items – quite uncritical items – on meat, preparation of meat, recipes for meat, gourmet restaurants and meat dishes, etc., etc., because I automatically assume that the BBC is vegetarian by inclination. So I expect we’ll be hearing less about meat in future.

    Oh, unless it’s anything to do with halal, of course.


  10. Martin says:

    Miv: The BBC would like us all to live in mud huts, eat lentils and all be gay, oh and take huge amounts of drugs.


  11. deegee says:

    Couldn’t help myself. I googled ‘BBC canteen menu’.
    Foie Gras? In the BBC canteen? You’ll be lucky!

    Yes. They do serve meat. It’s just not very good
    A metaphor?


  12. Pete says:

    Country File is not to be taken seriously. It’s not so long ago that every item was introduced by John Craven leaning against his very ungreen 4×4 jeep, even if the car had nothing to do with the subject matter. The progamme is a BBC contribution to the gardening/lifestyle/consumer/hypocritical green style of journalism most often found in the less read supplements of the quality weekend newspapers.

    My only objection to trash like Countryfile is that I have to pay for it whether I want it or not because I don’t want a fine and a criminal record for wathcing football on Sky TV.


  13. Original Robin says:

    How does the BBC feel about deerstalkers shooting and eating venison ? And trapping rabbits ? Crop destroyers that need to be culled.


  14. Jason says:

    If man didn’t eat meat then the planet would become overrun with animals who would eat all of our vegetables. We’d be reduced to limiting our diets to things that grow on trees and even then we’d have to watch those bloody giraffes.


  15. Martin says:

    I watched the Sky Paper REview. Can’t remember the name of the reporter (ex gay Tory MP with specs) but he seems ot have fallen for the charm of Obama as well.

    He claimed McCain doesn’t speak well in speeches but Obama does.

    Well of course most Brits don’t get to see Obama speaking without a tele prompter.

    What a shock people are in for once McCain and Obama go head to head without prompters.

    Saddleback got almost no mention in the UK.


  16. GCooper says:

    That sounds like Matthew Paris – what you might call a TINO.

    He’s wetter than Manchester in a monsoon.


  17. Martin says:

    Na it wasn’t Paris. It was some creepy looking bloke with glasses. He’s another ex Tory closet gay. Michael something I think his name is.


  18. thud says:

    I love country file but for quite awhile the programme has been pushing the beebs agenda more often than in the past….plus jo Brand…says it all.


  19. archroy says:

    This is a clear progression, which a few people have commented on. ‘They’ started on smoking which they have totally demonised and practically outlawed, moved on to drinking, where the demonisation is well underway, and now they are targeting meat-eating. What do you think will be next?


  20. NotaSheep says:

    archroy: Thought-crimes will be next.


  21. HSLD says:

    Jo Brand is on Countryfile ????
    What the hell does she know about the countryside, apart from looking like she was pulled through a hedge backwards ?


  22. Cockney says:

    In my experience people living in the countryside are the least likely to be veggie, largely because they live close enough to the business end to appreciate decent animal produce. There might just about be enough veggies knocking around Hampstead to justify something on “London Tonight”, but “Countryfile”????


  23. Chuffer says:

    Another infuriating example of how Peta are considered by the BBC to be representative of the public’s views.

    It has always saddened me that the excellent ‘People Eating Tasty Animals’ lost its domaine name battle:


  24. Redders says:

    I will be shooting driven partridge on friday ! perhaps Dalek sound alike John Crven would like to come down and watch , then eat some good home grown wholesome game .


  25. Jack Bauer says:

    Jo Brand is on Countryfile ????
    What the hell does she know about the countryside, apart from looking like she was pulled through a hedge backwards ?

    She also looks like a fat old cow grazing in a field.


  26. Ryan says:

    Presumably Countryfile believes we must convert to 100% arable farming because Gordon Brown has so screwed the UK economy that nobody else will ever trade with us again. I can understand that. What I can’t understand is why Countryfile think we can grow arable crops in Wales, Devon & Cornwall & Northern England.


  27. Martin says:

    The CAP has destroyed farming in the UK. The French are fo inefficient at farming our farmers are punished because of it.

    Another great EU waste of our tax money.


  28. gunnar says:

    Hi Guys,

    For anyone mildly interested into the background of David’s post, here is the link to the story. Sure you will all have gone back to the source before showing your disaprovement, but perhaps not everyone has had the chance yet.


  29. ady says:

    35 years ago, oh how we all laffed at the idiots who wanted to ban smoking in pubs.

    Hopefully I shall be dead by the time the sociopathic do-gooders “educate” us all to munch on beans and leaves.


  30. adam says:

    They allowed an eco nut to rant a similar message on Newsnight.
    “eating meat is a privilage not a right”

    Someone asks what next, well i believe water and energy are also big targets, expect television that makes out people who flush the toilet too much are evil torys.

    “The world is running out of water” falsehood to become a mantra akin to AGW


  31. gunnar says:

    Morning David,

    Since it seems that only you and me actually watched the program, what about stating for the others in what context the remarks where uttered. Other worthwhile information might be, whether this was the only point discussed or the focus of the segment.